One Stock to Think About as We Finish Up 2020

Last-minute tax planning, window dressing, and positioning are dominating the rather quiet action.

Silent Tears, My D.C. Solution, Dogs (and Leaders) of the Dow, 2021 Predictions

In 2021, let's support each other as we fight our way out of this mess. Let's learn how to love, and forget how to hate.

Looking Ahead to 2021 With Great Optimism

As we wrap up 2020, prepare to enthusiastically embrace the challenges that lie ahead.

Be Careful, Breadth Is Weakening and Warning Signs Are Starting to Appear

Earnings estimates are overvalued, breadth is weakening and markets are vulnerable.

The Return of the FATMAAN

Under the surface there is a vicious rotation going on.

Is the Market Skating on Thin Ice?

Most chart trends are bullish, but 'shock absorbers' tell a different story.

Will Santa Visit the Markets This Week?

Typically, there is at least one bout of intense selling in the final days of the year so don't be too complacent.

New Leadership Is Pushing This Market Higher

Those focused on picking small-cap stocks likely had a positive day of trading.

Look What Insiders Are Buying Now

Here are three interesting names that have seen some significant insider buying in recent weeks.

Early Results on My Triple Net Portfolio Look Good

Both the active and passive portfolios have been beneficiaries of the rising tide of the markets, and Haynes International is leading the charge.