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Bearish Bets: 2 High-Profile Stocks You Should Consider Shorting This Week

These names are at or near bearish territory based on technical patterns.

Great Trading Is a Daily Slog, Not a Home Run Derby

Here are 5 things you must do every day.

Coronavirus Is the Excuse This Market Badly Needed

While hardly a major technical breakdown at this point, this is the sort of corrective action that will create better trading conditions.

Republic Services Stock: Pick It Up Here, Don't Dump It

Here's how to trade the stock of the waste management company.

A High-Yield Play on Renewable Energy Growth

For investors looking to capitalize on the coming renewable energy boom, this MLP is very attractive.

Western Digital Could Experience Some Sideways Action Before Renewed Gains

Let's take a technical look at WDC.

Energy Stocks Are Due for a Face-Saving Rally

After all, it is nearly impossible to find a positive analyst on natural gas or oil.

What Are the Candlestick Charts Telling Us About American Airlines?

Important Candlestick reversal patterns (their strength) need confirmation so let's see what is going on today.

With Stitch Fix, I'd Err on the Side of Caution

If I wanted to make a trade here, it would be playing the downside with a bearish put spread.

Coronavirus Spooks the U.S. Markets

Many market players - including me - would be relieved to see a decent bout of selling.

Genprex: The Bad and the Good of Capital Raises

For those who love a roll of the dice, GNPX may be worth a closer look.

IHS Markit Stock Could Reach the Century Mark Soon

INFO is in a strong and durable uptrend.

Tutor Perini Offers Tutorial in Volatility and Value Investing

The construction company's shares aren't for the faint of heart as they have been whipped around in recent years.

Intel Hits It Out of the Park

What you want to know is if it is too late to buy Intel? I would not buy the name today, that's for sure.

Snap Shares Could Crackle and Pop in the Weeks Ahead

SNAP has an impressive base formation on its weekly chart. Here's how we'd play it.

5 Companies Most Affected by Coronavirus

Be prepared for 'China' to become a one-word palliative to ease investors' worries about weak guidance for corporate earnings in the March quarter.

First Horizon National: 'Just OK' Is Not a Reason to Go Long

The fundamentals may be constructive but the charts and indicators of the regional bank are not particularly compelling.

Intel Shares Jump After Q4 Beat, Targets Raised

Stay long INTC and consider adding to longs on available price weakness.

3 Undervalued Stocks That Should Gain Ground in 2020

American Airlines, Supernus Pharmaceuticals and TPI Composites should see their fortunes improve this year.

The Tactical vs. Strategic Approach to Markets, Game on for the Semis

How does one approach these markets? How does one interpret what they see before them?

Grubhub Could Rally Further but Forget About Seeing the Old Highs

Shares of the food delivery company have rebounded in the last month but will need to contend with overhead chart resistance moving forward.

If a Pandemic in China Can't Slow This Market, What Will?

There is only one way to logically navigate this action -- and that is to wait for the price action to shift.

Stay Far Away From These Investments

Focus on the big picture and you'll see there has never been a less favorable time to own fixed income.

'Breezy Bullishness' a Bad Idea When Faced With WARS

Consumer spending contributed at least half of China's 6.1% growth in 2019. Just how bad will the coronavirus-induced cutback in spending over Lunar New Year be?

Top Stock Picks for 2020 in Utilities, Infrastructure and Renewables

These 8 value selections have a particular focus on renewables.

Now Playing at a Market Near You: 'Realization Day'

Talking heads finally see what's going on under the hood; the indicators barely budge; and the utilities are now knocking on the door of my target.

Brace Yourself for the Looming Junk Bond Deadline

As the debt markets sit in a moment of complacency, here's why you should check the balance sheet rundown on each stock you own.

So Far, Downside Momentum Just Rolls Off This Market

When a good excuse for selling makes headlines, the indexes pull back, but the buyers can hardly wait to jump in, showing a lack of fear or worry.

Jim Cramer: This Is a Great Market ... Unless

As we get higher, there are a growing number of alarms that could awake the great bear.

These Big 4 Names Could Cause Outsized Trouble

Here's why we must closely watch earnings for Alphabet, Apple, Amazon and Microsoft.