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With Q3 Earnings Up Ahead, Can Johnson & Johnson Set the Table?

I see no reason to flee this name, therefore, I am not.

Despite Strong Fundaments, Nike Could See Price Weakness With the Broad Market

This does not mean that prices cannot go higher but it is a short-term warning message.

Anaplan Could Correct Lower -- But Shows Longer-Term Potential

Let's check out the charts and indicators of PLAN.

2 Charts That Shouldn't Be Ignored

They are the charts of the S&P 500 and U.S. dollar, and their patterns could influence most stocks, commodities and currencies.

How to Navigate a Market Correction in 7 Steps

They include not focusing on predicting an exact low and watching for failed bounces.

Certainty of Uncertainty, Lines in the Sand, Election Fears, Fed Alone, Twitter

The result has been a technical breakdown in risk-asset pricing -- and the main culprit is without a doubt, the inability of Congress to compromise.

Time to Check Out Ebix

EBIX offers extensive potential gains while downside appears small.

Jim Cramer: Abbott's Rapid Covid-19 Test and My Super Bowl Dreams

Abbott Labs can bring back some normalcy to this country -- and the world -- with its BinaxNOW rapid antigen test along with its amazing Navica app.

The Emotional Highs, Lows and Jitters of the Market

We're not in full-fledged panic, but I think we might call it another giant step away from complacency and toward concern.

In This Risky Market, Consider These 8 'Boring' Utilities

For investors seeking value, growth and income potential - and to sleep better at night - the utility space warrants attention.

Want to Inject Some Growth Into Your Portfolio? Try This Dividend Stock

Pfizer is a quality dividend stock that's now trading at a discount.

Market Takes Turn for the Worse

This is the first time since the downtrend began that it feels like a full-fledged bear market and not just a rolling correction, but there are some bright spots.

'Not Much More' Fed Can Do. Now, We're on Our Own

With Fed's toolbox emptied and a big stimulus package unlikely, here's what I see for the economy, credit markets, and ... yes, stocks.

Jim Cramer: We're Feeling the Wrath of the Sellers - And It's About Time

The greedy are, at last, getting blown out, and the prudent being vindicated. I see three buckets of stocks that intrigue me now.

I Don't Like What I'm Seeing

We've entered no man's land as we head toward the downhill slope of the week.

Kratos Defense & Security Looks Vulnerable to a Decline

Aggressive selling has been going on for months.

Jim Cramer: Tesla, Nike, and a Tale of Expectations

What would I do with the stocks? NKE is a terrific story, and TSLA's run into Battery Day has to be burned off, and it will.

Shark Bites: This Under-the-Radar Sporting Goods Play Has a Nice Setup

Coming off Nike's strong report, Big 5 uses a strategy similar to TJX and even offers a dividend.

Sirius XM Has Yet to Dial Up a Rally on the Charts

I don't know what's driving the fundamentals of SIRI.

I'm Spying a Play on Graf Industrial via the Company's Warrants

The warrants are trading at a fairly heavy discount.

The Charts of Ralph Lauren Continue to Struggle

RL is among many companies who are trying to recreate themselves.

My Game Plan for This Choppy, Seasonal Market

The pockets of strong movement are very narrow right now.

eBay's Technical Correction Could Last Longer

Let's review the charts and indicators.

It Is Paying to Be Active Rather Than Passive With These Value Portfolios

With a month to go for these portfolios, the Active version is outperforming the Passive one, though both are crushing their Russell kindred.

Veeva and RedHill: 2 Stocks to Consider as They Team Up to Battle Covid-19

RedHill Biopharma has adopted 'Veeva Vault CDMS', Veeva's modern cloud platform.

Don't Get Too Excited About the Market Bounce

Index charts remain largely problematic.

e.l.f. Beauty Could See Further Gains in 2021

We're seeing a period of sideways price action before renewed gains.

Real Opportunities in Real Estate Continue to Pop Up

Beazer Homes USA and JBG Smith Properties are two names that are worth looks in the real estate sector.

Macy's Charts Aren't Showing Any Magic at This Point

The iconic retailer's shares could be in for further declines based on their technical signals.

U.S. Investors to Get Easy ETF Access to Ant Group and China's Nasdaq

Ant Group has passed muster for a Shanghai IPO on the STAR Market, which soon should see its first index-tracking exchange traded funds.