Kass: 5 Big Surprises That Could Impact Markets in 2020

Surprises in the political arena and in corporate profitability are my most important deviations from the consensus.

The Challenge of This Market Is Entry Points

The easiest mistake to make right now is to say that this can't continue for long. That simply is not true.

Gold Should Continue to Shine Based on Its Chart

The yellow metal's daily chart can be characterized in two different ways, both foreshadowing higher prices ahead.

Interpreting the U.S./China Trade Deal, Tax Cuts 2.0, Aerospace Stocks

Does such a large increase in Chinese spending on U.S. 'stuff' give reason to doubt that future action lives up to words on a page (or 86 pages for that matter)?

The Dilemma of a Wildly Overbought Market

You may want to anticipate weakness but the opportunity cost of poor timing is so high that it is better to be reactive, not proactive.

Phase 1 Trade Deal Done, Now What's Left to Tweet About?

The trade deal is done, with many loopholes, and Phase 2 won't proceed until after the election, so all eyes are now on the Fed FOMC meeting at the end of January.

Strong Demand for Used iPhones Is Helping Apple in Multiple Ways

Growing sales of used iPhones are contributing to installed base growth, while relatively high resale prices give Apple some indirect iPhone pricing power.

'Don't Confuse Brains With a Bull Market'

Those words relate well to the kind of market we're in now.

With China Trade Pact Signed, Here Are Two Issues to Watch

Liquidity and earnings will play a big role in how the indexes move in the days and weeks to come.

Huawei Trade Restrictions Are Hurting Some U.S. Chip Suppliers More Than Others

As the Commerce Department drafts new Huawei export restrictions, some of its U.S. chip suppliers are better-positioned than others to limit the damage.