Jim Cramer: Oil Tanked, and We're in Uncharted Waters

Oil isn't really worthless and Amazon isn't the only retailer that will survive, but we are in a mixed up market thanks to Covid-19.

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They buy and buy and buy. The same stocks. Over and over. No end to it.

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Welcome to the new era. Social distancing is not without risks, but it is as good as it gets.

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I have to believe that a few more weeks of lower oil prices and we will see more bankruptcy filings.

Jim Cramer: No Wonder the Banks Have Been Hit So Hard

From the looks of the stocks of the banks, many of which reported excellent quarters, this group is in real trouble.

Jim Cramer: I Don't Think Covid-19 Is Invincible

When it's beaten you will wish you own stocks, especially the stocks that are right now lethal to your portfolio.

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There is no joy in stockville -- instead we have big companies with stocks rising. Here's why that is and what you need to understand about the rally amid the crisis.

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Tests, masks, contact tracing, anti-virals. Are those too much to ask?

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As testing expands, drug trials proceed and tech greats are providing a tracking app, I think we're inching toward going back to work -- and further away from going so low again.

Jim Cramer: Debunking Myths About Wearing Masks

Wear a mask, save some lives. It doesn't matter if they are not perfect.