Broadcom's Strategy for its Symantec Deal Has a Lot in Common with its CA Deal

As is the case with CA, Broadcom wants to significantly cut the spending of Symantec's enterprise security unit and streamline its offerings. But the unit faces a tougher competitive environment than CA's core mainframe software business.

Why Wall Street Is Still Riding With Uber

Uber's crash on earnings does not mean the stock is totaled according to analysts covering the stock.

Uber Crashes on Earnings as Losses Accelerate, Erasing Early Optimism

Uber Technologies is taking longer than anticipated to reach profitability as the differences between its business and Lyft become more pronounced.

Novice Trade: Apple

As a serious trade I like the calls that expire next Friday.

Lyft Drives Higher as Strong Earnings Outlook Outweighs Lockup Concerns

Lyft is beginning to drive towards profitability as duopoly dynamics set in.

Jim Cramer: China, BRIC's Last Solid Brick, Erodes, and So Do Many Multiples

Steadily, the once-revered markets of Brazil, Russia, India and China have become hazardous places to do business.

Here's Why New Relic Is Sinking Fast

Ultimately, NEWR should right the ship with its New Relic One product, but the stock may be dead money for several months, as it's now rapidly declining in both revenue growth and expansion rates before it actually hits large numbers.

Symantec Could Retest the $18 Area So Defer Purchases for Now

Let's check out the charts and indicators.

How Adobe, Salesforce and Others Are Embracing Machine Learning

Investments by major enterprise software firms in AI/machine learning features are growing considerably. Chip developers and cloud service providers that make a lot of these investments possibly stand to benefit. Is Too Risky Right Now

The charts are signaling too much downside risk.