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Amazon Shares Break a Long-Term Uptrend on the Charts

Let's see what the charts are suggesting now.

Trading These 3 Major Index ETFs Looks Unappealing at This Juncture

The charts indicate that even the SPDR Dow Jones Industrial Average ETF, which has been a bright spot since early October, appears to be losing steam.

Overdone Selloff? Fed Talking Heads, Trading Gilead, Iger's Magic Disney Words

What happened on Monday, was largely profit-taking, pin action related to a couple of large names, and defensive selling.

Don't Fight the Fed Just Because You Are Tired of Poor Market Action

The Fed remains very hawkish, and the market's inclination to fight it has been a consistent mistake this year.

We Can't Blame China for Everything, Can We?

Let's look at the problem with saying China caused the pullback. Also, let's check some uptrend lines, the overbought condition and the Russell 2000.

Analysts Were Wrong, Wrong, Wrong as This Stock Took Flight

Failure after failure shows analysts got it all wrong on SkyWest Inc. Here's how to play the stock.

First the Turkey, Then the Bear

The Monday after Thanksgiving is usually a down day, and that tradition played out today.

Doug Kass: 10 Reasons Why I Am Shorting Apple

Here is my investment rationale.

Do Pinduoduo's Technical Moves Make Sense?

Don't be in a rush to buy the shares.

Shopify Gets a Black Friday Lift, But Is It Temporary?

Markets are forward looking, not backward looking.

Let the Market Tell You How to Proceed

Don't put too much faith and trust in anyone's point of view.

This Isn't a Market for Stock Pickers

The market action now is mostly index driven.

Here Are 2 Value Plays to Consider

If one looks hard enough there are still some reasonable values to be had.

As Apple Faces Turmoil in China, Here's How to Trade It

I had previously written that CEO Tim Cook has 'pulled it off again.' Well, maybe not.

Taboola Shares Surge on Yahoo Deal

The companies have entered into a 30-Year commercial agreement.

4 Well-Known Names Kick Off the 2023 Tax Loss Selling Recovery Portfolio

A social media giant, an online marketplace, a semiconductor producer and an automaker make the latest list of unloved stock losers.

The Big Question for Me Is Positioning, Specifically in Equities

It's hard to buy the "everyone is bearish" argument, but there are reasons to believe there could be selling pressure as the end of the year approaches.

Disruption of Apple's iPhone Production in China Also Could Disrupt Its Charts

The tech giant could see its technical signals weaken as its shares take a hit from the impact of Covid protests in China on iPhone output.

China Covid Protests, Fed Rates, 'Seasonal' Rally, S&P Charts, Jobs Week

This week a number of Fed speakers will crawl out of their respective cages and probably opine publicly on such topics as inflation and economic growth.

There's Still Time to Get on Board with Berry Global Group

It would not be inconceivable for a larger industry player to come in with a bid for the whole company.

China Covid Protests Weigh on the Market as a Slew of Economic News Awaits

The S&P 500 is hitting overhead resistance as this news flow develops, so the risk to the downside is more pronounced.

Volatility Coming in Early December

We should get some volatility in early December, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average is what looks most vulnerable.

Bearish Bets: A Defense Giant and 2 Other Stocks You Should Consider Shorting

These recently downgraded names are displaying both quantitative and technical deterioration.

Can Manchester United Investors Finally Make Their Goal?

With the possibility of a sale of MANU getting kicked around, it's game-on for owners of the shares.

Find Safety, High Yield in These 3 Master Limited Partnerships

Let's explore MLPs that can offer above-average distribution yields.

Stay Guarded as Fed, CPI Can Quickly Dash Hopes

Sure, the market can keep running, but that also sets up a high risk of an abrupt pullback.

3 Food Stocks to Own in a Recession

Periods of economic weakness put into sharp focus those companies with reliable earnings streams, and in particular, reliable dividend streams.

Black Friday Brings a Darker Outlook for Tesla

Tesla was painted as a China Play, and with China slowing so much that its Central Bank is throwing open the monetary spigot, look for Elon to focus his energies elsewhere.

Dollar Tree Is Part of a Three-Pronged Approach to Retail for Early 2023

This retailer will do well as consumers on a budget seek ways to stretch paychecks.

Tidings of Comfort and Joy Are Scarce This Holiday Season

It's hard to blame the consumer for pulling back as we head into 2023.