Huawei Ban Might Offer Opportunity to Non-U.S. Semiconductor Companies

Given the sidestepping of trade restrictions for the European chipmakers, they could be poised to fill the void left by larger U.S. competitors that have long been dominant in the region.

What Comes First, a Trade Deal or Stagflation?

It seems the market has not learned its lesson.

Betting Luckin Coffee's Luck Will Run Out

IPO investors might want to cash out on the big gains they've made on Luckin Coffee, the biggest listing of a Chinese company this year. Others shouldn't get in.

Qualcomm Stock Slumps as Huawei Sanctions Hurt Chipmakers

The removal of China's biggest telecoms company from semiconductor customer ledgers is leading Qualcomm stock lower.

Trading Range Action Is Developing but Negative Narrative Gains Traction

It is a tough market environment right now, but if you are positioned with a good supply of cash then you can be optimistic about finding good opportunities.

Jim Cramer: Trump to China - Play Ball or We're Going Back to 1971

The elites may not realize it but President Trump is trying to develop a coalition of the willing to stand up to China.

Nvidia's Yellow Flags

Overall, there is nothing about the earnings report that makes me want to scream 'buy the stock'.

Is Deere & Co Stock Cheap? Hard to Say

One thing going for Deere is honesty. CEO Samuel Allen spoke on Friday what he said.

How Trade Tensions Are Affecting My Portfolio

Any new money I am putting into the market on dips is being done via buy-write option orders.

Jim Cramer: A Surprisingly Predictable Selloff

If these are going to define the day then we really are in silly land.