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Charts of the Day: The States of U.S. Gambling

A bit of context to simmer on following the big deal between Caesars and Eldorado.

Qualcomm's Spectrum Strategy Chief Talks About How 5G Is Being Deployed

Qualcomm exec Dean Brenner suggests his company sees a large opportunity to deploy 5G in unlicensed spectrum, and that 5G's technical strengths make it a better choice than Wi-Fi for certain applications.

Qualcomm Shares Some More About its 5G RF Chip Progress

With the help of an end-to-end technology approach, Qualcomm continues seeing strong design win activity for its RF chips within phones using its 5G modems.

Foxconn's Future Shows How Taiwan Gains from China's Pain

The world's largest contract manufacturer said goodbye on Friday to founder Terry Gou, who is running for Taiwan's president; its plans pave the way for Taiwan's economic and political future.

Jim Cramer: Be Aware of Possible IPO-O, aka Initial Public Offering Overload

Do we finally have too many new stocks, and are we running out of ammunition to buy them without wholesale liquidation of other stocks?

Stocks to Go 'Goga' Over

Here are some picks from my 'Goga Stocks,' so named from The Republic of Georgia's Goga Bitadze -- you'll see what I mean...

Micron May Retest December Low

We could see a retest of Micron's December low, but it's not clear if that will be a buying opportunity.

Can Oracle Retake Lost Market Share -- Or Is It In the Clouds?

Oracle tells investors it can regain the crown it once held among enterprises and end-users, but some aren't so sure.

Jim Cramer: Can We Take It Higher?

On a historic day when we set new records, let's look at the Dow Jones Industrial Average's Top 10 winners to see how lofty -- or nosebleed -- we really are.

Oracle Still Needs to Share More About How Its App Business Is Faring

The software giant stopped breaking out cloud revenue last year, and the numbers it just shared suggest the revenue growth rate for its applications software business slowed last quarter.

Jitters Not Justified

Despite steady selling Thursday the markets are not on the verge of disaster -- and thanks to several IPOs, opportunities are here.

Oracle Still Towers Above

Tech giant's earnings prove it's a reigning power in the cloud, but now may not be the time to chase the stock.

Wall Street Is Still Waiting on the Oracle Debate to Settle

Is the bad news for Oracle all over?

Which Way for Oracle?

Oracle has been flying sideways for a while, but could it take off again with new partnerships and initiatives?

Tencent-Backed WeDoctor Scraps International Listing for Shanghai

The healthcare app creator reportedly shelves a Hong Kong listing in favor of "China's Nasdaq" due to data privacy and transparency concerns.

Oracle's Charts Could Switch From Bearish to Bullish With Strong Close Thursday

The bearish alignment of indicators makes Thursday price strength a bit surprising.

Slack Marches to the Beat of a Different Drum in Unicorn Parade

Will Slack help set a new trend for IPO strategy among red-hot technology companies?

Adobe and Salesforce's Marketing Software Momentum Shouldn't Be Overlooked

Thanks to strong secular growth trends and perhaps also share gains against major rivals, Adobe and Salesforce are both reporting very strong growth for their marketing software segments.

Here's How Adobe Stacks Up After Earnings

Adobe bulls may want to keep their excitement in check for the next two to three weeks, as over the past nine out of 10 reports, the stock has moved between 1% and 4% the day after reporting.

Adobe's Partnerships, Smart Buys Are Paying Off for Shareholders

Adobe may be eyeing future M&A.

Adobe Looks Rock Solid

Despite some soft guidance, Adobe's earnings are strong and those who have been long on are sitting on nice profits -- here're some tips for newcomers on taking a bullish position.

Will Adobe Break Out to New Highs or See Profit-Taking?

What the latest charts and indicators are telling us after Wednesday night's earnings.

Adobe Surges as Opportunity Overshadows Light Third-Quarter Forecast

Adobe's leadership position in cloud is clearing the way for share growth and pushing its shares higher despite more conservative guidance from management.

FOMC by the Dots, Boeing's 737 Max Coup and Zscaler Scales Higher: Market Recon

Plus, many market players don't wait for the Federal Open Market Committee's latest announcement to jump in, and President Trump's latest Xi tweet gooses equities.

Jim Cramer: Adobe's 'Golden Age of Creativity' Is Upending the Retail World

Adobe and its peers are making it so even tiny retailers can offer an engaging digital experience -- and compete with the big guys.

Jim Cramer: Don't Get Your Hopes Up on China Deal

Talks between Washington and Beijing unlikely to end tariffs, but what would be worse? If the Fed chief dropped his guard on a single tweet.

Facebook's Libra Cryptocurrency Project: 7 Key Things Investors Should Know

Facebook put a lot of work into laying the foundations for its Libra cryptocurrency project. However, its strategy for monetizing Libra is a very long-term one.

Long the Apple of My Eye

Going long on the tech giant is more about health care and credit card offerings than the iPhone.

Is Facebook's Blockchain Bet the Next Big Thing in Big Tech?

Is Libra the next tectonic shift in tech? Is it even a cryptocurrency at all?

Libra: What You Need to Know About Facebook's New Cryptocurrency

Facebook's first blockchain-backed payment initiative is here. Here's what investors and crypto enthusiasts need to know.