Tesla Accelerates Into Overdrive

Despite the stock's recent gains it hasn't always been smooth sailing for shareholders.

In Uber vs. Lyft, Uber Has More to Offer

Since coming public, it's been Lyft delivering more of the good news than Uber, but you can't tell it from the price action.

Do You Really Buy Amazon's Own Praise for Its Product Sales?

Read between the lines in the PR release and there's still a lot to act on in the areas of smart TVs, smart homes, and streaming services - that's how to play AMZN.

I'm Looking at a Combination Trade With Uber

This has been a name I've traded quite a bit over the past six months. The volatility makes it possible and the active options market doesn't hurt either.

Breadth Is Good, but Something Doesn't Smell Right

Also, let's check back on FedEx and GLD.

Tesla Is Stock of the Day and It Sports a Serious Upside

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Closing the Books on 2019 and Opening the Curtain on 2020

It has been portfolio cleanup time, which means saying goodbye to some stocks and hello to others.

Jim Cramer: It's Incredible That FedEx Is Making Any Money at All

It's one of the biggest messes I have ever seen, and believe me I think I just scratched the surface of things that are going the wrong way.

FedWrecks Might Be a More Fitting Name for FedEx

Misses and/or lowered guidance have become synonymous with FedEx's earnings releases.

Does One Really Need to Be in FedEx?

This is the fifth consecutive quarter that FDX in some way reduced forward guidance.