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Jim Cramer: The Market Likes That There Are No Surprises From President Biden

I don't think President Biden pays much attention to the stock market at all.

Jim Cramer: Roku vs. Cat Defines This Incredible Two-Headed Market

It may seem ridiculous, but you can distill the market down to these two names because they stand for palpable themes.

Jim Cramer: We're Going to Have It Both Ways

Get used to 'hybrid' living -- a mix of stay-at-home and free-world life. So, invest accordingly.

Jim Cramer: Jamie Dimon Throws Down the Gauntlet

I find his comments about China the most compelling after his salvo about racial equality.

Jim Cramer: GameStop, AMC and the Chorus of 'Hold'

How can a company's stock be hostage to its own shareholders to do the job that the company can't?

Jim Cramer: Economy Gets Booster Shot Without the Side Effects

Amid the vaccine rollout, we have low rates, money coming from the government to families, and a Fed committed to creating jobs. Here's what it all means for investors.

Jim Cramer: The Disastrous Acceptance Stage Has Hit Individual Investors

What crushed the individual was a lack of diversification.

Jim Cramer: Adam Aron Is About to Rescue AMC Entertainment Yet Again

Since the pandemic began, it'll be the sixth time for AMC by the turnaround CEO, aptly named Houdini.

Jim Cramer: Look Who's Steel-ing the Show

Here's why the institutional stewards of capital who are taking back control of the market are salivating over a dirty old iron company.

Jim Cramer: For This Pandemic, and the Next, There Are Several Stocks I Like Now

There's an undercurrent that will grow over time, basically what tailwinds from the pandemic will stay with us after the pandemic's over.

Jim Cramer: There's No Off Switch to Speculation or Greed

Once you recognize that growth versus value is a false dichotomy than we can figure out what's ailing so much of the market.

Jim Cramer: My Short List of 'No Matter What' Stocks for the Great Re-Opening

The goal is to find something that will be done no matter what when it comes to people who have more money than they had before and finally some options to do something with it.

Jim Cramer: Robbing Peter to Pay Paul

Let's review this Archegos drama and some lessons from this fickle market.

Jim Cramer: The Game Isn't Rigged, There's No Vast Conspiracy

Stay focused and look for opportunity.

Jim Cramer: Inflation Is Alive and Well and Raging Throughout the Economy

It might be too difficult for Jay Powell NOT to raise rates now that the Great Reopening is upon us.

Jim Cramer: The Do's and Don'ts to Survive This Market

You need to respect that a market can be as vicious and nasty as it was joyous and oblivious toward the news that comes its way.

Jim Cramer: It's Not Personal, It's Strictly Business

These are just pieces of paper, you can't love 'em, you can't hate them, you just know them and own them.

Jim Cramer: The Great American 'SPAC-Out'

We're now at the point of saturation, where the bad special purpose acquisition companies are driving out the good ones. So, don't blame the messenger.

Jim Cramer: This Market Thinks Reopening Trades Get Cheaper as They Go Lower

Investors have made up their minds what's a reopening trade and what isn't and there's nothing anyone can do to change their minds.

Jim Cramer: When the Market Hits a Crescendo

I think it's worth examining how we can spot a bottom the next time after the inevitable selloff.

Jim Cramer: It's Time for Clear COVID Rules That Make Sense

Outside of the pro sports world, it seems like amateur hour with regard to protocols.

Jim Cramer: The Stimmy Crowd, Cathie Wood, and Elon Musk

In the end we have a battle not about inflation but about the size of the new cohort that's doing the stimulus check buying.

Jim Cramer: What Defines the Exaggerated Reality?

Scarcity may be the most important word right now in describing what's working in the stock market and what's dragging us down.

Jim Cramer: We Don't Have a Vaccine Incentive System to Get to Herd Immunity

Right now I fear that in another two months we are going to have a lot more vaccines than arms to jab.

Jim Cramer: Wall Street Never Recognizes the Negative Power of a Rate Hike

I think Fed Chair Powell's going to be right on the transient nature of what everyone's freaking out about.

Jim Cramer: In Jay We Trust

Here's why the Fed chief will probably be proven dead right in his views of inflation.

Jim Cramer: Are You as Sick of the Linkage of Bonds to the Nasdaq as I Am?

The linkage that's ironclad - it's revolting, it's wrong.

Jim Cramer: Whenever You Think the End Is Near, Think Again

Let's look back at how the market reacted to COVID-19 one year ago, and the lessons we can learn.

Jim Cramer: Tesla and the Magical World of Investing

Right now the newfound prevailing wisdom is clobbering the old kind and those who cling to the latter are destined to be run over.

Jim Cramer: Want to Put Your Stimulus Check Into Stocks? Read This First

Let's set out the case for stocks -- and which kind -- and whether you might want to pay down other debt first.