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Fed Gives a Reason to Sell, and Some Stocks SNAP Under Pressure

But by day's end many names rebounded, even if the S&P 500 finished with a small loss that broke its winning streak.

Looking for a Trade? Then BOLO Olo

After its Wisely buy, OLO is a stock to watch. Here's why.

Zscaler Hit Our Price Target: Here's Where It Could Go Next

We're updating our bullish technical strategy for Zscaler stock.

This Type of Trading Isn't Healthy for the Overall Market

Momentum is one thing. Outright insanity is another.

Intel Continues to Weaken

Let's review the charts and indicators.

Here Are 8 Natural Gas Stocks to Consider as Prices Skyrocket

There simply is not enough natural gas in the world to meet demand.

The Week Ends in Messy Trading

The good news is that this rotation and choppy action helps charts develop for the weeks ahead.

There's No Reason to Bail on Cleveland-Cliffs: Here's When I'll Add Shares

I've been on the bandwagon for a short while now, producing income through the sales of related puts and calls.

Beyond Meat Gaps Lower and the Slide Is Probably Not Over

Let's take a look at the charts and indicators.

Etsy Is Poised for an Upside Breakout

Traders could add to longs on available weakness.

I've Rounded Out My Triple Net Active Portfolio With 4 New Names

A somewhat eclectic group of stocks comprises this year's Active portfolio.

Roku Stock Is at an 'Interesting' Juncture

There are certain price levels traders should be aware of.

2 Promising Small Biotechs in a Year That Has Been Tough on Most Little Guys

There are reasons to believe the shares of Dynavax Technologies and Eyenovia Inc. could do well in the months ahead.

Whirlpool's Charts Tell Me the Stock Is Still in the Spin Cycle

Let's see if it's the right time to go long.

The Indices May Need a Rest, but Interest in Stock Picking Is Building

In particular, there are fresh pockets of speculative action, thanks in part to Donald Trump's connection with SPAC Digital World Acquisition Corp.

Evergrande Surprise, Trump's New Truth, Phunware Fun, Bitcoin Weirdness

Plus, Snap Inc. disappoints with its guidance as Apple lets users opt out of being tracked by individual apps.

This 'Go To' Investment Strategy Is Almost Totally Ignored by Retail Investors

Using naked LEAP puts as proxies for stock ownership offers multiple positives.

It's Time for a Breather

After seven straight days of gains, the S&P 500 is due for a rest.

What's Behind Charlie Munger's Big Bet on Alibaba?

The investing legend's investment style has always favored a long-term approach.

Wild Pockets of Speculation Amid a 7-Day Winning Streak

The problem with trading a name like DWAC is that it sucks up a lot of energy.

CSX Corp Makes an Upside Breakout

Let's review the charts and indicators of this railroad giant.

Trump Is Coming Public and This One Doesn't Surprise Me

It's all about social media and technology.

Generac Is Back Generating Returns for Patient Traders

Here's our strategy.

I'm Shifting My Trading Tactics as Market Conditions Improve

The key issue in a better market is to put more money to work and have more exposure.

Now That We Have the Bitcoin ETF, Do You Know What Contango Is?

Outside of the ETF launch which could generate flow into the crypto space, it is important to ask what the real theme is for Bitcoin.

Tesla Stock Is Knocking on a Large, Round Number

Let's see if this is the time to step on the accelerator.

This Energy Dividend Name Continues to Come Out of Its Shell

Despite its rally, Royal Dutch Shell remains attractive thanks to its generous dividend and its expected 5-year total return.

HP's Stronger Guidance Is Helping the Stock

The shares have rallied above the rising 200-day moving average line.

Small-Caps Are Now Leading the Market

The most fascinating trading is in Digital World Acquisition which is a SPAC that announced a deal with Trump Media.

To Divine the Direction of the Markets, Let's Go to California

For some reason, the fortunes of the Nasdaq 100 and interest rates have become intertwined.