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6 Thoughts on Nvidia's Reported Interest in Buying ARM

The GPU giant could see value in ARM's large mobile footprint and budding server CPU efforts. But a deal would also present some challenges.

Dynatrace Shows Some Upside Promise on the Charts

DT is a technology company that specializes in software intelligence products.

Grotesque GDP, So Much for Rotation, Amazon Goes Wild: Market Recon

Plus, it could be quite a while before the labor market can absorb all those people who are out of jobs.

Will Blowout Technology Earnings Keep the Indices Running Higher?

I suspect that we're more likely to see corrective action in the form of a rotation rather than broad selling in the indices.

Big-Cap Technology Earnings Are Batting 1.000

This is a good example of the great difficulty of being an anticipatory bear in this market.

A Picture of Crazy Movers Like Kodak Is Developing... And It's Not Pretty

The big momentum winners of the past two days are seeing some nasty reversals.

Let's Reconnect With Qualcomm as It Soars Higher

We update on a bullish strategy on QCOM as it rises to around $105.

Tech Antitrust Hearings Don't Change the Status Quo Much

More than anything else, the hearings shine a light on how tech giants are looking to defend themselves as antitrust probes continue.

Slack Could Weaken Further From Here: How to Play It

It's a good time to check the WORK charts again.

Watch These 10 Stocks as Asian Tech Stands to Take $25 Billion Huawei Hit

These suppliers to and rivals of Huawei Technologies could see their revenue dinged due to the U.S. sanctions against the Chinese telecom supplier.

Jim Cramer: I Care About What's Left of American Success in a Globalized Economy

These House antitrust hearings are ridiculous given that the companies on the hot seats are about the best thing we have going for us.

The Tech Names Run Out of Energy

Selling is broadening and speculative trading is narrowing, but it's tough to read too much into either yet.

Jim Cramer: Here Are My Top 10 Pandemic Paradox Stocks

In a 'normal' recession, these would be real losers -- but right now? They look like numero 'UNO'.

Two Out of Three Ain't Bad: Shopify Could Weaken Based on One Chart Only

Let's review the charts and indicators ahead of SHOP's earnings release.

Let's Look at PayPal Ahead of Earnings

Traders have been going long.

Skyworks Solutions Could Push Skyward Based on Its Charts

The technical signals of the semiconductor maker are bullish and hint that the stock could rise significantly from current levels.

The Uptrend Continues but Headline Risk Is Lurking

Precious metals reverse on a strong dollar, which should trigger some rotational action.

How Bubbles Involving High-Growth Companies Can Take in Experienced Investors

In both 2000 and 2008, many smart investors bought into bullish narratives about high-growth companies that ended up falling apart.

OK Folks, This Is Where I Draw the Line

Here's how I approached the chart of the Invesco QQQ, and why I started with April and not March low.

Bears Just Can't Get a Break

Despite a lack of positive news, a fear of missing out continues to dominate market sentiment.

Jim Cramer: Be Careful Where You Aim

Why should we have all these areas going up and why do we have these price target boosts for the big techs?

Alphabet Is Pointed Up Ahead of Thursday's Earnings Announcement

It looks like GOOGL can trade still higher.

Facebook Could Ignore Its Detractors as Prices Are Pointed Up

The charts and indicators suggest that prices can move even higher from here.

New Price Targets as Advanced Micro Devices Sprints Higher

Let's review the charts and indicators.

Do I Trust That ServiceNow Probably Knocked the Cover Off the Ball in Q2?

I would probably like to go into this Wednesday's earning report bearish, and here's my trade idea.

It's a Rotational Correction So Far, but the Danger of Correlated Selling Lurks

FATMAANN names are leading to the downside, but small-caps and value are outperforming.

The Mystery of the Market's Ups and Downs

Perhaps you're wondering: Why can't the mega caps and the small caps go up together?

Intel's Manufacturing Setback Must Be Music to AMD and TSMC's Ears

The delayed arrival of CPUs relying on Intel's 7nm manufacturing process node stands to make things easier for AMD in 2022 -- and perhaps longer.

There's Logic to the Market's Moves

Typically, when leading names correct, the entire market will fall in tandem, but here's what's happening this time.

2 Charts Show That Apple Has Started a Correction

It will run its course and the longer-term uptrend will eventually resume.