When It Comes to Volatility, 2022 Still Isn't 2008… Yet

The daily swings in the key index haven't been nearly as wild as they were 14 years ago, although most of the volatility back then came in the fourth quarter.

London Calling: U.K.'s 10-Year Gilt Shocks the System

Let's check out the dumpster fire in the United Kingdom -- just as we were turning to Japan's yen move.

A Tepid Bounce Isn't Doing Much to Lure Traders

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Market Data Are at Multiple Bullish Levels

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I'm Taking the Conservative Route With My Money

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Charting Tesla's Path of Least Resistance

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If You're Going to Play the Bounce Game, Just Remember You're Fighting the Fed

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When Everyone Is Looking for a Bounce, It Isn't Likely to Last Long

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Macau Casino Stocks Are Big Gainers With Promise of Mainland Tours

The leader of the Macau government says the city will welcome tour groups from mainland China for the first time in almost three years. It's part of the pattern of easing travel in East Asia.

Seems Like We Are Getting Close to a Rally

When equity folks are fretting more about interest rates and currencies than stocks, you know they are concerned.