What We Need to See From Sellers and Buyers in This Market

Bearish investor sentiment is still at very extreme levels.

Welcome to the Jungle, It's Not Fun and Games

It's a dauting task to manage these markets, which have some similarities to those during Great Financial Crisis, but here's what to do.

Blinded By the (Green) Light: So Why Am I Still Stopped?

Crowd sentiment is close to a 20-year peak in bearish opinions.

Pandora's Box, Fragile Markets, Dimon Hands, No Knock on Wood, Trading Northrop

No, I am not sticking up for Cathie Wood as a manager. On this central-banking matter, however, she is correct.

The 'Big Picture' Isn't Pretty

This volatile macro-driven market isn't conducive to stock-picking.

Charting the Market: Some Supports Break With All Trends Negative

here's what we need to see to buy with more confidence.

3 High Dividend Stocks From the Basic Materials Sector

These names, which have outperformed the S&P 500 this year, offer above-average dividends with a wide margin of safety.

Investor Sentiment Data Awash In Bears

Here's why we have been buyers on weakness.

Revisiting a Previous Pick -- Now at an Even Lower Price

This is the beauty of ugly bear markets. They often make even terrific company shares go inexplicably below fair value.

Now Playing: The Bad News Bulls Meet AMD and the Jobs Report

No one wants to take on risk in the stock market when they can get 4% in a Treasury guaranteed, with no risk.