We Just Upgraded Our Market Outlook: Here's Why

Let's take a close look at the latest charts and data.

Crypto Pep Rally, S&P Wonder Line, Minerd Unmuted, Chip Keepers, Trading Moderna

Small-caps and mid-caps are still picking first downs on every play, storming back from a badly oversold condition that has just about normalized.

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These favorites of experts are best-of-breed in the energy space.

The Jury Is Still Out on This Market

We got an oversold bounce, but most of the data still leave a lot to be desired.

An Oversold Bounce or Something More Lasting?

Psychology data was unmoved by Monday's selloff.

3 Buys I Made as the Trading Environment Improves

I'm becoming more confident that small-caps have bottomed heading into earnings.

Sifting Through the Wreckage, One Ugly Chart, Holding the Line, Netflix Preview

IBM beat expectations and the complexion the overnight mood changed. But will the mood change hold?

COVID Provides an Excuse for Selling but Watch for an Overshoot

In many respects, the Monday's action was a rerun of the standard COVID trade.

The Market's Current Mood Brings Back Memories of Late 2018

Just as fears of Fed tightening and a trade war created buying opportunities in tech and elsewhere in late 2018, arguably overblown fears about the Delta variant's economic impact are creating opportunities now.

Index Charts Deteriorate Further as Market Sells Off

We have yet to see evidence of the culmination of recent corrective action.