Breadth Gets in Gear, but Stocks Stall Out

Sure, stocks need to rest, but here's why I'm watching this ETF for the industrials. Also, let's look at the dollar and construction.

AT&T's HBO Max Strategy Change Doesn't Go Far Enough -- Not Yet, Anyway

If AT&T is serious about making HBO Max a top-tier streaming player, it needs to provide first-day access to Warner Bros. films permanently, rather than until the end of 2021.

It's Still a Market for Sharp Pickers

The level of new highs is a clear indication that market players are still working hard to put money to work and are willing to chase strength to do so.

Interpublic Group is Nearing a Key Upside Breakout

Traders could go long on this name.

The Pullback in Alphatec Should Offer a Strong Entry on Thursday's Breakout

My preference here is to target an option that will work more like a stock replacement approach.

As Zscaler Zips Higher Will It Zing to a New Zone?

Let's see what the charts say about this stock that's advanced on a quarterly beat.

Walgreens Is a Blend of Old School and New Blood

Looking ahead, and with a strong dividend, pullbacks in WBA's 2021 first half should be considered buying opportunities.

Are Special Purpose Acquisition Companies the Next Big Bubble?

Maybe, but if so, they would have a long way to go before they are close to the frenzy we saw with the dotcom bubble of 2000.

Our New Technical Strategy for the Soaring Shares of GrowGeneration

If you are long GRWG from our August recommendation you are in the driver's seat as the saying goes.

Here's the Line of Thinking You Should Be Using in Your Investing Outlook

What could wrong? Well, everything.