Hong Kong's TANJ Foursome of Stocks to Rival U.S.'s FANGs

Hong Kong will have its own tech quartet as of next Thursday; Asian shares don't have the same euphoria as U.S. stocks (yet), and that's a good thing.

Were You Long-ing for This Kind of Day?

While Thursday's major change of character should give pause, you could be slowly building a long-term position and view this drop as an opportunity to add a small piece to that trade.

I Smell Market Manipulation

I'm not pointing a finger, but the trend I'm seeing here is companies based in China, trading on U.S. exchanges....

British Banks Pledge Loyalty to China on Treason Law; Shareholder Pushes Back

Beijing demands support from companies in Hong Kong for its treason law if they want to keep doing business there and some big names are complying.

Do We Trade the Price Action or the 'News' on Baidu?

Right now the charts of BIDU look bullish.

NIO Is the Quiet Kid in the Class

I expect investors to use NIO as the completion of the EV trifecta for trading and investing.

U.S.-Listed Chinese Stocks Open Secondary Escape Hatch in Hong Kong

NetEase is the second Chinese company to launch a secondary listing in Hong Kong. It is unlikely to be the last.

Jim Cramer: We're at a Crossroads With China

What's the plan? It's anybody's guess, which is really, in the end, what matters.

China Gloats Over U.S. Chaos But Faces Curbs on Access to Capitalism

Scrutiny of overseas listings and corporate purchases by Chinese companies is set to intensify.

Jim Cramer: I'm Watching China, Europe Right Now

Other places besides the United States are flashing green, and they can surprise us -- even give our international companies a boost.