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Japanese Leader Opens Parliament With Pledge to Spark Birth Rate

Similar to China's discouraging demographics released last week, Japan faces the big challenge of an ageing population that isn't replacing itself.

Welcoming the Water Rabbit at Lunar New Year

Many markets in East Asia are closed part or all of next week for the lunar holiday as China braces for the busiest travel period of the year.

As China Opens, ETFs Open Up Your Investing Options

The flexibility of the ETF structure gives you several ways to either sidestep Chinese opportunities amid the emerging markets or play them as you see fit. Here are some options.

FXI and Alibaba Show the Chinese Recovery Has Reached an Inflection Point

I tend to doubt that a U.S. investor is going to exert much influence over a Chinese firm.

Market Hot Streak, Breakout or Rejection? Davos Risk, China, Earnings Parade

CEO speak will be as important as anything the Fed Heads say this week or anything that spills out of the clown car in Davos.

Inflation in Asia at a Peak, Spelling Calmer Winds Ahead

The price-hike fever that's been making consumers queasy appears to have broken in the Asia Pacific region's major economies.

Buffett's Berkshire Reduces Its BYD Position: What Investors Should Know

The Oracle of Omaha has been a long-time investor in the Chinese auto company.

Enough With What Isn't Working, Here Are Stocks That Are Doing Just Fine

There are impressive levels of strength and decent buy setups in small and mid-cap semiconductor names, plus a rebound in Chinese stocks.

Jack Ma Surrenders Control of Ant Group, Causing Alibaba Shares to Bounce

Ant Group's political rehabilitation appears complete, with a holding company restructuring that means Ma no longer dominates voting power.

Reign of 'King Dollar' to End in 2023

Check out these five currency plays, four of them in Asia, as ways to make the most of the weakening U.S. dollar and greater interest in emerging-market stocks.

Alibaba Spinoff Ant Group Wins Key Regulatory Nod for Consumer Loan Business

Is Ant's two-year punishment by the Chinese government coming to an end? It certainly seems so.

China's Reopening Bounce Is Over: The Next Leg Down Begins Soon

If the reopening was that bullish shouldn't buyers be more aggressive?

India Ends 2022 as Asia's Best Stock Market as China Finishes the Worst

Entering 2023, we can feel inflation easing and are watching for long-term gain from the removal of zero-Covid in China, even if it results in short-term pain.

3 Ways to Play China's Reopening

Let's see how one exchange-traded fund, copper and this currency could be great bets as the World's No. 2 economy opens up again.

China, Covid and Travel, Wanna Invest in Bitcoin? Lockheed's Hot Streak, AMC

Funny how re-openings work after forced shutdowns fail in one way or another.

Run on Vaccine Bookings, Medicines in Hong Kong as China Eases Travel Rules

We expect Chinese travelers to return in large numbers, as Asian nations slap new restrictions on arrivals from the last major nation to learn to "live with Covid."

Santa Meets a Downtrend, Week Ahead, China Loosens Further, Let's Eat Out!

Since 1950, the traditional 'Santa Claus rally' period has produced positive results about 78% of the time.

China Is Giving Santa Some Help Tuesday Morning, But It Won't Be Easy

Let's see how willing buyers are to embrace the hope of a Santa rally.

Asian Shares Dip as China Counts Covid Cost, But Not Deaths

Private data will need to give us a picture of what's going on in China, where a bleak winter awaits.

Chinese Statistics Diverge From Covid Reality as Traders Fall Sick

Many businesses in China report difficulties due to staffing shortages, but the official tallies of infections and deaths don't reflect that situation.

SEC Clears Path for Chinese Companies Such as Alibaba to Remain on Wall Street

The SEC's accounting arm said it's confident it has secured "complete access" to the books of U.S.-listed Chinese companies.

Can China Save the Global Economy?

As China continues to loosen Covid restrictions and gets ready to celebrate its New Year starting Jan. 22, let's look at commodity prices.

Railroading of Publisher Jimmy Lai Shows You Can't Expect Justice in Hong Kong

In an Al Capone-style conviction, the publisher of Hong Kong's biggest tabloid is sentenced to nearly six years in prison for violating a lease.

Day of Infamy, Market Warning, Terrified Bankers, Trading Cybersecurity Stocks

Treasuries remain strong, especially out on the longer end of the yield curve.

China to Let Covid Cases Quarantine at Home in Major Policy Change

The November export and import figures were dismal in China, where the government appears to have unofficially decided the zero-Covid policy must go.

China and Oil Boost the Indexes, But the Economic Debate Intensifies

There isn't much economic news due this week, but CPI and the next Fed interest rate decision are looming.

Chinese Stocks Surge in Hong Kong With Hints of Reopening

Investors continue to buy on tiny signs that China is easing up on its zero-Covid stance, but newly relaxed rules have yet to be put to the test.

Jiang Zemin's Death Overshadows Jack Ma's Tokyo Residency

The day's initial focus was on the Alibaba entrepreneur's extended stay in Japan before word broke that China's former president has died at 96.

Overdone Selloff? Fed Talking Heads, Trading Gilead, Iger's Magic Disney Words

What happened on Monday, was largely profit-taking, pin action related to a couple of large names, and defensive selling.

We Can't Blame China for Everything, Can We?

Let's look at the problem with saying China caused the pullback. Also, let's check some uptrend lines, the overbought condition and the Russell 2000.