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Chipmaker STMicroelectronics Shows Some Static Ahead of Earnings

STM's charts are a tough read, but let's see what they say when all the pieces are put together.

Patience Is Required If You're Going to Trade AT&T: Here's the Play

The stock will not be cheap for some time.

As We Await Tesla's Results, Let's Assess Whether to Touch Microsoft

Would-be traders and investors need to understand that the software giant's stock isn't cheap by any measure.

Microsoft Gets Hit, Slowing Economy, Sloppy Markets, Ukraine Tanks, Halliburton

It was MSFT guidance that turned the post-closing bell rally into overnight weakness.

Microsoft's Earnings Confirm Fears of Economic Slowing

The primary issue now is whether MSFT earnings will produce a theme reflected in other reports.

Is ServiceNow Now Ready to Rally?

Perhaps, as buyers of the cloud computing company's shares have been more aggressive of late.

How to Play Qualcomm's Improved Technical Picture

Here's our latest strategy for the chipmaker.

With Spotify, It's Important to Pick the Right Spot to Buy

Pay attention to these price levels as the music and podcasting stock rises on layoff news.

Salesforce Draws an Activist's Interest, So Should You Go Long?

Let's check the charts and indicators as Elliott Management takes a stake.

I'm Not Convinced That Alphabet Is Poised for a Sustained Rally

Let's take a fresh look at the charts and indicators.

Tech Is Back? Please, Stop Clowning Around And Watch the Swinging Axe

Just because Netflix added more subscribers than expected does not mean Big Tech is turning around -- and here's my answer to anyone who says it is.

Just What's Going on With AT&T and Its Charts?

The telecommunications, media and technology firm reports earnings January 25th.

Celestica Is Poised for an Upside Breakout

Here's a move aggressive traders could make now.

Microsoft Faces Macro Chart Issues With Earnings on the Horizon

The technical signals of the software giant indicate that the lengthy slide in its shares likely isn't over.

Qualcomm: A Rare Technology Value Play

With the stock and the semiconductor sector out of favor, here's why these shares are a compelling buy.

5 Investing Takeaways from CES 2023

CES provided reasons to be bullish on some chip companies and cloud platforms...and to maintain some skepticism about AR/VR hype.

This Semiconductor Stock Has Doubled Since July: Here's How to Play It Now

Let's check the charts of Amkor Technology.

Microchip Technology Is Booting Up

Here's a strategy for MCHP as the charts improve.

Taiwan Semiconductor's Results Better Than Feared, But Is It Time to Jump In?

The company is as fundamentally sound as any business out there.

Alphabet's Stock Has Yet to Reach a Good Bottom

Is there evidence of new and aggressive buying in GOOGL?

What's Next for Analog Devices Stock?

We're checking out the charts of the semiconductor maker.

You Down With ODP? Yeah, You Know Me

Check out these charts. The stock looks poised for a major upside breakout.

Apple and Lululemon Aren't Pretty but Alibaba Perks Up

The chart of Apple in particular indicates that it could be tough for stocks in general to pull out of bear market mode.

Buffett's Berkshire Reduces Its BYD Position: What Investors Should Know

The Oracle of Omaha has been a long-time investor in the Chinese auto company.

Can Oracle Continue to Rally From Here?

The shares have broken a longer-term downward trend.

Tyler Technologies Is Searching for a Durable Bottom Formation

Further declines may be ahead for this integrated information management firm.

Microsoft Is a Microcosm of the Slip-Sliding Tech Sector

The rapid run-up in tech stocks from their pandemic lows means few areas of support were created, and that could lead to a proportionate fall in their shares.

Microsoft and Amazon: Here's Why This Is No Contest

While there's significant commonality between the two only one stands out.

Honeywell Shares Decline on a Fundamental Downgrade

Here's what traders who are long HON from lower levels should consider.

Is Microsoft's Downgrade the Last Shoe to Drop?

Let's check out the charts and indicators to see.