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Don't Listen to the Fed Doomsayers

They have been wrong for years and they are still wrong.

Cisco Systems Is Poised to Rally Further in the Weeks Ahead

Our latest strategy for CSCO stock.

Is Micron a Buy? Friday's Trading Will Provide the Answer

Micron bulls are likely to run into the Micron bulls of Christmas past.

Jim Cramer: The Fed's Dramatic Sea Change and What It Means for Stocks Now

The best stocks to buy in this environment are the ones that have the greatest growth.

Lam Research Is an Attractive Alternative to Micron

LRCX could be a counterintuitive opportunity to cash in.

RingCentral Looks Headed to the $125 Area

RNG has outperformed the broader market in a number of ways.

Here's Why Citigroup Says You Should Sell Micron Stock

Some analysts are calling the day's optimism unwarranted.

How to Play the Fed's Gift to the Markets (One Way Is With Netflix)

Wednesday was the first day that Netflix traded on above-average volume since Jan. 24.

Plug Power: Hope Is Not an Investment Strategy

Plug Power may not be a reliable source for investors hoping to capture some solid gains from the fuel cell battery maker's stock price.

Jim Cramer: Forgotten Companies Stocks' Are Leading the Way Up

Eclectic leadership is not the kind of leadership I can bank on.

Micron's Breakout Boosts the Semiconductor Stocks

There are some skeptical analysts but the bulls have a good argument and Micron's stock is reacting well.

Apple Stock Is on a One-Way Ticket to $200: How to Play It With Options

AAPL has busted though its 200-day moving average.

Powell and Company Can Influence the Macro, but Not the Micro

All the money in the world cannot change the fact that rising stock prices and falling earnings make the market more expensive.

Is Micron Ceding Market Share to South Korea?

While it is in the best interests of all producers to cut the supply glut for prices, that's not always the way things shake out.

After a Bounce Green Dot Could Fall Further

Tech firm/bank Green Dot is definitely doing some interesting things, but its stock is more likely to fall than rise in the weeks ahead.

YETI Is Hitting on All Cylinders

After the recent post-earnings push higher, YETI stock has been consolidating in a bullish flag.

Volatile Biogen Stock Plunges $90: Here's the Trade I'm Considering

Biogen shareholders are taking a beating on cancellation of trials for its Alzheimer's drug candidate.

The Stock Pickers Are Producing Some Very Solid Action

The bears will have to go back to hoping and whining about the Fed.

Plus Cannabis Gummies Get a 'Speculative Buy' Rating With a Delicious Outlook

If Plus cannabis gummies are a big hit, just think how consumers will respond to hemp-derived CBD gummies.

A Big Outside Day and Lower Close on Sage Therapeutics Looks Bearish to Me

Let's review the charts this morning.

What's Next for Biogen After It Terminates Trials for Alzheimer's Drug?

Biogen has to now be considered a more likely buyout target given the breadth of its product portfolio.

PetIQ Has a Good Story but the Charts Need to Catch Up

Let's check the charts and indicators.

Micron Stock Advances Amid Memory Demand Recovery Forecast

Micron may be putting in the bottom on memory demand.

CVS or Walgreens: Which Is the Better Dividend Stock?

While the two companies seem very similar on the surface, CVS and Walgreens are different stocks for different types of investors.

Fed Failures, Tariffs Tool, Levi's Goes Public, Trading Zuora: Market Recon

The Fed needs to buy short-term paper RIGHT NOW, and sell off longer-term paper.

Micron Technology Is Likely to Continue Trading Sideways in the Weeks Ahead

MU could rally Thursday but it will probably do very little to really improve the technical picture.

A Negative Reaction to a Dovish Fed Is Cause for Concern

The indices gave back gains on Wednesday, as market players pondered whether the Fed is anticipating some problems that the market isn't seeing.

Jim Cramer: Apple Doesn't Need a Driverless Car to Be a Buy

Apple products and services are ubiquitous and indispensable, and that is far more important than splashy tech marvels.

DSW: An Ultra-High Probability Profit Play

Investors should take a close look at specialty retailer DSW, whose stock price appears undervalued after a messy, fourth-quarter earnings report.

The Fed Is Running Scared

The equity market is massively overpriced, and there are some serious recession risks looming with a Fed that is backed into a corner.