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What's in Store for China After Its Massive Stimulus Boost?

The second quarter will be interesting, but China's equity market does not look as tempting now as it did back in January before China injected a ton of liquidity into its system.

Dividend Payments Never Are Out of Fashion With Tapestry

Fashion may be a fickle beast for stock prices, but solid, high-yielding dividend coverage is a buy every time.

Levi Strauss Results Show Solid Macro Footing for V.F. Corp. Spinoff

The global denim jeans market in the U.S. is set to grow from $66 billion in 2018 to over $85 billion in 2025.

Levi Strauss Leverages Women's Fashion for Growth

The trend could well sustain growth for years to come as more women flock to denim products.

Earnings Season, EU Trade Troubles, Trading Intel: Market Recon

The EU is on the ropes. The economy there is in flames.

China Progress? March Jobs Data, Trading Lowe's: Market Recon

With any China deal, there must be a clear and verifiable method of enforcing compliance.

Jim Cramer: Betting That the Next Pieces of News Will Be Very Stock Heartening

The consumer is alive, well, and might benefit from a thaw with China and easy to get jobs. So would Boeing and Caterpillar.

The Ugliness That Is Tesla

My trade idea? Buy NIO.

Tesla Stock Loses Its Charge as Deliveries Disappoint

Tesla stock is encountering some turbulence on Thursday.

Semiconductor Rally Offers Opportunity in Some Old School Stocks

The semiconductor sector surge could send some standby industrial stocks higher with it.

Selfish China and the United States Inflict Pain on Asian Investors

Asia, outside China, is going to have to stand on its own two feet while China and the United States get their complicated dance partnership sorted out.

Cryptocurrency Comeback Could Be Benefiting Semi Stocks

Crypto could be carrying, rather than crashing semi stocks once again.

U.S./China Trade Deal Progress, GameStop's Awful Quarter: Market Recon

Anything that puts either side (U.S., China) at a tactical disadvantage in the air, on land or sea, or even in space... will be walked away from.

Semiconductor Stocks Surge as Taiwan Semi Signals Smartphone Strength

Reports of a smartphone market recovery from Taiwan Semiconductor is taking the sector higher.

Apple's News+ Service Is Reportedly Off to a Solid Start -- Tech Check

Apple's news and magazine subscription service reportedly amassed over 200,000 subscribers in its first 48 hours.

Japan's Market Guardedness Lifted by Naming of New Era

The Japanese people are looking forward with optimism to the Reiwa age.

Bonds vs. Equities: Something Has to Give

It seems the bond market has taken a very pessimistic stance on any recovery happening.

Don't Fight the People's Bank of China

With both the Fed and PBC providing cheap capital, the market has a wind at its back.

Chinese Stocks Soar on Friday as Beijing Talks Raise Truce Optimism

The talks have done nothing to disrupt the headstrong rally in Chinese stocks that has run all year.

China Trade Talks, Fed's Bullard, GDP, Trading DIS, Lyft's IPO: Market Recon

As a trader, I very well may participate in Lyft stock. As an investor? No thank you.

Red Hot Lululemon Needs Male Customers to Keep Momentum Moving

Lululemon is by no means an inexpensive stock. As such, it will need to leverage the areas it has not yet saturated to keep the market appeased.

The Market Worries About Global Growth but Looks for Progress on China Trade

China negotiations resume today and the potential for weekend news is high.

Samsung Warning Should Sour International Investors on Seoul and Taipei

The tech giant makes up such a large part of the Korean stock index that its woes can't help but be a drag on the market as a whole.

Unimpressive and Lackluster Trading Action

Right now it is time for some patience and vigilance.

Market Evolution, China Trade, Copper Pricing, Apple Event: Market Recon

With the Mueller cloud removed from the most pro-business administration in recent U.S. history, the focus should simply be found in these two words...what now?

Nike Stock Slips as Guidance Comes Up Short

A slowdown in the company's home region seems to have superseded strong sales elsewhere.

Is Micron Ceding Market Share to South Korea?

While it is in the best interests of all producers to cut the supply glut for prices, that's not always the way things shake out.

Fed Failures, Tariffs Tool, Levi's Goes Public, Trading Zuora: Market Recon

The Fed needs to buy short-term paper RIGHT NOW, and sell off longer-term paper.

Jim Cramer: The Fed Stopped the Rate Hike Madness at 2 pm

And now we need a trade deal with China.