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Market's Frothy With a Side of FOMO

The small caps and the Dow finally host the party on Wall Street. But will this broadening action continue?

This Is Still My 'Preferred' Style of Investing

Let's look at some whopping returns for VLYPO and two others to dive into.

Is This 'Museum' Finally Unlocking Its Doors for Value Investors?

A fascinating and frustrating company over the years, is showing positive signs in 2023.

Boosted by Quarterly Beat and AI's Breakout, Broadcom's Booming

Performance is excellent, free cash flow is robust, guidance is solid and sales are growing. Here's my one nitpick and how to play the stock.

Synopsys Needs to Catch Its Breath Before Making Further Gains

Traders should exercise patience and wait for a dip before probing the long side.

'Sticky Inflation' Isn't Going to Be Unstuck Anytime Soon

And the likelihood that inflation will be persistent should keep interest rates higher for longer, which will have multiple negative economic consequences.

Done Debt Deal, Fed Heads Tone It Down, AI Gold Mine, Wary Eye on Apple

Plus, a couple major stock indexes appear to be in better technical shape.

Will the AI Theme Continue to Protect the Market From Economic Fears?

The bulls are focused on stocks that are benefiting from AI while the bears argue these few names don't fix the other economic issues that are still lurking.

Sometimes It Pays to Look Down

This has been a stock-pickers market: It's narrow picking on the upside, sure, but I see lots of options on the downside.

Mega-Cap Tech Keeps Showing Wall Street Who's Boss

The action broadened on Thursday, but a small group of big stocks still dominated.

New BlackRock Funds Rely on Brainpower

Artificial intelligence is all the rage, but the BlackRock Large Cap Value and the BlackRock Flexible Income exchange-traded funds offer a bit of human touch.

As Mega Caps Soar, Contrarian Investors Face a Conundrum

At this point, everyone is painfully aware of the strength in AI names, and they are still chasing stocks like Apple and Nvidia.

Is Chewy Barking Up the Right Technical Tree?

Here's where a trade would be a fresh upside breakout and open the way to further gains.

Salesforce Shares Are Pressured, But I'm Not Threatened: Here's the Trade

Margins are up, cash flows are roaring, guidance is strong, yet valuation remains an issue.

Sizing Up ServiceNow Now That It Has Run Higher

It appears there is more upside potential for the cloud computing stock, though traders should exercise caution.

Intel Suddenly Looks Swell, So Here's How I'd Play It

The semiconductor giant went from breakdown to breakout in a matter of days, which makes it an interesting trade opportunity.

Accenture Forms a Bottom With Strengthening Indicators

As we check the charts, I have two price targets.

The Cost of Investing in Retail Looks Steep

Let's look at the risks to the sector and what could be a safe buy.

The AI Theme Destroyed the Economic Bears, But Now What?

About 90% of stocks are still struggling, but many market players are celebrating.

Watching Emotions on Wall Street

When investors get giddy right at the peak of a market move, it's time to pay attention.

AI Lightens Up a Bit but Market Remains Lopsided

Tech giants like Apple carry more weight as narrow market continues.

For Stability and Quarterly Payments, You Gotta Have FAITH

If we believe normalcy will return to the U.S. financial system, this investing plan could give outsized returns.

Kohl's Charts Continue to Decline

Here's what to avoid.

Finding Value in a 'Unique' Niche of the Healthcare Sector

Insider buying by the new CEO of this buyer of biopharmaceutical royalties, puts this name on my radar.

There's a Significant Change in the Market's Character

The AI frenzy is taking a rest, and the number of stocks that are attracting speculative interest is very slim.

Advance Auto Parts Results Were U-G-L-Y: Is the Stock a Lemon Too?

This balance sheet needs a lot of work.

The Chase Is Not On

Here's why we would wait for better buying opportunities.

Will CrowdStrike Stand Out From the Crowd After Earnings?

The technical signals aren't yielding a clear answer to that question.

Cautious Market, Debt Bill, Struggling Economy, Oil Prices, China PMI

Plus, HP expects to have PCs with a built in AI program available by 2024.

QQQ Has Left Orbit, So Follow This Approach Before Heading to Space

I'm focused on a pattern that has repeated all year long.