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Snap's Bad News Will Put Expectations for a Bear Market Bounce to the Test

This trader will be eyeing The Trade Desk and QQQ to figure out what to do next.

Gravity Is Pulling on Apple

Here's where I see AAPL going and how to play it.

How Zoom Is Positioned Ahead of Earnings

Bullish divergences may finally generate a bounce, Here's how to trade it.

How to Move on MongoDB

Let's take a technical follow-up look at MDB -- and give a word of caution on this software name.

I'm Cautious on Marvell Technology Ahead of Earnings

Let's review the charts and indicators.

If You're Looking for a Hero in This Market, Don't Look to Apple, ARKK

Folks are asking if it's finally time to buy the ARK Innovation exchange-traded fund or Apple. Let's check the charts.

Don't Be in a Rush to Invest in Cisco

Someone already long this stock, who has taken a hit, doesn't need to liquidate unless...

Alteryx Has Yet to Bottom Based on Its Charts

The technical signs indicate that the stock of the data analytics company still needs to build a base.

Now It's All One Big Macro Trade

The liquidity that pushed up all risky assets is now the leading factor in taking them down.

After Cisco Reports, Will There Be a Tradable Rally?

Let's see how the charts look before earnings Wednesday night.

What's Up? DOCS Might Be Soon

Shares of medical network platform Doximity are positioned for a rally, according to the charts.

You Don't Have to Takes Sides on Apple (If Your Timing Is Right)

It appears that hedge fund owner Michael Burry is betting against AAPL and Warren Buffett is betting on the stock. But let's look at their strategies and why they might both turn out winners.

SoFi Technologies Is Primed for a Rebound

Here's where the shares may be headed next.

A 'Mag'nificent Way to Play an AdTech Rebound

Similar to biotech, the small adtech space has been hammered in recent quarters and has likely hit oversold territory.

SOS! General Apple, General Microsoft Are Under Fire!

In a blow to the bulls, AAPL and MSFT surrender to the inevitable, as Chief Powell aims a bazooka at inflation.

Micron Technology Could Sink Even Further in the Weeks Ahead

Here's what has us worried -- and how low the stock could go.

It's OK to Track ARKK for Bottom Clues, but Don't Go Down With the Ship

Cathie Wood's ARK Innovation ETF and its constituent stocks bounced on Thursday, though they collectively remain deep in bear market territory.

Korean Stocks Promise Upside if External Factors Ease

The Kospi has shown dramatic volatility in the last year, but Seoul stocks now look undervalued, particularly those in in-demand sectors.

Let's Go Treasure Hunting Inside the ETF Tech Scrapyard

As the Fed tries to steer the smoking U.S. economy into a soft landing, many funds have been reduced to cyber rubble. But we can find some working -- or workable -- parts amid the rust and embers.

Traders Appear to Find a Safe Place in Squarespace

But is this stock that's soaring on Thursday more than a quick flip with forming a base? Let's check the charts.

Roblox Stock Struggles to Get Back in the Game

With no bottom in sight, traders and investors should avoid the long side of the online gaming platform.

Sail On, Saylor? MicroStrategy Is Feeling Bitcoin's Pain

This might not end well.

Time to Toss COIN

There's no way around it, Coinbase's charts look tarnished following its earnings miss. Let's see if there's a silver lining in this for traders ... or not.

Any Bounce in This Nasty Bear Market Should Be Viewed With Caution

For now, any rebound is a short-term trading opportunity and nothing more.

Microchip Technology: Our Technical Strategy With Key Price Levels

We see some interesting clues as we examine MHCP's charts.

Once Strong Palantir Technologies Is Rolling Downhill Fast

Here's why I just can't recommend this former Cathie Wood pick right now.

Where Nvidia, AMD, Intel and Qualcomm Shares Now Stand

Following their recent selloffs, two of these major chip developers arguably present compelling risk/rewards.

3 Name-Brand Stocks That Traders Might Take a Stab at in This Rotten Market

Rather than try to catch falling knives, traders should give a look at Merck, IBM and Procter & Gamble.

Index Road Kill, S&P 500 Has a Pulse, Sector Slaughter, Betting on CEOs

Plus, we take a revealing look at the movements in the yield curve and pop in on the dismal charts of Shopify and Peloton Interactive.

The Easy Money Has Been Made, Folks; It's Time to Play Defense

The Fed officially embarking on a rate hike campaign should have investors reassessing the composition of their portfolios to adjust for risk.