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Is Live Ventures Taking Notes From GameStop?

Let's see what we might glean from the charts.

Before Punching the Clock, Here's an Uber Trade

The writing is on the wall for the gig economy, but I see a play in this name.

Ranpak Holdings May Double or More in 2021

Here's what aggressive traders should look for.

Jim Cramer: Ready, Set, Go!

Here's why you should wait for a dip -- not the vaccine glut -- to start buying.

Let's Dare to Take Another Look at GameStop

Here's what we found in the latest GME charts.

Shark Bites: Stalking a Space SPAC

New Providence Acquisition's chart looks poor right now, but this name is on my radar, and I'm starting to build a position.

Opening the Door on a Fisker Trade

Here's a play in the electric vehicle name as the EV sector gets a green light from the Biden administration.

Right Now, Everything Is Fair 'Game'

As a celebrity tweet can propel stocks for no good reason, we have some wild trades in GME.

Whoa Baby! Here's How I'm Trading Johnson & Johnson After Earnings

The revenue and earnings beats are nice but that's not what really got me fired up.

The Key to This Market Is Knowing What Themes Are Working

Overall the action is relatively mild, which is quite healthy after the chaotic 'flash crash' that occurred yesterday.

The Housing Market Is Hot and Home Depot Is Poised to Make New Highs

We're in the middle of one of the best housing markets ever as people upgrade to homes away from cities.

Could Johnson & Johnson Go Higher and Higher?

Will the vaccine will be a game changer? The charts are giving indications that J&J is ready to run.

Clorox Is Ready to Clean Up as the Downtrend Has Been Broken

Let's review the charts and indicators.

An Entertainment Giant and a Big Drugmaker Present Buy Setups

The stocks of Walt Disney Co. and Pfizer seem to offer nice upside potential based on their technical patterns.

Boot Barn Is Kickin' It, but Wait for a Correction to Saddle Up

The indicators for the western apparel retailer are bullish, but prices are extended compared to the longer-term moving averages, so be cautious.

Youth Gone Wild, The Swarm of Individual Traders, GameStop, Melvin Capital

As a trader who at times takes short positions, I don't know whether to stand up and applaud this group or to fear them.

Small Traders Are in Control of This Market

That 'dumb' money can overpower giant hedge funds and create massive, short squeezes is a good indication that there is still plenty of buying power out there.

A Quiet Monday That Wasn't So Quiet -- If You Knew Where to Trade

Here are my recommended 'value' stocks that saw substantial moves.

How's the Market? (Well, My Mother Hasn't Called About It Yet)

Let's pick apart the wild ride on Monday -- how the selling dried up as soon as the move down -- and see what it all means.

The Indexes Hide the Rumbling Underneath

As the market appeared ho-hum on the surface, much was shaking underneath and traders got a jolt.

Now Viewing: AMC Trade

Here's a play in AMC amid its Monday move.

Jim Cramer: This Is a Market of Stocks, Not a Stock Market

With few exceptions, there isn't a stock that could bring down this market.

The Most Notable Action Right Now Is Some Huge Short Squeezes

Increased volatility is a warning sign, but it's very likely that we will see quite a bit of it before the big turn finally does occur.

AMC Is a Real Showstopper

Let's look at how to play the frothy action on AMC Entertainment holdings.

General Electric Isn't Out of the Woods Yet, Here's How I'd Trade it

GE remains a cash flow based story, but I see two negatives.

What's in Store for 2021

I see some rocky waters and rays of light shining over the year.

There's So Much Strong Market Action That It's Overwhelming

Small, aggressive traders are doing so well with the chasing that they are likely to continue for a while.

Why I Finally Took a Position in Tutor Perini

This is not a buy and hold name. This is one to trade.

S&P 500 Divergence Raises Concern

Market psychology remains cautionary.

Lessons Learned in 1999 Could Come in Handy Right Now

Today's hot market conjures up thoughts of two decades ago, and approaches to trading then could prove invaluable in the current environment.