Jim Cramer: Again, with China, It Comes Down to He Said, Xi Said

In Trump's view the tariffs force the Chinese to pay our government money and therefore it is a win win.

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The incredible trajectory of Beyond Meat is daunting to those of us who fear a toppy market and the run in the stock is a slap in the face of those who care about too much enthusiasm.

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Market alliterations provide nothing useful to investors. Pay attention to market conditions and ignore "Sell in May," "Swoon in June," and all other useless rhetoric.

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Everything in Trump's presidency is fluid, which creates not just uncertainty, but ugliness.

Jim Cramer: How Can Bad Be Good? It's Easy Now That the Fed Blinked

Anything weak is a positive to be excited about and anything strong is a nightmare because that might stiffen Powell's resolve to keep rates where they are instead of cutting them.