Jim Cramer: Bezos, Amazon, and Next Week's Game Plan

Next week we'll be at the tail end of earnings season. It's been a blast, at least until this past week when we got some iffy news about trade.

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Analysts need to recognize this shift in the banking markets.

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We have to own that it was a bad day for the bulls and that it's perfectly realistic to expect a few more until the facts get more positive.

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CMG reported fantastic numbers on Wednesday night, with a colossal 6.1% comparable-sales figure coupled with healthy margins.

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When you have a bunch of these in one day, you can move whole sectors and, to some degree, the market itself.

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This quarter will be known as the quarter where you had to pay the piper to get sales and the piper happens most often to be Alphabet's Google.

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Do you own stocks of companies whose products people will pay more for because they think they are prestigious?

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Alphabet's investors' call highlighted the challenges that the digital retail and tech giants are facing, right now. They can't seem to please anyone.

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They are still so much lower than they were before Jay Powell went wayward.

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I think this truly defines what has gone on with tech stocks since the latest reporting period began.