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Jim Cramer: Let's Stop the Hysteria

Everyone seems to be either thinking we're going to hell in a handbasket or that we're strong and nothing's wrong -- here's my take.

Jim Cramer: Let's Not Scare Ourselves Out of an Expansion

It is plummeting confidence, not a weakening economy, that is the enemy right now. Fear can be a powerful driver towards recession.

Jim Cramer: Making Sense of Wacky Bond Market Behavior

What's causing the 10-year Treasury to yield less than the 2-year -- a highly unusual set-up that we haven't seen since the eve of the Great Recession -- during a time when the U.S. economy seems to be humming along?

Jim Cramer: Be Ready for Multiple Days of Selling

Random musings - looking forward to the club call momentarily!

Jim Cramer: Don't Bet With the Faceless Algos, Think Long Term Like Buffett

Algos think short term, autopilot is not the best way to invest for the long term, especially when it goes against Warren Buffett.

Jim Cramer: Apple Among Many Big Winners in Tariff Delay

Here are the other companies that will get a boost from pushing the tax on imports to mid-December.

Jim Cramer: Trump's Rooting for the Bulls

By delaying tariffs on Chinese imports, the president is proving he's probably the most stock-sensitive leader in U.S. history.

Jim Cramer: It's History, Not Me, Saying There's Always a Bull Market Somewhere

Not everything can go down, even if the economy turns weak.

Jim Cramer: 2 Stocks to Own on a Slowdown

Own, but don't buy yet, Dollar Tree and Darden Restaurants.

Jim Cramer: Uber? IDK

Uber may be trying to do too much to be able to dominate.

Jim Cramer: Fear Not These False Market Fears

I want you to be calm and collected and I will not scare you with false fears.

Jim Cramer: China, BRIC's Last Solid Brick, Erodes, and So Do Many Multiples

Steadily, the once-revered markets of Brazil, Russia, India and China have become hazardous places to do business.

Jim Cramer: In America, Lower Rates Are Nirvana for the Consumer and Stocks

Lower rates are terrible unless you spend money, buy goods, create businesses, refinance loans and basically exist in America.

Jim Cramer: 4 Reasons to Invest in U.S. Stocks on Trade War Rhetoric

Here is what is really happening with the China trade war, and how to think about your portfolio as it continues.

Jim Cramer: Who Would You Rather Be Right Now, China or the U.S.?

Because of our strong economy with virtually no inflation, we have the upper hand in the Chinese talks and, I believe, we could get a deal if we thought the Chinese were going to change their ways, not just their buying patterns.

Jim Cramer: 5 Rules That After-Hours Traders Broke on Monday Night

And why they should not have been broken.

Jim Cramer: Does Anyone Really Think China Isn't a Currency Manipulator?

It would help if our allies -- particularly the Germans -- were to agree with our Treasury Secretary, because they have much more to lose from a devaluation of the yuan than we do.

Jim Cramer: Make Stock Moves Based on the Fundamentals

Remember we are a domestic, service economy, not a big exporter, so it's not all that hard to find good stocks.

Jim Cramer: The Haines Rule - You Need to Look for Things to Buy

The rule is causing us to put money to work looking for stocks that are down 10% or more from their highs.

Jim Cramer: 7 Sectors You Can Buy as the Trade War Continues

These stocks and sectors are safe havens, and may even be opportunities.

Jim Cramer: Here's What to Buy as Noose Tightens on China

When things calm down, you will be able to buy stocks that have worked before the initial tariffs and will work again, so let me give you my list of what to pick up.

Jim Cramer: Cut the Powell Trash Talk

Given the fix he's in, the Fed chief stuck his neck out in the right direction, and what matters, in the end, is he cut rates and will cut 'em again if things continue to soften.

Jim Cramer: Don't Make Bets Based on Fed Powell's Commentary

Jerome Powell's mid-course correction discussion was gobbledegook, and this market is no longer strong enough to absorb it.

Jim Cramer: Let's Take Stock of the Winners

A quarter-point rate cut? In many ways the Fed is just an afterthought when you drill down to the guts of why some stocks -- like Apple -- are winning.

Jim Cramer: What's Apple Worth? Here's What I Think

Let's see, let' try to do some back of the envelope algebra.

Jim Cramer: Ethan Brown and Beyond Meat - A Story Worth Exploring

Brown, a real deal pioneer, is no Elon Musk. He wants to hear what you have to say.

Jim Cramer: Don't Fight the Fed

With the backdrop of an expected rate cut, Boeing wavering, retailers scrambling, and an ongoing tariff war with China, understand that your playbook is to buy stocks and hold them for as long as your homework shows that their businesses remain strong.

Jim Cramer: How CEO Kevin Johnson Fueled Starbucks Breathtaking Numbers

Johnson hatched a comeback based on technology and convenience, his strong suits.

Jim Cramer: Don't Make the Mistake of Thinking the Market Is All About the Fed

From Adobe to Zendesk, plenty of stocks will rise or fall regardless of what the central bank does.

Jim Cramer: Intel Earnings Are a Green Light Despite Some Weakness

The fact that the stock's running could be because CEO Bob Swann called the bottom in data center spend.