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Doug Kass: It Is Time to Take Aim Against the Growing Bullish Sentiment

Just as it was in rejecting the overwhelming negativity in late 2022...

3 High Dividend Bank Stocks With Safe Payouts

These regional banks offer above-average yields and reliable dividends for income investors.

FS Insight Weekly Roadmap

Stocks Officially Enter New Bull Market

The Potential for a Market Correction Is Increasing

Here's why we think a more defensive approach is appropriate now.

Japan's Stocks Weather Bumpy Week to Star in Asia Again

Japanese equities appear to be moving "for no discernible reason" but have rebounded after two sharp days of losses and look set to sustain their gains.

5 Reasons to Get More Defensive Now

The potential for a correction appears to be on the rise.

Small-Caps Scream Higher, Canada Smokes & Hikes, Dour Druckenmiller, Trading AMD

U.S. investors, while fully expecting a 'skip' by the FOMC next week are starting to understand that a skip or even a pause does not necessarily mean an end to the policy tightening cycle or a change in trajectory.

Did You Miss the Rebound From Last Fall's Nadir? You Are Not Alone

This stock remains my single largest personal dollar holding. I averaged down multiple times over the past two years waiting for the moment we are seeing now. It's not too late to get onboard.

Yellow Flags Appear for the Market as VIX Hits a 3-Year Low

Amid green lights on the charts, the market's data dashboard is starting to raise a few caution signs.

These 11 Chinese Property Stocks Risk Deadly Delisting

Beware Chinese property stocks that have turned into penny shares, since their trading price could force a disastrous delisting.

Market Broadens, Russell Roars, Recession Debate, Why AMD Moved, Boeing Defect

This could be the most significant technical development for the Russell 2000 and the IWM in quite some time.

7 Stocks I'm Trading as Small-Cap Rotation Takes Place

The gap between big-cap tech names and the rest of the market has to eventually close.

Play Unity Software This Way as the Stock Surges on Apple Vision Pro Partnership

Clues were out there, but the news certainly took most by surprise.

Here's Where the Markets Stand After Multiple Positive Events

Let's check the technical dashboard and see how to proceed.

Market Finally Broadens, But 4 Issues Will Now Control the Trading Action

The S&P 500 would be negative for the year if it wasn't for seven big-cap technology stocks.

Fierce Friday, Nasdaq Accelerates, S&P Cracks Resistance, Mixed Jobs, Week Ahead

The sudden appearance of a weaker labor market is likely what's causing the Fed to be considering a 'skip' this month, giving time for the economy on Main Street, USA to catch up to where the Fed has been on policy.

May Jobs: A More Complex Report Than Headlines Suggest

Does this scream 'Hike!'? It depends on whether you're the Fed, a bull or a bear.

Fear and Valuation Battle It Out in a Classic Market Tug of War

Which one will win out?

Hong Kong Leader Unable to Say If It's Legal to Remember Tiananmen Massacre

Investor uncertainty is mounting in China as 'red lines' shift on Communist Party sand.

Salesforce Shares Are Pressured, But I'm Not Threatened: Here's the Trade

Margins are up, cash flows are roaring, guidance is strong, yet valuation remains an issue.

Debt Deal Done, Fed Set to Skip, How I'm Playing CrowdStrike After Its Beatdown

There are two areas I would allow for absurd valuations right now: Anyone who sells what buyers need to integrate AI into their own offerings and those engaged in cybersecurity.

The AI Theme Destroyed the Economic Bears, But Now What?

About 90% of stocks are still struggling, but many market players are celebrating.

Neutral Is a Position, and Las Vegas IS an Indicator

When it comes to markets, positions are to be courted, not married.

There's a Significant Change in the Market's Character

The AI frenzy is taking a rest, and the number of stocks that are attracting speculative interest is very slim.

The Chase Is Not On

Here's why we would wait for better buying opportunities.

With China's Economy Showing Signs of Softening, Here's How I'd Play the FXI

I believe in the old saying that 'news follows the tape.'

Cautious Market, Debt Bill, Struggling Economy, Oil Prices, China PMI

Plus, HP expects to have PCs with a built in AI program available by 2024.

4 Factors Driving a Market Transition

These big-cap names are not acting as leadership that is helping the rest of the market, although they effectively control the indexes that drive sentiment.

Beyond Meat and Peloton: Zombie Stocks Can Turn Portfolios Into the Walking Dead

Don't confuse a stock revival masquerading as a living, breathing business revival.

In Case You Missed It: Apple Just Hit a New 52-Week High

Let's not ignore the strength in AAPL.