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Jim Cramer: Brutal Week for the Cloud Kings

The growth investment community is abuzz with the idea that the great growth story of the era -- software-as-a-service -- is at an end.

Jim Cramer: Here's How You Get a Not as Bad as Feared Quarter

I have the answer behind the conundrum that forces stocks up that should be going lower.

Jim Cramer: Here Are Larry Kudlow's Two Key Points

I believe the weakness in this economy and the stock market stems from a lack of trade deals worldwide.

Jim Cramer: Netflix and CSX Lead the 'NABAF' Earnings Story

These stocks's earnings were 'not as bad as feared,' and here are some more names that pushed the NABAF narrative.

Jim Cramer: The Market Is Lapping Up These Stocks

There are plenty of senior growth companies that can still move higher.

Jim Cramer: Where Can You Still Get Some Growth and a Big Yield?

Right now, AbbVie is the best way to capitalize on the moment and on the future.

Jim Cramer: The Democrats Debate, and the Future of Corporations

I thought last night's debate was pretty frightening when it comes to managed care, banking, airlines, and drugs.

Jim Cramer: Here's What We Can Bask in Today

On days like today you realize how much of this market has been mauled by the bear.

Jim Cramer: Trump's Endless Assault Is Taking Its Toll on China's Resolve

The president can win some sort of concessions from the Chinese simply by NOT raising tariffs any more than they are.

Jim Cramer: What Would Make a Good Stock in This Environment?

Let me give you the items I want to see before I bless buying anything in what has become a plain, out and out, treacherous market.

Jim Cramer: Rate Cut Talk Is About Stemming the Tides of a Recession

Hate Trump or like Trump, the economy does respond to a lower Fed funds rate.

Jim Cramer: A Terrible Moment for the Stock Market

If your goal is to ratchet up trade tension? There couldn't been a better moment, hence one of the worst moments for the stock market since the trade battle began.

Jim Cramer: REITs and Utilities Have the Right Kind of Yield

Wise investors should stick with those equities and stay away from high-yielders with no protection, like the MLPs.

Jim Cramer: Beware the Nattering Nabobs of Negativity

Only because of the incessant brainwashing of individuals by an industry with a bias toward indexing do we have this attitude that stocks are one and the same. They are anything but.

Jim Cramer: Costco Is Like No Other Company I Have Ever Seen

It is not going to run the company to please Wall Street. It is going to run the company to please consumers and if the consumer is happy, Costco is happy.

Jim Cramer: 7 Key Points of Contention in China Trade Talks

The Chinese want to buy more soybeans. The U.S. wants real change. Sounds like there's not a lot of common ground.

Jim Cramer: These Stocks Are Cheap... if We Avoid a Recession

With low price-to-earnings multiples, these stocks could be buys right now -- depending on your take on recession.

Jim Cramer: Watch for Stocks Reporting 'Not as Bad as Feared' Numbers

When you have an oversold market you've got a true coiled spring that can rally beyond where it might ordinary go on good news.

Jim Cramer: Insanity in Trump's Trade War Tariffs

Punitive behavior doesn't help if you are fighting a slowdown, which, judging by some of the bigger indicators, we most certainly are.

Jim Cramer: Sell When the Oscillator Is Too High

The proprietary oscillator I follow, the S&P's short-range oscillator, is the most important indicator I follow.

Jim Cramer: Are Capital Markets Losing Their Principal Function?

No one ever thought when we created a stock market that there would only be buyers of stocks in an index.

Jim Cramer: Starbucks Is Emblematic of the Fear Haunting This Market

Investors are culling the stocks that are worth owning and shedding those that aren't, and Starbucks is a prime example.

Jim Cramer: Why I Am Not Freaking Out About a Recession or a Warren Presidency

Are things that bad? I remain a non-believer in the recession thesis.

Jim Cramer: McDonald's? I'd Go With Chipotle, It's Taking Share From Everyone

If you own McDonald's I think you can ride this weakness out as ultimately if there is something wrong I am confident that CEO Steve Easterbrook will figure it out and fix it.

Jim Cramer: Micron Technology Should Be on Your Radar

Despite the selloff in this name, if you believe in a rally, you can bet that MU will be a leader.

Jim Cramer: These IPOs Are Making Me Sick

You can't be in the money-losers even if they have the potential for high growth.

Jim Cramer: Looking for an Edge? Here Are 3 Stock Ideas

Let's consider the case of what would be the best odds on favorites to start a new position in the Dow Jones average.

Jim Cramer: Welcome to a Market Filled With Fear

The impact of Elizabeth Warren is pretty much everywhere Thursday.

Jim Cramer: Here Are 2 Stocks That Know Which Way the Wind Blows

I have always been fond of KB Home and Jabil even as they have never been the darlings of the industry community.

Jim Cramer: Let's Wait for Full Story on Promising GW Pharma Drug

After a negative report on GW's epilepsy treatment, the analyst refused to explain the results with me, bringing more questions than answers about its conclusions.