Market Meltdown Averted? Trade Talks, Time for Bed Bath & Beyond?: Market Recon

I think both the U.S. and China 'get' the importance of at least setting up further talks, while coming away with something immediately understood by the public as positive.

Place Your Bets If You Like to Gamble

The headlines that move the market are constant but can't be trusted, which makes trading a risky proposition at present.

Jim Cramer: Rate Cut Talk Is About Stemming the Tides of a Recession

Hate Trump or like Trump, the economy does respond to a lower Fed funds rate.

Activision's Hong Kong Controversy Is Shaping Up to Have Financial Consequences

The backlash over the banning of an eSports player who voiced support for Hong Kong protesters has led to widespread boycott calls against Activision's Blizzard unit, which has considerable Chinese exposure.

Swings on China News Make Markets Feel Like Big Casino

Traders are reduced to betting on whether the next headline will be positive or negative.

Levi's Stock Is Singing the Blues, But the Name Doesn't Look That Bad to Me

LEVI is plunging as Wall Street pans its latest quarterly results, but I'll buy shares if they fall much further.

Freight Train in Vain: Don't Try to Stop a Plunging Stock Like SmileDirect

There are some stock moves that will simply go without explanation. Ever.

Markets in Limbo as Trade Deal Expectations Shift

More often than not the market ends up doing what few expect or anticipate.

Finally Some Merited Action Against China's 'Cultural Genocide'

Let's hope the blacklisting of eight companies supplying surveillance equipment to the Chinese state is not just another chip on the U.S.-China trade negotiating table.

Bogus Bounce? Short-Term Trends Remain Negative

Let's weigh all the technical evidence.