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The Tech Sector's Valuation Gap Is Narrowing -- And That's Probably a Good Thing

Many tech stocks sporting high valuations have been selling off in recent weeks, even as the rest of the sector generally holds up well.

Zebra Technologies' Stripes Are Bullish and Ready to Break Out

Shares of the cloud name could break out to the upside at any moment.

The NBA Scores on China Decision and Has the Clout to Press Back

How many companies would follow the NBA's principled examples on Hong Kong free expression vs. China profits?

Looking at Semis, The What Ifs: Brexit, China, USMCA with the UK: Market Recon

The tech sector has been the victim of the recent "on again, off again" rotation. That may really just mean that the group has been victimized by its own success.

TSMC's Outlook Once More Looks Good for Apple, Chip Equipment Firms and Others

The chip manufacturing giant issued strong Q4 sales guidance, offered upbeat remarks about 2020 5G phone demand and hiked its capital spending budget.

Workday Stock Has Its Work Cut Out for Itself

Checking the charts and indicators of the once-hot cloud stock.

The Big Consolidation Pattern on WEX Can Support a Rally - Go Long Here

Let's check out the charts and indicators of WEX this morning.

Richly-Valued Software Firms Face a Small Margin of Error -- Just Ask Workday

Workday is down sharply after indicating its core HCM software business will see slowing growth, and it's taking many enterprise software peers lower with it.

KBR Is Poised to Resume Its Advance - Here's Our Strategy

Let's check the charts and indicators of KBR to see if we want to join in from the long side.

How Fast-Growing TikTok Does and Doesn't Compete Against Instagram and Snapchat

TikTok's short-length video platform has become quite popular with younger consumers. But it isn't exactly a substitute for services such as Instagram and Snapchat Stories.

Oracle's Chart Looks Good

Here is a play on Oracle, as the bullish pattern continues.

Apple's Reported Plans for a $399 iPhone Could Boost Installed-Base Growth

Apple is reportedly prepping a 4.7-inch iPhone that will have a $399 starting price. Such a move could help it land more first-time iPhone users to whom it can cross-sell services and wearables.

IBM Stock Looks Primed for a Big Blue Rally

The stock's technicals are pointing upward.

SAP's Revenue Growth - and Transparency - Compares Favorably with Oracle's

Unlike archrival Oracle, SAP is reporting solid top-line growth and is comfortable breaking out its cloud revenue.

Is Now the Time to Buy ServiceNow? Yes, and Here's Our Plan of Action

Let's drill down in the charts and indicators to see if we want to get involved on the upside.

Three Stocks to Watch for Breakouts

Here are three Friday charts worth watching as they near breakouts.

Avoid the Long Side of Cisco Until It Can Get Back Above $50

Let's check the latest charts and indicators of this network technology company to see what they suggest for the weeks ahead.

Security Tech Firms Like Palo Alto Are Still Delivering Strong Top-Line Growth

Enterprise spending on IT security remains strong, and a recent CIO survey suggests this spending could help during a recession.

I Look at Cisco as an Investment, Not a Trade

Though CSCO has tried to transition into a growth name, the stock remains a value play.

Activision's Hong Kong Controversy Is Shaping Up to Have Financial Consequences

The backlash over the banning of an eSports player who voiced support for Hong Kong protesters has led to widespread boycott calls against Activision's Blizzard unit, which has considerable Chinese exposure.

Finally Some Merited Action Against China's 'Cultural Genocide'

Let's hope the blacklisting of eight companies supplying surveillance equipment to the Chinese state is not just another chip on the U.S.-China trade negotiating table.

Adhering to Your Trading Style Is Paramount in a Choppy and Sloppy Market

Investors need to do what works for them in markets where trading action is extremely random.

Apple, YouTube and Amazon Fare Well in Piper's Latest U.S. Teen Survey

More than four-fifths of U.S. teens still report owning an iPhone, and more than a third now say that YouTube is the video service they watch the most.

Leidos Could Correct a Little Before Its Next Rally Phase

Here's where we think the defense and aviation stock is going in the long run.

New Relic Needs a Longer Repair Process Before It Is Interesting Again

Shares of the enterprise software provider have not made much of a base since a big decline in early August, so it's best to avoid the stock for now.

Uber, Its Stock Hovering Around $30, Has Several Key Positives and Negatives

The ride-hailing leader still has a lot of room to grow, and is starting to see a better U.S. pricing environment. But its cash burn remains substantial, and it's losing some U.S. share to Lyft.

Uber Shares May Ride a Bit Higher in the Short Run

Citigroup's upgrade of Uber to buy from neutral could be enough to generate some positive momentum for the ride-sharing company.

Square Needs to Build a Better Base Pattern to Move Me to Buy

Let's check the charts and indicators of SQ.

HP's Long-Term Printing Challenges Overshadow Its Cost-Cutting and Buybacks

Though stock buybacks and job cuts will prop up HP's earnings in the near-term, its lucrative printing supplies business is still facing major secular headwinds.

RingCentral's Deal Gives Its Charts a Bullish Chime

Here's how we would trade RNG shares following the Avaya news.