Messy Room, Mixed Messages, Tepper's Tea Leaves, Treasury Auction, Trading Notes

Facts are facts and the facts are that even as messy as it looked, it does not even come close to revealing what Monday left behind.

Bonds Bounce and the Rotational Correction Is Slowing

Technology names and 'stock picking' are bouncing back Tuesday morning as concerns about interest rates start to cool.

It Is Almost Buying Time Again: Here's My Shopping List

I still really like AAA-rated CLO ETFs.

Index Charts 'Hammer' Out Improvement

The market's psychology basket remains cautionary as insiders continue selling.

Bounce Takes Some of the Sting Out of a Painful Week

It is premature to declare that the worst is over, but the intensity of the selling will go a long way toward helping a bottom to form.

Climb This REIT for a 7%+ Dividend Yield

Given historically low interest rates, REITs are the place where investors can search for high dividend yields.

No Market for Old Stock Pickers

It doesn't matter if a stock is an exceptional value, has a great story, or an upcoming catalyst right now.

More Technical Damage Done

All but one of the major indices violated its near-term support level.

A 'Simple' Way to Play for the Rally to Resume

I believe we are heading to new all-time highs, potentially this week.

Jim Cramer: What History Tells Us About Bond-Rate Scares Like This

We could have some real pain ahead for some stocks. Five different kinds.