Apple -- and Chip Suppliers -- Are Benefiting as Wearables Sales Take Off

Wearables shipments are now growing at a sky-high rate, and a slew of companies are getting a lift from their exposure to the space.

Market, What Do You Really Want?

Let's look at some strange moves in the Volatility Index that left the S&P 500 behind, the McClellan Summation Index's failure to turn up, and trade news and see if the Market even knows what it's looking for.

4 ETFs That Invest in the Millennial Generation

These funds invest in companies poised to benefit from millennial spending trends.

Market's Now in Holding Pattern on Tariff News

This is not the time to make big moves, as it is folly to believe that we can predict how things may develop from here.

Stitch Fix's Rally Is Worth Keeping in Mind as Elastic Trades Near Post-IPO Lows

Much like Elastic in recent weeks, Stitch Fix's stock was hammered earlier this year amid concerns about competition from Amazon.

My Approach With PulteGroup Would Only Be a Partial Position Here

I was a bit surprised to find several homebuilders showing up on bullish and breakout scans.

Little Sign of Worry as Tariff Deadline Looms

The market tone is positive and that increases the likelihood that bad news on China trade won't be a problem for long.

Stitch Fix Is Dressed for Success: Here's How to Play It

The company continues to add new categories, expand geographically, and offer new ways to buy.

Jim Cramer: Stop Playing the Trade Talks and Start Investing

Is a stock up too much or down too much based on trade talk news that may not turn out to be news at all?

There Continues to Be Some Pockets of Market Strength

The trading action is not bad if you are selective and have short time frames.