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Struggling Small-Caps Get a Boost From Big Jobs Miss

The employment report Friday morning turned out to be the catalyst that stopped the recent rotation.

Taking a Flier on Energy Transfer LP

ET appears to be in a breakout and could see more upside.

This Oil Name Is a True (Dividend) Aristocrat

Chevron is raising its payout and is on solid footing -- for an energy name.

How to Play Stagflation? Buy Resource Names Like Nano One Materials

The intriguing thing about Nano is that it offers technology instead of the materials themselves.

Jim Cramer: Trust Your Instincts Not the Direction of the Stock

The next time you are shaken out because of the action I need you to remember these examples.

After the Jobs Report There Was a Sudden Reversal of Rotation

I'm not convinced that all the stocks that have been pounded this week have bottomed.

Nutanix Is Coming Around Again and We May Have a Breakout Triggered Friday

I'm going to target the shorter-term trade right now.

I Wouldn't Want to Make Roku a Core Position, But Here's How I'd Trade It

My thinking is that if there is going to be a valuation shock to this name, it is not imminent.

Good Makeup Can't Cover Up a Bad Opportunity

EL is a good example of why you shouldn't be the sucker who pays more than everybody else.

Keeping a Close Watch on a Bifurcated Market

We are keeping our eyes peeled for a potential shift in index performance.

It's Time for Bargain Shopping in the Biotech Aisle

Dynavax Technologies, Kala Pharmaceuticals and TherapeuticsMD are three names this biotech investor plans to add exposure to via covered calls.

Chinese Tech Stocks Plunge on Tighter Access to U.S. Markets

Chinese companies looking to list overseas are contending with pressure from U.S. and Chinese regulators, with it impossible to satisfy both.

Thursday's Close Shave, Troubling New Highs and Lows, Peloton Kicks Into Gear

The market came within whiskers of a technical breakdown on Thursday, yet few people seem to know or care.

Indices' Failure to Reflect True Market Action Reaches an Extreme

While headlines shout of new all-time market highs aggressive traders dealing in speculative issues continue to rack up losses.

If You Don't Have Anything Nice to Say About the Market...

Then read this, because I've got something nice to say about it.

Jim Cramer: We Spelled Recovery Wrong This Whole Time

It wasn't an 'L,' or a 'U,' or even a 'V' or 'W.' Here's the letter we were looking for -- and how our failure to see it has thrown things out of whack.

The Dow Is Swimming While the ARKK Is Sinking

The contrast in how the Dow is acting and the this exchange-traded fund is moving is striking.

This Dividend Stock Could Finally Be a Business 'Machine'

IBM has been frustrating as a turnaround name, but it's now pressing the right buttons -- and has a high yield.

Steelmaker Nucor Soars: Here Are Our New Targets

The intense rally in NUE makes it look like a cloud or tech name.

Trying to Figure Out This Market Is Like Looking Into a Blizzard

Just look at Snowflake, the ARKK and compare to the S&P 500 and Dow.

The Reward Favors the Risk in These Beaten Down Names

A trader needs to go where they have comfort, especially if buying shares.

I'm Mining for Opportunities Amid Inflation Fears

Here's a play in an exchange-traded fund for gold.

Jim Cramer: This Group of Stocks Make Up the Anti-Inflation Trade

Sure you can but any of these, but do not buy all of them because you will be betting against the business cycle.

Trade Peloton By Following These 3 Steps

The next move for profit-seeking investors is what I call the 'death short.'

Is ViacomCBS Stock Broken? I Don't Think So - Here's My Plan

VIAC's first quarter performance knocked the cover off of the ball.

On PagerDuty, I'm Getting a Bearish Message

The charts and indicators of PD are pointed lower

Wind, Water and Sun: 6 Stock and ETF Ideas for Renewable Returns

Even without Biden's green energy plan, the shift to alternatives is inevitable. These names should be beneficiaries of both renewable and infrastructure trends.

The Selling Pressure on Many Stocks Is Brutal

The good news is that this sort of action always eventually leads to great stock picking.

Cleveland-Cliffs Is Steeling the Show

CLF continues to move up nicely.

Here Are 3 Underfollowed Names That Had Interesting Earnings Results

As a value investor, it's an interesting time in Smallville for SBH, FLMN and NL.