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Not-So-Hot Thursday, Why Growth Will Stall, Unrelenting Virus, Snap Snapshot

Plus, what could be next out of the central banks and Congress and how it could affect Treasuries.

I'm Counting on JD to Deliver

Here's how I'd play this Chinese e-commerce name.

World's Most-Indebted Developer Scrambles as Shares Tumble

China Evergrande is hustling to cut its huge borrowings, with repeat scares that its financial woes may infect the entire Chinese property market.

Watch These 3 Chinese Electric Vehicle Companies for Regulatory Risks

Chinese EV makers fit the profile perfectly of companies subject to future data scrutiny by the Chinese Communist Party.

Jim Cramer: I Don't Like to Traffic in Peak

Peak says sell now or forever hold your peace because you can only go down from here.

U.S. to Warn American Businesses on Dangers of Operating in Hong Kong

The official action would come as Hong Kong's rights and differences from mainland China erode.

Jim Cramer: Let's Give Taiwan a Needed Shot in the Arm

Here's how the U.S. can play a critical part in defending the island from COVID -- and mainland China.

Temasek's Gains Remind Investors of China's Profit Potential

Strong performance has pushed the Singapore state investor's assets to record levels. But its cross-border scope is increasingly difficult to maintain.

Jim Cramer: U.S. Needs a Clear, Firm Policy of Standing Up to China Over Taiwan

The Biden administration must come up with a strategy to deter President Xi from pursuing his reunification plans with the island nation.

China to Require Big Tech Companies to Submit to Overseas-Listing Review

China will require tech companies with more than 1 million users to submit to a formal review before seeking an international listing under new cyberspace rules.

NIO's Charts Are 'Touch and Go' Right Now

Let's review the charts and indicators.

LinkDoc First U.S. Market Victim as Chinese Companies Heed Didi Warning

Obsessed with controlling the Big Data held by Chinese tech firms, Beijing cyberspace officials clamp down on U.S. listings that were previously permissible.

Chinese Authorities Broaden Battle on Overseas Listings Beyond Didi

The Chinese cabinet says a crackdown on Chinese overseas listings will happen. It's still deciding how.

Jim Cramer: The Didi Fiasco Makes Clear Not to Invest in Chinese IPOs

The viciousness of what happened here is extraordinary.

China Blocks Didi, Two Other U.S. IPOs From Signing New Customers

Ride-hailing app Didi is among three Chinese companies recently listed on U.S. markets that are being prevented from signing up new users by China's Internet regulator.

China Celebrates the Centenary of Communism, Wondering What Might Have Been

Where would China be if it had not suffered through the missteps orchestrated by its ruling party since it came to power in 1949?

Taiwan Risk, Defense Stocks, Amazon's Fear Factor, What's Up With Lands' End?

How peculiar that the last day of a calendar can still drive frenzied activity given that most folks can follow their money on a daily or even real-time basis these days.

Baidu Is Poised for a Rally

A new base pattern has formed in Jim Cramer's second favorite Chinese stock.

Chinese Ride Hailing App Didi to Debut in Long-Anticipated IPO

With backing from some of tech's heaviest hitters, Didi or "beep beep" joins Dingdong in going public this week.

Here's Where I Ring the Register on Tesla

Let's see the firm's delivery numbers and a reaction in the share price.

Black Rain Washes Over Hong Kong, Forcing Trading Suspension

The downpour is an appropriate metaphor for the mood in Hong Kong as China preps to celebrate 100 years since the Communist Party's founding.

China Is Selling State Reserves, So What Is It Trying to Tell Us?

China buys low and sells high when it comes to commodities, which makes its latest moves worth watching for telltale economic signs.

Australia Fires WTO Complaint Over Wine at China

Public perceptions of China are at an all-time low in Australia, while on trade the country is lodging its second WTO complaint over Chinese tariffs.

Hong Kong's Last Pro-Democracy Newspaper Faces Extinction

The influential Apple Daily would have to shut down its operations this Friday if its accounts remain frozen.

Hong Kong Charges 2 at Pro-Democracy Newspaper With Foreign 'Collusion'

Authorities raided Apple Daily and arrested five top executives. Trading in Next Digital is suspended, but the stock may leap.

Fed Day, Economic Projections, Inflation, FTC, China and the Materials Sector

What's going on inside the head of the Fed Chair or anyone sitting on the committee (FOMC) as they roll into Wednesday afternoon's block party?

I'm Looking at a Possible Play on iQIYI

I'm not interested in a buy and hold here but this one is showing potential for a momentum run.

Here's Why Copper Is Down

We know the structural case for the deficit in copper, and how it's one of the tightest commodity markets.

China Launches Its First REITs, or Does It?

There are 9 new listings in Shanghai and Shenzhen that are 'REITs with Chinese characteristics.'

The Wheels Are Coming Off Tesla

TSLA's myriad quality problems in China have put the bloom off the rose there.