Jim Cramer: Think Owning Tech Is Hard? Look at This Post-Impeachment Record

A lot of the names that fell hard after the Clinton impeachment have been record earners since then.

Follow the Money, Everything Else Is Just Noise

As long as central banks are pumping liquidity, it will continue to drive asset prices higher. Copper should be a beneficiary into the new year.

It May Be a Historic Impeachment Vote, but the Market Doesn't Care

The market has ignored the furious political battle in Washington. If anything, it has created a 'Wall of Worry' tailwind.

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Don't miss big moves in 2020, focus on how stocks can go up, especially big names that are beaten down.

No 'Sell the News' Reaction as End-of-Year Trading Beckons

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Jim Cramer: Investors May Need 'Warren' Insurance in 2020

The electorate will decide whether the market has room to run again next year.

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U.S.-China Trade Deal: Is This as Good as It Gets?

China is dead silent on a trade deal as markets around the world celebrate.

Central Banks Are in the Holiday Giving Spirit

With Trump touting a trade deal and more liquidity being pumped in by global central banks, this is a good time for equities, commodities and risk assets.