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The Secret of Elite Trading

The best way to advance your trading to a higher level is contained in a comment from George Soros.

This 5.5% Yielding Dividend Stock Is Way Too Cheap

Income investors are far better compensated in dividend stocks like this, as the S&P 500 Index on average yields less than 2%.

China Trade Issues Cause Concern as Negative Seasonality Looms

Since 1960, the week following the third Friday of September has produced the most negative results of any week of the entire year.

Under-Pressure Swire Bids to Stem Hong Kong's Sea of Plastic

Cathay parent Swire starts 'reverse vending machines' that reward plastic recycling.

Dominion Energy Now Has Two Good Things Going For It

It is great to see two or more investment strategies with similar conclusions.

To Roku or Not to Roku: Where Does the Selling End?

Roku could be the scariest name in trading for Halloween.

Things Could Get Real Ugly in October

This market is ready for another bout of volatility as we head into October, a month notorious for its routs.

Clearway Energy: A Big Breakout Doesn't Look Imminent

Let's check out CWEN's charts and indicators.

Merck Is Hot. Red Hot. Here's Why

Merck has had a very busy week -- and investment dollars have followed.

2 Stocks on My Radar in a Low-Energy Market

Flat markets tend to produce favorable technical setups, but this one may put us to sleep while we wait for further developments.

How to Trade Apple Stock Now Amid the Overflowing 'Analysis'

Beware of broad internet search trends for the iPhone 11.

Like the Market, We Are Stuck in Neutral

Our latest look at the charts and data of major stock indices.

As Michaels and At Home Show, Retail Stocks Aren't for the Weak of Stomach

Many retailers take their shareholders on roller coaster rides these days, which is why queasy investors might do well to stay out of the names.

3 Small-Cap Names in the Red-Hot Housing Sector That Are Worth a Look

Beazer Homes USA, Taylor Morrison Home Corp. and Hooker Furniture is a trio to consider.

Apple: Should You Pick Up Some Stock and the iPhone 11?

It doesn't pay to fight the trend in AAPL shares.

Expedia Group Looks Packed to Make a Trip North on the Charts

There appears to be more aggressive buying of the online travel giant's shares in recent months.

Pseudo QE, Essent Group's Essence and Datadog-Cisco Intrique: Market Recon

Plus, defense contractors remain stocks to own as geopolitical risk isn't going away.

5 Tips for Navigating a Flat Stock Market

A lack of movement in the market is making for very difficult trading.

Jim Cramer: 4 Stocks to Watch on China Trade Headlines

Antipathy between the U.S. and Chinese governments doesn't extend to the Chinese people, who have stepped up their American buying just when you would expect a politically gendered collapse of demand.

Chasing the 'Great News' on Target Earnings Can Be Hazardous to Your Wealth

This stock is currently overvalued, don't buy at what may be a 'should have sold' moment.

Buy This 6% Dividend Stock on Rising Oil Prices

This big oil giant pumps out big dividends.

What Is It Going to Take to Budge This Market?

What has been most notable about the market is the lack of movement despite several high-profile news events.

Trade Desk Is Oversold but the Trend Is Still Pointed Down

Stocks can go down too fast but that does not necessarily make them a buy.

Jim Cramer: Costco's Downgrade Can Be Both Logical AND an Opportunity to Buy

I could list dozens of opportunities to buy high-quality stocks that are expensive. In each case it's easy to say what the Bernstein analyst said about Costco.

Powell and the Fed: Send in the Clowns

The Fed Chair's statement is such a mass of self-contradiction and obfuscation that it is no wonder his colleagues are deserting him.

It's Hard Not to Like Microsoft

With Microsoft, I'm most interested in the advancement of Microsoft Teams, a dominant force in the workplace communication space.

Price Action Refuses to Confirm the Bears' Worries

There still is nothing that shows that the pundits' predictions of doom are about to occur.

Why I Covet Twilio and How I'm Playing This Cloud Stock Now

I now have an ally in Morgan Stanley.

Cronos Group Is Still Coming Down From Its High

Shares of the cannabis company are likely to drift lower in the weeks ahead.

This Combination Makes the Market Ripe to Go Higher Here

The longer the indices stay in positive territory the more likely buyers are going to inch back in and put capital to work.