The Fed Finally Starts Making Sense, and Here is How to Play It

The world needs to accept that relations between the U.S. and China will never be the same, and ultimately counting on the Fed to cut rates is not going to help fundamentals.

When Is the Market Going to Call Me?!

Emotions are running high in this market, and its turbulent relationship with investors will likely go on as we work our way toward oversold.

Lack of Good News Drags on Market

Low expectations for China-trade talks and uncertainty about Fed action leave traders wary.

GrubHub Is Becoming More Appetizing

Chart patterns suggest the food delivery service company has bottomed out and may be turning.

Go With the Flow

While many traders side with either bears or bulls, remember to embrace the ebb and flow of markets.

Wall Street Voices Skepticism on AbbVie's Aggressive Allergan Acquisition

Despite the financial positivity, many analysts warn the deal could have hiccups ahead.

AbbVie Gets a Shot in the Arm With Allergan Buy, but Now Look Elsewhere

The deal makes sense for growth - and for Allergan shareholders - but now the price and uncertainty make this stock hard to swallow.

I Believe AbbVie and Allergan Need Each Other

With no other bidder expected to emerge, this is a high risk arbitrage play.

Think AbbVie Is Overpaying for Allergan? Pfizer Offered Way More in 2015

PFE was ready to pay $160 billion until U.S. regulators blocked the deal.

Analysts Seem to Expect Further Disappointments From FedEx - Charts Not So Much

Let's look at their price charts and technical indicators, and draw some conclusions.