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Kass: The Market's L-I-B-I-D-O Is in Overdrive

But is this market's insatiable drive to be trusted?

Why Stock Charts Are a More Valuable Tool Than Ever

What I have found is that the real value of charts is as a trade management tool.

Spice Up Your Holiday Investing With These Dividend Stocks

Holiday shopping is big, but so is holiday eating, and here are several names with healthy dividend yields to chomp into.

'Ridiculous' Market Hits 28,000: Fight the Trade Deal at Your Own Risk

What is most notable about sentiment is that there isn't much cheering.

Simply Good Foods Has Caught My Attention

We're seeing the combination of insiders buying with a technical breakout on the daily chart.

This Energy Name Is One Dividend Aristocrat That Won't Burn You

Chevron is a safe name in the oil and gas industry -- and offers a 4% yield.

Procter & Gamble Set to Scrub and Shine Its Way Higher

Here's how to play shares of the Cincinnati-based consumer staples giant.

Jim Cramer: Retail Stocks Are Turning Everything Upside Down

What's really going on here? Does the move make any sense? Let's take them case by case.

Cannabis Investors Facing a Winter of Discontent

Prices are dropping faster than Myles Garrett from fantasy football rosters just as costs are about to rise.

RH Can Rally Further With or Without Warren Buffett's Help

There are a lot of investors who like to follow and invest like the Oracle of Omaha.

I'm Encouraged by Nvidia's Quarter

I believe that right now, Nvidia is fortunate to be very strong in a business that is consumer-centric, but business spending will return in size at some point.

Grave Dancing With Sam Zell and Jerry Jones as My Chesapeake Investment Gains

The Grave Dancer is buying oil production assets, so we may finally have reached a bottom in the valuation of energy companies.

Will Small-Caps Be This Year's Comeback Kid?

Small-cap stocks are finally making an upside breakout.

It Is the 'Flow' of the Action That Matters Most Now

What is most notable about this market action is that it never seems to fully discount the optimism about a China trade deal.

Roku Is Back on Track to Make New Highs, Go Long Here

Let's check out the charts and indicators.

Keep Your Head on a Swivel With the VIX at This Level

Why this remains a concern for us.

10 Japanese Stocks That Combat Climate Change

These 10 companies have innovative approaches to reducing carbon emissions, from one of the most-advanced nations in terms of an environmentally-aware industry.

Vertex Pharmaceuticals: The 'Endpoint' Is a Bullish Golden Cross

VRTX is poised for further upside price gains.

2 Hammered Small-Cap Stocks That Insiders Are Buying

These names both offer reasons to think their fortunes could turn as 2020 approaches.

Nvidia Could Resume Its Uptrend, So Raise Stop Protection

The chipmaker's charts indicate buyers of its shares were more aggressive going into the earnings it reported Thursday.

BioMarin Can Trade Sideways in the Near-Term, Use It as a Buying Opportunity

Let's visit with the charts to see if things are still on track.

It's ADP Vs. D.R. Horton: Who Wins the Dividend Title?

Let's compare this homebuilder and payroll processing company to see which one holds up with the best dividend and yield.

Viacom's Charts Can't Divine Impact on Price Action of CBS Merger

Traders would do well to find another stock to trade right now.

Jim Cramer: Once Again, Nvidia Pulls Away

CEO Jensen Huang has built a better mousetrap. Or mousetraps.

Uptrends Are Normal, This Lopsided Action Is Not

The market has not had a dip that has lasted longer than an hour in nearly six weeks.

Microsoft's Batting Average and Feel-Good China News: Market Recon

Microsoft's Cloud business is making big wins, and how to interpret Larry Kudlow 's Phase One China trade comments.

Sometimes Bad News Means Good Buys

With the right stocks, such as Energy Transfer, hard-to-swallow headlines can send share prices down, but then later lead to big rebounds.

It's Time to Start Looking at Dr. Copper

Given what we know about global backdrop and what central banks are doing, the risk-reward looks very attractive in playing the long side of Copper.

Say That You Remember, the Market Was Dancing in September

During early September, bad news was rushing in, but the small caps were leading, many stocks were ripe for picking, the McClellan Summation Index was turning upward, and more stocks were making new highs.

Computers Keep Control of Quick Trading, Quashing Trade China News

The market brushed off bad headlines, showing how short-term trading is dominated by computer algorithms.