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Jim Cramer: Don't Underestimate the Importance of a China Trade Deal

Today's rally is all about how the world's economies could return to sustainable global growth.

Jim Cramer: Nvidia and the Driving Need For More Computing

Things are about to normalize and they are going to normalize in gaming first and then the data center next.

Jim Cramer: These Products Are Essential to Corporations and Your Portfolio

These firms offer complex hardware and software solutions that empower the modern-day corporation.

Jim Cramer: CenturyLink's Slashed Dividend Is Hardly a Big Surprise

The moral of the CTL story? Never reach for outsized yield, as there is a good chance you will get burned.

Jim Cramer: Will the Market Be Able to Handle All the New IPOs?

There's going to be a storm of deals and the market will not be able to handle it without taking the whole table lower.

Jim Cramer: My Eureka Moment and Shopify

SHOP is an $18 billion company that has become THE way that anyone who wants to sell anything can own themselves and do so.

Jim Cramer: The Change in the Market's Mood Minute to Minute Is Insane

I think that we have to revert to fundamental tenets that can get us through this.

Jim Cramer: It Is Time to Burst The 'Fed Bubble' Thesis

This alleged boom has been fueled by tax cuts, not the Fed.

Jim Cramer: Here's Why I'm Not Going Into the Recession Camp

If you are selling based on a coming recession you should reconsider your doomsday thoughts.

Jim Cramer: A Cheat Sheet on China Trade Talks

What stocks to buy and what to avoid on the continual leaks coming out of the Kudlow-Mnuchin camp and the Lighthizer-Navarro camp.

Jim Cramer: Bezos, Amazon, and Next Week's Game Plan

Next week we'll be at the tail end of earnings season. It's been a blast, at least until this past week when we got some iffy news about trade.

Jim Cramer: SunTrust-BB&T Merger Is About Digital Defense and Offense

Analysts need to recognize this shift in the banking markets.

Jim Cramer: 4 Reasons Why This Selloff Has Some Gravitas

We have to own that it was a bad day for the bulls and that it's perfectly realistic to expect a few more until the facts get more positive.

Jim Cramer: This Comeback in Chipotle Is Right on Time

CMG reported fantastic numbers on Wednesday night, with a colossal 6.1% comparable-sales figure coupled with healthy margins.

Jim Cramer: 4 Short-Squeezed Stocks Stabilize a Market That Wanted to Go Down

When you have a bunch of these in one day, you can move whole sectors and, to some degree, the market itself.

Jim Cramer: If You Don't Buy Google, You Are Dying on the Vine

This quarter will be known as the quarter where you had to pay the piper to get sales and the piper happens most often to be Alphabet's Google.

Jim Cramer: 3 Amazing Displays of the Power of Prestige

Do you own stocks of companies whose products people will pay more for because they think they are prestigious?

Jim Cramer: Running a Growth Business in This Market Is a High-Wire Act

Alphabet's investors' call highlighted the challenges that the digital retail and tech giants are facing, right now. They can't seem to please anyone.

Jim Cramer: What Will Get the Banks Going?

They are still so much lower than they were before Jay Powell went wayward.

Jim Cramer: This Market Has a Terrible Case of Attention Deficit Disorder

I think this truly defines what has gone on with tech stocks since the latest reporting period began.

Jim Cramer: The Industrials May Throw Water on the Fire in Semiconductors

Are the semis right, and the bottom has been reached, or are the industrials right, and there is another leg down to come?

Jim Cramer: Semiconductors Are Catching Fire

The beaten down semiconductors are building up some serious momentum.

Jim Cramer: Don't Listen to Talking Heads Spouting This 'Market Wisdom'

Judge 2019 on its own merits -- and do your research.

Jim Cramer: Facebook, GE and Apple Are Losers No More

If expectations are as low as they get and you trump those expectations, you've got a winner.

Jim Cramer: The Cloud Kings and Princes Are Royalty When It Comes to Performance

Here's why these companies do well in a choppy environment.

Jim Cramer: Buying Weakness Is a Good Strategy This Earnings Season

Buy weak names, and hold falling names that were up a lot going into earnings, as they won't be down for long.

Jim Cramer: Patience Is a Virtue and Jay Powell Decided to Embrace It

As a result the market roared.

Jim Cramer: This Strong Dollar Is Biting Deeply Into Apple

Dollar strength is affecting the competitive advantage of U.S. companies around the globe, and it is a more insidious problem that most people recognize.

Jim Cramer: When Is a Miss Not a Miss?

When the stock's inexpensive, hated and devoid of love -- that's when.

Jim Cramer: Jay Powell Is Caught Between a Rock and a Hard Place

I am urging the Fed chair to wait as there will be adjustments and innovations that keep labor costs down.