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Zscaler Is Scaling New Heights: Here's Our New Price Target

With the stock breaking out to a new high, a fresh look is in order.

Accenture Could Rally to Greater Heights

Traders could go long ACN at current levels.

I'm Focusing on Intel on the Buy Side

Let's see if the larger bullish pattern has a chance to play out in INTC.

If There's No Fast Recovery, a Different Set of Macro Pressures Could Emerge

The pace of the economic recovery has cooled in recent weeks. And some businesses might start making larger spending cuts if they feel the economy will be under pressure for a while.

Micron Technology Is Poised to Break Out of an Equilateral Triangle Formation

With so many bullish clues it's easy to recommend a long position on MU.

Jim Cramer: Think Fractional Shares Look Boring? I've Got a Story for You

Let me tell you about a time in the '80s when I was trying to get clients some Berkshire shares -- and how it relates to now, when you can buy fractional shares of terrific companies like Amazon.

AWS Is Still Very Unique in Some Important Ways

Amazon's public cloud is still unmatched in terms of the number of services and apps it supports, and is also still launching and updating offerings at an unmatched pace.

Traders Show Hunger for FAANG Amid Sloppy, Choppy Action

Big cap 'stay at home' names ramped sharply higher, but there are signs of turbulence ahead.

Connect the Dots: Twilio Could Rally Even Higher in Weeks Ahead

Work-at-home and play-at-home policies could continue to help TWLO.

The Charts of Akamai Technologies Are Poised for an Upside Breakout

Let's review the charts and indicators.

Facebook Ad Boycotts Could Linger, But Probably Won't Do Major Long-Term Damage

The size of Facebook's advertiser base, together with Facebook's strategic importance as an ad platform and its attempts to address recent concerns, should limit the long-term fallout.

Jim Cramer: These Companies Are Here to Thrive, Now and Post-Pandemic

And here's how they can do it, too: with lots of ingenuity and some good luck.

Fastly's Rally Is Justified

A technical strategy for the soaring FAST.

Here's How I'm Playing Micron

MU's cloud integration and migration to the cloud remains a main business theme driving capital expenditure on the data center.

Want Some Short Exposure? Consider Twilio

I'd position any bearish call spread to expire before the company reports near the end of July.

Qualcomm Is Poised to Rise Higher

Aggressive traders could go long QCOM at current levels as after consolidation the tech company should move up.

How Traders Should Play the Pullback in Salesforce

Our latest analysis and trading strategy on CRM stock.

Microsoft's Store Closings Drive Home the Uniqueness of Apple's Retail Success

Thanks to a few different factors, Apple's large-scale success at running its own physical retail stores is very tough to replicate.

How Dell's Situation with VMware Resembles eBay's Former Situation with PayPal

Like eBay's spinoff of PayPal, a Dell spinoff of VMware could both unlock shareholder value and strategically benefit the spun-off company.

DOMO Arigato for the Trading Opportunity

Domo -- the cloud service company -- has a promising chart, and here's how I'd play it.

Looking for Suspense? Then Check Out How High Netflix Can Go

A reader asked me if NFLX deserves a market cap of $200 billion. Here's my answer.

Tesla Shares May Power Down a Bit Near Term

The charts of the electric vehicle maker are showing some weakening in the stock, though a major shake-out isn't likely.

Eyeing MSFT, AAPL, GOOGL? Remember, the Bigger They Are, the Harder They Fall

A look at recent years' multiple expansion in three of the biggest name companies will point out that they're more expensive now than over the past 10 to 20 years.

Tech Investors Should Consider Moderately-Valued Growers During a Correction

While some growth stocks have been bid up to extreme valuations, others could look intriguing if markets see a meaningful downturn.

Jim Cramer: Think Trimming Right Now Is Bad Advice? Good Luck

Here's why this is a good time to consider taking some off the table and raising cash.

Has Apple Finally Become Over Ripe?

Another look at Apple shares which just keep trading higher and higher.

What Now for Nvidia?

I wouldn't get out of NVDA. No way. I would consider taking some profit off of the table up here.

Taiwan Semiconductor Is Poised to Make a Run at New Highs

The 50-day line is crossing above the slower 200-day line for a bullish golden cross.

Intel Faces Several Challenges Heading Into the Second Half of 2020

Macro pressures, new AMD CPU launches and Apple's plans to ship its first Macs containing its own processors are all potential headwinds.

Looks Like the Runner's High Is Wearing Off For Some Top Stocks

The market and many stocks have become quite extended recently, and here's what that means.