Trump's Health and the Market, Charts That Matter, Nvidia News, URI Breaks Out

Even more important than fiscal support moving forward would be the concept of Covid-19 very soon being effectively treatable for the public.

Stocks Climb a Wall of Worry as Political Debate Intensifies

A Wall of Worry, Fed-created liquidity, and aggressive speculative trading is creating a bullish environment for stocks.

Does 'Aggressive' Bristol-Myers Have the Right Prescription for Investors?

BMY's announced acquisition of MyoKardia for $13B comes less than a year after its purchase of Celgene.

Bearish Bets: 2 Nasdaq Stocks You Should Consider Shorting This Week

These names are displaying both technical and quantitative deterioration.

Jim Cramer: What Investors Should Watch and Expect This Week

This is what's known as a positioning week, and starting Monday you're going to hear a ton of things.

There's No Rush for the Exits Despite All the Dramatic News

Compare this action to what happened back in February and March when the Covid crisis first started to impact the market.

Stock Market Takes Trump Covid Drama in Stride: Here's Why

There are a couple of things that are helping to contain the selling.

Taking the Pulse of the Market With the Charts and Data

There were some positive technical events Thursday.

President Trump Positive for Covid-19: What Are the Stock Market Ramifications?

The news is likely to impact economic confidence of many people when they hear that even the President can catch Covid.

DC Do-Over, October Volatility, Positive Technicals, Datadog Breakout, Moderna

Suddenly, both sides realize that they have played politics and the people had noticed. Not those two from Tuesday night. Thankfully.