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I've Got a Conservative Way to Play Tech

Here's a plan for trading Semtech Corp.

Don't Get Caught in NetApp

Let's check the charts and indicators before earnings for NTAP land later on Tuesday.

CrowdStrike Ahead of Earnings: Strike Now or Avoid the Crowd?

Let's check the charts on this prominent cybersecurity company.

Do Pinduoduo's Technical Moves Make Sense?

Don't be in a rush to buy the shares.

Shopify Gets a Black Friday Lift, But Is It Temporary?

Markets are forward looking, not backward looking.

As Apple Faces Turmoil in China, Here's How to Trade It

I had previously written that CEO Tim Cook has 'pulled it off again.' Well, maybe not.

Taboola Shares Surge on Yahoo Deal

The companies have entered into a 30-Year commercial agreement.

4 Well-Known Names Kick Off the 2023 Tax Loss Selling Recovery Portfolio

A social media giant, an online marketplace, a semiconductor producer and an automaker make the latest list of unloved stock losers.

Disruption of Apple's iPhone Production in China Also Could Disrupt Its Charts

The tech giant could see its technical signals weaken as its shares take a hit from the impact of Covid protests in China on iPhone output.

Autodesk Slips on Guidance, Is This a Chance to Buy or Run?

Let's read the charts on ADSK after earnings reveal worse-than-expected outlook.

Check Out the Cornucopia of Candidates for My 2023 Portfolio of Unloved Losers

In putting together the 2023 Tax Loss Selling Recovery Portfolio there is no shortage of contenders that haven't fared well in 2022.

Snowflake Shares Could Start Melting Even Further

The picture looks rather bearish.

Dropping in on Dropbox Charts

The more sideways movement should eventually translate into a bigger rally.

Better Luck Next Year as This Year's Deep-Value Portfolio Experiment Lays an Egg

The 2022 Tax Loss Selling Recovery Portfolio was a true bomb, but hope spring eternal for 2023.

Zoom Video Isn't Sending Bullish Vibes Ahead of Earnings

The technical signals of the video communications company indicate sellers of its stock have been more aggressive than buyers.

Bearish Bets: 3 Stocks You Definitely Should Consider Shorting This Week

These recently downgraded names are displaying both quantitative and technical deterioration.

Salesforce Shares Continue to Struggle

The charts and indicators of CRM appear pointed lower.

Here's Why Palo Alto Networks Is an Investment, Not a Trade

The growth is here, in revenue, billings and in remaining performance obligation. The balance sheet is strong with the potential to be very strong.

As Indexes Tread Water, Opportunities in Individual Stocks Abound

Plus, a few quick thoughts on how to trade a popular bond ETF and a couple gold plays.

4 Reasons to Tread Carefully With Software Stocks Even Now

While select software firms look attractive, many others could remain pressured by several factors.

Alibaba Charts Need Some Repair Before Getting the 'All Clear' Signal

Price alone is not a reason to buy BABA.

Troubles Aside, Nvidia Is Headed in the Right Direction: Here's the Trade

At the high-end computing game is there anyone better? The simple answer is no.

Checking Palo Alto Networks' Charts Ahead of Earnings

What's needed here is a strong earnings report.

Nvidia's Charts Suggest Now Isn't the Time to Go All In on the Chipmaker

Nvidia's latest results are giving its shares a small boost, but its technical signals are mixed at best.

Let's Review Marvell Technology's Technical Indicators

Shares of the chipmaker have firmed recently to move above the 50-day moving average line.

Stay Patient as Cisco Systems Continues to Build a Base

It appears that the charts of the maker of networking equipment are still forming a bottom pattern.

Semiconductor Industry Set to Embark on Expensive Bifurcation

Chipmakers need to diversify their production bases, which for better or worse will impact Taiwan, current center of the chip fabrication sector.

Warren Buffett Uses Stealth to Take a Big Stake in Taiwan Semiconductor

The Oracle of Omaha managed to execute a boatload of TSM stock purchases without attracting attention on the semiconductor giant's charts.

Is Honeywell Starting to Give You a Fear of Heights?

Here's what the charts say about this stock as it's gone way up.

AMD Gets a Few Upgrades, But We Care More About the Charts

Let's check out the latest zigs and zags of AMD.