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Jim Cramer: Here Are 10 Stocks for a Stay-at-Home Pandemic

These companies should continue to work, while we wait for a cure or a vaccine or the darned virus to run its course.

Wait for It but The Trade Desk Could Have Completed Its Correction

TTD has declined with the broader market but it tested and held its 200-day moving average.

VMware Could Test Critical Support in the Weeks Ahead

Let's look at the charts as the company gets set to report quarterly results.

Microsoft Stock Is on the Defensive: What Investors Can Expect Now

Let's check out the charts and indicators to get a sense of the downside risk.

How to Play Workday With Earnings on Tap

Let's see how the charts and indicators are positioned ahead of the numbers.

4 Tech Stocks with Limited Coronavirus Exposure That Have Gone on Sale

Valuations look appealing for some U.S. Internet companies that have joined equity markets in selling off over the last week.

Jim Cramer: We're Not Yet Inured to Coronavirus Disappointment

Microsoft says it will miss its personal computer forecast, but Marriott appears to be trading up a tad.

Uncertainty Plagues Market as Hope Fades for V-Shaped Recovery

Don't let zeal to catch a bounce blind you to the risk involved in this market right now.

Salesforce Could Get Punished With Spillover Weakness

Don't let a winner turn into a loser.

Amazon and Walmart Have Unique Strengths in Their Grocery Fight

The opening of Amazon's first cashierless supermarket highlights one of its competitive strengths. But Walmart has a major strength of its own.

Jim Cramer: Hope for the Best, Plan for the Worst

Is this the end of the world? No. You still need to plan for your financial well-being, even as the CDC tells us 'this might be bad.'

Peloton Isn't a Must Own but One to Consider

I see no reason to hurry or force things right now.

This ETF Double Counting Adds Up to Insanity

You have to invest with your eyes wide open -- especially to the mirage of stock-based exchange-traded funds.

Ugly Scenarios, Ugly Stocks, Ugly Bonds... You Get the Picture: Market Recon

Plus, a bit of coaching on how to put your money to work opportunistically amid the uncertainty.

Intel Is Pricing its Latest Server CPUs Aggressively as AMD Circles the Waters

The chip giant's newest Xeon server CPUs are often more than 20% cheaper on a per-core basis than comparable chips launched in 2019, and also pack other improvements.

Fan Faves Not So Much in Favor Monday

Both the 'troops' and the 'generals' -- or favs -- got taken out on Monday, but it looks like panic has yet to set in.

Jim Cramer: Do You Really Want to Sell Now?

The answer to that question depends on several factors, so let's break them down.

Proofpoint Could Continue a While Longer in a Sideways Trading Range

Cyber attacks will surely be on the rise but that does not look like it will translate into high prices for PFPT just yet.

Will Apple Prove a Leader? Wait and See

Watch whether AAPL declines less than the S&P 500 and if we can spot a bullish candle pattern.

Will HP Be Overwhelmed by Broader Market Weakness?

HPQ looks constructive into earnings but could weaken with the broader market decline.

Palo Alto Networks Could Slump Further Amid a Fearful Market

Shares of the provider of security platforms have bumped up against resistance a few times and the current market turmoil may impede them again.

Dropbox's Jump Shows How Misunderstood Tech Stories Can Create Opportunities

With a business model very different from that of most cloud/SaaS peers, it took a while for markets to appreciate Dropbox's long-term value.

Playing the Bounce in Apple

It's an inexpensive option even if it's only a dead cat.

Here Are Two Names to Perk Up Your Friday Trading

Talend and Stitch Fix are two stocks that look strong even without the help of earnings or an upgrade.

With Zscaler, I See No Reason to Push or Pull Either Way Today

Wait until we see a test of support or a breakout above (or failed test of) resistance before making a move.

The Share Price of Okta Could Grind Higher in the Weeks Ahead

Let's check the charts and indicators of this company that builds cloud applications for employees.

Zscaler Could Weaken Further If Nearby Support Is Broken

The question is how far down and how long the selling lasts.

Market Just Can't Sustain Any Selling Pressure

Traders have been expecting selling for so long that they're highly sensitive to any bit of it.

Lam Research Could Correct With the Broad Market

I would rather stand aside from new commitments until the dust settles.

Apple Rebounds, and The Roadrunner Market Wins Again

The news doesn't necessarily matter when markets are in a roaring bull trend.