Big Mo Is Back in Town

This is what a strong market is supposed to look like.

Cautionary Signals Persist Amid Market Buzz

Charts remain in mixed trends.

3 Reasons to Stay Bullish: Good News, Positive Charts and Strong Seasonality

This action looks like some healthy digestion, and it is a particularly good setup going into Thanksgiving week, which has historically been positive.

Jim Cramer: Is Facebook a Buy on Bloomberg's Presidential Run?

We don't know where Michael Bloomberg is going to come out in his campaign spending, but we know that he needs to reach young people -- and Instagram could be a beneficiary.

With U.S. Steel, Watch for the Key Trigger Price

Potential triggers in both the daily and weekly charts warrant attention.

Frustration Levels Are High, but This Is Constructive Market Action

Strong markets tend to stay sticky to the upside, and the mild pressure on the indices isn't preventing some good stock picking.

The Awesome Power of Sector Rotation

Most market participants are obsessed with the level of the S&P 500, but look under the surface: The "safe-haven" trade has started to be unwound.

The S&P Is Primed for a Pullback, but Pfizer Could Make You Feel Better

The past two crossovers have produced strong moves to the upside.

The Bearish Thesis Isn't Working, but December 15 Is Key

This high level of bullishness makes it make more likely that the downside action will be sudden and sharp if and when it does occur.

The Only 2 Things You Need to Know About This Market

The biggest consequence of the focus on China trade is that it is preventing corrective action from developing.