First Came Central Banks, Then Came Growth

Copper equities will keep reaping the benefits, until central banks close the taps.

Will Boeing Resume Its Flight?

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Don't Expect the Same Performance in 2020

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Let's Prep Your Portfolio for 2020

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The Market Action Is The Exact Inverse of a Year Ago

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Look for at Least One Good Bout of Selling Before Year-End

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Volatility Will Increase as We Head Into the Homestretch of 2019

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U.S. Shale Could Be a Black Swan for Oil in 2020

The oil market has been hurt by increasing supply from U.S. shale, despite Iranian and Venezuelan oil sanctions and prices propped up by OPEC+.

There's Still More Upside to Squeeze Out of My On-Fire Energy Picks

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The Market Is Not Reasonable, so Don't Expect It To Act Reasonably

Uptrends almost always persist longer than most people think they will, so don't turn bearish prematurely.