Amazon Is at the Middle of Everything Important

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Stay Long Taiwan Semiconductor as We Have a New Price Target

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Deflation or Inflation - Where Are We Exactly?

The Fed, as much as it would like, cannot print a vaccine nor change human psychology.

Ford's Stock Charts Are Built Rough

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Prepare for a Critical Few Weeks Ahead

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Seabridge Gold Is Ready to Climb Much Higher

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Warning Signs Are Developing in a Two-Tiered Market

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Equity Divergence, Technical Intrigue and Fiscal Prop-Up Politics: Market Recon

Plus, the market has bad breadth and PC and operating system makers should benefit from virus-inspired home-based schooling.

The Parallels Between the Current Environment and the Bubble Are Growing

While valuations still aren't as high as they got in 2000, a lot of recent investor behavior feels very familiar.

How Long Will This Divergence Go On?

The market can continue this way for a long time, and that would be bearish. It's also one of three paths I see it going from here.