The TikTok Saga Shows How Unpredictable China Policies Are Right Now

Time and time again, U.S. and/or Chinese tech stocks have made big moves on policy changes in Washington or Beijing that few saw coming.

I've Got a Play in QQQ as It Grows Soft

I'm betting the QQQ is going to end the week on the wrong side of $270.

Jim Cramer: Is This Market Undervalued?

Stocks are reasonable. Or even cheap. There will be more sell-offs ahead but remember this day and do not get too negative.

Here's Why I'm Making a Move on Vertiv Holdings

A familiar pattern has emerged potentially signally a 15% breakout from the current print.

TikTok Ditches Microsoft, Tries Ties with Oracle

TikTok tries to satisfy the Gordian Knot of Trump push and Chinese pull through partnership deal with Larry Ellison's Oracle.

Spate of Deal News Juices Start of This Week's Trading

We've become accustomed lately to gap-up opens on Mondays, but some fresh acquisition agreements are helping drive this Monday's action.

The FATMAAN Comes Down to Earth

The big-cap tech leaders are still quite extended fundamentally and technically, but not nearly as much as they were previously.

Shark Bites: I'm Getting a Charge Out of This EV Battery SPAC

KCAC has pulled back after exploding higher on announcing its deal to take QuantumScape public. It's a good time to look for entry points.

Jim Cramer: Sorry to Burst Your Bubble, but the Fed Bubble Talk Isn't True

The Fed's money pumping has elevated new tech, but Jay Powell and the government haven't done any favors for many other stocks.

Jim Cramer: This Is a Day for Cash

I have been telling you for weeks to raise cash -- we even sold a portion of every tech stock my charitable trust owns -- and here's why.