Don't Let Bounces Turn Into Losses

Fear of missing out will come in big time on a days like today.

Most Indices Hold Support

Data intensifies its bullish message.

Beat Down Again, Fed and ECB Action and What the Future Holds

There is no doubt that a less globalized world with less globalized supply chains would have weathered a dangerous pandemic far better.

Covid-19 Response, Small Business and Consumers, 2 Stocks to Trade

Markets have never had to price in a global economic collapse of this magnitude before. And a very real danger exists for small businesses.

When One Domino Falls, It Takes the Entire System Down

These are not investable markets, yet. Wait it out, the damage is beyond a small fix now.

I'm Resisting the Urge to Aggressively Buy

The market cannot produce much of a bounce until it gets some better clues.

5 Issues to Remember in Navigating This Market Storm

Don't panic buy into a bounce out of fear that you will be left behind.

Jim Cramer: These 5 Stocks Still Have Further to Fall

Apple and these other big names must break the December 2018 lows to reach an investable level again.

Timing a Tradable Low in the Gold Market

Price support and Fibonacci timing cycles suggest a gold bounce is due in the next time window.

This Market Is Being Controlled By Emotions

Technical conditions and valuation calculations are meaningless, right now.