3 Big Pharma Buys for Dividend Investors

In a market with elevated valuations and low yields, we see pharmaceutical stocks as a respite from both.

Bottoming Signals Have Yet to Appear

Index charts all remain in near-term downtrends.

A Game Plan for a Deeper Market Selloff

The technical definition of a correction is a 10% decline from the highs. Let's imagine that scenario and how to play it.

Monday May Have Been Just the Start of a Deeper Correction

All index charts are in near-term downtrends

The One Question, Evergrande, Fed Meeting, Technical Levels, Looming Knife Fight

China cannot be the engine that global economies have relied upon if its goals have shifted back toward pulling power away from even its own leading businesses.

Is the Correction Over?

Don't be too trusting, too quickly. V-shaped bounces have been more common recently, but the key technical level is Monday's lows.

The Best Bounces Occur in the Worst Markets, But Stay Patient

A poor finish Monday is what will really ramp up negative sentiment.

The Fed Is the Least of My Concerns

In response to the Evergrande situation, look for China to further its domestic focus at the expense of its global focus.

S&P 500's Trend Turns Negative

Positive chart and data signals have yet to appear.

It's Game Day for Food, Drink and Snack Stocks

With the NFL season under way, investment experts pick their favorite stock ideas from soda, snacks, donuts, wings and other game day treats.