Apple Stock's Upside Potential Tamped Down by Tightening Trade Tensions

Top of mind for investors when considering Apple is the whipsaw relationship between the United States and China.

This Market Has Lost Its Mojo

The best thing a trader can do right now is stay out of the way, protect capital and wait for better action.

Taking a Leap of Faith Is the Only Way to Invest Right Now

This week is do-or-die for the market, as the bear and bulls continue their tug of war.

This 'Modern' Stock Market Needs to Change

For several years, nobody listened to those of us who actually did know that there was a fairer way to treat the public.

Lotteries Are for Losers: Kick the Habit and Become a Millionaire

Statistically lotteries are for losers only.

If a Dovish Fed Can't Help This Stock Market, What Will?

The most worrisome thing during a horrendous week was the news flow really didn't justify such poor action.

No One Believes This Selloff, but Here's How I'm Going to Trade It Now

As of today, I am going to be trading gamma, not delta.

Broadcom Is Getting Ready for an Upside Move, Maybe, I Think

The level of trading volume has been subdued and suggests we are looking at a large triangle-like pattern.

That S&P 500 Death Cross Is Still Hovering, Despite Market Support: Market Recon

The longer prices remain at these levels, the greater the impact upon the 50-day average. Here is what we need to see to reverse it.

Intermediate Trade: SPY

We are probably tuning up for a run right back to 2800 in the S&P 500 over the rest of the week.