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Alibaba Listing Would Brighten a Hong Kong Darkened by Mainland's Clouds

Alibaba Group appears to be prepping a Hong Kong stock offering that could be worth $20 billion, and give a vote of confidence at a time of great tumult.

The One Geopolitical Event That Could Surprise Markets the Most

There's a lot going on right now and the markets (and media) have difficulty latching on to more than three or four stories at a time.

Jim Cramer: The Fed Has an Easy Call This Week

Right now, the Fed has to be worried about how much inflation the next round of tariffs is going to cause versus how much the tariffs will hurt our growth.

IPO Gives Chinese Couple a 'Hansoh' Sum

The initial public offering of Hansoh Pharmaceutical Group made the Chinese couple Zhong Huijuan and Sun Piaoyang the richest in the nation.

Oil Keeps Slipping, a Broadcom Broadside and a Disney Thumbs Up: Market Recon

Jamie Dimon also expresses concern about the impact of China tariffs and a fresh GDP estimate is at hand.

A Slice of Tyson Could Serve Well if Tariffs Lifted

As African swine flu cuts pork supply in China, Tyson could be a counter-intuitive winner amidst Chinese pork shortages.

Lululemon's Leg Up in International Leads to Bullishness on Wall Street

The company's expansion beyond its North American home base could offer the most upside to the stock as it continues its surge.

Lululemon Leaps on Earnings Beat, Good Guidance

The maker of athletic apparel continues to take a larger lead over its retail peers.

Tesla Is Likely Looking to Take on Battery Problem Itself

Tesla's tight battery supply could be accelerating the need for a new solution.

Kohl's Slips Into a Hole and Catches a Value Investor's Eye

The retailer's disappointing first-quarter results and outlook plus the impact of tariffs combine to put its stock in value territory; the question is whether the tariffs will stick.

Tesla Stock Reacts to Musk's Annual Meeting Bullishness

Elon Musk is helping move the shares after a big Tuesday meeting.

Hong Kong Strife Claims First Stock Exchange Victim as Tear Gas Wafts

A Hong Kong-listed mainland Chinese property developer has shelved the purchase of a billion-dollar land plot in the city, walking away from a hefty deposit. It blames political chaos.

Jim Cramer: Again, with China, It Comes Down to He Said, Xi Said

In Trump's view the tariffs force the Chinese to pay our government money and therefore it is a win win.

This Might Just Be Your Luckin Play

Luckin Coffee's strategy of getting Chinese drinkers hooked on java makes the company good for an aggressive play.

Old Mo, Tariffs Weaponry, a Need for Easing and AMD Revives: Market Recon

President Trump uses economic leverage instead of infantry divisions to defend U.S. interests, and Advanced Micro Devices regains lost ground.

Investors Should Heed Hong Kong's 'Million-Strong March'

Does Hong Kong become "just another Chinese city" with its proposed extradition law? Many critics say the city's special status within greater China is slipping away.

I'm Selling Raytheon, Labor Market, Trading Risks: Market Recon

Our brewing Cold War over regional and global spheres of influence with China, has forced some merger activity across the aerospace and defense industry.

Let the Tencent Music Play With This Trade

Growth and profitability are a great complement to a recent IPO and Tencent Music has both.

China's Drugmakers Under Scrutiny After Stanford Admissions Scandal

Chinese authorities are auditing the books of 77 drugmakers, including three multinationals, they say were selected at random. Were they motivated by embarrassment over a college-admissions payment made by a Chinese pharmaceuticals' tycoon?

Taking Stock of the Tariff Impact on Five Below

As Jim Cramer noted,'Nothing is worse than fluid.' That's just how Five Below sees the trade situation.

Five Below Stock Gains Initially After Positive Earnings Release

FIVE could provide a modicum of comfort to retail investors run ragged in recent weeks.

Why Tiananmen Square Censorship Matters to International Investors

Reuters found itself in the strange position of writing a news story to explain why its news stories about the Tiananmen Square massacre weren't appearing on an investment-data platform it created.

The Overview of Salesforce Remains Impressive

You know where the firm has next to no revenue exposure? China.

Equities Roll On, Trade Environment, Fed (Interest Rates) Speak: Market Recon

Can markets go higher? Certainly, but we still need to see higher prices form here on higher volumes in order to confirm that those big kids are playing ball.

Remember, the Best Rallies Occur in the Worst Markets

Nothing changed Tuesday as far as trade with China and Mexico and there was no major improvement in economic news.

Jim Cramer: Here's Why All Three Averages Are Having Their Best Days in Months

Comments from China, Mexico and the Fed led the way.

Less Than a Cold War, but More Than a Trade War

This may be a case where the short-term damage to markets may be for the best in the longer run.

Jim Cramer: What Do Trump's Whims Per Share Look Like?

What happened to the business president? I think what happened is that the polls are showing that whatever the president is doing is working.

Watch These 9 Companies in a Botox Export Boom Out of South Korea

South Korea is the plastic surgery capital of the world. These companies are manufacturing botox strains - but the big business is abroad, if they can crack the China and U.S. markets.

Regulation Risks Ring Alarm Worldwide for Alphabet

Regulators worldwide are looking to rein in Alphabet's business model.