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These 11 Chinese Property Stocks Risk Deadly Delisting

Beware Chinese property stocks that have turned into penny shares, since their trading price could force a disastrous delisting.

Service Sector Driving Sentiment in Japan and China

Japan's service sector is growing at a record rate, according to recent data, while services are also the saving grace in China, where manufacturing has begun to lag.

Hong Kong Leader Unable to Say If It's Legal to Remember Tiananmen Massacre

Investor uncertainty is mounting in China as 'red lines' shift on Communist Party sand.

With China's Economy Showing Signs of Softening, Here's How I'd Play the FXI

I believe in the old saying that 'news follows the tape.'

China Trumpets Elon Musk's Trip as Stocks, Economic Data Disappoint

Chinese stocks are approaching bear territory, with the Hong Kong market at its lows for the year as Telsa's CEO gets the star treatment in Beijing and Shanghai.

Cautious Market, Debt Bill, Struggling Economy, Oil Prices, China PMI

Plus, HP expects to have PCs with a built in AI program available by 2024.

4 Factors Driving a Market Transition

These big-cap names are not acting as leadership that is helping the rest of the market, although they effectively control the indexes that drive sentiment.

Microsoft Could Rally Further on AI Hype and China Mischief Fears

The charts of the software giant point to more upside to come for its shares.

Nvidia's Shooting Star, Negative Watch, China's Cyber Threat, Fed Minutes, SNOW

Nvidia's overnight move has put it back into my top-five holdings by weighting.

Chinese Stocks Shed All Gains for the Year to Dip Into Red

Whereas the stock markets in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan have performed extremely well in 2023, Chinese markets are suffering from geopolitics and a whole host of uncertainties.

Debt Ceiling Games, Saudi Oil Warning, Covid Vaccine Stocks, Pressured Equities

New Covid infections appear to be surging in China due to the rise of the XBB sub-lineage of the Omicron variant.

OPEC: To Cut or Not to Cut Production?

Oil market dynamics in 2023 are a far cry from what was seen in 2022.

Micron Drops on China Chip Ban, But the Trading Action Tells a Different Story

The pullback we're seeing is not all that unusual.

As G7 Blasts China's 'Coercion,' Micron Falls as First Victim

The Hiroshima summit issued a surprisingly strident criticism of China's trade tactics and 'economic coercion,' at virtually the same time that China declared that Micron had failed a cybersecurity review.

As G7 Democracies Meet in Hiroshima, China Buddies Up to the Stans

President Biden has disappointed Pacific Island nations by shortening his Asia spin, with AI a new topic on the docket for the G7.

China Optimism Gives Way as Weak Global Growth Hits Exporters

The Chinese yuan broke a key barrier to the U.S. dollar today, reflecting disappointing economic performance, while Japan beats expectations.

Here's When to Take a Shot of JD.com

Shares of the Chinese e-commerce platform is showing renewed strength. Here's my trading strategy.

Property Tycoon's Frank Gehry Flat Put Up for Sale by Creditors

The fallout from China's crackdown on real-estate debt results in several seized properties in Hong Kong hitting the market.

If Copper Is the Go-To Metal in a Clean Energy World, Why Is Its Price Stagnant?

Perhaps it's because demand at present, especially from China, isn't all that strong as the world braces for a recessionary environment.

A Strong Way to Play the China Growth Story May Be on the Way Soon

China's largest courier company, SF Express, is looking at a Hong Kong listing that would offer access to international investors.

Asian Stocks Drop But Currencies Gain Ahead of Fed

With trading disrupted by Golden Weeks in China and Japan, investors have cast their gaze to Washington, sending Asian currencies higher and stocks down.

Alibaba Figurehead Jack Ma Accepts Three University Posts

The Alibaba co-founder will spend time in Tokyo, Tel Aviv and Hong Kong, giving him plenty of reasons to extend his self-imposed exile outside mainland China.

Report Predicts China's Share of Tech Production to Plummet

The push to diversify tech manufacturing away from China will benefit India, Vietnam and Mexico as multinationals go through a period of adjustment.

India Passes China to Become World's Largest Market

Mark your calendar. Today is the day that India holds more people than anywhere else on Earth, after two centuries of Chinese population supremacy.

Tesla Tightens China Ties as Beijing's Wargames Around Taiwan Conclude

The U.S. Navy ran a warship close to Mischief Reef as the People's Liberation Army wraps up three days of a simulated blockade/attack on Taiwan.

Micron Caught in U.S.-China Crossfire on Chips

With Japan joining the United States and the Netherlands in restricting exports of chip technology, battle lines are forming in a key tech sector.

Here's What I'm Watching as the Second Quarter Begins

Whether the Fed pauses interest rate hikes when they meet again in May is likely to be a dominant conversation in the month ahead.

Stick With Exxon as the U.S. Gets Smacked by Foreign Oil Producers

This may be seen as early steps toward moving at least some part of the oil trade away from trading in U.S. dollars.

China Expands Finance Industry Probe to Include Former Bank of China Chairman

Chinese authorities have cautioned leading bankers to learn lessons from the corruption investigation into Liu Liange.

Alibaba Shares Skyrocket in Hong Kong on Restructuring Plan

The company will split into six separate entities which will be run under separate management and free to list independently.