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Jim Cramer: Costco Just Keeps Delivering

What matters to me is that Costco's model works perfectly in a trade war. Oh, and irony of ironies: you know where it works best? Shanghai.

Jim Cramer: Who Wins From a China Trade Deal? These Guys

Here's my take on the companies that would see a boost from a trade deal -- even though some of them shouldn't.

Jim Cramer: It's Time for China and the Job Exporters to Pay

The cost will ultimately be small for us and big for them -- and now is the time to do it.

Jim Cramer: Why I Became a Tesla True Believer but Remain a Netflix Skeptic

There are 3 things that distinguish these stocks from regular run of the mill equities.

Jim Cramer: Understanding Millennials Is Hard for Wall Street

There's no real millennial analyst cohort on Wall Street. But the Toll Brothers analyst call illuminates some key trends.

Jim Cramer: You Can't See the Future, But You Can See Great Themes

We can't know exactly how the China-U.S. trade talks or our political battles will play out, but we can see the big ideas that will likely push companies higher.

Jim Cramer: Stop Playing the Trade Talks and Start Investing

Is a stock up too much or down too much based on trade talk news that may not turn out to be news at all?

Jim Cramer: Markets, What Happened This Year, and the 1-2 Punch That Concerns Me

Let me take a stab at what's going on here.

Jim Cramer: The Demise of the Department Store

The debacle can only accelerate, the demise hastened, happy new holidays.

Jim Cramer: Let's Win the Trade War With China

If the Chinese really want a substantive deal, they must renounce their ways and start playing fair with our nation.

Jim Cramer: Here's Why So Many Americans Feel Left Behind on Stocks

Let me explain why so few families own stocks outright and so many remain numb to the market's success -- and how that can change.

Jim Cramer: Five Below Is a Winner in Tariff Mitigation

How companies talk about tariffs is becoming a defining characteristic going forward.

Jim Cramer: Why Yesterday's Hot Stock Is Today's Dud

The purpose is not to shake you out, although it can feel like that; here's what's really going on.

Jim Cramer: How Salesforce is Seeking Truth, and Why It Matters

Marc Benioff is aiming to become a trusted partner with client data, and that will win out over Mark Zuckerberg's manufactured arguments on free speech.

Jim Cramer: Trade Talks Just Aren't That Big of a Deal to U.S.' Advance

Let me tell you why this China trade game is only an impediment a relatively small amount of the market, and what to expect going forward.

Jim Cramer: Don't Be an Armageddonist and Live in Fear of a Crash

Having a bad game does not mean you quit forever. It just means it is time to regroup and rethink strategy.

Jim Cramer: Why Is This Selloff So Relentless?

It's a too true to be good moment. We need a shakeout. That should get the market where it has to go.

Jim Cramer: These 2 Stocks Are Soaring, and It Is All About the Democratic Race

UnitedHealth Group and JPMorgan are both bucking other trends to rise as more moderate leanings start to dominate the Democratic horse race.

Jim Cramer: Be Cautious Today, the Tape Feels Bad

We are playing defense as we see some downward pressure on oil and healthcare weakness.

Jim Cramer: Here's Why the Market Hasn't Stopped Rallying

These are the 10 reasons why we keep going up, despite all the bad news.

Jim Cramer: How Robinhood Is Disrupting the Trading Landscape

Robinhood is bringing a whole new generation of traders into the fold.

Jim Cramer: Think Stocks Are Too Pricey? These Big Takeovers Prove They're Not

We're seeing lots of companies snapping up their peers, and the market is applauding.

Jim Cramer: Uber Finally Looks Ready to Ride

Despite the possibility of getting booted from London, Uber's overhang is behind it, and it can go higher from here -- especially if it tosses its food service.

Jim Cramer: Is Facebook a Buy on Bloomberg's Presidential Run?

We don't know where Michael Bloomberg is going to come out in his campaign spending, but we know that he needs to reach young people -- and Instagram could be a beneficiary.

Jim Cramer: Creating U.S. Jobs Is Good, Even if You Think Trump Is Bad

When I saw how the president's manufacturing tour with Apple's CEO was portrayed, I found it almost horrifying.

Jim Cramer: Open Your Eyes to This Brave, New Digital World

Behind-the-scenes companies like Salesforce.com, Square, Nvidia, Okta, and PagerDuty are leading the Nasdaq, and you must understand them to know what you're getting into.

Jim Cramer: The Haves and Have Nots of Retail

Yes, this seems to be a seminal moment with retail.

Jim Cramer: I Am Not a Seller of Technology

Here is what you are up against if you dump now.

Jim Cramer: Know Tech or Die

Companies that want to survive in this world need better tech -- tech that individualizes, tech that tells the story, tech that keeps it current, tech that keeps customers happy.