Jim Cramer: Don't Try to Predict the Cycle, Game the 'Gamers' Instead

The big portfolio managers get ahead of the turn in cycles -- as we can see in oil services, semiconductors and autos, among other sectors. Here's how to play their game.

Jim Cramer: Why We Need to Be Worried About Certain Aspects of This Market

But better prices, I believe, lay ahead. Why not be ready for them with some fresh cash to do some buying?

Jim Cramer: Disappointed With Powell? Go Do Something Else With Your Money

What matters to me is that if people really are disappointed that Powell didn't' cave to the president and they sold futures than they are truly living in a parallel and stupid universe.

Jim Cramer: This Is Not 1987 or 1999

There couldn't be two worst analogues to what we have going on this year than those two data points.

Jim Cramer: I Keep Saying It -- Services Revenue Is the Future for Apple

The latest earnings report bears that out. Own this company, don't trade it.

Jim Cramer: It's Stupid Is as Stupid Does on a Ridiculous Day in the Market

Portfolio managers are exercising their First Amendment right to do incredibly stupid things.

Jim Cramer: Does Alphabet Even Deserve to Be a FANG Any More?

Forget Elon Musk. My beef is with Alphabet CFO Ruth Porat.

Jim Cramer: This Market May Not Be Overvalued

We see signs that tell us not only is this market not expensive, but there are whole sections that might be ridiculously cheap. The recent merger announcements are a prime example.

Jim Cramer: Be Careful What You Wish for This Earnings Season

'Rookie buying' ahead of the print can get you in trouble.

Jim Cramer: How to Approach Stocks, Including Apple, This Week

I don't want a stock to run ahead of earnings, or ahead of any big event no matter what.