This Market Presents Investors With a Difficult Dilemma

If you aren't a little concerned about chasing at this point, then you haven't checked the rear-view mirror.

Jim Cramer: It's the Smart Bird Attuned to When Cycles Turn That Gets the Worm

The rest? They get the droppings.

Boeing Stock Reaction Strongly Suggests Investors See a Long-Term Opportunity

Investors should be not be alarmed by the company putting its share buyback plan on hold.

Boeing Stock Is Stuck in the Middle of a Trading Range

What is saving BA from breaking down further is the simple fact that there is strong demand for aircraft.

As Microsoft Reports Earnings, My Focus Is on Cloud Computing

Azure will determine the path that MSFT's stock price will take moving forward.

Boeing's Chart Is Flashing Mixed Signals

This is a tricky stock right now.

Housing Shows Signs of Perking Up

Among the encouraging signs: Applications for home loans recently hit a nine-year peak and new home sales in March posted a 16-month high.

Rule of 20 Says Stock Market Is Close to Fair Value

Crowd sentiment has shifted a bit.

Boeing: Whether You're a Bull or Bear - Why Here? Why Now?

BA basically told us they can't provide much guidance in terms of expectations for earnings.

On the Hunt for New Buys but Staying Selective

The FAANG names are mixed but there continues to be strong momentum in some select big caps.