Jim Cramer: We're Hungry for Chips, but China Also Wants a Bite

Semiconductors are used in cars, computers and even high-tech grills. The problem is China's appetite is also insatiable -- and Taiwan is stuck in the middle.

The9 Limited Has Broadened Its China-Centric Risk

I'm considering an add Friday based on what I see on the weekly chart.

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Invest in Alibaba But Understand You're Speculating That Beijing Won't Interfere

For that reason, Alibaba Group is at this time, like all Chinese stocks for now, uninvestable for investors who have options.

Jim Cramer: For Investors, China Offers the School of Hard Knocks

We really don't know which kinds of companies China is going to target, but I see one pattern, and you should know it before you put down your cash.

U.S., Chinese Regulators Work on Framework to Protect Investors

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The Inflection Point? Weak Organic Economic Growth, My Broad Investment Thesis

It must be pointed out that earnings have been better than excellent, but calendar year 2022 expectations have been dropping.

Here's the Draganfly in the Ointment

It's the timing of the company's uplist. When I saw the offering price Friday morning, I immediately felt it warranted speaking out