2 Types of FOMO Are Driving This Market

Fear of missing out on speculative trades and fear of missing out on a positive market trend are driving the action.

Why I'm Shifting All the Way to Bearish Now

Look for Washington to rapidly lose interest in pumping stimulus into the economy.

Rally Far From Reality, Buoyant Boeing, Trading Thoughts

The airlines took off as markets continue to be positive in the face of major negative economic headwinds.

Warp Speed for 5 Vaccine Candidates, Watching KLA Corp, Trading Thoughts

The administration will provide increased financial support to 5 pharmas working on Covid vaccines, and we must keep an eye on price action in this uncertain market.

Market Highs, Zoom's Blowout Quarter, Trading Thoughts

The market continues to rise despite numerous negative catalysts, while Zoom beat all earnings expectations and guided higher.

Bulls Feast as Bears Focus on This Illogical Market Advance

A pandemic, riots across the country and the worst economic conditions since the Great Depression have not hindered the V-shaped action.

China Gloats Over U.S. Chaos But Faces Curbs on Access to Capitalism

Scrutiny of overseas listings and corporate purchases by Chinese companies is set to intensify.

Our Job Is to Navigate the Market, Not Argue With It

Here are five things to watch to indicate a possible change in stock market character.

Watching Price Action, Pfizer Selloff, Trading Thoughts

Taking a chunk of Pfizer during this selloff, while Amazon has raised $10 billion in mixed-maturity debt and all eyes are on the government's response to civil unrest in the U.S.

Here's What I Think the Market Does From Here

There is a lot of pent-up selling in the markets.