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Nasdaq Overcomes Resistance, but How Troublesome Is Breadth?

Breadth deterioration is potentially problematic.

Shake Shack and the Chaotic Restaurant Sector

Occasionally there's a positive surprise.

August Feels Dangerous, but There Still Are Stocks to Target

Among the companies that seem to be managing the challenges of 2020 quite well is Pluralsight Inc.

Ozzy and I Don't Know, Hare-Raising Tale, Enter the Dog Days: Market Recon

Plus, Russia could provide a real-time clinical trial of a coronavirus vaccine.

Jim Cramer: In Retail, Darwin Reigns Until We Shut Down Covid-19

The main takeaway as always is that the real casualties are those enterprises that aren't public.

A Narrowing Market: Big Caps Drive the Top, Speculative Junk the Bottom

In the vast middle, there is a mishmash of action and rotation.

Check This Out: A Great Online-Only Co., Attractive Valuation and Good Price

CBOE looks like it has it all -- here's how to play it.

The Opossum Stocks

Let's look at all those stocks -- like the banks -- that appear to be 'playing possum' with us -- they appear dead but don't break.

Bearish Bets: 2 NYSE Stocks You Should Consider Shorting This Week

These well-known names are displaying both technical and quantitative deterioration.

Buying a Stock Is Easy - Selling It Is the Hard Part

Selling requires you to be honest with yourself, which may be the biggest challenge in trading and investing.

Is Investing in Stocks Just a Form of Gambling?

Market participants like to believe they aren't gamblers but there's no denying that luck plays a major role in the investment process.

'Sell the News' Sellers Are Sold Out by Apple Buyers

This market simply has no fear of staying with the big-cap tech names that have been leaders for so long.

Under Armour Is Likely to Remain on the Defensive

What has happened to the charts?

I Want This Electric Vehicle SPAC and I Want It Now!

I'm a buyer of Spartan Energy Acquisition, but with a patience level beyond Veruca Salt.

It's the Bigger Players Who'll Benefit as Cannabidiol Sales Are Cut by Covid

New CBD companies are finding it difficult to enter retail channels.

Can O'Reilly Automotive Continue to Fire on All Cylinders?

Let's review the charts and indicators.

The Relevance of the Russell 2000

The performance of IWM is telling you that all is not well in the overall U.S. economy.

A Sea of Red

I plan to focus on managing existing positions and to stay selective with new buying.

The Charts of Rosetta Stone Are Unlocking the Key to Higher Prices

The charts are bullish and traders could go long RST.

This Energy MLP Offers a Yield Above 10%

Enterprise Products Partners is a best-in-class MLP.

Dynatrace Shows Some Upside Promise on the Charts

DT is a technology company that specializes in software intelligence products.

Taylor Morrison Homes Could Be Move-In Ready on a Breakout

Charts and indicators for the homebuilder are constructive.

Let's Not Overlook AbbVie's Q2 Beat

There is no thought of selling here and now, even with politicized pressure on the industry.

Is It Party Time at Tupperware?

TUP has quickly gone from the worst performer in my tax loss selling portfolio to the second-best performer.

Are Big-Name Big-Caps Distracting Us From Market Problems?

Setups such as this are normally less than healthy.

Keurig Dr. Pepper Could Be Bought on Strength

Let's review their charts and indicators.

Time to Look at Troubled Travel Companies in Asia?

Trip.com, China's biggest online travel agency, is hoping investors may take it private at a premium.

Utz Could Become a Tasty Investment Later This Year

Utz Quality Foods and Collier Creek Holdings will combine in a reverse merger later this quarter. Let's look at the charts of CCH.

3 Covid-Proof Plays Not Named Amazon or Apple

Tutor Perini, Beazer Homes and Alexion Pharmaceuticals all turned in solid results in the face of the pandemic.

Grotesque GDP, So Much for Rotation, Amazon Goes Wild: Market Recon

Plus, it could be quite a while before the labor market can absorb all those people who are out of jobs.