Jim Cramer: A Surprisingly Predictable Selloff

If these are going to define the day then we really are in silly land.

Jim Cramer: Trump Is Now in Charge of Who Does Business in China

It's ironic. Had the Chinese let Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Alphabet in, there could have been some massive retaliation for Huawei. But they never did.

Nvidia, Pinterest and 3 China Stocks: What to Watch and Expect on Earnings

Nvidia still needs China's approval for the buyout of Mellanox.

Walmart's International Expansion Encourages Analysts

Despite trade tensions, Walmart's global business shows solid growth.

There's Nothing in Walmart's Report That Makes Me Bearish

The reaction we're seeing in WMT stock after its results is the correct one.

Walmart Stock Moves Over the Century Mark on Earnings

Walmart is apparently not the culprit for the disappointing retail sales numbers.

Jim Cramer: Cisco Is Executing Completely on Everything

Chuck Robbins didn't bellyache that he can't get out of China and therefore numbers have to come down.

Betting on Cloud Stocks, Trading Cisco and Nvidia: Market Recon

My better bet will remain on the cloud until the direction that global business has to move toward changes fundamentally.

Jim Cramer: A Betting Man Would Say That President Xi Is Feeling the Vice Grip

We have to stipulate what makes a market really tick these days in a world where we are ruled by tariffs and trade with a Fed sideshow.

Tencent's Earnings Were a Decidedly Mixed Bag

The Chinese tech giant beat EPS estimates and reported better-than-expected gaming revenue. But total revenue missed expectations amid slower ad sales growth.