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Microsoft Dances With TikTok

Monday's action forces some changes, and here's my plan for MSFT.

TikTok Stokes Trump's Nationalistic Fervor for No Good Reason

Are U.S. politicians really rocking to Lil Uzi Vert's Futsal Shuffle, and worried their efforts will fall into Chinese hands?

Time to Look at Troubled Travel Companies in Asia?

Trip.com, China's biggest online travel agency, is hoping investors may take it private at a premium.

Watch These 10 Stocks as Asian Tech Stands to Take $25 Billion Huawei Hit

These suppliers to and rivals of Huawei Technologies could see their revenue dinged due to the U.S. sanctions against the Chinese telecom supplier.

Jim Cramer: I Care About What's Left of American Success in a Globalized Economy

These House antitrust hearings are ridiculous given that the companies on the hot seats are about the best thing we have going for us.

New Tech Index Tracks the Likes of Alibaba, Tencent in Hong Kong

The Hang Seng Tech Index monitors the performance of the 30-largest tech companies listed in Hong Kong.

Chinese Stocks Fall as Beijing Mulls Response to Houston Spy Allegations

Closing the Chinese consulate in Houston may lead to pressure on the consulate in San Francisco and will produce a calculated response from China.

What I'm Buying, Selling and Eyeing in a Mixed Bag of Trading

Precious metals continue to soar and China names are under pressure.

China's Three Gorges Dam Buckles as Country Battles Floods

Parts of central China are experiencing rain to rival the massive flooding in 1998, leaving around one-third of China's farming output at risk.

Healthy Selling Pressure Is an Invitation to Buy Rather Than Panic

It has been nearly impossible for the sellers to generate any sustained downside momentum.

Markets at a Crossroads, Trump on Health Crisis, China to Shut Houston Consulate

The markets are really in the hands of Washington right now, and Washington is in the hands of the virus.

China Market Propped Up as Insurers Allowed to Buy More Stock

Chinese shares advanced following a regulatory change designed to loosen the grip of retail investors on stocks in Shanghai and Shenzhen.

China's Growth Rebound: Look Under the Hood

The Q2 growth is growth, but the weakest growth on record.

China News Triggers Some Selling

This is a convenient catalyst for some much-needed profit-taking but is it a sign of a more significant shift in the market?

Hong Kong Rightly Adjudged to Have Lost its Autonomy From China

The U.S. president has followed through on his promise to punish Beijing over its punitive treason law in Hong Kong.

As Some Stocks' Rise Appears a Virtual Reality, This One Has a 'Special Purpose'

Let's review some names like TSLA, WIMI and NEXCF, and then eye a play for special purpose acquisition company Churchill Capital Corp III.

Alibaba Is Charting a Path Upward

In May we saw BABA hitting $244 to $277, and now it's close to the higher price; this is where we see the charts going from here.

Trump Administration Considers Plan to Break Hong Kong Dollar Peg

Could the Hong Kong dollar become unhinged against the U.S. dollar, a system in place since 1983?

There's a Lot We Can Learn From Pajama Traders

Let's use what after-hours and pre-market traders see to our advantage, using BlueCity Holdings as an example.

What Is China Up to Behind the Scenes?

The Chinese are trying to spur action in their equity market as they look to catch up to the U.S. equity market.

It's 'The New New Thing' All Over Again

In the 1990s, we had the 'new economy' stocks and the 'old economy' stocks. Sound familiar?

I Did a Double Take When I Saw Alcoa Atop the Top 10 Trending Stocks

Let's look at the chart and see how I'd trade AA.

Chinese Stocks Surge Suspiciously on Back of Patriotic Retail Buying

Chinese authorities spread the word that they see a bull market rally as a patriotic act, but how long can they back leveraged retail punters?

Dr. Copper Benefits From Supply Shortages as Demand Picks Up

The metal is one commodity that should be bought on any weakness, barring a full-blown economic recession.

Here's What's Hot in This Stock-Pickers' Market

Concerns about upcoming earnings reports are understandable but they are not an issue right now.

China's Kingold Jewelry Allegedly Used Fake Gold to Secure Huge Loans

Lenders to the Nasdaq-listed jewelry maker reportedly have discoverd that 83 tons of gold used to borrow billions appear to be copper alloy bars.

Liquidity and Speculative Fervor Continue to Overwhelm Logical Bears

China signals it will promote a bull market causing Chinese investors to rush to open brokerage accounts.

Hong Kong Free Speech Disappears With Imposed Treason Law

Beijing has forced a law on Hong Kong that slaps heavy penalties on "collusion" with foreign entities, which could mean just about anything.

Nike Just Doesn't Do It

Would I buy the name on this dip? Not yet. But here's what a trader could do.

Asia Faces $2.7 Trillion Bill From Covid-19

Several asian nations will experience significant economic damage from the coronavirus, according to forecasts by Standard & Poor's.