2 Big Tech Names Showing Weakness Ahead of Earnings

The weakness in Netflix and Alphabet may be foreshadowing less-than-stellar earnings reports.

Oil Bounces and Big-Picture Pundits Grow Louder as Their Guesswork Continues

It can be enlightening to embrace the idea that no one really knows what will happen next and to approach the market from that standpoint.

Fed's Greater Responsibility, Markets Move Sideways, Trading RH: Market Recon

The FOMC simply must act in order to make some kind of sentient attempt to repair the yield curve.

Shipping Happens: FedEx Stock a Solid Investment

Applying a less than normal 16x multiple to FY 2020's estimate would justify a move to $285 by FedEx's stock price over the next 12 to 18 months. Total return could exceed 80% on this very blue-chip name.

Lululemon Shaping Up as Decent Long-Term Buy

Athletic-clothing retailer posted strong first-quarter earnings and now looks like a good -- but pricey -- bet for the long run.

Little Conviction in Wednesday's Action

Neither buyers nor sellers showed much conviction, and stocks just drifted around.

Chart of the Day: Retail Investor Accounts Razed Amid Tesla's Decline

Tesla is tanking Robin Hood accounts.

Jim Cramer: A Tale of Two Stocks

I want you to remember Eli Lilly and Johnson & Johnson the next time you are about to dump a stock because of some bits of bad news.

My Best Advice? Don't Be a Bull or Bear Right Now

The market will tell us when it is time to make more aggressive moves.

Advertisers Can't Live Without It, but Facebook Is Looking Vulnerable

Let's review the charts and indicators.