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Kass: Time to Introduce a Financial Transaction Tax and End Weekly Stock Options

I believe more sensible regulations should be considered and enforcement is needed to adapt to gains in technology.

I'm Intrigued by the Recent Pullback in Aurora Mobile

While the Chinese company is still not profitable, it is cash flow positive.

Nvidia's Decline Doesn't Make It a Buying Opportunity - Yet

NVDA has weakened despite great fundamental numbers.

Remember, This Ain't Noah's 'ARK,' It's Still Just a Leveraged Tech Fund

Let's put ARKK in perspective with TQQQ and QQQ, as we get all the hype about Cathie Wood and the fund's 210% rise.

Here's My Technical View on Advanced Micro Devices

AMD's near-term price action troubles me.

There's a Green Day Coming in Apple

These calls are going to end up in the money.

QuantumScape May Pressure Longs in the Weeks Ahead

Time to review the charts and indicators.

Luminar Technologies Is Likely to Give Back All of its Gains

Let's look at the charts and indicators.

I Don't Want to Get Cornered Into Square

Here's why the company's move with bitcoin just doesn't square well with my investing views.

CrowdStrike Traders Should Take the Money and Run

CRWD has turned to the downside.

Look for the Rally in Charles River Labs to Continue

Here's how traders can play shares of the contract research company.

Why the Plunge in More Speculative Tech Stocks Might Not Be Over Yet

High valuations, margin debt and the ARK effect could lead to more pain for some names. But the selloff could also create buying opportunities in other tech companies.

A Top Reversal for ON Semiconductor Should Not Be Ignored

A few technical signs are emerging that a correction could be coming in shares of the semiconductor producer.

How to Trade Nvidia Ahead of Earnings

The chipmaker is set to report its latest quarterly results Wednesday.

Whether Active or Passive, These 2 Deep-Value Portfolios Are Shining

Four months in, the 2020 Triple Net Active Versus Passive Portfolio experiment is proving to be a rewarding experience.

Screening for Quality Defensive Stock Plays Yields a Woefully Small Bunch

The pickings are slim when it comes to stocks that can meet the stringent standards of a stock screen based on Benjamin Graham's principles.

The 1999/2000 Bubble Didn't End All at Once...and This One Might Not Either

One possible outcome: The party ends relatively soon for some of the more speculative names, while other high-multiple stocks remain strong until inflation and the Fed become issues.

The Pattern Is Starting to Change

The Nasdaq had its first three consecutive red days since mid-October.

Can Apple Suffer a Near-Term Pullback?

Let's check the indicators.

SOS Limited Is Set Up for a Potential Ratio Put Spread

To undercut costs of Chinese competitors, SOS is using hydropower for its cloud crypto mining center.

I Think Nano Dimension Makes a Terrific Acquisition Candidate

I want the $10 level as my long strike for the put spread.

Shark Bites: Betting on Gambling Technology

ELYS is starting a major rollout of its casino and sports betting platform in the U.S.

Roku's Rally Is Slowing, So Be Cautious With Earnings on Tap

Shares of the television streaming platform are now extended and potentially more vulnerable to a downward reaction.

Despite Bitcoin Futures Touching $51,000, Tesla's Charts Are Weakening

Just as TSLA's strength lifted the S&P 500, its weakness can cut in the other direction.

Fastly's Charts Are Looking Weak

Avoid the long side.

RingCentral Is in an Uptrend but Traders Need to Consider Some Profit-Taking Now

Let's review the charts and indicators.

Magnite's Charts Tell a Bullish Story

Let's see where and when to put MGNI in the shopping cart.

Microsoft May Have Eyed Pinterest for Some of the Same Reasons It Wanted TikTok

Microsoft owns a slew of assets that it could use to strengthen each business, and it could see strategic value in owning a popular consumer social media platform.

Mitek Systems Has Charts Going in Different Directions

Let' see when they will align to the upside.

Jim Cramer: Time to Build the Best Complex of Semiconductor Foundries Anywhere

We can do it because it's just so good for so many people, states, companies, and the U.S.