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Jim Cramer: It Took Some Scrubbing, but I've Found a Bull Market

If you want to clean up, then look at the hygiene trend -- and these numbers from Reckitt Benckiser and Procter & Gamble.

Jim Cramer: Meet the Magnificent Seven

It might be like cold water in the face to think that earnings don't matter. But these stocks have detached themselves from all metrics.

Jim Cramer: The Market Is Hungry for Industrials

Earnings are coming, and I suggest waiting at this point on the ones that are up, but buying those that are flat to down.

Jim Cramer: Work-From-Home Stocks Have Room to Run

As long as the pandemic rages on, the stay-at-home thesis should stay strong.

Jim Cramer: The Stock Prices of Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs Are a Travesty

They must be bought before everyone figures out what I'm telling you.

Jim Cramer: This Is How Stocks Would Fare Under a President Biden

I don't pick stocks on politics, but was shocked to see how a majority of our Action Alerts PLUS holdings would perform if Joe Biden wins the White House.

Jim Cramer: Hey Washington, Have a Heart for the Millions in the 'Fourth Lane'

Right now our policy on new stimulus is defaulting to 'to heck with the fourth lane' and all who ride on it. That's a crying shame.

Jim Cramer: Let the Market's Patterns Guide You

Some patterns reveal themselves easily, and you can spot them ahead of the computer programs. Here are examples of them, and how to act.

Jim Cramer: Here's How We're Going to Beat Covid-19

Let's talk about what's happening right now to get this thing under control and what it will look like not that long from now.

Jim Cramer: Hope and Hype Take Us Higher

Let's look at the three main ways stocks can go up, and which of those we're seeing in action right now.

Jim Cramer: Here Are 2 Oil Trades to Consider, Otherwise You're on Your Own

I see the demand side getting stronger. But it's the supply side that's got me dubious.

Jim Cramer: There's Always a Bull Market Somewhere

Let's check out both the stocks that are going strong -- even without a stimulus -- and what I call the nascent bull markets.

Jim Cramer: Probe Into Big Tech 'Monopoly' Is Just a Political Game

Here's why the House Judiciary's investigation into Facebook, Amazon, Alphabet and Apple is not what it appears.

Jim Cramer: Here's Why the President Is Gambling With Stimulus

The market is reflecting a triumph of big business over small business, and here's what that means for individual stocks.

Jim Cramer: The President's Behavior Towards Covid-19

I know that Trump's going to blunt our community mask initiative because who needs masks if it isn't a big deal if you are sick?

Jim Cramer: Does Everyone Out There Perceive That Everything Is a Win?

It's remarkable to see such excitement based on totally contradictory theories and themes.

Jim Cramer: It's Not Just About Stocks, I'm Sticking to What Matters

I don't care for Washington but I have no choice. If I only stick to stocks, I would have buried you.

Jim Cramer: What Investors Should Watch and Expect This Week

This is what's known as a positioning week, and starting Monday you're going to hear a ton of things.

Jim Cramer: Covid-19, the Aerosol Factor, and Why We Wear Masks

An unyielding disdain for scientists permeates this administration. But if you listen to these professors the nation wouldn't be in this fix.

Jim Cramer: Better to Mask and Test Than Wait for Vaccine

New rapid tests and the effectiveness of universal mask wearing give hope while we wait on the elusive vaccine.

Jim Cramer: Fly Ahead of the Pack on Boeing

People want to wait and see on this beleaguered aviation name, but I don't think you can do that. Here's why.

Jim Cramer: You Heard the Ugly of the Debate. Here's the Good.

Neither candidate seems to be the enemy of the market -- at least not yet.

Jim Cramer: Thanks for Nothing, Washington

It's too late. By delaying the stimulus this long Congress has doomed lots of smaller businesses.

Jim Cramer: Covid Isn't About to Fade, and Neither Is Costco

The wholesale club's business model works great with or without a pandemic to aid it.

Jim Cramer: Abbott's Rapid Covid-19 Test and My Super Bowl Dreams

Abbott Labs can bring back some normalcy to this country -- and the world -- with its BinaxNOW rapid antigen test along with its amazing Navica app.

Jim Cramer: We're Feeling the Wrath of the Sellers - And It's About Time

The greedy are, at last, getting blown out, and the prudent being vindicated. I see three buckets of stocks that intrigue me now.

Jim Cramer: Tesla, Nike, and a Tale of Expectations

What would I do with the stocks? NKE is a terrific story, and TSLA's run into Battery Day has to be burned off, and it will.

Jim Cramer: Predict the Country's Future Now? Look at What We've Read and Seen

The visible stories are almost all positive. The negative stories are almost all hidden at least when it comes to the stock market.

Jim Cramer: Short Sellers Can Be Your Investing Safety Belt

Just as Hindenburg raised key questions about Nikola, short sellers can help you think about your own stocks -- and whether you're getting taken for a ride.

Jim Cramer: When the Bounce Occurs, That's When You Make Your Move

That's the period of minimum risk.