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This Trade Takes Some 'Talend'

Despite the move higher Tuesday, I want to jump on the train here with TLND as I believe the stock has an additional 10% to 15% upside by the end of the year.

Google Stadia Reviews Show Why Microsoft's Cloud Gaming Strategy Is Smarter

Whereas Google is betting on cloud gaming alone, Microsoft is taking a more practical approach to supporting the technology.

Jim Cramer: I Am Not a Seller of Technology

Here is what you are up against if you dump now.

Jim Cramer: Know Tech or Die

Companies that want to survive in this world need better tech -- tech that individualizes, tech that tells the story, tech that keeps it current, tech that keeps customers happy.

Apple Props Up Sloppy Market

Action on Monday appears random with no true sector leadership among the lagging small caps.

HP Has Plenty of Good Reasons for Rejecting Xerox's Initial Buyout Offer

Though HP says it's still open to some kind of deal with Xerox, the deal that Xerox proposed would carry major financial risks on top of all the execution and revenue growth risks any kind of merger between the firms would carry.

Salesforce.com May Finally Be Ready to Move Higher After Months of Weakness

Let's check out the charts of CRM.

Covetrus Needs to Build a Base After Surge in Share Price

Shares of the provider of animal health technology could afford to see more development and sideways price action after their big post-earnings jump.

AMD Inks New Server CPU Deals; Data Center Chief Discusses Them and More

During a talk with TheStreet, AMD exec Forrest Norrod highlighted new supercomputer deals and an expanded partnership with AWS. He also suggested AMD's next-gen server CPUs will deliver healthy performance gains.

Can Twilio Pass This Test?

As the company makes brutal pullback, let's see how it could turn up higher.

Don't Dismiss Friday's Breakout, Retailers Report, Trading Macy's: Market Recon

Third quarter earnings season is down to the really nitty gritty. That said, there are still quite a few well known (to the public) retailers set to bring up the rear.

LivePerson Charts Send Mixed Message

The chart of the provider of business messaging technology did break down this month, but it also rebounded nicely.

Nvidia's Desktop Gaming and Cloud Sales Rebounds Should Not Be Overlooked

Though Nvidia's sales guidance was below expectations, management indicates that sales to desktop gamers and cloud giants will be strong this quarter.

2 Hammered Small-Cap Stocks That Insiders Are Buying

These names both offer reasons to think their fortunes could turn as 2020 approaches.

Nvidia Could Resume Its Uptrend, So Raise Stop Protection

The chipmaker's charts indicate buyers of its shares were more aggressive going into the earnings it reported Thursday.

Jim Cramer: It's Not the Technology That Matters, It's Who's Buying It

Just look at the performance of Roku vs. Cisco and the main customers for a host of other tech companies such as Apple, Nvidia, Texas Instruments and Advanced Micro Systems.

No Need to Be on Pins and Needles With Pinterest

Despite some awful quarters, I see hope for the name, so here's how to play it with May 18 puts.

Walmart's Online Grocery Growth Remains Strong as Amazon Begins a Counterattack

The retail giant reported another quarter of strong e-commerce growth that was driven in large part by its online grocery business. Amazon is responding to this challenge in a couple of different ways.

We Are Certainly Due for Another Pullback By the End of 2019

My 8 bullet points show there are very few things that have changed in the past 6 months.

Trading in a Topsy-Turvy World, Sell Cisco? No!: Market Recon

Headline blur. What channel to watch? Who to listen to in real time? How to trade it? Should you trade it? Is anyone even trading anything?

Apple Lifts Market, Disney Turns Into Momentum Stock

Stocks go higher as bump in China-trade talks turns into bounce-back, and better charts begin to emerge.

It May Be Smarter to Take a Pass on Buying Smartsheet

Let's review the charts of this software service company.

Alphabet's Valuation Still Looks Reasonable on a Sum-of-the-Parts Basis

When businesses such as Google Maps, Waymo and the Google Cloud Platform get valued on their own, the valuation given to Google's main profit engines looks fairly cheap.

Rash of Bad Headlines Isn't the Problem for Alphabet

Despite stories of questionable use of health care data, my concern with GOOGL is technical: We need a retest of $1,250 to $1,275 before we can move significantly higher.

InMode Has Tripled Since Its IPO: Here's How to Play It Now

Let's check out the charts of this medical technologies company.

Micron Technology Has Mixed Chart Pictures

Let's check in with the charts and indicators.

Cash Stashes Dwindle as Markets Crest and Powell Speaks: Market Recon

Plus, we preview Wednesday's Trump-Erdogan meeting and check out AbbVie's huge debt offering as well as the new Abode-Microsoft connection.

Jim Cramer: 5G Is So Badly Misunderstood

Five G is about massive digitization for pretty much everything and it's simply not believed.

Nvidia Reports Earnings on Thursday: 5 Important Things to Watch

Cloud demand trends, gaming GPU sales and Mellanox deal commentary are among the things to watch as Nvidia reports.

The Winds Have Changed for BioMarin

I am looking for higher prices.