Hong Kong's 'Special Status' Removed -- Don't Buy the Rally

Hong Kong stocks are sharply higher on Monday, but any rally is likely to be brief.

Deere Has a Long Runway of Growth Ahead

DE will play a pivotal role in helping the world's farmers increase crop yields, and also has high appeal for dividend growth investors.

Look Out for Landmines on the Road Ahead

How the battle of value vs. growth stocks is resolved, we will have to wait and see.

The Return of the Day Traders

What is interesting for traders is the increased movement in some of these secondary stocks.

Hong Kong Drags Global Stocks Lower and Awaits U.S. Response

The Hong Kong treason law is knocking global markets. It's unclear how staunchly Western powers will defend the city's freedoms, and risk damaging China ties.

Will Investors Use China News to Finally Do Some Selling?

Don't count on it. The big fear continues to be that the market keeps running higher.

The Market Just Isn't Looking Like Itself Lately

Now, amid this rotation and change of character, investors' eyes are on the spat with China and the uncertainties that could bring.

What to Expect When Marvell Technology Reports Thursday

I'll be taking at least a third of my long off ahead of the numbers this afternoon.

Hong Kong Looks Like a Police State

The legislature rubber stamps rules outlawing disrespect to China's national anthem, but a pending treason law will have far greater effect.

Moderna, Chinese Stocks and Tankers: More Bill Murray Market Wisdom

Earn your stripes in this market by listening to Carl Spackler, John Winger and Dr. Peter Venkman.