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Jim Cramer: It's the Smart Bird Attuned to When Cycles Turn That Gets the Worm

The rest? They get the droppings.

Jim Cramer: EPS Expectations Are Being Soundly Beaten, and Here's Why

First-quarter expectations were set when the market still felt the world was going to come to an end.

Jim Cramer: Short-Sellers Provided the Ammo for Tuesday's Biggest Winners

Days like this are reminders of how important short-selling can be to an up market.

Jim Cramer: We Need to Bring Back Individual Investors

Cull ETFs and split shares to make stocks more attractive.

Jim Cramer: Zoom, Pinterest and the Irrational Exuberance of This Market

These stocks are too hot. There's just not enough money chasing hotness.

Jim Cramer: Diversification Is Good for Offense, Not Just Defense

This health care selloff shows the value of diversification to protect our portfolios -- and to go on the offensive and find bargains.

Jim Cramer: Want a Snapshot of the Economy? Look at the Rails

When you see that money pouring out of the market it is going to be looking for a home. The home will most likely want some economic sensitivity.

Jim Cramer: Netflix Is a Necessary Bargain

I don't care what Netflix says about weak domestic. I care about the slate. I care about missing out.

Jim Cramer: One Heck of a Resilient Market

A resilient market allows you to buy stocks when they get hammered and do so with some certainty that you won't get your head handed to you.

Jim Cramer: J.B. Hunt's Earnings Call Shows That the Economy Has Slowed

Trucking is a huge tell of the real economy, which has definitely slowed.

Jim Cramer: When the Death Star Strikes

It has become almost too onerous to own something that could be in Amazon's crosshairs.

Jim Cramer: This Is Why the Fed Should Not Tighten

The U.S. economy is doing okay, but not great, and you can see that in a number of sectors.

Jim Cramer: What Investors Should Do If They Missed Out on a Transformative Day

We never thought, 24 hours ago, that it could possibly be this good.

Jim Cramer: Here's My Earnings Cheat Sheet for the Bank Stocks

The first thing you need to think about when analyzing earnings has nothing to do with earnings. It has to do with where the stocks are.

Jim Cramer: I Demand You Read Jeff Bezos' Shareholder Letter!

Bezos and Amazon are the greatest bargains for the customer on earth.

Jim Cramer: Bed Bath & Beyond Needs a Big Change After Abysmal Quarter

It may not be too late to save the company, as it still has a good balance sheet. But major upheaval is needed.

Jim Cramer: Forget Capitol Hill, a More Important Show for Bankers Starts Friday

We have to hope they are given a better chance to tell their story than they were Wednesday.

Jim Cramer: What Dirty Lemon Tells Us About Market Tops and Millennials

The tech-based drinks outlet keeps a tight lid on wage pressures.

Jim Cramer: 10 Potential Tops for All You Top Callers

Here are a bunch reasons to sell -- even if I don't believe in most of them.

Jim Cramer: You Can't Trust a 'Plus 6' Market

It's annoying to be disciplined when the market opens down big and you see some opportunities.

Jim Cramer: What Will It Take to Hit a Bottom in Oil?

When you have watched oil stocks go nowhere despite a huge run in crude, perhaps it is time to take the other side of the trade.

Jim Cramer: Do These 5 Powerful Analyst Downgrades Make the Grade?

Monday was a demonstration of pretty much everything analysts can throw at stocks to get you out while the getting is still good.

Jim Cramer: 3 Stocks Showing That Earnings Weakness Is a Time to Buy

3M, Walgreens and FedEx had tough reports last quarter. But what they really tell us is to watch fundamentals on earnings.

Jim Cramer: The Truth Is the SEC Has No Juice With Musk

I am sure the SEC is steamed about this one. But they ran into a real brick wall.

Jim Cramer: Burlington Stores Will Bounce Back From This Weakness

Now would be a good time to buy this great company.

Jim Cramer: Betting That the Next Pieces of News Will Be Very Stock Heartening

The consumer is alive, well, and might benefit from a thaw with China and easy to get jobs. So would Boeing and Caterpillar.

Jim Cramer: Focus on the Cloud Stocks to Digest the Voracious Selloff

Use the swoon to buy, but wait until the coast is clear and nothing happens and it is just a random rotation.

Jim Cramer: Can Musk Really Explain Away These Inconsistent Numbers?

Elon Musk will have a tough time saying the latest delivery numbers are immaterial when he faces off against Judge Alison Nathan in his contempt hearing.

Jim Cramer: The Best Time of All to Invest

Lowered expectations are the best kind of expectations and they can make for great markets.

Jim Cramer: How Dave & Buster's Is Doing It Right

The focus on smart tech investment, digital advertising and new menus all helped PLAY to kill it on earnings and comps.