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Doubling Down on My Slack Technologies Trade Call

While secondary indicators are slightly muddled, price is leading the way.

Jim Cramer: Who's Afraid of That Big, Bad Yield-Curve Inversion?

Do you think the droves of Walmart shoppers, the bustling UPS drivers or the bean counters at Apple give a thought to the technical warning no one really understands? No.

Why Wall Street is Cautiously Optimistic on Nvidia

Nvidia is recovering well on Friday, but it may yet be in need of more help before climbing back to its 2018 heights.

Nvidia Surges on Better-Than-Feared Earnings, Stemming Slide in Semiconductors

Nvidia's second-quarter profits were well below its year-ago earnings but were nicely ahead of analyst expectations.

Alibaba's Revenue Momentum Compares Favorably with Tencent's

The Chinese e-commerce giant soundly beat June quarter estimates while reporting strong for its bread-and-butter Chinese e-commerce operations.

Cisco's Signal to Investors: Stay Defensive

CSCO appears a bearish drag on the Dow Jones industrial average, so proceed with caution.

Tencent's Revenue Miss Points to a Mix of Macro and Company-Specific Pressures

A cautious ad-spending environment, competition from ByteDance and the changing habits of WeChat Pay users weighed on Tencent's top line. Some of these issues are less worrisome than others.

Wait for Skyworks' Price to Come Closer to Earth

Investors should wait for the tech company's price to fall lower on the broad market decline.

How to Play Huya to Score in Esports

Huya posts better-than-expected numbers on top and bottom lines.

A Fresh Look at Apple as Rapid Price Moves are Becoming Routine

Let's check out the charts and indicators of AAPL.

Novocure's Charts Are as Bullish As They Get, So Here's My Strategy

The oncology company has had a strong run and all the technical signals indicate the move higher isn't over.

Savior Trump, Crumbling Economies, Carville Logic and Apple, Too: Market Recon

Former presidential adviser James Carville was right about the bond market being intimidating; it is right now.

The Technical 'Stripes' on Zebra Technologies Look Like Herringbone

Let's check out the charts this morning.

It's Been a Nice Trip Around Globant, Now Book Profits

GLOB has rewarded patient investors in the past three years, but rally is running into some technical issues.

Jim Cramer: Apple Among Many Big Winners in Tariff Delay

Here are the other companies that will get a boost from pushing the tax on imports to mid-December.

Microsoft Is Teaming More With Companies It Shares Common Rivals With

The software giant's partnerships with the likes of Samsung, Walmart, Adobe and Verizon share a common thread.

Here's a Strategy to Put Slack to WORK

Following its recent initial public offering, Slack has marched downward, but a close above $32 would place it above its resistance level for the first time since it opened for trading.

Broadcom's Strategy for its Symantec Deal Has a Lot in Common with its CA Deal

As is the case with CA, Broadcom wants to significantly cut the spending of Symantec's enterprise security unit and streamline its offerings. But the unit faces a tougher competitive environment than CA's core mainframe software business.

Why Wall Street Is Still Riding With Uber

Uber's crash on earnings does not mean the stock is totaled according to analysts covering the stock.

Uber Crashes on Earnings as Losses Accelerate, Erasing Early Optimism

Uber Technologies is taking longer than anticipated to reach profitability as the differences between its business and Lyft become more pronounced.

Novice Trade: Apple

As a serious trade I like the calls that expire next Friday.

Lyft Drives Higher as Strong Earnings Outlook Outweighs Lockup Concerns

Lyft is beginning to drive towards profitability as duopoly dynamics set in.

Jim Cramer: China, BRIC's Last Solid Brick, Erodes, and So Do Many Multiples

Steadily, the once-revered markets of Brazil, Russia, India and China have become hazardous places to do business.

Here's Why New Relic Is Sinking Fast

Ultimately, NEWR should right the ship with its New Relic One product, but the stock may be dead money for several months, as it's now rapidly declining in both revenue growth and expansion rates before it actually hits large numbers.

Symantec Could Retest the $18 Area So Defer Purchases for Now

Let's check out the charts and indicators.

How Adobe, Salesforce and Others Are Embracing Machine Learning

Investments by major enterprise software firms in AI/machine learning features are growing considerably. Chip developers and cloud service providers that make a lot of these investments possibly stand to benefit.

JD.com Is Too Risky Right Now

The charts are signaling too much downside risk.

LivePerson Charts Took a Blow but It Doesn't Look Like a TKO

Shares of the provider of business messaging technology were hit on Monday, but the technical signs indicates they should't weaken much.

Facebook Is Taking Steps to Defend Itself Against a Breakup Attempt

The social media giant is reportedly planning to tie Instagram and WhatsApp's brands more closely to their parent company's as the FTC probes the competitive impact of its acquisitions.

NetApp's Warning Is In Stark Contrast to the Strong Growth Seen by Cloud Giants

As NetApp tumbled and sparked a broader selloff in enterprise hardware stocks, AWS and other cloud giants are still reporting strong growth.