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What the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Has to Say About Covid-19

Let's see, what does the guide to the entire universe have to say that could possibly help us in the face of a virulent virus? Two words.

Bad News Is Better for Market Than Uncertainty

This market is all about the news flow and it is not going to provide much upside opportunity until there is more clarity, even if the headlines are bad.

China's Day of Reckoning

The Chinese people are about to learn the extent of economic distress.

When China Sneezes, the U.S. Will Catch a Cold

The market is all about technicals now. The real buying will only come once the virus is contained or Fed goes all in, as China seems to be willing to do so at all costs.

A Domino-Effect Scenario for How the Coronavirus Could Impact the Global Economy

Here's a framework for analyzing incoming information as the disease spreads across the globe.

Global Markets Finally Follow Asia's Lead on Covid-19

It's clear that the market infection from the Wuhan pneumonia is only just beginning.

Don't Abandon Ship, Better Times Are Ahead

History shows that 'scary sell-offs' often turn into bounce-backs, so here's some advice for uncertain times like this.

This Fall Is Unlike the Others

There are no prior examples when a sharp drop comes right after making new all-time highs while also extremely overbought.

This ETF Double Counting Adds Up to Insanity

You have to invest with your eyes wide open -- especially to the mirage of stock-based exchange-traded funds.

Better Batten Down the Hatches to Weather the Market Storm

The market ended up suffering some very classic corrective action on Monday, and now's no time to buy.

Jim Cramer: Do You Really Want to Sell Now?

The answer to that question depends on several factors, so let's break them down.

Time for Some Risk Assessment

While it might be tempting to buy any dip, the coronavirus' quick spread, recent downgrades, softness in services and other factors should give pause.

Gilead Has Become and Will Be a Volatile Name

I would consider any entry a trade, and not an investment.

3 Factors That Could Do Significant Damage to the Markets

The widening coronavirus outbreak, the contentious 2020 presidential race and mediocre earnings growth prospects all pose threats to equities.

India and United States Look to Forge China-Free Ties

India is Asia's least-affected economy in terms of the coronavirus outbreak. It should benefit despite a low-level 'trade skirmish.'

Shares of Gilead Could Surge to the $88 Area in the Near-Term

Any modest intraday dip is probably a buying opportunity.

Coronavirus on the Move, Down Go Markets, 4 Key Points to Remember: Market Recon

Here are a number of things that I'm watching now.

Jim Cramer: Did You Ever Think That 80% of Our Drugs Originated in China?

Did you ever think that could be allowed? That our government let that happen? No one seemed to think about it until now. The answer, like the coronavirus, is we knew.

Bad Debts in China Could Almost Double With Coronavirus

Beijing is allowing banks to relax lending standards, which could mask many nonperforming loans while problem borrowing rises as high as 13.3% of Chinese debt.

Jim Cramer: The Market Took a Breather. Expect More to Come

While some 'pruning' can be necessary, Thursday was a strange day to get clipped.

Confidence Will Decide the Fate of the Markets

The world's most levered balance sheet belongs not to a company, but to a country: Japan.

Jim Cramer: Let's Put the Coronavirus Risk Into Proper Perspective, Shall We?

The ultimate economic impact of the disease isn't clear, but what is clear is who is most at risk and where you're mostly likely to contract it.

Japan's Economy Sicker Than Expected and Before Any Virus Effect

The world's third-largest economy is likely to now be in recession, and Japanese investors have sensibly switched into defensive sectors and low-volatility stocks.

Jim Cramer: Is It Too Late to Sell and Buy Back Again?

There's too much upside, not enough downside, so the selling, which should have begun, just hasn't happened.

At Their Core, These Apple Arguments Just Don't Make Sense

Plenty of pundits told why they thought AAPL's big news Tuesday didn't matter, but let's peel them back. Also, have noticed there's little selling -- or buying -- of late?

Market Looks Past Apple Coronavirus Warnings

The indexes simply refuse to do the logical thing and pull back, which would help bears and bulls alike.

Apple and Alibaba's Coronavirus Warnings Will Probably Be Followed by Others

A wide variety of tech companies are likely to see their March-quarter sales hurt by the coronavirus outbreak's impact on Chinese demand and/or manufacturing.

Jim Cramer: Know How to Invest Amid Coronavirus, but Don't Forget its Victims

The human cost of the virus is real, so don't overlook that, but also know the companies who are in a position to benefit.

Despite Apple's Warning, Market Not Embracing Negative Narrative

Two trades I'm making (and one on my radar) as a I stay focused on the price action.

As Investors Grow Wary of China, This Dividend Aristocrat Becomes an Opportunity

A.O. Smith is a high-growth dividend stock.