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IBM Gets a Nod From Larry Williams; Here's What My Charts Say

Let's see where traders could approach the long side of IBM.

Uber's Sharp Rebound Strains Our Analysis Techniques

Hop in or wait for another ride?

Continue to Hold Longs in Adobe as the Bull Move Isn't Over

The gains are a game changer.

What Salesforce's Charts Are Telling Us About the Stock

The shares soared into late August and then have corrected lower.

5 Thoughts on Where the Tech Sector Stands as China Fears Mount

A softening Chinese economy could be a headwind even if Evergrande is bailed out. However, deals can be found among companies with little or no China exposure.

Here's Where Cramer, and the Charts, Say to Buy SoFi Technologies

My reading of the technicals and Cramer's advice don't always agree. Here's where you can choose when to pull the lever on SOFI.

Nokia Continues to Show an Impressive Long-Term Base Pattern

Here's what traders need to know.

You May Want to Cut Your Stay in Airbnb Short for Now

The shares of the lodging platform provider are running into a bit of resistance at present.

There's a New Opportunity With Workday as it Pulls Back

And there are two reasons to take your time as a buyer.

Palantir Has Hammered Out a Base Pattern to Support Further Gains

Here's our latest technical strategy on PLTR.

This Portfolio of Past Losers Remains Solid but Is Running Out of Steam

The 2021 Tax Loss Selling Recovery Portfolio gave up ground over the last month yet continues to outperform key indices.

Are All Cisco Systems Go?

Let's check the charts and indicators of CSCO, which just completed its annual investors day.

An Overdue Technical Update on Dynatrace

Here's what to do if you have a long DT position or no position as yet.

Microsoft Continues to Look Bullish: How to Play the Stock

MSFT's dividend hike and buyback program are garnering attention.

Don't Write Off DocuSign

While DocuSign has struggled the past few weeks, it may be ready to turn here. Let's take a look at the fine print.

I Could Take Very Nice Profits With Microsoft: Here's Why I'm Not

We're in this name because of the CEO, Satya Nadella. We're also here because MSFT is always one step ahead.

Washington: It's the Elephant in the Market Right Now

Here's why we shouldn't count on D.C. and how to strategize on likely disappointment in stimulus, as well as corporate taxes and regulation, that could cause tech names some pain.

Invest in Oracle? Find Something Better to Do With Your Money

If you like ORCL, you don't have to hurry. It's not about to take off.

Updating Our Technical Strategy on Cloudflare

Let's check the charts and indicators.

With Big Tech on Sale, Should We Buy?

In the case of Apple and Alphabet, it appears the answer is yes, though a bit more downside in both stocks could come first.

Oracle Could Trade Higher After Earnings Monday

I think the charts are more positive looking and renewed strength is more likely.

Jim Cramer: Not Only Did Apple Win But Epic Games Lost Big

How come this decision was so opaque to so many?

How I'm Playing Apple Ahead of Tuesday's Event

When Apple zigs or zags, that probably means that nearly everyone should pay attention.

Beijing Blocks Blackstone, Backs Ant Consumer-Loans Breakout

The campaign against Big Tech continues in China, where Ant will likely have to carve out its consumer-loans business.

5 Thoughts on the Apple/Epic Ruling and Its Potential Fallout

App Store policy changes could have a 2% to 4% impact on Apple's top line, but probably not more than that. And there are still a lot of variables in play.

Inseego Stock Is Still Not Appealing

The shares have been trading below the declining 40-week moving average line for several months now.

The Pullback in CrowdStrike Looks Entirely Normal

Let's review the charts and indicators.

Affirm Holdings' Strong Upside Gap Prompts a New Strategy

Aggressive traders could add to longs on available weakness.

As Zscaler Reports Thursday, Here's How I'm Trading the Shares

Will ZS go out on any kind of limb for the current full year? That's what will decide the overnight direction of the stock.