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I've Got Smith & Wesson in the Holster, but the Safety Switch Stays On

I wouldn't jump the gun on this name, but here's why I find it compelling.

Bottom Fishing for Biotech Bargains

Here are three names I have added to in May.

Dow Is Poised for an Upside Breakout

Here are our price targets.

It's Hard to Gauge Sentiment Right Now, and That Makes It Tough to Trade

Bears and bulls are trying to discern which way the market is flowing, though neither is secure in their position.

Can Costco Buck the Retail Train Wreck Trend? We're About to Find Out

There is risk associated with buying any retailer ahead of earnings at this point, but this guy dipped his toes in the warehouse club's shares anyway.

Nike Is Ready to Spring Higher

Here's where the shares could rebound to.

How Zoom Is Positioned Ahead of Earnings

Bullish divergences may finally generate a bounce, Here's how to trade it.

The Week Ahead, Indo-Pacific Deal, S&P 500 Valuation, What I've Been Trading

Markets now have a new reversal to think about, but I think I have to be convinced before I can believe.

Anxiety Builds Among Traders Trying to Catch a Market Turning Point

They are eager to make up for recent difficulties and are often more aggressive than normal.

Fight Fear, Follow Facts

It is far too late to be holding tons of cash. Traders loading on owning put options or shorting shares of decent companies are likely to get their heads handed to them.

Saved From the Dreaded Bear Market

If you didn't know we were in a bear market, now you know.

Melvin Capital's Demise Presents a Beauty of an Opportunity

The top holder in several companies, the hedge fund's abrupt liquidation has contributed to weakness.

I'm Organizing a Bottom-Fishing Expedition

It is easy to see the value of this retail play.

Here's the Secret to Market Timing

You've probably been told timing the market is futile, but here's a way to make it possible -- if you're willing to do the work.

It's Official: That Hairy Animal With Claws and Sharp Teeth Is a Bear

Along with the media proclamation of a bear market, we have some improvement in the charts of many smaller stocks, but ...

Applied Materials Slips on Miss: Where Will the Chips May Fall

Let's see what the charts say.

Consumer Confidence Is Shot

Until things start to improve for the average consumer, it is hard to see significant upward moves for either the markets or economic activity.

I'm Cautious on Marvell Technology Ahead of Earnings

Let's review the charts and indicators.

Retail Stocks Are Moving Fast: Here's One That Might Be Worth Catching

It is refreshing to visit a store that has the items in stock that it claims to on its website.

You Can Trade and Invest in Palo Alto Networks: Here's How

It still takes a bit of guts and some nose holding to keep this stock on board in this environment.

If You're Looking for a Hero in This Market, Don't Look to Apple, ARKK

Folks are asking if it's finally time to buy the ARK Innovation exchange-traded fund or Apple. Let's check the charts.

Pressure Keeps Building for a Significant Market Rally

Here's why we believe some selective buying is currently warranted.

Exxon Mobil Nears an Historic Upside Breakout on the Charts

Here's my advice for traders.

Buyer Beware, as We're Nowhere Near a Bottom in Cockeyed Market Optimism

It appears many market participants are willing to take on risk at the worst possible time.

Biden Visits Korea and Japan With Rare Opportunity

On his first Asia spin as president, Joe Biden will find a surprisingly warm welcome, and is due to launch an economic framework for US-Asia relations.

Maybe, Just Maybe, We're Setting Up for a Near-Term Rally

A look at the charts of QQQ and SPY suggests a short-term turning point could be on the horizon.

As Ross Stores Slumps, Here's Our Strategy

The retailer reported disappointing results Thursday evening.

Glimmer of Hope, Mixed Manufacturing Bag, China's Rate Cut, Crummy Kohl's

Even in a down tape Thursday, winners narrowly beat losers at the Big Board and the Nasdaq.

Constellation Energy Could Power 20% Higher From Here

Shares of the clean energy power generator have rallied since going public in January.

A Dovish China Provides Some Support as Underlying Action Strengthens

The People's Bank of China is trying to help prop up the struggling Chinese real estate market by cutting interest rates.