I'm Not Adding to This Dip in Twitter - Here's Why

There is at least a case to be made for breaking up big tech. TWTR isn't in that position.

It's Only a Month, but This Deep-Value Portfolio Is Performing Quite Nicely

The aggregate return of the 2021 Double Net Value Portfolio one month since inception is outpacing a handful of Russell indices.

U.S. Banks Delist Hong Kong Derivatives Linked to Chinese Military

GS, JPM and MS are removing products from the Hong Kong exchange derived from companies deemed to have ties to the Chinese military.

For Micron Technology, Japanese Candlestick Charts Mark a High for Now

MU looks like it will pull back and correct the price strength seen since August.

I Like the Technical Setup of Vonage Holdings

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Autodesk Could Use Some Sideways Action Before Further Gains

Traders could approach ADSK from the long side once we see the first low of this anticipated consolidation.

$2,000 Stimulus Checks Might Drive One Last Surge of Speculative Buying

Thursday's big gains in Robinhood favorites might partly be a case of investors front-running purchases they expect to be made with the help of new stimulus checks.

Rich Guys' Romp, a Breach of Self-Discipline, Trump Countdown, Small-Caps Sizzle

Plus, a preview of the coming Consumer Electronics Show and quick news hits on Micron and Boeing.

Duck Creek Technologies Could Fly Higher

Just recently off its initial public offering, DCT is showing promise.