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Do You Have the Psychological Makeup to Be a Great Trader?

If you focus on the following four traits, you are well on your way to trading success.

Negative Narrative Starts to Be Embraced: More Downside on the Way?

The question is whether this is just another flash in the pan or a change in market character.

Playing the Bounce in Apple

It's an inexpensive option even if it's only a dead cat.

Headwinds Threaten Cannabis Industry as Earnings Roll Out

As many in industry struggle, we preview reports to come.

Here Are Two Names to Perk Up Your Friday Trading

Talend and Stitch Fix are two stocks that look strong even without the help of earnings or an upgrade.

With Zscaler, I See No Reason to Push or Pull Either Way Today

Wait until we see a test of support or a breakout above (or failed test of) resistance before making a move.

The Share Price of Okta Could Grind Higher in the Weeks Ahead

Let's check the charts and indicators of this company that builds cloud applications for employees.

The Overall Market Narrative Seems to Be Shifting

There isn't enough evidence yet that it is going to gain downside traction.

Deere Is Seeing Green After Earnings: How to Trade the Stock Now

Despite trade issues and the coronavirus DE has managed to turn in good numbers.

2 Unloved Stocks Enjoy a Day in the Sun

Languishing NL Industries and Ascena Retail Group saw their shares spurt higher on Thursday on positive events.

Where to Put Your Money? Bonds Still Look Good Here

Every minute detail and data point is misinterpreted to paint a positive picture for stocks.

Insiders Intensify Selling as Market Exhibits a Change in Character

An elevated level of risk continues to be present.

If You Invest in Small-Cap Stocks, You've Got to Learn to Deal With Setbacks

Tivity Health's big price drop serves as an example of the thought process an investor must go through when a holding takes an unexpected hit.

Zscaler Could Weaken Further If Nearby Support Is Broken

The question is how far down and how long the selling lasts.

Vertex Pharmaceuticals Could See More Gains but Weaker Momentum Is a Risk

The pace of the rally in the drugmaker's shares is slowing, which is one reason to keep an eye on its stock.

Jim Cramer: Did You Ever Think That 80% of Our Drugs Originated in China?

Did you ever think that could be allowed? That our government let that happen? No one seemed to think about it until now. The answer, like the coronavirus, is we knew.

Bad Debts in China Could Almost Double With Coronavirus

Beijing is allowing banks to relax lending standards, which could mask many nonperforming loans while problem borrowing rises as high as 13.3% of Chinese debt.

New Coronavirus Concerns Tempered By Central Banks and Asset Class Rotation

Stay focused on price action and watch for signals that there is a shift in the character of the action.

Walmart Smart Shoppers Will Hit the Sell Button

Walmart shoppers know it's never a good thing to pay more than everybody else for the same merchandise -- the same goes for stock.

Market's Losing Its Upside Momentum

Unless the S&P 500 is up 8 points on Friday, it will have had a down week -- plus check out breadth over Wednesday and Thursday.

Jim Cramer: The Market Took a Breather. Expect More to Come

While some 'pruning' can be necessary, Thursday was a strange day to get clipped.

Market Just Can't Sustain Any Selling Pressure

Traders have been expecting selling for so long that they're highly sensitive to any bit of it.

Confidence Will Decide the Fate of the Markets

The world's most levered balance sheet belongs not to a company, but to a country: Japan.

Three Strategies for Income Investors

For reliable income, a portfolio strategy generating monthly payouts, an opportunity in dividend kings, and favorites among taxable bond funds.

Lam Research Could Correct With the Broad Market

I would rather stand aside from new commitments until the dust settles.

This Dividend Aristocrat Is Well on Its Way to a 'Coronation'

The company telegraphed a boost to its payout on its latest earnings call.

Freshpet Is Being a Good Bird Dog and Pointing Higher

A look at the charts and indicators of this maker of fresh pet food.

Kass: All Problems Cannot Be Solved With Monetary Policy

The near universal faith in central bank liquidity's ability to buoy stocks may be unjustified in the face of weakening fundamentals.

Everbridge Could Push Ever Higher, but so Will Its Risk Level

A look at the charts of this critical event management company.

Is There Something Significant Starting to Unwind?

We will see how things close and then watch the various asset classes for shifts.