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Smartphone Demand Appears to Be Getting Hit Hard

With retail stores shut and many consumers viewing smartphone upgrades as discretionary purchases, signs are mounting that smartphone demand has fallen sharply in recent weeks.

These Drone and AI Stocks Are Flying Under the Radar as Post-Pandemic Plays

As we continue to implement social distancing, keep in mind that it will happen commercially as well.

2 Midweek Trades: Intel and Advanced Micro Devices

INTC has seen continued buying, and what draws me to AMD is the very different price pattern.

How to Trade Palo Alto Networks Right Now

A technical strategy for the cyberscecurity giant.

Richly-Valued Tech Firms Could See Multiples Drop if There Isn't a Fast Recovery

Should growth expectations have to come down for more than a few months due to macro headwinds, tech companies sporting high valuations will likely see multiple compression.

Jim Cramer: Goodbye to a Horrid Quarter

Now that the service economy is pretty much stopped in its tracks, here are promising areas, including technology as manufacturing, to consider.

Here Are My 7 Takeaways Heading Into Q2

It's still not a stock picker's market, but have a list of names ready to perform amid the coronavirus crisis.

Advanced Micro Devices Is Set to Rally, Be a Buyer of a Small Dip

With so many charts of companies in weak positions lately, it's refreshing to see charts so strong as AMD.

Microsoft Has No Problem Blurring Lines Between Consumer and Enterprise Software

With its latest moves, Microsoft is wagering that it can drive greater usage of apps such as Excel and Teams for non-business purposes.

Cloudflare Could Rally Further, Go Long Here and Above $26

NET is a company essential to the stay-at-home economy.

Medtronic Presents an Opportunity, and Not Just Because It Makes Ventilators

The charts of the producer of medical equipment are holding up well, though its shares eventually could run into resistance.

SAP Could Struggle to Overcome Overhead Chart Resistance

Alhough a key chart shows a new high is possible, the stock of this enterprise software giant could be disappointng for a while.

Jim Cramer: Microsoft Has Been the Biggest Beneficiary of the Moment

Now the one thing you need to worry about with MSFT, as you have to do with all of the techies, is the GDP.

Here's How I'm Playing Microsoft

CEO Satya Nadella has been ahead of the curve focusing on the cloud.

I'm Wired Up for a Nvidia Play

I'm currently in a bearish butterfly against resistance on NVDA.

Nvidia Is Poised to Rally: Here's When to Buy

Our latest analysis and strategy on the graphics processing chip manufacturer.

3 Stocks to Own Now: HUYA, Chewy, and Fastly

All three are names that can survive if the shelter-in-place order in various areas in the United States extends post-Easter, and they'll benefit beyond COVID-19.

Wait for Marvell Technology to Close Above $26 Before Going Long

MRVL has made a low with the broad market but I would not rule out a partial pullback to retest that low.

Traders Can Approach the Long Side of Adobe

Let's review the charts and indicators.

Microsoft Shows Rally Potential, Go Long on a Shallow Near-Term Dip

MSFT might dip briefly below $150 and that is probably a dip to buy.

A Short-Term Dip in Alibaba's Price Could Be a Buying Opportunity

Let's check out the BABA charts.

Go Long Veeva Systems on Strength as the Rally Could Extend Further

The technical signals for the technology provider to the life science industry show its shares have upside potential.

Some Tech Stocks Have Run Up Too Fast This Week

This week's rally has yielded big gains for many companies that are seeing demand plunge right now and could take a while to see business fully recover.

Citrix Systems Continues to Rally and This Could Be Just the Start

Our updated analysis and strategy on this 'work at home stock.'

Tesla Looks All Charged Up Again

Trading Tesla has not been for the faint of heart and that is likely to continue.

Slack Technologies Is Poised for an Upside Breakout

WORK is one of those companies that will thrive in this new world.

Micron's Story Needs to be Told...and Repeated

I do like the attitude of this firm and its leader, CEO Sanjay Mehrotra, moving forward.

Western Digital Could Hit Double Current Levels in the Second Half of 2020

The technical signals for the maker of data storage equipment indicate the rebound in its stock is likely far from over.

Snap Could See a Lot of Cash Burn Over the Next Few Months

The Snapchat parent was burning cash going into this year, and it's now likely seeing its ad sales slump and its cloud infrastructure expenses spike.

Big Blue Rebounds Sharply, Launching the Start of its Recovery

Let's review the charts and indicators.