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8 Food, Drink and Dining Stocks Advisors Like Right Now

Among these favorite investment ideas is the rapidly growing Dutch Bros. chain.

We've Got a Rally Dilemma

The problem at this point is that many stocks have jumped too far too fast.

IonQ Is Risky, but I Like It

Here's how I would play this computing name with a 'V' look to it.

Ciena Corp's Charts Look Positive Ahead of Earnings

Can CIEN trade higher?

I'm Hot on the Economy, Not on Treasury Rates

The economy right now appears stronger than it was 2018, and therefore should soon push yields higher than what persisted back then. Here's my case.

The Action We're Seeing Today Is Classic Stock Picking

Traders are looking hard and trying to find stocks that have been mistreated recently without any real justification.

Stitch Fix Continues to Be Underdressed

A trend in force tends to remain in force.

Has the January Effect Commenced?

This could be the start of nice rally in the beaten-down parts of the market, but here's why I am not chasing it.

Campbell Soup's Stock Has Issues: Here's a Trade Idea

Can you call a company with a sub 1.0 current ratio a 'value stock'? I'm thinking not.

This Market Needs Some Rest and Consolidation After a Big Move

We need less volatility before traders are more comfortable focusing on fundamentals again.

7 Positive Technical Events That Just Happened in the Market

Let's take a closer look at where the markets stand right now.

What's Brewing With Starbucks Charts?

SBUX probably has bigger problems than the unionization of some of their employees.

The Final 4 Bedraggled Stocks for My 2022 Tax Loss Selling Recovery Portfolio

This quartet has had a rough 2021 but could be in for a rebound next year once investors harvest their losses in the shares.

I'd Like Stocks to Stabilize Before Jumping In, but These 2 Names Interest Me

Trucking company Yellow Corp. and water heater maker A.O. Smith could make for nice trades.

Is Intel's Announcement to List Mobileye a Chart Changer?

Let's review the charts and indicators.

Weibo Shares Fall as Twitter Equivalent Debuts in Hong Kong Market

After its parent, Sina Corp., delisted in New York, Weibo could be next now that its stock has established a Chinese presence.

The Surge, Tech Plays, Trading Marvell and MongoDB, Debt Ceiling, Taxes, Omicron

Plus, One must ask themselves... Are Russia and China satisfied with making Ukraine and Taiwan uncomfortable? Do they understand the costs?

A Market Pause Is Needed But the Potential for a Failed Bounce Can't Be Ignored

The market is grappling with the acceleration of the Fed tapering off its bond buying and the potential for interest rate hikes in 2022.

Can a Company With Attractive Results Be an Ugly Stock?

The short answer is yes, as the shares of cosmetics maker Estee Lauder have shown over the years when they've become overvalued.

Here's My Narrative on the Market's Action

Stocks correct when they get overdone and then rally when they get oversold and everyone gets too bearish. Too simplistic? Let's check the charts and indicators.

Here Are the QQQ Levels Investors Need to Watch Right Now

If I'm bearish or short, I am getting very, very nervous about Tuesday's action.

Is This the Edge of a Bluff or the Start of a Climb Higher?

It appears we could be looking at a setup for a failed bounce or the start of a fresh leg higher.

Meet the New ETF on the Block(chain)

Let's make sense of investing in non-fungible tokens as they meet exchange-traded funds with the recent launch of the Defiance Digital Revolution fund.

But Wait, Bitcoin Was Supposed to Be a Decorrelated Asset

It is quite ironic that the one asset that was truly meant to be a diversification tool, ended up being just the same as the rest.

Freeport-McMoRan Has Just What the 'Doctor' Ordered

The copper that goes into an electric vehicle is almost four times as great as a similar legacy internal combustion engine vehicle.

AutoZone Continues to Rally on Its Earnings Beat

Let's check the charts and indicators.

MongoDB Is Swimming With Some Pretty Big Fish: Here's a Way to Trade It

I'm a little bit cautious on MDB, just look at the competition.

Charts and a Key Dynamic See Improvements

Moves such as this from these indicators are consistent with action seen near correction lows.

How Does the Gap Higher Influence MongoDB's Charts?

The close will set the stage for the short-term.

I'm Adding to 5 Stocks and May Add to 5 Others

Chasing this move may seem undisciplined, but here's what helps to reduce risk.