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Bearish Bets: 2 Shaky Stocks You Should Consider Shorting This Week

These names are displaying both technical and quantitative deterioration.

Are You Emotionally Invested in Bad Trades?

Learn to sell without regret and you will be a better trader.

Jim Cramer: We Are Back to the Essentials

I think that it's pretty telling that Amazon is up and United Parcel and FedEx are down.

Get All Your Ducks in a Row With This Dividend Aristocrat

Aflac is a dividend aristocrat that offers a safe yield and strong total returns.

The 'Audition Showdown' Continues

Here we return to our pitch review of 'Audition Showdown' with promises to mix business with pleasure ... with risk.

I Like UPS More Than FedEx, and Here's My Trade Idea

There are a number of pros for being long either UPS or FDX.

What If AstraZeneca's Covid-19 Vaccine Doesn't Work?

Governments around the world have committed to buying hundreds of millions of doses of AZD1222.

I'm Not Banking on Full Normalcy Returning in 2021

The exodus out of large, high tax and high-density cities will continue in 2021 even if it might not be at quite the same pace.

Hibbett Sports Is a Survivor and Then Some

I'm not a buyer here although I am impressed by what HIBB has been able to accomplish.

U.S. Dollar on the Edge: What Does it Mean for Investors?

A weak dollar could provide a substantial tailwind for these companies.

Speculative Trading Continues but Bitcoin Cools Off

Bitcoin serves as a proxy of sorts for overall speculative interest in financial assets, so its movement is worth watching.

Thankful for Life, Sloppy Wednesday, Sizing Up Salesforce, Keep on Fighting

The battle to gain control over Covid-19 is entering a crucial stage and calls for continued determination.

Now, How Should I 'Put' This ...

Put writing is better than, and not as risky as, you think. Let me explain.

Why I Am Thankful That I Went Deaf and Lost Everything

We all face obstacles in life, but with optimism and persistence you can overcome anything.

The Trimmings Are Where It's at During Thanksgiving Trading

Despite indexes dipping, trades could be found in cannabis, China names and special purpose acquisition companies.

Put the Pedal to the Metal on Silver

Here's a play in this precious metal exchange traded fund trust.

Bunge Offers Long-Term Growth and an Attractive Dividend Yield

This agriculture name stands out from a quality perspective.

Has the Blowoff Peak of CBAK Energy Been Seen?

Let's review the charts and indicators.

Thanksgiving Dinner Hasn't Been Cooked, and I'm Already Looking at a 'Potbelly'

I see a delicious play and a yummy chart in PBPB.

This Is Not Your Father's Alternative Investment

Don't let the blandness of the term 'Regulation A' fool you -- this exemption allowing private companies to offer securities to the public can make for a great, high risk play.

E-Scooter Maker Niu Technologies Is Running Out of Power

Don't fight the tape on this one.

Third Quarter Signals a Turning Point for Cannabis Companies

It has been a challenging road for these firms, but now it appears that positive things are about to happen.

Three Holiday Trades on My Radar

Amid poor trading action, I've found three stocks to consider.

Mnuchin's Bomb, Yellen's Call, and the Data Deluge: Let's Make Sense of It All

Big headlines dropped this past week, including that funding for several emergency lending programs would not be renewed. Here, I'll sort it all out.

Centene Is Still Not Showing Us the Right Stuff

Here's our analysis and trading strategy for CNC shares.

Consider Sideways Trading of Textainer Group a Buying Opportunity

Let's review the charts and indicators.

Movado Is on the Move, and So Is Fossil as They Pleasantly Surprise

The two specialty retail stocks climb as they manage to navigate the choppy pandemic waters better than expected.

Many Traders Are Locking in Gains as Traditional Holiday Trading Isn't There

The primary problem is that there was just too much wild speculative action on Monday and Tuesday.

DexCom Could Work Itself Lower in the Weeks Ahead

A 'careful' approach is in order for traders.

If You Speculate on Nikola, You Do So Without Me

CEO Mark Russell has not confirmed that GM might be taking a large equity stake in the firm.