Sysco Delivers a Valuation That's Easy to Swallow

The current price of the big food distributor could produce substantial upside if the coronavirus crisis does not extend beyond a few months.

Want a Good Indicator of Where I Draw the Line?

It's when people ask whether technical analysis can work during extremes and assume it's all about levels and chart plots.

Market Sinks as Unlimited QE Is No Comfort While Congress Proves Dysfunctional

Despite the negatives, there were a few glimmers of hope.

Now, It's Fed Unlimited

The quantitative easing program was explicitly expanded to become unlimited, so let's pick through the details of what this means -- and what it means for bonds.

Positive News: A Bullish Technical Strategy for Yum China

The company is seeing early signs of recovery as business gradually resumes and people return to work in China.

Technical Analysis Suggests Macy's Could Be 'Circling the Drain'

I fear that M may not survive the shelter in place economy and a reverse split may not be much help.

Hammer Time

History has demonstrated time and time again that a hammer pattern like the one in the chart shown has been a short-term psychological positive.

Conditions for a Counter-Trend Bounce Are Developing Well

The market's biggest problem lately has been its inability to gain much clarity about the coronavirus.

Has Micron's Decline Already Priced in Expected Weak Earnings?

The chip company reports its latest results Wednesday.

This Isn't Star Wars, This Is Real Life

My biggest concern is we have high-level government officials who are more concerned with reelection than doing what is necessary both for small businesses as well as individuals.