Facebook Investors Might Get a Share They Really Like

It looks like FB is set on the charts for an upside breakout.

Enterprise Software and Cloud Services Demand Remains Strong as Hardware Slumps

While companies such as HPE, Cisco and NetApp are signaling that macro headwinds are weighing on their hardware sales, major software and public cloud players are singing a very different tune.

Best Buy Beats Estimates but Might Not Be Best Choice for Investors

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Zuora Set to Surprise to the Upside

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We've Got the Best CEOs in the World

Here's a salute to our best and brightest, who keep this nation's economy -- and our livelihoods -- going strong.

EBay's Stock Looks Like a Value Trap, With or Without StubHub

eBay's marketplace operations are seeing little to no revenue growth amid stiff competition from Amazon and others. And it's not clear when this will change.

I May Catch a Lyft, but Not on Uber

UBER had a chance to go up, but then came the bad news out of London; now LYFT looks like the better of the two.

I'm Calling for Five9 to Go Higher

This 'intelligent' cloud-tech call center company could have price targets of $69 and then $100.

As Uber Trades Below $30, Remember Past Bearishness Towards Tech Giants

Though there are legitimate concerns about Uber's business that the company still needs to address, it's worth recalling how negative investors once were towards some tech giants at far lower levels.