Uber Gets an Early Lyft

LYFT's earnings beat appears to be giving hope to Uber investors in advance of its own report later Thursday, but the two rivals have key strengths to watch, such as Lyft's U.S. focus and Uber's move on food delivery.

Windshield's Still a Bit Foggy, But Lyft Appears Headed in Right Direction

Its earnings report had solid beats, but with rival Uber reporting later Thursday and key date looming, picture of ride-service company should come into focus soon.

Lyft Drives Higher as Strong Earnings Outlook Outweighs Lockup Concerns

Lyft is beginning to drive towards profitability as duopoly dynamics set in.

Lyft Opens Strong but I'm Not Interested in Taking a Ride Yet

We do not have a lot of LYFT price history to work with but let's see what we can glean.

Jim Cramer: China, BRIC's Last Solid Brick, Erodes, and So Do Many Multiples

Steadily, the once-revered markets of Brazil, Russia, India and China have become hazardous places to do business.

Hong Kong's Stocks and China's Yuan Weaken, for Very Different Reasons

A general strike on Monday in Hong Kong finally has hit its stock market, while the yuan has fallen past 7.0 to the U.S. dollar thanks to trade woes.

Royal Caribbean Stock: All Aboard or Disembark?

When the CEO and the charts point in different directions I lean one way.

Tesla Gaps Sharply Lower, Bringing Chart Support Into Play

If the electric carmaker's chart support is broken its shares could retrace more of Tesla's summer rally.

No Way Harley's an Engine for Growth

Sales declines throw a wrench into news of motorcycle maker's earnings beat.

J.B. Hunt Could Rally Sharply but I'm Waiting for a Pullback to Go Long

Let's review the charts and indicators to round out the analysis.