Jim Cramer: How Much China Is Too Much China?

You can't start a discussion about the issue, though, without going right to the most impacted stock on earth: Apple.

I Believe There May Be a Trading Opportunity in Weibo

Seller exhaustion is at hand and we're set up for a relief rally post earnings Thursday morning.

Target Tackles Tariff Issue, Touting Mitigation Strategies

Target is appropriately addressing tariff concerns.

Sweating the Retailers, Repair the Yield Curve, Trading Lockheed: Market Recon

The economy will never function normally, or at least in a more sustainable, healthy way until repairing the yield curve is accomplished.

How Does Home Depot's Earnings Set Up for Lowe's Stock?

The more the market knows about the weaknesses cited by Home Depot, the more cushion Lowe's has ahead of earnings.

Home Depot Stock Is Well Positioned Against Macro Factors

HD isn't likely to be a casualty of the trade war.

Use Much Shorter Time Frames If You Are Hoping to Capture Some Gains

Market players are not yet ready to believe that the recent selling pressure has ended.

Market Celebrates a Huawei Reprieve, but Is the Buying Sustainable?

There was a similar dynamic last week when stocks bounced back after falling on intensified U.S.-China trade hostilities; can a rebound happen again?

Jim Cramer: The Forbidden City of Stock Sectors

Now, we know that if we got any sort of truce in the trade war, with the exception of the financials, these hated sectors would be loved.

Chart of the Day: Sizing Up the Huawei Hit to Semiconductor Stocks

Not all semiconductor stocks are poised to experience the same headwind from Huawei.