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This Market Calls for Short-Term Plans

Looming price data and expected volatility could offer opportunities for very short-term traders, but building longer-term positions is a tougher task.

Let's Shine a Light on 7 Solar Energy Stocks and ETFs

The Inflation Reduction Act contains about $430 billion in new spending, a big chunk of which goes toward clean energy.

These 3 ETFs Offer Yield-Hungry Investors Some 'Options'

As our appetite expands to 'take what we can get' investments, let's look at three funds from Global X and see how they stack up against major index funds.

The World Gets Worse as Inflation Gets Better?

Here's the shift in the narrative I expect over the coming days.

The Bullish vs. Bearish Narrative on the Market

The CPI report Wednesday is going to cause a more careful examination of inflation, a hawkish Fed, and a potential recession.

I Don't Have Much of an Appetite for Red Robin Ahead of Earnings

The restaurant chain reports quarterly numbers Wednesday.

GlobalFoundries Is Red Hot: Here's the Trade

GFS topped an excellent quarter with strong guidance.

Fight the Rally, or Fight the Fed?

That's the big question facing market participants, and here is a key stock index point to watch to see which side to take -- plus a steelmaker trade to consider.

Ascendis Pharma Presents a Mixed Technical Picture Ahead of Earnings

The biopharmaceutical company could offer a buying opportunity on a pullback based on its chart.

Traders Are Positioning for This Week's Inflation News

The argument over whether the market has priced in the macroeconomic negatives will be tested when the July CPI and PPI reports are released.

Nvidia's Stunner, Minty Fresh or Just Meme Stock Momentum? Trading Lemonade

Can or will any of these revived meme names strike while the iron is hot, so to speak?

You Need to Be in the Game... to Win the Game

None of the stocks on my 'Sweet Seventeen' list of best ideas are even remotely close to what I calculate as fair values over the coming 12-24 months.

Will the Bears Pass or Flunk a Retest?

Let's check all the boxes on market sentiment, breadth, positive divergences and index levels.

There Are Interesting Things Happening Beneath the Surface of This Market

Look for more positioning on Tuesday ahead of two important economic reports.

Can Rhythm Pharmaceuticals Keep Up This Tempo?

The stock has surged amid an analyst upgrade.

What AIG's Charts Say About the Stock Ahead of Earnings

The stock just tested the underside of the declining 50-day moving average.

Solar Firm Sunrun Continues to Run on the Upside

Here's what the longer-term picture looks like.

Weariness Sets in During This Bear Market Phase

Sentiment is starting to turn bullish, but painted with a skeptical eye as the wall of worry is up high.

Tyson Foods: Should Investors Fly the Coop After Earnings?

The shares gapped lower as the chicken supplier reported quarterly numbers. Let's check the charts.

2 Companies Where Insiders Are Gobbling Up Shares

A hardware giant and a biotech focused on ocular diseases have seen insider buying of late.

CRISPR Therapeutics' Base Can Support Further Price Gains

Let's look at the charts and indicators.

The Market's Strength Gains More Traction

While there are plenty of serious arguments that justify this strength, the primary reason that it's so strong is mainly due to positioning.

Palantir May Have Its Problems, But Here's a Reason to Like It Longer-Term

We know the federal government will be a buyer, as will the private sector, but there are challenges in this environment.

Carvana Has a Chance to Show More Improvement

We could see some further price recovery in the short-run.

Disney Is Firming Up a Bit Ahead of Earnings

The charts of the entertainment giant are modestly positive before it reports fiscal third-quarter results after Wednesday's close.

Momentum Technology Traders Have a Big Day Ahead This Week

Traders should be aware that there are a number of favorite tech plays that will be reporting results after Tuesday's close.

Hong Kong Cuts Quarantine to 3 Hotel-Stay Days

With its economy in recession, Hong Kong is finally recognizing that it must 'live with Covid' like the rest of the world.

Upstart Holdings Isn't a Stock to Hold on the Cusp of Earnings

The charts and indicators of the operator of a cloud-based artificial intelligence lending platform are largely bearish.

Bulls Control the Market Narrative for Now

However, the July Consumer Price Index report later this week could change things.

Inflation Reduction Act, BLS Employment Report, Hawkish Fed, Earnings, CPI, PPI

It's difficult to see how this bill is a broad win on inflation.