Nasdaq Rally, Infrastructure Bumps, Cards Off the Table, Microsoft's 'Pennant'

Yes, the cost of doing business in the U.S. is going higher. How close are we to becoming an artificially managed economy, which by the way has failed on every attempt made in human history?

Inflation and Rotation Will Be Key Themes as We Start the Second Quarter

The disconnect between the indices and the speculative favorites will be a crucial issue as we move forward.

Stock Pickers Versus Market Timers

When fundamentals and charts start to matter, it helps produce positive momentum.

Corrective Action Typically Ends With a Whimper, Not a Bang

We are close to capitulation for many market players right now.

I'm Betting on the Boomer Boom

This is a real shift that investors and companies need to focus on, not just a one-time vaccination bump.

What's Next for This Bifurcated Market?

There has been notably split performance among the major stock indices.

The 'Nonsense' Happening in the Market Right Now Will Soon Pass

This is a process that occurs on a regular basis, and eventually, it should lead to another great upside run.

Here's How the Market Looks After Thursday's Bounce

Valuation still appears extended.

Allegiant May Be Flying Too High

There's simply no way to justify ALGT's current quote based on year-ahead results.

Should Investors Trust This Bounce?

There's an opportunity now to sort through the wreckage and find some opportunities, but don't get too confident.