Jim Cramer: Running Down the BTF vs. WTF Scoreboard

That's Better Than Feared vs. Worse Than Feared when it comes to these companies' latest reports on a big day for earnings.

Jim Cramer: Caterpillar, Others, Must Smooth Out Cyclical Bumps

UPS, Honeywell and Texas Instruments mostly unchained themselves from swings of the economy, but CAT and others have work cut out for them.

Jim Cramer: Texas Instruments' Stock Price Is Not a Good Economic Barometer

The stock is rising on an earnings beat, but the fundamentals show an industry, and economy, that are suffering.

Jim Cramer: It's Looking Like the 1980s

Kimberly-Clark's performance is nothing to sneeze at, and neither is Coca-Cola's, as higher sales, higher prices and big demand from emerging markets appear to give us a return to the good old days of great senior growth stocks.

Jim Cramer: Make Up Your Own Mind, Don't Listen to Market 'Gurus'

Even Ray Dalio gets it wrong. Treat as suspect anyone who has a broad and sweeping rap against stocks, it could save you money.

Jim Cramer: 4 Reasons Why Oil Has Not Recovered

Oil is perceived as being an unavoidable loser as long as trade tensions rage.

Jim Cramer: Why You Should Buy Nucor Right Now

This is the way to play the new, Fed-induced, president-endorsed steel cycle.

Jim Cramer: Looking for Netflix Action? Don't Be a Hero

Stranger things have happened, but with NFLX's subscriber miss, the stock just became hard money, joining the likes of Johnson & Johnson and CSX Corp.

Jim Cramer: The Definition of Insanity? Pre-Market Trading

Much of it occurs when someone jumps the gun, deciding that the headlines must be traded without any knowledge of what is underneath them.

Jim Cramer: Buy These 4 Banks!

The big banks that have reported have made a combined total of $29.5 billion. That's astonishing.