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Nutanix's Recent Action and Long-Term Story Intrigue Me

The company has been transitioning from a transactional hardware sales model to a subscription software model.

Cloudera Needs to Break Above This Key Level to Really Rally

The charts of CLDR are in the middle of changing from a downtrend to an uptrend.

Dropbox Warrants a Flyer

With price pushing above resistance today, a small upside play could be considered here, especially if you remain under invested.

Jim Cramer: The Market Makes No Judgment Calls, Investors Do

And the reality is that the more money you make, the more likely you can contribute to the causes that you care about.

Barcode Maker Cognex Is Emerging From a Large Base Formation

Let's check the charts and indicators of this technology company.

Fastly Could Rally Even More Despite Being Extended

Let's check out the latest charts and indicators.

This Dividend Stock 'LOGI'cally Stands Out

Logitech actually raised its dividend amid the pandemic.

Here's an Updated Technical Strategy for Zscaler's Surging Shares

As we review the charts and indicators, continue to hold longs from March.

CrowdStrike Is Pointed Higher but Could Experience Some Profit Taking

The price action tells me that traders are anticipating a strong earnings report Tuesday.

Don't Count on HBO Max to See a Reception Like Disney+'s

Though possessing a good content library, HBO Max's pricing and device support work against it, as do a couple other things.

It May Be Time to Reconsider ShotSpotter

This one doesn't have options, so it would be a pure stock play now.

Is This Tech Titan a Bubble Play Ready to Burst?

To maintain its growth rate and keep the equity markets happy, the company needs to continue to acquire other businesses.

Zebra Technologies Is Set to Climb Still Higher

Here's our strategy on where to go long.

Salesforce Could See Higher Highs Up Ahead

Continue to hold longs recommended earlier this month.

Jim Cramer: This Is a Brave New Economy We're In

The Fed and Treasury are set on avoiding the mistakes that doomed us in the past, and we have to invest for this new market we're in now.

VMware Looks Ready to Finally Break Its Longer-Term Downtrend

Checking the charts of this virtualization and cloud computing software provider.

Let's SNAP Together a Trade

Snapchat is benefiting from the Covid-19 stay-at-home policies, so here's how I'd play the social media name.

HP Charts Print Picture of More Gains to Come

The maker of PCs and printers is seeing accumulation in its shares based on a key chart.

Many Tech Firms Are Eager to Raise Cash -- Even When They Don't Really Need To

A long list of tech companies have taken advantage of favorable credit and/or equity markets in recent weeks.

The 2½ Hour Correction

What we have right now is a Pollyannaish market where there is no such thing as a negative and stocks never go down.

Jim Cramer: This Market's a Long Horse Race

Let's take stock of who's likely to come out ahead in this winner-take-all marathon.

Wix Looks Like a Good Replacement in Cramer's Covid-19 Index

A bullish golden cross of two moving averages just occurred.

4 Noteworthy Things Shared By Microsoft, Anaplan and Other Software Firms

Microsoft is seeing higher demand for Azure services that provide cloud resources for remote workers, while Palo Alto Networks and Dropbox have seen trial subscriptions jump.

Just Because We Rallied Doesn't Mean It Was Healthy

The big question after the day's odd brew of action is whether the rotational trading will continue to work.

Let's Put Slack Back to WORK

Here's a trade in the name as we return to a new normal.

Go With the Flow on Teradyne

The stock looks poised for an upside breakout.

Here's a Technical Strategy for Box Ahead of Earnings

Because the stock has been in a longer-term downtrend I'm in no big rush to go long.

Emerson Electric: Dividend King Trading at a Discount

EMR is a storied company with a long history of generating steady growth year after year, regardless of the broader economic outlook.

A Lot of Tech Demand Is Probably Getting Pulled Forward Right Now

Some -- though not all -- of the extra hardware, software and services spending currently happening would have likely taken place at a later date.

The Market Is Setting Up for the Next Big Move

Despite the lackluster action there are some pockets of good stock picking again.