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Will IBM Stock Move Higher Following Its Earnings Report?

IBM reports its Q4 results after today's market close and is my 2020 pick for the year.

Netflix Reports Earnings on Tuesday: 6 Important Things to Watch

The Disney+ effect, regional subscriber growth and 2020 content spending and free cash flow guidance are among the things to track as the streaming giant reports.

5 Promising Stocks to Study Over the Long Weekend

Last year wasn't particularly kind to every stock, but some are turning around for the better in 2020.

Something Big Is in Store for AeroVironment in 2020

It offers exposure to unmanned aircraft systems, drones, tactical missile systems, first-responders, telecom connectivity, and is exploring commercial A.I. & agricultural applications.

Let Me Count the Ways I Love Microsoft

MSFT is not one of my names that has just kept on hitting target prices, thus forcing decisions. The stock is getting close though.

Enterprise Software Spending Keeps Growing at an Impressive Clip

The latest estimates from research firm Gartner suggest enterprise software spend could grow at a double-digit rate both this year and next.

Folks Say Apple's Gone Parabolic. I Say That's Hyperbole

Let's look at this stock's rise compared with Qualcomm in 1999 and even Tesla now.

TSMC's Sales and Capex Guidance Lived Up to Investors' High Hopes

TSMC issued a strong Q1 sales outlook amid heavy demand for its most advanced manufacturing processes. And it shared a capex budget that has given a boost to chip equipment stocks.

His Name Is Jonas, and on Tesla, He's Carrying the Wheel

Thank Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas for all he's shown us on the problem with TSLA.

Strong Demand for Used iPhones Is Helping Apple in Multiple Ways

Growing sales of used iPhones are contributing to installed base growth, while relatively high resale prices give Apple some indirect iPhone pricing power.

'Don't Confuse Brains With a Bull Market'

Those words relate well to the kind of market we're in now.

Huawei Trade Restrictions Are Hurting Some U.S. Chip Suppliers More Than Others

As the Commerce Department drafts new Huawei export restrictions, some of its U.S. chip suppliers are better-positioned than others to limit the damage.

Chip Industry Firms Keep Pre-Announcing Good Numbers

MagnaChip Semiconductor and Ichor Holdings have joined the ranks of industry firms to announce that their Q4 sales were better than previously expected.

Facebook and Google Are Each Making Intriguing E-Commerce Moves

The tech giants are each wagering that new e-commerce and payments features for their platforms will boost ad sales.

Looking Deeper Into International Game Technology

After a mid-November pop, IGT shares have been consolidating over the past two months.

5 Things for Tech Investors to Watch as Earnings Season Unfolds

Capex trends, chip demand and IT spending commentary are among the things to watch as dozens of tech companies report this earnings season.

Don't Be Fooled: The Market's Not Rational, but That's OK

The best way to think about this market is to embrace the idea that it is not logical and levelheaded.

6 Kinds of Tech Companies Getting a Boost as Cameras Proliferate

Chip suppliers and others are benefiting as smartphone camera counts rise and camera penetration rates grow in other markets.

Feel Secure With This Big Special Dividend

This cybersecurity company will likely draw you in with its special $12 dividend, and then keep you for a while.

PC Sales Look Set to Cool Off in 2020

Intel CPU shortages and the end of a business PC upgrade cycle are both likely to weigh on near-term PC demand.

What Drove Apple's 2019 Multiple Growth -- and Where Things Could Go From Here

Better-than-expected 2019 iPhone sales, booming wearables franchises and new services launches all gave Apple a lift in 2019. Changing investor perceptions of the company also seem to have helped.

Chart Industries Gets a Quant Upgrade to 'Buy' to Boost the Charts

Let's delve into the charts and indicators.

Maxar Technologies Has Made a Huge Comeback but Its Rally May Be Over

Let's check to see if the charts are out of this world.

Apple, Apple and More Apple

I am not selling any more Apple based on my price targets. I will sell more Apple when the chart turns.

Apple Is Poised to Reach More Highs in the First Quarter

Does it get any better?

Jim Cramer: Why the Tech Stocks Are Back in Favor

The big tech names are once again surging, and as long as they keep their noses clean, that should continue.

Microsoft's Cloud Momentum Is Starting to Turn More Heads

Though its public cloud revenue is still much smaller than Amazon's, Microsoft continues to steadily gain share.

Jim Cramer: Let's Unmask This Magical Market Momentum

What feeds this force and how -- and when is it good vs. suspect?

This Market's Following the Laws of Motion, so Don't Fight It

A reversal will come, for sure, but there's just no way to time it with any degree of precision.

Nvidia, AMD and Intel's CES Graphics Announcements: 5 Key Takeaways

CES has seen AMD unveil new mid-range GPUs, Intel show off its first discrete GPU and Nvidia unveil new technologies for eSports players and VR headset owners.