5 Issues to Remember in Navigating This Market Storm

Don't panic buy into a bounce out of fear that you will be left behind.

Jim Cramer: These 5 Stocks Still Have Further to Fall

Apple and these other big names must break the December 2018 lows to reach an investable level again.

Timing a Tradable Low in the Gold Market

Price support and Fibonacci timing cycles suggest a gold bounce is due in the next time window.

This Market Is Being Controlled By Emotions

Technical conditions and valuation calculations are meaningless, right now.

It's OK to Feel Afraid; It's Not OK to Trade That Way

All the best chances to profit from bear markets came when the major indices were trading well below their 200-day moving averages.

Jim Cramer: Should We Consider Closing the Markets Until the Virus Peaks?

Let's explore a concept I have been loath to consider.

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The exploding field of 'payments' is reshaping how both consumers and businesses do transactions.

A Relief Bounce Is On Tap but Uncertainty Will Keep it Contained

There is little chance of V-shaped recovery right now, as market players still have no idea what the ultimate economic damage of the coronavirus will be.

Jim Cramer: You Have to Buy On the Way Down

Re-evaluating stock prices on the fly is one of the most difficult jobs out there. So know what you want to pay, but don't panic if it drops from there.

The Speed of This Market Collapse Is the Most Alarming Part

Coronavirus is the catalyst that rocked a very delicate boat, which came across an oil tornado's path. Commodities will be the biggest beneficiary of the turnaround, once it comes.