Nutanix Needs to Develop a New Base to Support a Rally

Would-be buyers should wait for a base in the cloud infrastructure company's stock to form before jumping in.

Jim Cramer: Here's Why the Market's So Feckless and Reactive

So many companies -- like Netflix, Facebook and Johnson & Johnson -- are not trading on earnings per share, but on factors that are nearly impossible to quantify.

Netflix's Stock Still Has Some Risks, but It's Becoming More Intriguing

The streaming giant's shares aren't as richly valued as they were for much of 2018 and early 2019. And while risks exist, some recent worries look a little overblown.

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Taking Another Swing at a Possible Amazon Trade

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Zscaler Must Hammer Out a New Base Before It's Attractive Again

Trading volume in the cybersecurity company's shares was very heavy on their recent decline following a period of aggressive buying.

Here Are Four Stocks to Watch Amid Turbulent Week in News

As Brexit, China trade and other big headlines continue, it's time to look at the fundamentals of Blackberry, Nike and others who report this week.

Cloud Data Center Construction Boom Is Good News for Chip and Hardware Suppliers

As cloud giants digest some of their past investments in hardware and chips, they're still investing heavily in growing their data center capacity. That's ultimately a positive for data center REITs and chip suppliers with cloud exposure.

Micron Stock May Trade in a Range for Several Weeks Due to Mixed Indicators

Trading volume has been shrinking from late June, and this is not the picture technical analysts like to see.