Escape From New York

As I move out of my apartment, proof that New Yorkers are fleeing to the suburbs is becoming more and more apparent.

Don't Fight the Fed, Uncommon Valor, Infrastructure Pals, Raytheon Ready to Fly

You can fight the Fed, and you can fight the Feds. Or you can simply try to excel in the environment provided.

How to Plan a Stock Trade

Volatility should be your friend, not your enemy.

This Action Isn't Good for Stock-Picking - But There's One Name I'm Buying

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Risky Business, Painful Recovery, Trading Thoughts

The massive tock market drop was to be expected, and seasoned traders were prepared for it. But there was also some good news on the coronavirus vaccine/treatment front.

Don't Underestimate the Market's Confidence in the Federal Reserve

The selloff on Thursday was abrupt and severe, but dip buyers are still feeling confident.

Fed's Powell Sealed the Fate of Market Momentum

The market misread the narrative that there was a cyclical recovery. That equity spike had to come back to earth.

Innovative Industrial Properties: A 4%+ Dividend Yield and Growth From Cannabis

Not many marijuana stocks pay dividends, so income investors have a unique opportunity with this REIT.

5 Reasons I Don't Like Stocks or Bonds Right Now

There's a host of factors that play into my full risk-off stance.

Pandemic Spreads, Fed Heroes, Trading Thoughts

There is a risk-off theme to the market as news comes in of rising Covid-19 cases in some states, while the Fed has been a ray of light during this crisis.