Traders Ignore the News and Focus on 'Hot Pockets'

What is most notable is that the Covid-19 plays are leading again.

Rioting in the Streets, Retail Response, Trading Thoughts

Let's hope that the violence subsides, the valid voices of peaceful protesters are heard, and the lack of social distancing protocols does not lead to a resurgence in the spread of the virus.

When the News Flow Doesn't Matter, Focus on the Price Action

If you are trying to predict what this market is going to do based on news headlines, you are out of luck.

How and Where to Invest In a World Like This

There is no doubt we will be entering a period of hyper- or stagflation. Buy commodities, but be choosy.

Look Out for Landmines on the Road Ahead

How the battle of value vs. growth stocks is resolved, we will have to wait and see.

Want Some Pandemic Comfort Food -- and a Solid Dividend? Look No Further

Chocolate makers, like Hershey, are benefitting from the at-home urge to munch. Buy this stock alongside Clorox for a win-win pandemic pair.

Cruising for Yield on Norwegian Cruise Line

Consider this high-value ATM call sale in NCLH.

China Tensions, Ring the Register on Zscaler, Trading Thoughts

As the president's press conference on China approaches, there is ample reason for some risk-off behavior. Meantime, Zscaler's earnings beat is a good time to take a profit.

China Headline Risk, Valuation Station and a Workday Play

WDAY looks ready to break out as traders weigh wether markets are now overbought after this 2-day run.

Equity-a-Palooza, Bank Stocks, Nasdaq 100 in the Red, Trading Thoughts

Rising U.S.-China tensions continue to weigh, but new home sales and stalled continuing jobless claims may be positive catalysts.