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Bearish Bets: 2 Stocks You Should Think About Shorting This Week

These names are showing both technical and quantitative deterioration.

Deere Has a Long Runway of Growth Ahead

DE will play a pivotal role in helping the world's farmers increase crop yields, and also has high appeal for dividend growth investors.

The Siren Song of Index Shorts

Shorting the S&P 500 can be hard to resist, but it tends to be a bad trade for most market players.

Look Out for Landmines on the Road Ahead

How the battle of value vs. growth stocks is resolved, we will have to wait and see.

Nordstrom Looks Weak With a Quantitative Downgrade to Sell

JWN is not a retail name that looks constructive.

Burlington's Charts Should Please Those Shopping for the Stock

Here's our latest analysis and trading strategy for this retail name.

It May Be Time to Reconsider ShotSpotter

This one doesn't have options, so it would be a pure stock play now.

Want Some Pandemic Comfort Food -- and a Solid Dividend? Look No Further

Chocolate makers, like Hershey, are benefitting from the at-home urge to munch. Buy this stock alongside Clorox for a win-win pandemic pair.

AutoZone Looks Like It Will Be Driving Higher

Let's check out the charts of the country's largest auto parts chain.

Jim Cramer: No Way I'm Selling Salesforce or Costco

Both were greeted with derision and a cascade of selling from the flock of disappointed souls. I'm going the other way, the way history tells us to go.

Is This Tech Titan a Bubble Play Ready to Burst?

To maintain its growth rate and keep the equity markets happy, the company needs to continue to acquire other businesses.

Canopy Growth Could Continue to Base Awhile but the Long-Term Looks Promising

Put CGC on your potential shopping list and let's keep an eye on it.

The Return of the Day Traders

What is interesting for traders is the increased movement in some of these secondary stocks.

This Dividend Stock Is a Real Top Gun

Lockheed Martin stock not only beats the market in terms of current yield, but also provides a high level of dividend growth each year.

The Greater Fool Theory

It's fantastic for trades but you should consider a few guidelines.

Pause of Retracement? What the Charts and Data Reveal

Valuation is not our only concern.

Salesforce Is a Winner, Not a Star, and Here's My Plan

I can comfortably add to CRM should this selloff become severe, and I think that's what I want to do.

Zebra Technologies Is Set to Climb Still Higher

Here's our strategy on where to go long.

It's Not a Safe Bet but Ascena Retail Has a Shot at Survival

The company wants to stave off a hostile takeover by an acquirer seeking to utilize the company's tax-loss carryforwards.

Salesforce Could See Higher Highs Up Ahead

Continue to hold longs recommended earlier this month.

Strong Rebound From Covid-19 Meltdown Turns Bargain Hunting Into a Challenge

A now-overbought market leaves few values available among equities.

Contactless Payment Push Rewards PayPal's Investors

Here's how to play the stock right now.

Hong Kong Drags Global Stocks Lower and Awaits U.S. Response

The Hong Kong treason law is knocking global markets. It's unclear how staunchly Western powers will defend the city's freedoms, and risk damaging China ties.

Will Investors Use China News to Finally Do Some Selling?

Don't count on it. The big fear continues to be that the market keeps running higher.

China Tensions, Ring the Register on Zscaler, Trading Thoughts

As the president's press conference on China approaches, there is ample reason for some risk-off behavior. Meantime, Zscaler's earnings beat is a good time to take a profit.

Sell in May and Go Away? No Way!

I've been fighting the panic selling trend through the pandemic, and check out these successes.

We Can't Be Overbought And Rise Forever, Can We?

The market stalled out and pulled back, and that was the way it was supposed to work -- now let's focus on the QQQs and Nasdaq's new highs.

The Market Just Isn't Looking Like Itself Lately

Now, amid this rotation and change of character, investors' eyes are on the spat with China and the uncertainties that could bring.

Jim Cramer: This Is a Brave New Economy We're In

The Fed and Treasury are set on avoiding the mistakes that doomed us in the past, and we have to invest for this new market we're in now.

VMware Looks Ready to Finally Break Its Longer-Term Downtrend

Checking the charts of this virtualization and cloud computing software provider.