The Bulls Have the Momentum but Positive Catalysts Are Weakening

This earnings season can best be described as 'better than feared.'

Jim Cramer: Don't Listen to Talking Heads Spouting This 'Market Wisdom'

Judge 2019 on its own merits -- and do your research.

Is Nvidia a Buy at More Than 50% Off?

Techies were falling all over themselves buying NVDA when it was more than double today's quote.

After a Barrage of Positives, the Challenge Is Building Sustained Momentum

The indices are running into heavy resistance as they hit the levels we last saw in early December, but the bears that keep trying to catch a reversal are providing short-squeeze fuel.

Jim Cramer: Buying Weakness Is a Good Strategy This Earnings Season

Buy weak names, and hold falling names that were up a lot going into earnings, as they won't be down for long.

Pennsylvania Is Gaining Attention as a Lucrative Cannabis Market

Pennsylvania just launched its medical marijuana program, and leading politicians have already started to discuss full legalization.

Fed Update: Powell Caved to Stock Market and Trump Pressure

Rate increases are off the table for now, balance sheet normalization is on hold, and potentially the groundwork is laid for the next round of quantitative easing.

Why GE Earnings Are Extremely Important for Income Investors

This is one report where the real driver will be what the company says and the tone they take when saying it.

Beating Low Expectations Is a Short-Term Spark, Not a Lasting Catalyst

There is a lot of grumbling that the positive response to earnings that were recently cut is not justified.

Brinker Is Poised to Skid Lower

There is no reason to become a buyer right now -- a close below $42 on heavy volume is likely to precipitate further declines.