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Europe's Economy Has Ground to a Halt

It seems as if the complacency that has gripped the U.S. markets of late has crossed the Atlantic.

The NBA Scores on China Decision and Has the Clout to Press Back

How many companies would follow the NBA's principled examples on Hong Kong free expression vs. China profits?

Looking at Semis, The What Ifs: Brexit, China, USMCA with the UK: Market Recon

The tech sector has been the victim of the recent "on again, off again" rotation. That may really just mean that the group has been victimized by its own success.

Stocks Back in Focus, as China Trade News Shoved Aside

Without danger of major macro news and with earnings landing, investors focus on merits of individual stocks once again.

Jim Cramer: Here Are Larry Kudlow's Two Key Points

I believe the weakness in this economy and the stock market stems from a lack of trade deals worldwide.

Hong Kong's Leader Forced to Give State of the Union Speech in Video Exile

Chief Executive Carrie Lam has tried to resolve Hong Kong's political firefight with 220 bullet points of economic sweeteners while doing nothing to solve its political crisis.

Don't Be Fooled by Dull Market Movement

Sleepy action like we saw on Monday tends to be the setup for drama in the future.

This Market Is Doing Nothing

After the action last week what is needed is some narrow range action to create new support levels.

Here's the Direction I'd Take With JD.com

JD.com separates itself from other e-commerce competitors by controlling its inventory and logistics.

Following Trump From Point A to Point A

I think we can demonstrate this painful process with one quick chart.

Individual Stock Picking Continues to Be Extremely Challenging

When the market is less index driven and more focused on earnings we should see better action.

China Trade Intrigue, Algos React to Old Mo, and Spread News: Market Recon

Shakespeare seemingly could have written the script regarding the U.S.-China trade drama.

2 Beaten Down Stocks to Consider

Keep an eye on Camping World Holdings and industrial packaging firm Greif.

A Perfect 'Sell the News' Setup But It Shouldn't Last For Long

This is a market that is tired of the China trade issue and is looking to move on.

Apple Drives the Major Indices

There is buying across the board right now but the question to ponder is how much to chase into the trade announcement.

Bill Dudley's Take on the National Debt Is Disturbing

The former president of the New York Fed acknowledges that the nation's debt is a big issue but says he doesn't know when it may come to a head.

Chinese Sweet Talk, Banks Perk Up, and a Swing at Cintas: Market Recon

Plus, a look at the uncertain prospects for a Saudi Aramco initial public offering.

Some Resolution to China Trade Will Be a Relief but 'Sell the News' Danger Lurks

If the market keeps running up into the meeting between Trump and Liu the potential for some profit taking in front of the weekend will be quite high.

Kass: My Top 10 List of Market Concerns

The unlikely resolution of our trade differences with China is only one of the many challenges facing investors.

Let's Make a ... Mini-Deal?

The big question that the market will face Friday is whether we will have a 'sell the news' reaction to the announcement of a China trade deal -- even a tiny one.

Jim Cramer: What Would Make a Good Stock in This Environment?

Let me give you the items I want to see before I bless buying anything in what has become a plain, out and out, treacherous market.

Developing a Trading Strategy for the Fourth Quarter

The indices are vulnerable so it will be more important than usual to focus on the underlying action.

Want to Trade This Market? Start Predicting the Next Headline

Here's what I believe is the most likely outcome of U.S.-China negotiations.

Emerson Electric Could Correct Further to a Better Buying Opportunity

Let's see what the charts and indicators tell us.

Market Meltdown Averted? Trade Talks, Time for Bed Bath & Beyond?: Market Recon

I think both the U.S. and China 'get' the importance of at least setting up further talks, while coming away with something immediately understood by the public as positive.

Place Your Bets If You Like to Gamble

The headlines that move the market are constant but can't be trusted, which makes trading a risky proposition at present.

Swings on China News Make Markets Feel Like Big Casino

Traders are reduced to betting on whether the next headline will be positive or negative.

Markets in Limbo as Trade Deal Expectations Shift

More often than not the market ends up doing what few expect or anticipate.

Novice Trade: Alibaba

BABA's China-driven declines have been buying opportunities.

Finally Some Merited Action Against China's 'Cultural Genocide'

Let's hope the blacklisting of eight companies supplying surveillance equipment to the Chinese state is not just another chip on the U.S.-China trade negotiating table.