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5 Favorite Ways to Invest in Game-Changing 5G

5G is a technological tipping point and these stocks are well-positioned to benefit.

TSMC Keeps Pushing the Envelope -- That's Good News for Apple, AMD and Others

If TSMC makes good on its latest promise, it could hold onto its recently-won chip manufacturing lead for some time.

Qualcomm's Latest Snapdragon Chip Announcements: 4 Takeaways

The mobile chip giant just unveiled a new flagship mobile processor, along with several other products.

Microsoft Is Reportedly Prepping a Cheaper Xbox -- Here's Why That Makes Sense

By launching a low-cost Xbox, Microsoft could grow the number of Xbox users it can monetize via game sales and an expanding array of services. AMD could also benefit.

Sector Geography Lesson, Japan's Stimulus and Zooming In on Zuora: Market Recon

Plus, the Saudis look to press their oil agenda while Europe prints some ugly economic data.

Alphabet's Leadership Change Could Be Good News for 'Other Bets'

With Sundar Pichai now the CEO of Alphabet, it's possible that the money-losing Other Bets segment will now run a tighter ship and/or see better execution.

Salesforce and Workday Drops Show That Wall Street Is Still Setting a High Bar

While enterprise software firms are still generally reporting good top-line numbers, the group remains in multiple-compression mode -- for now.

Jim Cramer: Why Yesterday's Hot Stock Is Today's Dud

The purpose is not to shake you out, although it can feel like that; here's what's really going on.

Hard to Get Clear Reading from Salesforce

The sum total of charts and indicators on CRM are mixed, but starting to lean to the downside.

Search and Ads Still Spell Growth for Alphabet

As leadership changes at the tech giant, the real driver for the firm remains the search engine, and the advertising revenue that it and YouTube can produce.

Amazon's Announcement-Packed AWS Conference Keynote: 3 Big Takeaways

During a Tuesday keynote at the annual AWS re:Invent conference, Amazon emphasized the breadth of its AWS service lineup, as well as its investments in custom chips.

Erratic News Flow, Particularly on China Trade Deal, Keeps Bears at Bay

Traders must guard against a squeeze in case the latest utterance on a potential trade agreement happens to be true.

The Charts of Coupa Software Leave Us With Questions

Is an upside breakout underway ?

Alphabet Is Pointed Higher in Print or Cursive

GOOGL said Larry Page is stepping down from his co-CEO position, and Sundar Pichai will be CEO of both Google and its parent company.

The Cold War With China Already Is On, So Here's What to Do Next: Market Recon

Plus, checking in on the yield curve, the Put/Call Ratio, political gamesmanship here and abroad, and a handful of tech names.

Jim Cramer: Trade Talks Just Aren't That Big of a Deal to U.S.' Advance

Let me tell you why this China trade game is only an impediment a relatively small amount of the market, and what to expect going forward.

Why Intel Might Be Mulling Another Big AI Acquisition to Help it Battle Nvidia

Though it has been working to commercialize a pair of AI accelerators, the chip giant is reportedly in talks to buy AI chip startup Habana Labs.

CyberArk's Rally Could Pause Before Resuming Into Year-End

A key technical signal indicates that buyers of the cybersecurity company's shares again have become more aggressive in recent weeks.

Where Chip Stocks Stand Following 2019's Massive Gains

There's still some value to be found in the sector. But a lot of the easy money has definitely been made.

Amazon, Apple and Walmart Look to Be Among Black Friday's E-Commerce Winners

This year's estimated Thanksgiving weekend e-commerce growth rates aren't too different from last year's estimates. But there are some notable changes beneath the surface.

Jim Cramer: Why Is This Selloff So Relentless?

It's a too true to be good moment. We need a shakeout. That should get the market where it has to go.

Amazon Looks Ready for Cyber Monday and Future Price Gains

The technical signs of the online giant are pointing its stock moving higher after an extended period of sideways action.

3 Tech Themes That Played Out In 2019

The trio involves unicorns, the FAANG stocks and blockchain.

Cree's CEO Talks About His Firm's Big 5G and Electric Car Opportunities

During a talk with TheStreet, Cree CEO Gregg Lowe shared plenty of details about the growth opportunities in front of his firm's Wolfspeed power semiconductor and materials unit.

Can DexCom Trade Still Higher or Did We Witness a Blow Off?

Let's check the charts and indicators before answering the $64,000 question.

So Far, LRCX Shares Remain on the Lam

Lam Research can continue to be traded from the long side, as it continues its run upward.

HP and Dell's Earnings Call Comments Suggest Intel CPU Shortages Have Expanded

The PC giants said they now expect Intel CPU shortages to continue into 2020, with Dell indicating costlier CPUs are now also affected. That could spell a bigger opening for AMD.

Making Sausage: How the Fitbit Deal Got Done

A document filed with the SEC reveals the behind-the-scenes competition between Alphabet and another suitor for the hand of the smartwatch maker.

Palo Alto Networks Needs to Rebase After Gapping Lower

Let's take a look at the charts.

IAC's CFO Talks About Holding Onto ANGI and the Current M&A Environment

During a talk with TheStreet, CFO Glenn Schiffman talked about IAC's reasons for holding off on an ANGI Homeservices spinoff, as well as the differences between private and public valuations.