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Costco: Are We Witnessing a Bull Trap?

When one of the last holdouts of the S&P 500 turns down the selloff is in full gear.

Chasing Alpha With Alphabet

I'm not the only one who likes the tech behemoth. Bill Ackman believes Alphabet will be a leader in AI for years to come.

Looking for Capitulation? Don't Be Fooled by Minor Market Bounces

The market is trying to discount the impact of higher rates, but it's extremely difficult.

The Trickiest Stock in the Market

There's a lot to like about this name, but a lot that also sows the seeds of caution.

Is Akamai Facing a Downside Reversal?

Or, will the stock keep climbing? Let's check.

NextEra's Power Is Interrupted as the Shares Plunge

Here's what traders could do.

AllianceBernstein: The Window Is Open for a Recovery Rally

Let's check the charts and indicators.

Treasury Pressure, Magnificent Flight, AI's Good and Bad, Five-Headed Fed Punch

While the Nasdaq has posted four consecutive winning sessions, the bottom fishing that has benefited the large tech names may be growing exhausted.

The Most Deceptive Bull Market in History

For most of this year, we have had to contend with pundits celebrating a bull market that really was only a bull market in an extremely small percentage of stocks.

Let's 'SEE' Why Sealed Air Is a Great Buy

Here are three reasons why this company is worth a play, and how to play it.

What Energy Trade?

Let's talk about the trade no one wanted to talk about. Also, let's check bonds, utilities and those darn indicators.

This Is No Time to Put Money to Work

The government shutdown deal did little to move stocks on Monday after the open.

Microsoft: Will Strength or Weakness Win Out?

Let's check the charts and indicators.

Trading Coinbase Is More Than Just a Flip of the Coin

The stock rallied early Monday, but those gains are fading.

Oil's on the Front Burner, and It's Getting Overcooked

Let me show you with one simple chart why the moves in this energy commodity are overhyped.

The Magnificent Seven Are Regaining Momentum

I have taken a position in one of these 'magnificent' names, and have my eyes on an under-the-radar asset manager.

Clorox: The Difference Between Fundamentals and Technicals

Is this a good time to buy the stock? Lets check the charts.

September's Over, But That Doesn't Mean We've Turned the Corner

All equity index trends remain bearish.

Can Nvidia's Overwhelming Growth Be Sustained Much Longer? Here's the Play

Oncoming competition from the likes of AMD and others as soon as the current quarter could strip some market-share at the margins.

My Energy for Energy Stocks Is Waning

There are several reasons why I am not nearly as optimistic about this area of the market as the fourth quarter begins.

If You're Thinking of Trading IonQ, Read This First

Let's see what the charts suggest now.

Tom Lee: Here's Why We Believe Stocks Can Rally Into Year-End

After a challenging few months, investors are skeptical at start of October. But we remain constructive on stocks into year-end, even with near-term risks.

Is Nvidia Ready to Rally or Not?

The chip maker gets a lift from Goldman Sachs' conviction buy list.

Rocktober, Shutdown Postponed, Yield Curve, Markets, Fed, Macro, Week Ahead

Almost there. Third quarter earnings season is practically upon us and will kick off late next week.

Scared in September? Now It's Time to Brave the Bargains

Knowing that we are due for a big bounce means buying now, before it happens, rather than waiting for confirmation and missing out on great prices.

The Market Is Now Focused on Interest Rates and a Potential Recession

Despite the good news of a deal in Congress to avoid a government shutdown, early market indications are weak.

Here's How to Lock in a Trade on a Promising Biopharma Name

This small-cap is developing a promising new gastrointestinal disease-fighting drug and has one already on the market, making it a great options play.

Elite Traders Make Big Profits Using This Trick

A concentrated position in the right stock at the right time is how you make exceptional profit. Here are the steps that pro traders employ to rack up huge gains.

FS Insight Weekly Roadmap: Q4 Shows Promise After 'Vortex of Pain'

Despite a high volume of noise, inflation remains the primary macro driver for markets, while a government shutdown could put the Fed on an automatic 'structural pause.'

3 Small-Cap Stocks With Big Dividends

These names provide shareholders with potential growth in addition to their dividends.