How's the Market? (Well, My Mother Hasn't Called About It Yet)

Let's pick apart the wild ride on Monday -- how the selling dried up as soon as the move down -- and see what it all means.

The Indexes Hide the Rumbling Underneath

As the market appeared ho-hum on the surface, much was shaking underneath and traders got a jolt.

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Here's a play in AMC amid its Monday move.

Jim Cramer: This Is a Market of Stocks, Not a Stock Market

With few exceptions, there isn't a stock that could bring down this market.

The Most Notable Action Right Now Is Some Huge Short Squeezes

Increased volatility is a warning sign, but it's very likely that we will see quite a bit of it before the big turn finally does occur.

AMC Is a Real Showstopper

Let's look at how to play the frothy action on AMC Entertainment holdings.

General Electric Isn't Out of the Woods Yet, Here's How I'd Trade it

GE remains a cash flow based story, but I see two negatives.

What's in Store for 2021

I see some rocky waters and rays of light shining over the year.

There's So Much Strong Market Action That It's Overwhelming

Small, aggressive traders are doing so well with the chasing that they are likely to continue for a while.

Why I Finally Took a Position in Tutor Perini

This is not a buy and hold name. This is one to trade.