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Positioning for 2020

You can't see the future, but you can be ready -- with cash -- to act quickly as opportunities arrive.

Jim Cramer: Five Below Is a Winner in Tariff Mitigation

How companies talk about tariffs is becoming a defining characteristic going forward.

China Trade News Is Like Pushing a Boulder Uphill

In the stock market, we are condemned to repeatedly watch stocks rally on trade news, only to have them pull back when the deal is not reached.

Hope for a Trade Deal Rises Again

Three days of selling have helped to create healthier technical conditions.

Bears Get Their Day

With big selling made bigger by China trade headlines, bears are finally able to embrace the negative narrative they have long been forecasting.

Jim Cramer: Trade Talks Just Aren't That Big of a Deal to U.S.' Advance

Let me tell you why this China trade game is only an impediment a relatively small amount of the market, and what to expect going forward.

China Dealings, Global Trade, Updating 4 Stocks, Trading Apple: Market Recon

Does it tick the President off that it appears the Chinese would rather not give up in writing any unfair advantages in global trade that they have enjoyed for decades this close to a national election in the U.S.? Of course.

Healthy Corrective Action Continues, But Stay Alert

So far the selling is just some overdue consolidation, but a stronger defense is needed in case it gains traction.

Jim Cramer: Why Is This Selloff So Relentless?

It's a too true to be good moment. We need a shakeout. That should get the market where it has to go.

'Netflix of China' IQIYI Looks Like a Smart Trade Right Now

IQ appears ready to break out just as the broader market stalls.

A December to Remember: A Look at Fed Action from Last Year

Let's look back to a year ago this month, when most investors saw volatility and a lack of liquidity; and then turn to now, as the tariff deadline looms and the VIX vs. VIX futures gap widens.

Watch These Stocks as Hong Kong Posts Worst-Ever Retail Sales

October retail sales fell 24%, the worst one-month decline on record. Watch these restaurants and food chains that are targets of the protests.

The Fed Today, What Could Go Wrong in December? Watching 4 Stocks: Market Recon

I do expect there to be some early to mid-December profit taking. But to get from here to year end without hitting some mid-month turbulence would be a pleasant surprise.

5 Catty Responses to the Bulls' Narrative

This year's market performance clearly indicates the bulls are winning, but their arguments may not hold in the coming year.

Thank You, Trump, For Siding With Hong Kong at Thanksgiving

New laws in support of Hong Kong and the democracy movement were deliberately snuck in hours before the Detroit Lions kicked off and the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Alibaba's Double-Digit Rise Enabled by Beijing's Repressiveness

Write this city off at your peril. Hong Kong is still the financial capital of East Asia, and will remain so as long as the Chinese Communist Party refuses to ease its capital controls.

Market Looks a Bit Mixed and Frothy

Speculative interest was getting foamy and the action was mixed on Tuesday, but so far nothing is in sight that could take the market down.

Jim Cramer: Here's Why the Market Hasn't Stopped Rallying

These are the 10 reasons why we keep going up, despite all the bad news.

Exhaustion? Not Much Evidence Just Yet

The market may need some rest and consolidation, but that doesn't mean it will produce a lot of downside.

To Truce or Not to Truce?

As we hear the ongoing dueling news of either a looming tariff hike or trade truce, here is my take on the possibility for either against the bigger backdrop of central banks and liquidity.

Hong Kong Market Rallies After Landslide Win for Democracy Forces

Pro-Beijing candidates took a beating in Sunday's election, while young activists will take up seats of local power.

Alibaba Achieves Hong Kong Stock Offering Success Amid Baffling Market Moves

The Hong Kong stock market rallied for no good reason on Monday and Tuesday, then surrendered those gains; meanwhile, Alibaba easily sold $11 billion in stock there.

News While You Slept, Semi Tough and Updates on Amgen and Splunk: Market Recon

Also, Fed Chairman Powell says there are no plans for a U.S. digital currency (for now), plus Tesla's electric pickup.

Jim Cramer: Creating U.S. Jobs Is Good, Even if You Think Trump Is Bad

When I saw how the president's manufacturing tour with Apple's CEO was portrayed, I found it almost horrifying.

This Flat Market Action Is Favorable for Stock Pickers

There still is no compelling reason to bet on a major market correction at this time.

China and the Markets, Trading Target, Eye on Cornerstone OnDemand: Market Recon

Clearly, Wednesday was a day of broad portfolio distribution. Not, however, the end of the world.

New Doubts About a U.S./China Trade Deal Pushed Markets Off the Ledge

For many market players, corrective action at this point is a positive rather than a negative.

Hong Kong Protestors, Chinese Government and Trump Caught in Squeeze Over City

President Trump will only take a firm stance on Hong Kong if forced to do so to win re-election.

Jim Cramer: The Haves and Have Nots of Retail

Yes, this seems to be a seminal moment with retail.