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Penny Stocks  

Two Months Into 2019, It's Time To Take Stock of My Winners and Losers

And the winners so far outnumber the losers among the six stocks that include a cannabis company, a couple financial giants and two oil plays.

Don't Wait for an IPO to Invest in a Startup

Here is how, and when, to get into a micro-cap -- and why you should consider it now.

8 Stocks Poised to Change Direction

These names are showing technical characteristics of either bullish or bearish reversal patterns.

Florida's Cannabis Market Holds Promise of Bright Future

Cannabis companies already are positioning themselves in the Sunshine State for what could be a multibillion-dollar market in the years ahead.

It's Not Always Smooth Sailing for Cannabis Firms In Need of Capital, CEO Says

When a cannabis company needs money to fuel growth, it's never as simple as heading to the bank to shop investors.

How to Avoid Weed-Investing Scams

Some simple advice for making sure your cannabis investment doesn't go to pot.

Investing in Penny Stocks Has to Be the Dumbest Thing on Wall Street

A little risk is healthy, but with some penny stocks it's just plain dumb.

How a Penny Stock Fraud, Missed by Clearing Firms, Duped Investors

Susan Antilla reports on a penny-stock scam that took in more than one hundred investors, and calls into question whether clearing firms missed important red flags.

Pot Penny Stocks That Have Crashed and Burned Since Highs of 2014

After the marijuana penny stock craze of 2014, several names have since crashed and burned.

'The Wolf of Wall Street' Should Win an Oscar for Accuracy

Jim Cramer opines that the Oscar-nominated film is a stunningly accurate portrayal of the penny stock world and the 'underside' of Wall Street.

Kodak Shareholders Fight Back

Kodak shareholders continue to fight for some value as creditors carve up the carcass. Albert Fried's Rick Szambel gives a bankruptcy update.

Busted Stocks: Patriot Coal

Penny stock Patriot Coal continues to fight against paying benefits for its workers. Rick Szambel of Albert Fried updates TheStreet's Debra Borchardt with the latest bankruptcy news.