Real Money Video Wrap: Apple Rallies as Services Segment Takes Center Stage

There is a lot of Apple news to chew on Wednesday.

Chart of the Day: China Is Still a Fear Factor for Apple Investors

The risk is particularly outsized given China represented almost 20% of total revenue for the company in 2018.

This Market Needs a Pullback

I'm still looking for a 'sell the news' reaction to occur as we hear about the trade negotiations with China.

Apple's Services Revenue Looks Bullish for All but App Makers

As much as Apple CEO Tim Cook highlights the shift to services, the segment is not without issues.

Apple Holds Its Ground as CEO Tim Cook States His Case

Cook's appearance with Jim Cramer on "Mad Money" is helping Apple's shares maintain recent gains that followed a sharp decline.

Protect Gains as 'Sell the News' Reaction Hits

I have cut a number of positions into China trade news and my timeframe is short.

It Isn't Time to Sound the All Clear in the Equity Space Just Yet: Market Recon

Market participants are smart enough to know by now that when one must venture across thin ice, one does not linger.

The Big Bounce Continues as Markets Anticipate Good News on China

Expect a very strong market open, propelled by a squeeze of overly anticipatory bears and shorts. Watch for 'sell the news' conditions.

Investors in Asia Cheer First Face-to-Face Talks to End Phony Trade War

While China appears to be suffering particularly sharply from the effects of tariffs, the U.S. economy is also slowing down.

Let's See If Friday's Sunshine Was More Than a Break in the Clouds: Market Recon

It's likely that investors will be closely watching the U.S.-China trade talks to see if the skies brighten longer term.