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How to Play Stagflation? Buy Resource Names Like Nano One Materials

The intriguing thing about Nano is that it offers technology instead of the materials themselves.

Chinese Tech Stocks Plunge on Tighter Access to U.S. Markets

Chinese companies looking to list overseas are contending with pressure from U.S. and Chinese regulators, with it impossible to satisfy both.

This Dividend Stock Could Finally Be a Business 'Machine'

IBM has been frustrating as a turnaround name, but it's now pressing the right buttons -- and has a high yield.

The Doctor Is in, Teladoc Is Out

Roll up your sleeve and know this might hurt a bit: The charts of TDOC show prices are pointed ... lower.

Trane Technologies Is Set to Climb Higher

TT is pointed up but could dip to fill the small upside price gap made Wednesday.

Jim Cramer: FAANG's Still Got Teeth

Here's why you shouldn't leave these stellar technology names.

Generac Holdings Has Discounted Lots of Good News

Traders should let this correction play out.

Zebra Technologies Needs to Hold Support

The charts and indicators of ZBRA are touch and go right now.

DuPont Is Ready for Another Leg Higher

Here's our first price target.

Novice Trade: Apple

This is probably a good place to start accumulating some options.

Twitter Is Now a Long-Term Secular Short

The weaker members of the tech herd are showing signs that they will be unable to live up to the growth expectations.

Chinese Regulators Summon Big Tech Who's Who for Showdown Talks

Thirteen Chinese tech firms have been told to change their ways by stopping anticompetitive practices and getting licenses for consumer credit.

There's No Way I'm Selling Apple Performing at This Level

'Own it, don't trade it', but dips are to be bought.

Salesforce's Charts Say It's Time to Be a Buyer Again

Here are the levels traders should focus on.

IBM Continues to Improve Technically

Let's take a look at Big Blue's charts and indicators.

Mogo's Chart Is Shaping Up as a Bounce Candidate

Here's where I would put my stop if I were holding shares of this FinTech.

QQQ: A 35,000-Foot View of the Popular Nasdaq 100 ETF

Here are the price objectives we see from our six-chart analysis.

General Electric Reports, and Here's Where I'm a Buyer Now

I've been adding on dips the whole time.

Raytheon Technologies' Charts Are Bullish

Let's review the charts and indicators.

Here's the Key to Nio

Looks like the third time is a charm, and the charts have improved.

Sizing Up Buy Entries in 2 Stocks and an ETF

The diverse names worth tracking are Riot Blockchain, Seagen Inc. and VanEck Vectors Semiconductor ETF.

5 Takeaways From Intel, Seagate, ASML and Lam Research Earnings This Week

Among other things, Intel disclosed weak server CPU sales figures and shared more details about its plans to battle TSMC and Samsung in the foundry market.

Watch Tesla and Peloton as They Face Potential Product Liability Issues

The actual hit to reputational damage is much more difficult to quantify.

Prepare to Go Long Intel If Support Develops

Let's review the charts and indicators.

I Went From 'Why Do I Own AT&T?' to 'Wow, Am I Glad I Own AT&T'

This could be the last chance to add before the stock finally moves into its next technical phase.

Jim Cramer: Secular Growth Is What Lam Research Is All About

When you hear about chip shortage you need to think of Lam. The world needs Lam to add to capacity as fast as possible.

Marvell Technology Now Displays a Bullish Picture

We are no longer standing aside.

Qualtrics International Sees Its Charts Greatly Improve

The technical signals indicate a bit more aggressive buying of its shares of late.

Alphabet Shares Should Continue to Live Higher

Let's examine the charts of the 'G' in FAANG.

Hewlett Packard Enterprises Has One of Those Charts That's So Tempting

I find this to be a half now, half on a confirmed breakout play.