Zscaler Could Rally Big Down the Road Based on Key Chart

The Point and Figure chart of the cybersecurity company projects its shares could shoot considerably higher.

VMware Should Be Able to Make a Price Recovery in the Next Several Weeks

Let's review the charts and indicators.

Apple's Latest Hardware Launches Have Some Important Strategic Implications

Apple showed off what appears to be a superior 3D depth-mapping solutions, and it also gave the iPad trackpad support.

Rallying Citrix Systems Has More to Go on the Upside

Working remotely could be the new normal and that could go a long way to explaining the rally in CTXS.

Believe It or Not, Logitech Is Hammering Out a Bottom

Aggressive traders could probe the long side of LOGI on available weakness.

Tech Investors Shouldn't Lose Sight of How Markets Are Forward-Looking in Nature

While the arrival of additional bad news could lead markets to fall further in the near-term, investor sentiment will likely turn before conditions on the ground see big improvements.

Wait for Some Lower Shadows on the Japanese Charts of Facebook

The price of FB is in an area where someone might begin buying but in this market environment it will be safer to let someone else do the buying for now.

5G and Cloud Capex Could Be Pockets of Strength for Tech in the Near Term

Stimulus efforts could give a boost to 5G infrastructure spending, and usage spikes for many online services could drive higher cloud capex.

AMD Targets Gamers and Content-Creators with New High-End Notebook CPUs

AMD's latest notebook processors are launching as Intel preps new high-end notebook chips of its own.

DocuSign Could Decline Further Despite Promising Business Conditions

Let's check out the charts of DOCU.