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Here's How I Would Handle Speculative Sangamo Therapeutics

Let's take a look at the charts and indicators.

One-Way Market Making Trading Harder

Even market bulls are hoping for some kind of slowdown at this point, but waiting for a pullback has been a losing play lately.

I Remain Skeptical About United Natural Foods

The combined company - with SUPERVALU - has not yet proven that it can deliver on earnings and synergies.

Jim Cramer: If We Get a China Deal, Then This Rally Is In Its Infancy

The kick will come from the Chinese capitulating because their economy is so weak.

This Key Technical Hurdle May Be Difficult for the Market to Overcome

This is where the real fight begins.

Tesla Shows Some Unusual Movement on These 4 Charts

The charts and indicators show a bullish underlying theme, I believe.

I Think I'll Buy Some Tesla Today, but No, I'm Not Crazy

I admittedly have built up a negative bias toward TSLA over time.

The Charts of PPG Are Bullish Despite the News - A Sign to Buy

The technical signals and clues for PPG all point up.

Netflix Dip: Reversal or Buying Opportunity?

Bearish analysts may call the rally from late December 'short covering' but that may not be true.

Biotech and Beyond: 8 Favorite Healthcare Stocks for 2019

From small-cap genetics and biotech firms to large-cap drug distributors and pharmacies, eight experts select their top picks in the space for this year.

Does the Appian Way Go Upward From Here?

Let's see where the technicals lead us on this lesser-known cloud stock.

Two Small-Caps and One Mid-Cap Stock I Like So Far in 2019

It has been a better year for the Russell 2000 and the small-caps it represents.

Kirkland Lake Gold Should Be a Hold for Now, but Looks Brighter Ahead

The gold miner is a little stretched to the upside at the moment, but should present a buying opportunity on a modest pullback.

A Number of Things About Netflix Earnings Have Left Me Wondering: Market Recon

Unfortunately for NFLX, the competition will only increase.

Uptrend Continues as Traders Seek Good News on China Trade, and Squeeze Shorts

We have a gap-up open and some poor earnings news -- and once again the bears are on the run as they keep trying to guess when a turn will occur.

Real Money Report Card: Big Week for Bank Earnings

Banks' quarterly reports mean quarterly grades are due.

Crocs Is Pointed Higher So Raise Stop Protection If You Are Long

Let's check out the charts.

Taiwan Semiconductor Occupies Precarious Perch in International Trade

A potential peel-back of trade restrictions is taking TSM higher, but politics still play a role.

Tiffany Looks Like a Diamond Compared to Signet Jewelers' Rough Report

Signet's slide has signals for Tiffany shareholders.

Yeti Holdings Looks Ready to Hike Higher - Probe the Long Side Here

We do not have a lot of chart history to work with but let's see what we can find.

The Unintended Consequences of Jack Bogle

The champion of indexing transformed investing for many, but also impacted the structure of the stock market.

The Charts of Costco Are Looking Weaker With a Quantitative Downgrade

Traders and investors should probably look elsewhere for stocks to trade from the long side.

Semiconductor Slowdown Scare Could Be Shortsighted

The long-term demand bolstered by secular shifts in technology are keeping many onboard the ship for semiconductors in the long term.

The Read-Through Is a Superficial Analysis of Market Sectors

If you are investing in individual stocks you have to do individual research. It's that simple.

Coupa Software: Thinking Outside the Box as the Stock Pushes Above $70 Yet Again

This should be a triple-top, in theory, but since they don't exist…

My Taiwan Semiconductor Trade Idea - Don't Buy It at All

TSM's largest customer is Apple, and it's second largest is Huawei.

Market Reaction to Netflix Results Will Tell Us a Lot

By any definition we are in an uptrend, but the character of a market can shift.

Twitter Is Looking Attractive From the Long Side - Buy It Here and on Strength

Let's take a few minutes to look at the charts and indicators.

Taiwan Semiconductor Slides as Smartphone Slowdown Spreads Pain to Semis

The big contract chipmaker issues a downbeat forecast of what lies ahead for the semiconductor giant, and likely for the sector.

Taiwan Semiconductor Was Down a Lot Even Before Bearish Guidance: What's Next?

Let's check out the charts and indicators for some technical guidance.