Softbank's Record IPO Is a Choice of Cash vs. Venture Capital

The firm forecasts growth in revenue of 3.3% in the year through March 2019, and a 9.7% increase in operating profit.

Apple Stock Overcomes Trade Troubles to Post Gain on Monday

Shares of Apple managed to overcome the onslaught of unflattering headlines on Monday, finishing the day in the green.

Analysts Downplay Qualcomm's Short-Term Legal Victory Over Apple

Is this a new threat or a negotiating tactic?

Apple Shareholders Have Larger Legal Issues Than Qualcomm to Consider

Apple may have larger legal fish to fry than the much-publicized Qualcomm quarrel.

Legal Quarrel With Qualcomm Adds to Apple Shareholder Anxiety Over China

The news of the injunction is shifting shares sharply downward as has drastically changed the perceived progress of the two companies' relationship.

Apple Stock's Upside Potential Tamped Down by Tightening Trade Tensions

Top of mind for investors when considering Apple is the whipsaw relationship between the United States and China.

Bullish Options Pick Up Steam on Oversold Apple Stock

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Investors of All Stripes Looking to Apple to Calm Market Nerves

Apple's reports earnings after Thursday's market close.

Analysts Increase Bullishness on Apple Heading Into Earnings

Apple's long-term thesis is emboldening analysts.

Apple's Performance in China Looms as Primary Concern

Exposure to China is provoking some anxiety into its earnings results.