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Asia Opens Back Up to Travel - Finally

Hong Kong and Taiwan declare an end to the mandatory hotel quarantine, while Japan reopens to all travelers.

Here's How to Play Defense with Military Stocks and ETFs

Between the war in Ukraine and U.S. and China tensions, this may be a great time to invest in defense stocks and ETFs.

Mourning the Queen and the City in Hong Kong

On the day of Queen Elizabeth II's funeral, Hong Kong ponders what it means to live under Beijing instead of British rule.

U.S. Inspections of Chinese Listings Due to Start Next Week

With inspectors winging their way to Hong Kong, the first test will come on a deal to allow SEC access to the books of Chinese companies listed on Wall Street.

The Day After, Energized By APA, 3-Day Rule, On the Rails, 'Checking' on Walmart

How alarming is it that six months after inflation had apparently peaked, we now see prices heating up in parts of the economy that had not been as hot as others?

Chinese President Xi Jinping to Meet Russia's Putin on First Post-Covid Trip

It will be Xi's first trip outside China in almost 1,000 days.

Shares of NIO Are Slowly Shifting Gears to the Upside

Here's what traders who are long or flat the stock should do now.

The Beatings Continue, Conflicting Macro, Rising Yields, China Economy, Apple

Even as demand for large defense contractors remains inelastic, keep a watchful eye on Raytheon Technologies.

China Approaching 'Peak Lockdown'

One-fifth of the Chinese population is under some form of movement restriction, effects that are yet to manifest in production and earnings.

Yen Set to Weaken Further From 24-Year Low

Although Japanese central bankers say they are watching the currency, they show no sign of intervention -- probably because intervention is unlikely to work.

China Sets Date for Change in Its Leadership, But Not in Its Covid Policy

Five Chinese megacities are restricting movement once again, with no end to the Covid business cycle in sight.

Mindless Fed, Russian Gas, China Covid, Moving to Cash, Jobs Day, Chip Stocks

The latest China Covid shutdown will impact Toyota, Intel, and Foxconn Technology, which by extension possibly implies Apple.

Deal Struck to Keep Chinese Companies on Wall Street: What Does It Mean?

Securities regulators on both sides agreed to a framework for U.S. inspectors to scrutinize Chinese-company books. Will what reads well on paper function properly in practice?

As Pinduoduo Soars, These Are the Key Price Levels to Watch

Let's take a look at the charts and indicators of this Chinese e-commerce platform.

Hong Kong Stocks Rise on Plan to Keep U.S. Chinese Listings

Hong Kong would become the fulcrum in a system to keep Chinese companies listed on U.S. markets.

China's Worst Heatwave Hits Production, Even for 'Green' Stocks

The demand for A/C in places like Chengdu and Chongqing is causing the authorities to curb electricity supply to green-energy firms, solar-panel makers and more.

Fossil Fuel Production Still Has a Long Way to Go

A complete transition to clean energy is years if not decades away.

Europe's Recession Is All About Gas

Prices could very well stay elevated for a long time despite the economy going into a manufacturing recession.

So, Just How Bad Is China Right Now, Really?

Its economy isn't as robust as thought and its housing market is under duress.

Hot Markets, China's Economy, Busy Week Ahead, Retail Earnings, Trading Lockheed

If the economy does happen to contract for a third consecutive quarter, will anyone in Washington call that a "recession"?

End to China's Recovery Shows Policymakers 'Care About Growth, Just Not Much'

Poor July numbers erase hopes of a strong second half to the year, where lockdowns and the 'zero-Covid' policy have undermined confidence and activity.

Delisting of Chinese ADRs Is Part of the New Cold War

The process of dealing with a delisted stock is painful for individual investors and impossible for many institutional investors.

Could China Be Our Next Move?

Here's what I see with the iShares China Large-Cap ETF.

Hong Kong's Population Shrinks Due to Emigration Wave

Since the introduction of a detested National Security Law, more than 200,000 Hong Kongers have left, taking their wealth and skills with them.

Life Goes on With Covid in the U.K., While in Hong Kong It Withers

I'm in Britain for the first time in years, where it's pretty much business as usual now. The contrast with repressive, quarantine-addicted Hong Kong couldn't be starker.

Hong Kong Cuts Quarantine to 3 Hotel-Stay Days

With its economy in recession, Hong Kong is finally recognizing that it must 'live with Covid' like the rest of the world.

'Remarkably Mild' Market Response to China's War Drills Off Taiwan

In response to Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan, China has fired missiles over the island and into Japanese waters, and is simulating a military blockade.

Pelosi's Taiwan Trip Could Aid Rather Than Hinder Asian Stability

Asian markets haven't taken Beijing's bait that the House Speaker's visit to Taiwan is somehow destabilizing the region.

Taiwan and Pelosi, Mangled Yield Curve, AMD's Big Night, Apple Bond Sale

Keep in mind that AMD will be reporting performance across four business segments for the first time this evening.

Alibaba Vows to Stay on Wall Street After SEC Threatens Delisting

BABA, which is applying for a joint primary listing in Hong Kong just in case, says it will 'strive' to retain its U.S. stock listing.