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Remember: Bad Markets Don't Scare You Out, They Wear You Out

Steady selling takes its toll on optimism and patience.

Real Money Post-Industrial Average Feels the Pain, But Continues to Outperform

For March and the first quarter, the RMPIA takes less of a hit than major indexes.

Apple's Charts Suggest a Retest of the March Low as the Next Move

Hopefully in the weeks ahead AAPL can go back to rewarding buy and hold investors.

6 Testing, Diagnostics and Medical Devices Stocks You Should Know About

Look for weaknesses in companies like these that can provide solutions to today's pressing issues.

Jim Cramer: Finding Any Stocks With No Hair?

After a company reports we all know what's wrong, it's immunized. And that's when you can buy.

Sharing a Bad Loss and a Good Loss

You should have rules. If you don't, write some, test some, talk to others that have rules, and find one or more that work for you.

Constellation Brands Could Decline Further Despite Earnings Beat

A look at the charts of the maker of Corona beer.

Twitter Is Attracting Fundamental Recommendations but the Charts Remain Weak

The fundamental story may have improved but avoid it.

Well, What Are You Going to Do?

I'm keeping with the approach of high cash levels and selling big bounces rather than adding to strong moves higher.

I'm Looking at the Main Suppliers of Masks and Protective Clothing

Once again, there is no urgency to build long term positions.

Reap the Benefits With These Data Sources

Use these sources and be a little nerdy about your portfolio.

Shake Shack Stock Is Looking Shaky

What the charts of the restaurant chain reveal.

What's Not to Like About the New Raytheon Technologies?

This is day one of trading for a vastly changed company - Raytheon - now merged with United Technologies to form Raytheon Technologies.

Passing the Test Again

Market support levels were tested support levels for the second day in a row.

Illinois Tool Works Is More Likely to Trade Sideways From Here

It's not time yet to get involved from the long side.

After a Wedding Dress Chuckle, a Return to Sobering Reality

The news out of the mortgage markets and cruise line business offers nothing to laugh about.

Chipotle Mexican Grill Could Retest March Lows

The charts for the burrito restaurant are showing bearish signs for now and point to its stock slidding before any rally resumes.

Okta Stock Is at a Crossroads

A look at the cloud company's charts and indicators.

Names in Gaming and Energy That Insiders Are Betting On

MGM Resorts International and Energy Partners are in unrelated businesses but have a spate of recent insider purchases in common.

Restless Rally, Fiscal Stimulus and Trading Strategies

This precarious rally came on the back of oil production cut talks, but the equity markets remain in a downtrend.

Covid-19: The Elusive Pursuit of Clarity

Jobs news will provide some data points, but we still have little idea of the extent of the economic damage that will occur.

It Adds Up to Own Alliance Bernstein

At a discount price, AB has excellent Income and growth potential.

Get Ready to Test, and Retest, Your Patience

Why should we see a retest a week or two later this time around, when we haven't any of the other times in history?

Psychedelics May Find Legit Place in Pharma as Pandemic Takes Toll

As crisis turns into one of mental health as well as physical health, some firms are experimenting with use of LSD and 'magic mushroom' compounds.

Amid the Crisis, Listen to Price for Guidance

It is extremely important to stay focused on price action rather than letting personal desires drive decisions.

Think Zoom Video Has Become Overvalued? Me Too

This is a little bit of a 'look what we are all using,' without much of a 'what's their business model?'

All Systems Are Still Go With Citrix

CTXS provides workspace, networking, and professional services.

Here's a Play for Chewy -- If You're Willing to Bite

CHWY and PLAY may offer insights into the effects of the coronavirus crisis on their businesses.

Is Now a Good Time to Buy Banks for the Long Run?

Given the current price pattern in the banks, I see no reason to rush to buy them at this point.

De-Risking Your Portfolio

This advice is absolutely relevant in the current Covid-19 era.