What Oil Shortage? Just a Case of Supply Being Redistributed

Saudi Arabia is primed to pick up the slack in the oil markets with the impending loss of Iranian crude as the Trump Administration ratchets up the pressure on Tehran.

Halliburton Stock Is No Bargain

Until the production and exploration companies start gaining momentum it will be hard for service companies to do the same.

My 2019 Dividend Buyback Portfolio

The combination of growing dividends along with simultaneous share buybacks can be powerful.

Taking a Hit on Cannabis Stock CannTrust Holdings

I believe the best move here is to cut the position in half and take a loss.

Short-Term Market Trends Turn Mixed

A few technical events are now casting some minor clouds.

There Are Many Reasons Why I Prefer Schlumberger Over Halliburton

For those willing to play the oil services game, SLB is the better long position going forward than HAL.

Low Volume and Slow Action Are a Big Issue Right Now

Is this just some routine consolidation after a big run or is it an indicator of further weakness ahead?

Tesla Puts Out Fire in China as Production Plant Gets Under Way

China is the second-largest market globally for Tesla.

How Long Can IPO Euphoria Last?

Just how much more optimism is out there for Uber, Slack, Palantir, and possibly Airbnb?

A Tough Week for Biotech, the Candidates' Whipping Boy Again

Talk among a mammoth field of presidential candidates about drug price controls and an expansion of Medicare isn't helping biotech and health care stocks.