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Pinterest Is an OK Post-IPO Deal, While Zoom Is Pretty Frothy -- Tech Check

While Zoom has a lot going for it, its shares are now pricing in a lot of future growth. Relatively speaking, Pinterest doesn't look as expensive.

A Primer for the Pinterest Public Offering on Thursday

The company is a total ROI story, but can it share positive returns with IPO investors?

Facebook's Voice Assistant Is Probably Meant for its Own Apps -- Tech Check

The social media giant is reportedly prepping a new voice assistant. It would make a lot sense for such an offering to focus on enhancing Facebook's apps and hardware than battling Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant head-on.

How Netflix Can Cash in on Apple, Qualcomm Driven 5G Push

Netflix's streaming users could surge under next generation data plans.

Apple Can Accelerate 5G Shift, Share Growth With Qualcomm

Apple can add much more value for shareholders with the Qualcomm deal.

Why Clearing the Way for Qualcomm Was a Wise Move for Intel

Intel's smartphone market exit was inevitable.

Qualcomm's Earnings Could Be Key Entry Point for FOMO Stricken Investors

Qualcomm still has some aspects of the Apple settlement to clear up.

Qualcomm's Settlement With Apple Sets Off Biggest Stock Surge This Century

Qualcomm's deal with Apple has removed the smartphone ceiling for the stock.

This Could Be the Last Easy Year for Netflix

We're not talking about a rival startup. We're talking about one of the most successful and deep-pocketed media/entertainment companies on the planet.

Netflix and Qualcomm May Give This Tricky Market a Much-Needed Stir

Low volume, random moves, and a positive bias make trading difficult to navigate.

Qualcomm's Settlement With Apple Looks Like Big Win for Chipmaker -- Tech Check

The two tech firms made the surprising announcement on Tuesday afternoon.

What to Make of Amazon's Reported Plans for a Free Music Service -- Tech Check

An ad-supported Amazon music service wouldn't be much of a threat to Spotify's subscription business. But it would help Amazon further scale an ad business that's now a major company priority.

Take Advantage of Market Insanity With Matthews International

What could be crazier than a company posting robust, record numbers that is seeing its shares trading for less than they did eight years ago?

Apple and Google's App Stores Are Still Seeing Strong Growth -- Tech Check

Recent estimates indicate the App Store and Google Play both saw double-digit revenue growth in Q1. Google Play's revenue grew faster, but the App Store's revenue remains much higher.

Disrupting Big TV Is Hard -- Just Ask T-Mobile and YouTube -- Tech Check

T-Mobile's new TV service provides a lot of features, but isn't exactly a screaming bargain.

Disney Shareholders Will Be Tuning Into Investor Day For Streaming Details

What's the key differentiating factor from Netflix?

5G Equipment Rulings Are Giving Nokia and Ericsson a Boost - Tech Check

The German and Japanese governments have both issued rulings that lower the odds of Huawei and ZTE's equipment being used within local 5G networks.

China's Planned Crypto Mining Ban Won't Affect Nvidia and AMD Much - Tech Check

Nvidia and AMD are now getting very little revenue from sales of graphics cards to cryptocurrency miners.

Goldman's Marcus Platform, Apple Partnership, Set the Stock Apart

Goldman's consumer-focused fin-tech effort is a key theme to watch in 2019.

Goldman Sachs Can Expect Contentious Visit to Capitol Hill on Wednesday

Goldman CEO David Solomon will need to navigate a difficult hearing on Wednesday.

Sony's Stock Looks Cheap as Activist Pushes for Big Changes -- Tech Check

The conglomerate's shares sport low earnings multiples, and both its movie studio unit and its chip unit could fetch good prices if put on the block.

Google Just Opened Up a New Revenue Stream for Google Assistant - Tech Check

Google will now show full search results -- including search ads -- when handling certain Google Assistant queries on Android devices.

Short-Seller Says Only Amateurs Would Bet Against Lyft

Don't get carried away with bearish bets before enough information arises.

5G Is the Real Story for Samsung Stock as Memory Cycle Nears Inflection

The competitive advantage of Samsung as Apple hits delays is a key thesis for those selecting the stock.

Axon Stock Has Rebounded Sharply From the Post-Earnings Selloff

I still see AAXN as a border patrol play as well as a future key player in Smart/Connected Cities.

Samsung Stock Slips as Profits Forecast Falls to Lowest Level in Years

Samsung is setting yet another bearish standard for semis and smartphones in the first half of 2019.

One Way or Another, Apple Will Launch 5G iPhones in 2020 - Tech Check

Should Intel be unable to handle Apple's 5G iPhone needs next year, as some recent reports suggest, count on Apple to find another supplier rather than ship 5G-free iPhones.

A Review of Judge Nathan's Positions as Elon Musk's Contempt Hearing Kicks Off

Tesla's CEO is encountering an experienced jurist on Thursday.

Chart of the Day: Tesla Needs Capital, Tell That to Creditors

Tesla and CEO Elon Musk need to work magic to keep their cash position in hand.

Kass: Amazon at $3000? How About $5000?

I expect that AMZN, in the fullness of time, will become the first $2.5 trillion company.