Alibaba Gets Roughed Up on the Charts

Let's see how things develop.

Just How Much Spring Does Iron Have?

Iron-ore prices have been on a one-way path since May. Let's look at how the world's big steel producer, China, could impact the commodity's prices and what to watch now.

What Does the Biden-Xi Summit Mean for Markets?

What can we expect after Biden and Xi shared face time, and what are the implications?

Bitcoin's Taproot Upgrade Overshadowed for Now by China's Crypto Crackdown

The digital currency is heading south after reaching an all-time high; what does its chart tell us about what's going on?

Beijing Stock Exchange Begins Trading With a Bang

Newly listed companies have seen stellar openings on the new exchange, designed to funnel capital to high-growth tech businesses.

Developer Shimao Loses Investment Grade as Debt-Drunk Chinese Developers Flail

It's one borrower after another crumbling in China's property sector, with the Fed warning for the first time that the situation poses a U.S. threat.

Wynn Resorts Looks the Best It Has in Many Months

Traders may want to probe the long side.

Kaisa Freeze Intensifies Near -20% Losses for Chinese Developers

After Kaisa was unable to make payments due on a wealth-management fund it sold to retail investors, it requested a trading halt in four linked companies.

Fed Takeaways, What Is Truth?, Small-Caps Lead, China Warning, Trading Albemarle

There was a story almost entirely missed by the media on Wednesday. The Treasury Department announced a tapering of its own ahead of the Fed's policy statement.

Small-Caps Break Out, Uranium Is Hot

There is some choppy action, but that isn't unusual in front of the Fed.