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Traders Appear Stuck as Tariff Deadline Looms

Many traders have a theory about what might come of the China trade talks with Washington, but any bet is a gamble.

Taking a Hit From Pot Stocks? Harvest Tax Losses Into an ETF

As the year winds down, many frothed up stocks of cannabis companies dipped -- here's a way to roll up your investments going into the new year.

Enphase Energy Is My 'Stock of the Week'

ENPH has had huge, quick growth.

I See a Good Trade in Store for Macy's

Sure, many other big box retailers and niche retail names look better for investing, but M offers some fantastic volatility for a play.

Jim Cramer: Markets, What Happened This Year, and the 1-2 Punch That Concerns Me

Let me take a stab at what's going on here.

Sluggish Holiday Sales May Be Grinch That Steals Macy's Dividend

The question is whether M can continue to fork over a dividend of its current size.

The Final 4 Unsightly Stocks Going Into My Next Tax-Loss Selling Portfolio

We'll track a dozen beaten-up stocks that could be subject to tax-loss selling at the end of 2019 to see whether they can stage comebacks in 2020.

Canopy Might Have Spotted Its Lucky Star in Constellation Brands

The cannabis company just brought on STZ executive as new CEO, and this move is likely lining up bigger things to come as sector shakes out.

Carefully Watch Biotech Stocks

Currently this is a stock pickers market and the speculative favorites are doing well.

Want a Slice of Apple? You Have Some Options

You can buy strategically on dips to avoid getting left holding the bag as prices keep rising.

Macy's Profits Are Under a Serious State of Erosion

100% of all revenue producing models eventually fail unless there is some evolution. Adapt or else.

Friday Did Not Remove the Dangers in This Market

The S&P 500 has returned to being slightly overvalued.

Antitrust Investigation Turns Political With Link to Embattled Hong Kong Justice

One of Hong Kong's largest engineering companies is under investigation by the competition commission. The fact that it's run by the husband of the minister who kicked off six months of protest has set tongues wagging.

The American Consumer Is Doing Just Fine, Thank You

Consumer and investor sentiment seem rock solid at the moment.

With Saudi Aramco IPO, Saudis Have Another, Huge Reason to Support Oil's Price

And we could be in the middle of the perfect storm for oil markets, where prices can rise aggressively through the first quarter.

Time to Take a Risk With Amazon, a Trade With Netflix

Here I outline how to play NFLX and AMZN, but the latter comes with a catch.

A Week Fraught With Peril, Yield Curve, Gold, Trading Target: Market Recon

Will President Trump's administration move ahead with plans to turn up the heat on China in such a way that U.S. consumers for the first time share some of that pain?

Trade War News Is the Only Thing That Will Matter This Week

Also, we have the Fed and the ECB issuing their interest rate decision.

Jim Cramer: The Demise of the Department Store

The debacle can only accelerate, the demise hastened, happy new holidays.

This Firm Shows What Can Be Gained When Shares Lose on Earnings

After releasing its quarterly report and then dipping, executive search firm Korn Ferry again became an opportunity.

Here's a Recap of the Small Caps vs. the Large Caps

What just happened last week? Quite a bit, but pay attention to this: For the past two years, the large cap QQQs had been the leaders, but not so lately.

2 Under-the-Radar Stocks You Should Consider Shorting This Week

These 'bearish bets' are showing both technical and quantitative deterioration.

5 Favorite Ways to Invest in Game-Changing 5G

5G is a technological tipping point and these stocks are well-positioned to benefit.

The Best Trading Advice I've Ever Given

The benefits of keeping your accounts as close to highs as possible are obvious but how do we actually do this?

Jobs and Sentiment Provide Solid Backbeat for Next Week's 'Dance'

In one week we should know whether the Dec. 15 tariffs will increase as planned.

As Samsung and Others Push the Envelope on Camera Tech, Chip Suppliers Benefit

Samsung's Galaxy S11 will reportedly have a very powerful rear-camera system. And rivals aren't standing still, either.

A Growing Dividend Stock With a Sweet 3.3% Yield

Investors typically look to food stocks for stable profits and reliable dividends year in and year out.

Here Are 2 Fantastic Looking Charts

Qorvo topped my scans and all cylinders are firing on Freshpet.

Jobs Numbers Jolt Both Bears and Bulls

The recovery has now occurred so fast that the bulls did not act quickly enough and are again struggling with Fear of Missing Out.

Ulta's Q3 Is Strong Enough With Guidance That It Should Put Buyers in the Stock

As far as the technical picture, momentum traders have to be drooling at this gap fill.