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These Rail Cos. Are on Track for Precision Systems

We examine how well each major player is trimming fat and improving efficiency on its business amid a potential slowdown.

United Rentals Looks Like They Made a Top Reversal and Will Head Lower

Let's check the charts to see if we should invest or just rent.

Jim Cramer: Buy These 4 Banks!

The big banks that have reported have made a combined total of $29.5 billion dollars. That's astonishing.

Market Looks Pretty Unemotional. Maybe Deluge of Earnings Wakes It Up

The market remains muted on the news, with bad headlines leading to dip-buying and good news failing to produce protracted momentum.

India's State-Owned Stocks: Low-Hanging Fruit About to Spoil

India's state-owned enterprises saw share prices soar in the run-up to this year's elections, but recent reforms stalled momentum, so play Indian equities instead.

CSX Heading Down? I'll Let This Train Pass Me by

With earnings that lack much optimism, CSX not a good bet for buying on weakness now.

Markets Focused on Earnings Ahead of the July FOMC Meeting

Whether the U.S. economy warrants a rate cut at this stage of the cycle is perhaps debatable.

Clorox Stock Looks Ready for a Clean Upside Breakout: Buy Strength

Here's how to play the shares.

CSX Chief Just Put His 'Foote' in Mouth

While some of CSX's earnings numbers went off rails, the company posted an all-time best operating ratio, so CEO comments on call pretty 'puzzling.'

Zoom Video Communications Strength Is Worth Noting

I'm willing to risk what amounts to the move we've seen today for the next month.

Give Credit to Blue Apron for Partnering With Beyond Meat

The issue is whether it will inspire longer-term customer relationships.

Dine Brands Could Decline in the Weeks Ahead - Avoid the Long Side for Now

Let's check on the charts and indicators to see what traders and investors think.

We Have Our Eyes on the Transports

The most notable technical event on Tuesday happened with the Dow Transports.

Looking for Pockets of Action

If you stay selective there are a few opportunities developing.

These Contenders Could Soon Become Dividend Aristocrats

Meet the Dividend Contenders: A list of more than 200 companies that have been increasing dividends each year for more than a decade.

Marvell Technology Is Breaking Out on the Upside: How to Play It

Checking out the latest charts and indicators.

Railroad Stocks to Ride as CSX Results Promote a Sectorwide Slide

When there is fear in a sector, there is often opportunity as well.

CSX Derailed By Rare Earnings Miss, Lowered Guidance

The railroad has run into a snag amid what its CEO termed "the most puzzling" economic backdrop he has seen in his career.

CSX Looks Like It Will Eventually Break the 200-Day Average Line - Play Defense

Let's check out the charts and indicators.

3 Small-Caps That Look Like Bargains at Current Trading Levels

The trio consists of BioDelivery Sciences International, Beazer Homes USA and Redhill Biopharma.

U.S. Monetary Policy, Trading Lockheed, Netflix and United Rentals: Market Recon

Preventing the U.S. dollar from appreciating too aggressively while repairing credit conditions are 'job freaking one'.

Domino's Pizza Could Get Even Colder

DPZ stock looks particularly vulnerable to further weakness now.

Be Reactive to the Market in This Narrow Trading Range

Don't be rigid in your thesis, keep an eye on market action and respond as appropriate.

Looking for an Undervalued Stock in a Solid Company? Give Whirlpool a Spin

Whirlpool has a decent long-term record, but remains a cyclical performer with nice trading opportunities for contrarian investors with longer-time horizons.

Jim Cramer: Big Tech in Washington Will Mean an EPS Hit

Breaking down the impact on Facebook, Alphabet and Amazon of congressional hearings.

Bad Day to Pick Winners

With 107 new highs for Nasdaq, we saw only 37 more new highs than new lows: Poor odds for picking stocks.

Complacent Market Players Keep It Chill -- as Sparks Fly All 'Round

It is still a surprisingly sedate market, despite indexes sitting close to all-time highs, earnings season, possible interest-rate cuts and endless speculation about China trade.

Jim Cramer: You Need to Be Looking for Opportunities on Days Like Today

This is the kind of market that's worth running to when the stocks of good companies go down.

Starbucks Looks Extended on the Upside - Lock in Some Gains

Let's look closer at the price action over the past 12 months.

JPMorgan Chase Sees Average Joe as 'Star of Show,' Amid Unfriendly Trends

With volatile swings following its quarterly earnings release, JPM still appears to have investor confidence.