Oil Stocks Spike on Optimistic Turn in Sino-American Relations

The surge in individual stocks comes as both the WTI and Brent Crude indices jumped after China indicated it would hold trade talks with the U.S.

Chevron Stock's Comeback Alive as Oil Rebounds Into 2019

CVX shares keep chugging along, building on a bounce from their December lows.

Economic Problems Become Clearer, but Are They Priced Into the Market?

Apple's cut of its revenue guidance helped quantify the extent of the slowdown companies may be experiencing in China, although many stocks already may have anticipated this sort of news.

Chart of the Day: Winners and Losers Amid Apple's Slide

Apple has fallen back to Earth in recent months and made an impact on a number of companies in doing so.

Qualcomm Adds to Apple's Anguish on Thursday

Apple's former chip provider quietly moved to enforce the suspension of new sales of old iPhone models and the recall of the same models in Germany.

Wall Street Slashes Estimates as Apple Forecast Foments Fast Fall For Stock

Apple's lowered revenue forecast has prompted price cuts among analysts.

Jim Cramer: Everything Is Going Wrong, Just Like People Said About 2019

This is some amazing moment...I say let it rain.

Apple Stock Plummets as Pared Guidance Provokes Market Anxiety

Apple's alarming guidance revision is causing shares to fall even further.

Jim Cramer: The Market Is Not Phony, It's Just Too Darn Pat

Weaker data means the Chinese may have to concede that they have been not playing fair with anyone.

Asia's Largest Stock Markets Lick Their Wounds, But for How Long?

If the trade talks do yield results that both Presidents Xi and Trump can trumpet, sentiment in China could swiftly shift and its markets could rebound.