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Jim Cramer: I'll Put My Money With 'Boring but Lucrative' Any Day

Let's look at that recent downgrade of 'dull' Morgan Stanley and see why exciting is best left for the stadiums and amusement parks -- and not stocks.

Jim Cramer: America's Toughest Job? Finding Workers

It's the question of our time: Where are the people willing to take on these better paying gigs? Let's see what's going on and what we need to happen.

Jim Cramer: The Best of Breed Always Get It Right, But Can Facebook?

Companies don't become best of breed unless they are the best in everything they do. Facebook hangs in the balance.

Jim Cramer: Here's How Analysts Can Be Off By a Wide Margin

Let's look at the reactions to Nike, Costco and Salesforce to see what happens when they're viewed from a real world perspective.

Jim Cramer: It's Pure Insanity That We Don't Make Chips Here in the U.S.

While the big guns meet at the White House about the global chip shortage, the president and these companies are approaching this all wrong.

Jim Cramer: Go Ahead, Have a Cow, but I Say Powell and Xi Are Bulls

We rallied, because China's President Xi and Fed Chair Powell made decisions that they knew would lead to rallies.

Jim Cramer: If You're a CEO, Be a CEO, and Not a Weatherman

And end you're obsession with the calendar.

Jim Cramer: These Rules Will Help You Win on Days Like This

Here's why the bold ones who buy into the moment of ugliness get to score, but only if they follow this advice.

Jim Cramer: I'm Worried About the Crypto-World

If you own crypto of any form I think you should, if you have big gains, take some off the table.

Jim Cramer: Here's Why Oil Just Keeps Barreling Along

Let's see why the rally can keep going for oil and natural gas and look at that striking Diamondback Energy buyback.

Jim Cramer: Here's My List of 15 Positives That Must Pan Out

Let's look at how we can go higher and what must go right before the advance has staying power.

Jim Cramer: Gary Gensler Won't Stand for Financial Engineering

Right now there is a lot of pushback to regulation.

Jim Cramer: What to Buy Now? That's a Tough One

I'm not a bear, but I'm honest about what I see out there, and right now it's tough to find something to hang our hats on.

Jim Cramer: You Can Own Gold and Crypto as Hedges But You Need to Be Realistic

Gold's value is its timelessness. Crypto? It's its timeliness, and, I fear, not much more.

Jim Cramer: We're on Shakier Ground Than We Thought

I have said over and over again that September is the cruelest month and it's playing out that way. Here's how I see it and how to position now.

Jim Cramer: Not Only Did Apple Win But Epic Games Lost Big

How come this decision was so opaque to so many?

Jim Cramer: We Can't Afford to Forget September 11, 2001

The fear is that those too young to remember the tragic events of that day will not understand the significance of them.

Jim Cramer: Lululemon Is the New Champion When It Comes to Crushing 2019 Numbers

There are not one but two things at work with this company and this stock.

Jim Cramer: Welcome to the Most Treacherous of Months

Here's why I am concerned about the weeks ahead -- other than any potential self-fulfilling prophecies about September.

Jim Cramer: Travel to Italy? Never Felt Safer

The public health officials in Italy are uniformly trying to wipe out COVID and private industry seems to eagerly embrace the judgment.

Jim Cramer: Don't Blame the Market for Being Heartless

It's easy to see tragedies like the one unfolding in Kabul and want a response from the market, but that's not its job. This, however, is. ...

Jim Cramer: How About the Downside Risks to These Overvalued Stocks?

Folks who don't even seem to care about things like valuation can hector me endlessly but facts are facts.

Jim Cramer: I'm 'Fed' Up With This Lazy Investing Advice

The whole notion of the grand inquisitor Fed is out of whack with reality. Here's what you should be watching, instead.

Jim Cramer: Forget Forecasts, Find Companies That Can Navigate Anything

Throughout the tidal wave of COVID, these managers will be the winners regardless of the Fed, inflation or anything else the aggregate throws at you.

Jim Cramer: The Days of Amazon as Death Star Are Over

Brick and Mortar strikes back.

Jim Cramer: Why Hasn't the Government Pushed for Mass Vaccination?

Incompetence, omissions and even outright lies have categorized this federal attempt to 'stem' the pandemic.

Jim Cramer: This Rally Is Squarely on Pfizer's Comirnaty

This COVID-19 vaccine is the potential savior of more than just the market.

Jim Cramer: Inflation Bears Could Be Growling Up the Wrong Tree

There are multiple reasons to believe that inflation won't be the rampant monster predicted by doomsayers in the media.

Jim Cramer: What's With the Waffling in the Market?

I think it's all about peak Delta or lack thereof.

Jim Cramer: These Firms Can Put Through a Price Increase and It Doesn't Matter

When you think of what's working ask yourself if you would be sensitive to a price increase or not. The ones you are not? Go buy their stocks.