Jim Cramer: Greed Will Determine the Next Leg of the Market

The tug of war starting in 2021 will be between the insiders who wish to preserve their wealth, and the outsiders who will want to do the same.

Jim Cramer: EXTRA! I Have the Young Investors Playlist Right Here!

The buyers may be young, but I think callow youth may have the edge over their cynical elders.

Jim Cramer: In the Game of Business and Money, Go With the Pros Over Amateurs

An amateur thinks short term and goes against the data. A pro thinks long term and goes with it.

Jim Cramer: Why It's Just Too Risky for So Many Commentators to Be Right

It's because there's no percentage in being bullish. None. It's incredibly easy to be bearish.

Jim Cramer: To All You Robin Hoodies, I Salute You

These investors seem to buy with a gusto never before seen in my lifetime.

Jim Cramer: Are Bankruptcies Low? No! They're Soaring

Don't be lulled into thinking that bankruptcies are low. And there's no one there to stem them when the eviction notices slam the country.

Jim Cramer: Here Comes the 'Pent-Up Demand' Bull Market

The great news about the pent-up demand rally? While these stocks have been creeping up they are now going to explode higher.

Jim Cramer: Here's What Biden Can Learn From Trump's China Strategy

Yes, the president's policy was too public and at times messy, but it began to muscle through real change before Covid-19 hit. Biden should take note.

Jim Cramer: A Great Market Is One That Can Ignore Negative News Entirely

The fact is that business in whole areas of the economy remain very strong despite what you heard about ZM this morning.

Jim Cramer: This Crisis Is Bigger Than Politics

Many American workers need help -- and they need it now. Will Pelosi, Mnuchin and lawmakers give them a hand so they can make it across the Covid finish line?