Jim Cramer: Beware of the Rot Underneath

The market itself may be ignoring the realities of its weakest players.

Jim Cramer: Buffett Calls It Like It Is

It's not his job to reassure us, but to set us straight about how uncharted the waters really are -- while assuring that we will get to the other side.

Jim Cramer: Sell Index Funds and Stay Long These 4 Stocks

We are on the cusp of a decline, so anticipate the negatives and get your portfolio pandemic-recession-ready.

Jim Cramer: Let's Talk About Amazon, Advanced Micro Devices, and Apple

AMD has fabulous chips in great categories with fantastic customers. Things will only get better. That's why of the three I think you can start buying this one on Monday.

Jim Cramer: Hedge Funds Meet Their Match

I know that some funds actually lost their whole year or worse, because they stayed short and were forced to cover these shorts.

Jim Cramer: The Beginning of the End of Covid-19's Reign of Terror

There's now a much more reasonable chance the vast opening of American business won't lead to disaster.

Jim Cramer: Consider the Fed and Treasury Ad Hoc Insurers Demanding No Premium

Maybe it ends up being a small price to pay to avoid a depression.

Jim Cramer: Reopening Is Necessary, but Based on Little More Than Hope

It's imperative that people get back to work, so we have this great compromise -- let's see how it might play out.

Jim Cramer: Listen Up! Jimmy Chill Is Not a Traitor to the Cause of Mad Money

Remember the mantra of the show: to teach, to educate, to explain, to put in context and entertain. I know trading. I was one.

Jim Cramer: We'll Open, but We Won't Be the Same

So let's go over the day's the big gainers to see if they made sense as we enter this new America.