A Week Fraught With Peril, Yield Curve, Gold, Trading Target: Market Recon

Will President Trump's administration move ahead with plans to turn up the heat on China in such a way that U.S. consumers for the first time share some of that pain?

Trade War News Is the Only Thing That Will Matter This Week

Also, we have the Fed and the ECB issuing their interest rate decision.

Jim Cramer: The Demise of the Department Store

The debacle can only accelerate, the demise hastened, happy new holidays.

Here's a Recap of the Small Caps vs. the Large Caps

What just happened last week? Quite a bit, but pay attention to this: For the past two years, the large cap QQQs had been the leaders, but not so lately.

2 Under-the-Radar Stocks You Should Consider Shorting This Week

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5 Favorite Ways to Invest in Game-Changing 5G

5G is a technological tipping point and these stocks are well-positioned to benefit.

The Best Trading Advice I've Ever Given

The benefits of keeping your accounts as close to highs as possible are obvious but how do we actually do this?

TSMC Keeps Pushing the Envelope -- That's Good News for Apple, AMD and Others

If TSMC makes good on its latest promise, it could hold onto its recently-won chip manufacturing lead for some time.

Jobs and Sentiment Provide Solid Backbeat for Next Week's 'Dance'

In one week we should know whether the Dec. 15 tariffs will increase as planned.

As Samsung and Others Push the Envelope on Camera Tech, Chip Suppliers Benefit

Samsung's Galaxy S11 will reportedly have a very powerful rear-camera system. And rivals aren't standing still, either.