Chinese Consumer-Tech Stocks Leap on Lockdown Easing

Hong Kong and mainland stocks roared to life on Monday after the Dragon Boat Festival, as Beijing follows Shanghai's example in removing restrictions.

Is China Back?, Markets, Friday Selloff, Semiconductors, Week Ahead, Fed, Apple

It would seem that Chinese regulators may be preparing to run with less central interference as the nation attempts to recover economically from Covid.

Investors Eye Emerging Market Options ex-China on '6/4' Anniversary

The Tiananmen Square memorial vigil has been blocked in Hong Kong, as investors consider again how much dissent is allowed by the Chinese Communist Party even on the economic front.

Shanghai Is Free, Sort Of, as Lockdown Ends

A nine-day partial closure of China's biggest city escalated into 65 days of home confinement. Now China's bruised economy can flex its muscles again.

Alibaba Shares Spurt Higher, but Drags on the Online Giant Lurk

China's ongoing fight against COVID threatens to make the going tough for companies that do business there.

Quad Meets as North Korean Missiles, Chinese and Russian Bombers Fly By

Joe Biden concluded his first Asian spin as president with a meeting of the Quad partnership, which is expanding well beyond its original security focus.

Alibaba Is Sold out on the Downside

China at a bearish extreme is an opportunity.

Biden Promises U.S. Military Will Defend Taiwan if Attacked

Surprising even his own staff, the U.S. president overshadowed the launch of the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework for Prosperity.

Biden Visits Korea and Japan With Rare Opportunity

On his first Asia spin as president, Joe Biden will find a surprisingly warm welcome, and is due to launch an economic framework for US-Asia relations.

A Dovish China Provides Some Support as Underlying Action Strengthens

The People's Bank of China is trying to help prop up the struggling Chinese real estate market by cutting interest rates.