Fed's Powell on the Hill, MS Tech Conference in SF

There are three things I want to listen for, and perhaps focus on, as Fed Chair Powell testifies before Congress.

BlackBerry Is One of My Favorite Names

BB is a name I hold given my long-term view, but I also like to trade around it from time to time.

Dialing Up an Attractive Verizon Setup

I found some important time symmetry with many of the other prior declines.

Cramer: 10 Stock Surprises

In this tape, weakness may just be a sign of rest and better times to come.

Cramer: So Far, So Good

The market is acting well, but ETFs tied to volatility must die.

Cramer: Be the Boxer Not the Bag

Don't let the market knock you around.

Cramer: Two Out of Three Ain't Bad

But who would have guessed Apple would do better than Google?

Jim Cramer: Insane Comebacks

Be mindful of what YOU want, not what the market wants.

Apple Weakness Weighs on Tech Stocks

For the first time in a long time, the dip isn't getting bought right away.

The Runaway Train Syndrome Continues

Relative strength isn't what it used to be.