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Evergrande Heads Off Default by Wiring Money on Offshore Bond

The troubled real estate developer has cobbled together the cash to make an overdue bond payment one day before the grace period expires.

HNA Group's Restructuring Suggests Evergrande's Future Path

The parent of Hainan Airlines looks set to emerge from bankruptcy after its top executives were arrested and the Chinese state stepped in.

Jim Cramer: Are Bankruptcies Low? No! They're Soaring

Don't be lulled into thinking that bankruptcies are low. And there's no one there to stem them when the eviction notices slam the country.

Mallinckrodt's Bankruptcy: The Charts Told the Story Last Year

Now we can see the grim reality.

Kass: 10 Key Factors That Could Send Us Into a Bear Market in 2020

The wise man considers the 'ifs' - the contrary - and constantly evaluates, and often rallies against, 'group stink'.

Strength in AMC Entertainment Is Likely a MacGuffin

It's doubtful fresh financing can reverse the stock's downtrend in a meaningful way.

Jim Cramer: Think This Can Go on Forever? Don't Bank on It

Wells Fargo, Citigroup and JPMorgan Chase report on July 14, and they will do so at a time when a large group of people are unlikely to make rent.

This Market Is Feeding on Chaos and Confusion

While some wild speculation reversed and bankrupt names fell back to earth, Nasdaq ran up higher -- but don't bet a top is forming yet.

Let's Pick Up the Pieces of This Market

This market is broken, and here's the good news and bad news about trading in it right now.

Jim Cramer: Don't Get Burnt Holding These Two Hot Potatoes

Hertz and Chesapeake remind me of the time I bought a bunch of common stock of Memorex-Telex -- and you can guess how that played out.

Yellow Lights Ahead: Tread Carefully as Banks Lead, Recent Stars Stumble

We have some signs a change in character is brewing.

It's Not a Safe Bet but Ascena Retail Has a Shot at Survival

The company wants to stave off a hostile takeover by an acquirer seeking to utilize the company's tax-loss carryforwards.

2 Unloved Stocks Enjoy a Day in the Sun

Languishing NL Industries and Ascena Retail Group saw their shares spurt higher on Thursday on positive events.

Chinese Rescue Called Off as Thomas Cook, World's Oldest Travel Co., Collapses

Thomas Cook has entered liquidation despite a US$1.1 billion bailout offer, after its Chinese white knight, banks and the British government said no to more funds.

These Drug Cos. Could Soon Feel Big Side Effects of Opioid Crisis

No company is safe from the litigation risk tied to the drug epidemic, but Johnson & Johnson may be one of the few guaranteed to survive.

Caesars Soars as Traders Hail Eldorado Resorts Deal

The $17 billion acquisition of Caesars by Eldorado is welcomed by activist investor Carl Icahn, who had been pushing Caesars board for a deal.

Five Below Stands to Benefit From Silver Screen Slate in 2019

FIVE could be a key retailer poised to seize on toy sales alongside more traditional retailers.

Former Dividend Aristocrat HCP Is On the Mend

The REIT that specializes in healthcare properties hit a rough patch that meant cutting its dividend, but it appears to be righting the ship.

Macau Casino Operator Studio City Is in Play Due to Shareholder Bankruptcy

Are Studio City shares worth the gamble as U.S. distressed-debt hedge fund Silver Point and Oaktree enter bankruptcy over their holding?

A Tale of Two Toy Makers

Hasbro and Mattel management outlined one key factor in their dichotomous results.

J.C. Penney Slides as Sears' Demise Casts Pall on Shares

Sears' bankruptcy filing isn't a cause for celebration at rival J.C. Penney.

The Fed Is Just One of the Monsters Stalking This Stock Market: Market Recon

Other 'monsters' are getting a pass right now in terms of both media coverage, and market impact.

Facebook, the Federal Reserve and 3 Other Business Stories You Must Know Tuesday

Are you ready for today's trading? Here's what you must know before Tuesday's opening bell.

Jim Cramer: Toys 'R' Us Obituary Was Written Decades Ago

In the end, like so many category killers, it got killed by smarter, better operators.

Collapse of Big U.K. Government Contractor Could Hit the Pound

The collapse of U.K.'s Carillion infrastructure giant could boost government borrowing, hurting the British pound.

10 Retailers That Have Filed For Bankruptcy In 2017

Retailers have had some issues in the past and these 10 retailers filing for bankruptcy isn't making matters better.

Cramer: E-Commerce Will Not Save Traditional Retailers

Retailers' e-commerce strategies are expensive and generally don't work.

Hurricane Maria Devastated an Already Poverty-Stricken Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico faces a long road to recovery following Hurricane Maria's devastation three weeks ago. The already-poverty stricken U.S. territory already held over $70 billion in debt prior to the storm.

Who Is Randal Quarles?

President Trump nominated former Treasury official Randal Quarles as Fed vice chair of supervision, in charge of regulating big banks.

President Trump, the 'King of Debt,' Heralds an Age of Debt Forgiveness

The president's promise to "wipe out" Puerto Rico's debt is a sign of things to come.