Jim Cramer: Diversification Is the Key to Getting Through This Market Upheaval

This diversification strategy lets you to capture stock market upside, while not risking your shirt.

Just Another Wild Day on the Small-Cap Biotech Rollercoaster

Use long-dated calls to take some of risk out of this inherently high-beta space.

The Indices Are Correcting, but Pockets of Positive Speculative Action Continue

The market was narrow on the way up and the intensity of selling is narrow on the way down, which provides opportunity for stock-pickers.

This Volatility Does Not (Necessarily) Signal a Falling Market

With the VIX likely to rise near the election, the market is looking for big moves. But be ready for action in either direction.

Options Trading Is Behind This Tech Rise, and Now It Is Faltering

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An Options Play on the GM/Nikola Partnership

This Nikola tie-up could signal the start of a renaissance for GM.

SPAC Stocks Are a Little Slice of Safe Haven

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Moderna and AstraZeneca Could Use a Shot in the Arm

An effective Covid-19 will be a game-changer, but charts say the bottom-line impact may not be as significant as previously believed.

My Shopping List Amid This Selloff

Don't be in a rush. The key to accumulating stocks in this environment is to move incrementally.

After This Market Selloff, What Comes Next?

The market will likely see higher highs and more overbought readings in the weeks ahead. Prices may get grossly overbought into November before a significant correction unfolds.