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Jim Cramer: Here's the State of Play as We Head Into Next Week's Action

I know we are at a peculiar junction.

Jim Cramer: I Can't Tell You to Buy This Market

I am urging you to think a little more long-term.

Jim Cramer: What to Buy in This Treacherous Market

Look for the big-cap stocks that only come in on tough days -- and take advantage of their weakness at the open.

Jim Cramer: We Can Play This Hot, Cold Game All Day Long

There's enough evidence that the economy is slowing so the Fed shouldn't move on rates, but some big retail and unemployment numbers say the Fed must raise for certain.

Jim Cramer: This May Be an Inflection Point for Banks and Oils

But there is no catalyst right now, and there are so many other sectors with better prospects.

Jim Cramer: Here's Why the Market Rallied

What else can you say about a decision by the Chinese that amounts to a potential repudiation of the Made in China 2025 plan?

Jim Cramer: Facebook Really Is Bottoming

There is simply a paucity of places for advertisers to go to get the word out -- and that plays in FB's favor.

Jim Cramer: The Operative Term for This Tape Is Treacherous

Use it to your advantage or don't use it at all.

Jim Cramer: Don't Buy Tech ETFs, Buy Strong Tech Stocks

There are some solid individual names in tech, but traders must be selective.

Jim Cramer: Apple Is a Perfect Metaphor for This Market

Apple makes the finest consumer products in history but its stock has gotten hammered in recent months.

Jim Cramer: The Common Stock Buyer Seems to Have Disappeared

We have, for lack of a better term, what acts to be a 'broken' market - both ways - because the volume is so thin.

Jim Cramer: The Market Makes No Sense Right Now

This economy is either going from 90 mph to minus 30 mph, or this stock market isn't functioning right.

Jim Cramer: I Hate to Say It, Mr. Powell, but I Told You So

Somehow the Federal Reserve has gotten itself in this ridiculous box where it has to raise rates because it said it was going to raise rates.

Jim Cramer: China Is a Rogue Nation Acting Against Our National Interests

What I don't get is why would anyone in this country, any citizen, want the Chinese to do what they are doing in this country?

Jim Cramer: Making Sense of the Awkward Situation the Fed and Markets Are In Now

Here's the context you need to be a little more clear-headed and a little less scared than you are.

Jim Cramer: The White House, China, Huawei, and Uncharted Waters

Let's go over the stakes here because they are high and huge and were integral to today's selloff.

Jim Cramer: A Terrible Day

Nobody has any reasons to buy...and yet that's probably when you have to pick.

Jim Cramer: Why the Fed Is Wrong and the People in Power Are Ill-Advised

If you wanted to do more to make things right with this economy than whatever the Fed is about to do, then we need more people in the workforce.

Jim Cramer: Reeling From the Ugly Day? Here's the Good News

You have a situation where you might have the Fed be done for a big and the curve not get even more inverted.

Jim Cramer: This Is Not a Reality Show, This Is Real Life

It is dawning on major money managers that President Trump simply isn't serious enough to be considered dependable.

Jim Cramer: The Machines Are Very Much in Charge Today

When I say machines, I am not talking about tool and dye metal benders or earth movers.

Jim Cramer: The Trump/Xi Trade Story Is Not All Negative

Despite putting hardliner Lighthizer in charge of talks, Trump did not raise tariffs -- so don't believe all the bear hype around trade discussions.

Jim Cramer: Don't Throw Away These Stocks

It's done without much thought even though their companies are doing amazingly well.

Jim Cramer: A Stock Cheat Sheet for the Trump/Xi Trade Truce

What to buy and what to trim on the 90-day extension on trade talks.

What the Trump/Xi Deal Means for the FANGs, the Cloud Kings and More: Jim Cramer

Who's likely to win and who's likely to lose on Monday.

Jim Cramer: A Gameplan to Ride Out Trump-Jinping G-20 Talks

Here are some possible outcomes of this weekend, and how you can prepare your portfolio.

Jim Cramer: What If Trump Tweets Xi Forced Him to Ignite the 25% Tariff Fuse?

Here are 4 stocks that can be bought into the stock cyclone that might occur if things don't go the bulls way in the Argentine.

Jim Cramer: Keep Your Powder Dry Until After This All-Important Weekend

Brace yourself for weaker data, and wait for the outcome of Trump's meeting with Jinping.

Jim Cramer: Powell's About-Face Owned Up to the Changes in the Economy

Now, though, we have the G-20 and this is a much tougher one.

Jim Cramer: Crack Down Now on Non-Bank Lending

It's time for Fed Chair Powell to put his regulatory hat on and stop this nonsense with firm enforcement.