China Must Claim 'Constructive' Role in Ukraine Talks

Beijing has so far sat on the fence when it comes to what it calls the Ukraine 'situation', not befitting its status as a superpower.

Indian Economy, Hong Kong Stocks Hurting Most in Asia

When India reports GDP later today, the numbers won't factor in the future heavy cost to the country of higher oil prices.

Asian Market Impact of Ukraine Invasion Revolves Around China

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Alibaba, Tencent Sites Added to U.S. 'Notorious Markets' List

Several of Asia's most-prominent e-commerce sites are enabling IP theft and fake-goods sales, according to the U.S. government.

Fashion Site Shein Looks Ready to Lead Chinese Return to Wall Street

The fast-fashion e-commerce operator is extending new roots into Singapore as Chinese companies try to work around restrictions on overseas listings.

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Chinese Markets Back in Action After New Year's Respite

However, they come back to muted consumer spending, especially for housing.

Special Delivery: A Stock to Watch Next Week

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Beijing Begins Controversial Winter Olympics in a Bubble

With 100% artificial snow and a tight Covid bubble around the athletes, these Winter Olympics will be unlike any that have ever been held.