Coming This Summer: A Lot Less Travel and a Lot More Market Action

That doesn't mean we'll move straight up over the summer, but we'll get plenty of virus, China, stimulus, cannabis, and unemployment chatter.

Minor Selling Hits as the Market Rests in Front of a Long Weekend

The best approach is to trade and stay vigilant.

'The End of Hong Kong' in New Treason Law

Beijing has given up playing the game of pretending that Hong Kong is governing itself. You could potentially be charged under the city's new national-security law.

Jim Cramer: Why Is the Market Down? It's Simple

The market may be down but, once again, the decline's about the White House getting re-tough on China.

Has Investing in Chinese Stocks Gone to Pot?

Political games of smoke and mirrors are making Asian trades look risky, but there may be another opportunity sprouting up.

Taiwan's Tsai Takes Office With Praise From Pompeo

It's time for greater recognition of Taiwan as the independent state that it is, and time to push China on that front instead of trade.

How to Play Alibaba Group Stock Right Now

An updated technical strategy for BABA.

New Hostilities Over Huawei Threaten Collateral Damage for U.S. Techs

Apple, Qualcomm, Cisco and Boeing are all named in the firing line as China prepares defenses against U.S. Commerce Department attack.

Now Is Not the Time to Take China to Task on Trade

Why not push China on Taiwan, Xinjiang and Hong Kong, with Australia among the unusually frank voices chiding China? The trade deal will have to wait.

Chinese Investors Doubt Trump's Talk Over Virus 'Proof'

If the U.S. has evidence that a lab accident caused Covid-19, fine. Let's see it. Chinese shares recovered from a trade war hiccup after their holiday.