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2 Big-Name, Single-Stock ETFs With a Foreign Twist Could Be on the Horizon

The potential offerings from Roundhill aren't geared solely to the retail investor but also could interest smaller institutions and other ETF issuers.

A Cannabis ETF and a Micro-Cap Stock That Have Grabbed My Attention

The ETF is showing signs of perking up and the micro-cap is a maker of electric outboard motors.

Don't Get Burned on First Solar's Rocket Ship Higher

The stock may be getting to close too the sun.

A Post-Split Shopify Merits a Fresh Technical Look

It appears the shares of the commerce platform provider should be able to sustain some upside, though a close trailing stop would be in order.

Hey, Traders, Here's How I'm Approaching QQQ, The Trade Desk and Roblox

It seems to be time to err on the side of caution when dealing with the Invesco QQQ Trust.

The Trade Desk Gaps Higher But What Does That Do to the Charts?

Here's what traders who are long from our previous recommendation should consider.

IBM Gets a Quant Downgrade, But Here's What the Charts Reveal

Shares of Big Blue continue to struggle to regain or restart their longer-term uptrend.

Let's Shine a Light on 7 Solar Energy Stocks and ETFs

The Inflation Reduction Act contains about $430 billion in new spending, a big chunk of which goes toward clean energy.

Solar Firm Sunrun Continues to Run on the Upside

Here's what the longer-term picture looks like.

CRISPR Therapeutics' Base Can Support Further Price Gains

Let's look at the charts and indicators.

Palantir May Have Its Problems, But Here's a Reason to Like It Longer-Term

We know the federal government will be a buyer, as will the private sector, but there are challenges in this environment.

4 Positives for Tech Stocks Right Now...and 4 Reasons to Be Cautious

While earnings season and lower commodity prices have cheered tech investors, the Fed's stance and recent speculative behavior provide reasons for concern.

Momentum Technology Traders Have a Big Day Ahead This Week

Traders should be aware that there are a number of favorite tech plays that will be reporting results after Tuesday's close.

For DOCS, the Writing Is on the Wall

Doximity has not finished its decline, according to the charts.

Lost in Space: Virgin Galactic Continues to Come Down to Earth

A trip to Necker Island may be a better investment here.

Twilio Trips Over Its Outlook: Can It Regain Its Balance?

Let's check out the charts for its next move.

Oil Is Out, Tech Is In, but You Knew That Already, Right?

As energy is drained, someone told me this week how tech is now the long trade. Where have I heard that before? Also, let's look at the risks of the tech comeback.

Here's Why Apple Has Me Nervous About the Stock Market

You may recall what I recently wrote about Costco.

Atlassian Shares Have Been Moving Higher Ahead of Earnings

Here's what traders should do now.

Can Zoom Rise Further From the Ashes?

The pandemic darling gains a new fundamental supporter. Here's what the charts are saying.

The Market Is Too Comfortable With the Idea That a Dovish Fed Soon Will Return

That's not to say stocks couldn't continue to rally, but it isn't a bad idea to take some profits on strength.

An Undeniable Trend, My Pitchfork Trading Approach, 4 Key Charts, What Now Fed?

Is there more room to run? That's very likely. What could screw that up? Really anything.

Big Tech Check-Up: Where 5 Well-Known Names Stand After Earnings

Several leading advisors review and analyze what we just heard from Microsoft, Alphabet, Meta, Apple and IBM.

Qorvo Is Poised to Stage a Modest Recovery Rally

Let's check out the semiconductor name heading into earnings.

Mixed Earnings Bag Requires Diligence Among Momentum Traders

Stocks are moving abruptly and dramatically depending on which way quarterly reports go for the companies that deliver them.

Tesla's Charts Appear to Be Plotting a Course Higher

Let's look at Elon Musk's famed carmaker, now that a target was reached.

Palo Alto Networks Rallies and Gets a New Supporter

Let's check out the charts and indicators of this cybersecurity name.

ON Semiconductor's Earnings Just Broke Records: Here's the Trade

The quarter was excellent. Cash flows are flowing. Guidance was solid.

Roku Plunges After Results and May Not Have Found a Bottom Yet

The charts and indicators of the streaming company are mixed, though the shares have yet to display a bottom reversal.