Oil Pops, Stocks Drop, SEC and Crypto, Another CRM Activist, Hurray Chick-fil-A

Plus, the U.S. confirms that the Chinese balloon it shot down wasn't checking the weather in Iowa.

Circling Hawks Cause Asian Investors to Fret

Even an "immaculate soft landing" in the United States may not be good news for Asian stocks, which face a range of pressures.

Wary of What's Ahead With the Fed, China and 0 Days to Expiration Options

All three stand to impact the markets, with the last of the trio potentially swinging market sentiment wildly from day to day.

Balloon Fallout, ODTE Options, The 'Wow' Week, Sloppy Earnings, Charting Bonds

The latest way to gamble on market direction has become 'zero days to expiration' options or what Wall Street now refers to as ODTE options.

Balloon Blowup Creates Fallout for China Stock Rally

After rapid gains since the start of November, the rally in Hong Kong and China stocks has come unstuck in February as U.S.-China tensions flare again.

Japanese Leader Opens Parliament With Pledge to Spark Birth Rate

Similar to China's discouraging demographics released last week, Japan faces the big challenge of an ageing population that isn't replacing itself.

Welcoming the Water Rabbit at Lunar New Year

Many markets in East Asia are closed part or all of next week for the lunar holiday as China braces for the busiest travel period of the year.

As China Opens, ETFs Open Up Your Investing Options

The flexibility of the ETF structure gives you several ways to either sidestep Chinese opportunities amid the emerging markets or play them as you see fit. Here are some options.

FXI and Alibaba Show the Chinese Recovery Has Reached an Inflection Point

I tend to doubt that a U.S. investor is going to exert much influence over a Chinese firm.

Market Hot Streak, Breakout or Rejection? Davos Risk, China, Earnings Parade

CEO speak will be as important as anything the Fed Heads say this week or anything that spills out of the clown car in Davos.