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Time for Profit-Taking on Palantir

Here's my updated look at the charts of Palantir Technologies.

How to Trade MongoDB After Its Huge Upside Move

Let's check out the charts and indicators for clues.

I'm Placing Bets on a Couple of Giants to Lose Ground in the Coming Months

This pair of household names easily could pull back based on the economic challenges ahead.

KLA Corp. Should Keep KLAC'ing Away

Here's where the charts show this chipmaker heading.

Synopsys Needs to Catch Its Breath Before Making Further Gains

Traders should exercise patience and wait for a dip before probing the long side.

Can Arista Networks Make More Upward Connections?

Let's check the charts of this name as some sideways action looks likely for a while.

Adobe Systems' Charts Are Designing Further Gains

ADBE may go sideways for a bit before moving higher.

Done Debt Deal, Fed Heads Tone It Down, AI Gold Mine, Wary Eye on Apple

Plus, a couple major stock indexes appear to be in better technical shape.

Will the AI Theme Continue to Protect the Market From Economic Fears?

The bulls are focused on stocks that are benefiting from AI while the bears argue these few names don't fix the other economic issues that are still lurking.

Salesforce Shares Are Pressured, But I'm Not Threatened: Here's the Trade

Margins are up, cash flows are roaring, guidance is strong, yet valuation remains an issue.

Sizing Up ServiceNow Now That It Has Run Higher

It appears there is more upside potential for the cloud computing stock, though traders should exercise caution.

Accenture Forms a Bottom With Strengthening Indicators

As we check the charts, I have two price targets.

Debt Deal Done, Fed Set to Skip, How I'm Playing CrowdStrike After Its Beatdown

There are two areas I would allow for absurd valuations right now: Anyone who sells what buyers need to integrate AI into their own offerings and those engaged in cybersecurity.

The AI Theme Destroyed the Economic Bears, But Now What?

About 90% of stocks are still struggling, but many market players are celebrating.

What Price Number Is Five9 Dialing Up? Let's Check the Charts

This call center software company could be making a double-bottom pattern. Here's what that means for investors.

Intel Leaps Ahead, Let's Look Inside the Charts

Just about a week ago we looked at this chipmaker and since it's been powering ahead. Is it time to buy?

Here's How Okta Lines Up With Earnings on Tap

Let's review the charts of this cybersecurity name.

Will CrowdStrike Stand Out From the Crowd After Earnings?

The technical signals aren't yielding a clear answer to that question.

Cautious Market, Debt Bill, Struggling Economy, Oil Prices, China PMI

Plus, HP expects to have PCs with a built in AI program available by 2024.

In Case You Missed It: Apple Just Hit a New 52-Week High

Let's not ignore the strength in AAPL.

Lam Research Is Headed (Much) Higher. Here's the Plan

LRCX is in a strong technical position.

C3.ai Is My Lottery Ticket: Here's How Traders Can Cash In

The firm, which considers itself an enterprise AI software company, reports earnings after Wednesday's close

Is the Market at a Turning Point?

Frothy AI action and a 'sell the news' dynamic creates a dangerous scenario.

5 AI Scenarios as Nvidia Gains 2 'Intels' of Market Cap in a Week

Just how transformational artificial intelligence will be is unknown, but there will be winners and losers in the space.

Broadcom Blasts Higher So We Need New Price Targets

Big moves and big gains unsettle traders. Here's what to watch as the shares surge.

What to Expect From HP Ahead of Earnings

Here's what the indicators favor.

Cadence Design Systems Has the Right Tempo for Further Upside

Check out my price targets.

I See No Reason to Quit Workday Now

Let's check the charts of WDAY after its beat and as it's working its way higher and higher on the charts.

Taiwan Semiconductor Breaks Out: Here's When to Buy

My technical strategy for the chipmaker, with price targets.