Union Pacific Looks Like It Is Making a Turn Lower

UNP is up 20% for the year despite the economic jiggles.

FOMC by the Dots, Boeing's 737 Max Coup and Zscaler Scales Higher: Market Recon

Plus, many market players don't wait for the Federal Open Market Committee's latest announcement to jump in, and President Trump's latest Xi tweet gooses equities.

Shipping Happens: FedEx Stock a Solid Investment

Applying a less than normal 16x multiple to FY 2020's estimate would justify a move to $285 by FedEx's stock price over the next 12 to 18 months. Total return could exceed 80% on this very blue-chip name.

Jim Cramer: Unpacking a Bottom's Tough Work

FedEx's rise on bad news and Facebook's fall on the same are two examples of how it's hard to figure out when enough's enough.

Musk's Magic May Look Like Tired Tricks, But Stock Still Has Charm

Tesla's promises may be losing cred, but the daily setup on the chart looks interesting -- and would be more so with a management change.

Tesla Stock Reacts to Musk's Annual Meeting Bullishness

Elon Musk is helping move the shares after a big Tuesday meeting.

Ryder System Could Bounce From Here, Risk Is Well Defined

Let's drill down in a few charts.

Fleetcor Technology Offers Great Story, but Wait for Better Buying Opportunity

The charts of the payments business are giving us enough reasons to nail down some profits if we are long or to defer purchases if we are flat.

An Uneasy Peace Between Lyft and Uber Should Lift Both Stocks

Uber and Lyft need to start acting like a duopoly.

3 Ideas on How to Play Uber

There are no sell ratings, and just a few holds.