Powell Leaves Bears Just Wishing, Hoping and Praying

This was the fourth major news event in the last 10 days that has barely moved the indices.

Checking In on 3 Dividend Picks

Molson Coors, Target and International Flavors & Fragrances have all performed well since being singled out.

Jim Cramer: FedEx and Adobe Misses Are All About Fierce Competition

Both companies are struggling to understand what this competitive e-commerce environment means for future guidance.

Post Holdings Plans to Shake Up the Market With a Spinoff

Post's IPO of its star Active Nutrition segment is expected to take place in the December quarter.

Oil Supply, Saudi Attacks, Fed Rate Cuts and Netflix: Market Recon

The U.S. economy may see a real lift-off in consumer prices due to higher energy prices, even if certain sectors stand to benefit greatly -- as might the trade deficit.

Let's See Whether Small-Cap Resurgence Continues

The Russell 2000 had a strong week last week, but whether smaller names can outperform their large-cap brethren going forward remains to be seen.

Jim Cramer: Here Are the Real Winners and Losers From the Saudi Oil Attacks

Algorithmic traders, along with the Chinese and the Saudis, will feel the outcome of the oil attacks.

A Resilient Market Shrugs Off a Trio of Dramatic Events

The news on momentum stocks, bonds and oil has not roiled the market as many would expect.

Tailored Brands' Dividend Disappears -- Try On This Alternative Dividend Stock

Hanesbrands is one consumer cyclical offering a 3.8% dividend yield.