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Checking Up on 5 Favorite Healthcare REITs

This group benefits from two trends -- declining interest rates and an aging of the population.

Looking for Monthly Dividend? Consider a Match Up With STAG

STAG Industrial is a real estate investment trust that offers a 5% yield and frequent dividends that could help retirees and others on fixed incomes.

This Real Estate Investment Trust Offers High Yield -- and a Solid Foundation

EPR Properties has a long, safe track record of robust growth, and a strong total return outlook.

This Company Shows Why You Should Listen When Management Buys

Those in charge of companies know more about their businesses than anyone else, so when a firm like Macerich sees officers and directors line up to buy over 100,000 shares, you should pay attention.

4 Favorite REITs for Growth & Yield

These names are ideal for investors seeking a combination of capital gains and dividends.

Easterly Government Properties Offers Security of Uncle Sam

DEA is a real estate investment trust with a high 5.6% yield that provides properties critical to U.S. government agencies.

Open Door to Dividends With These REITs

If interest rates go lower, that will likely jump-start investor demand for quality dividend companies -- looking to these real estate investment trusts is a good bet.

VICI Properties Is Looking Dicey on the Charts

Let's check out the charts and indicators so it doesn't feel like we are rolling the dice with just the fundamentals.

Simon Shares a Deal at This 'Sale' Price

An industry-wide rout of real estate investment trusts has brought ultra-high quality Simon Property Group back into extremely undervalued territory.

7 Top REITs for Growth and Income in a Low Interest Rate Environment

These names offer a high degree of safety and income in an uncertain market, and should get a boost from the Fed's dovish stance on interest rates.

Host Hotels & Resorts Offers Growth and Income in One REIT

The operator of upscale hotels is the only lodging REIT in the S&P 500 Index and is trading at a below-average multiple.

Office Properties Is Home to High Rewards, but Not a Good Night's Sleep

Yielding nearly 9%, this high-risk real estate investment trust is alluring, but also risky.

Blues' Stunning Victory Holds Cupful of Big Investment Lessons

Watching St. Louis top Boston on Wednesday proves key characteristics good investing: Don't give up, look for gems, and fear not management changes.

Why Income Investors Should Buy This High-Yield REIT

A pause in interest-rate hikes (or even an interest rate cut) would be a growth tailwind for this name moving forward.

Former Dividend Aristocrat HCP Is On the Mend

The REIT that specializes in healthcare properties hit a rough patch that meant cutting its dividend, but it appears to be righting the ship.

Surf the Silver Tsunami With This High Yield REIT

The major growth catalyst for this REIT moving forward can be put simply: the aging population.

Battered Stocks Like Signet Can Be Diamonds in the Rough

Value-oriented players should start flocking back into SIG once it shows even the first hint of positive news.

7 Monthly Dividend Stocks for Income Investors

Income-seeking investors on the hunt for stocks that pay out monthly dividends will not be disappointed, with some solid firms to choose from.

Grab This REIT for Tremendous Total Return

Share prices that drop by much more than justified create great buying opportunities.

7 Ways to Earn High Income From Other People's Mortgages

Sophisticated income investors can participate in this high-yield market via mREITs, preferreds and funds.

STAG Industrial Gives Investors a Chance to Profit From Industrial Real Estate

Investors can reap a nice monthly income stream through STAG Industrial, which owns tens of millions of square feet of warehouses, distribution centers and light manufacturing facilities.

First Window for Listed Indian Real Estate a Litmus Test for the Market

India's property market is increasingly institutionalized, and now it's available to retail investors, too.

REIT Getty Realty Is No Longer Under the Radar

REIT investors are typically attracted by dividends, and GTY has delivered a 12.3% compound annual dividend growth rate over the past four years.

7 Attractive REITs With an Unusual Twist

Each of these picks focuses on less-traditional markets, from billboards, casinos and data centers, to mortgage servicing rights, healthcare and life science facilities.

Ventas Is Showing Some Softness Now, Raise Sell Stop Protection

The company is relying on several building blocks to return to growth.

6 REITs for an Aging Baby Boomer Population

Some companies are making an awful lot of money filling vital social and medical needs. Five investment experts give their stock picks for the rising demand for healthcare properties.

They Aren't Sexy, but Solid Dividend-Paying Stocks Are a Portfolio Must

Chatham Lodging Trust and Cedar Fair are two well-run companies with very attractive yields that can help balance a portfolio.

This High-Yield REIT Helps Income Investors Sleep Well at Night

Rest easy. 582 consecutive monthly dividends, 99 dividend raises since its IPO in 1994.

Check Into This Hotel REIT and Try This Underwear Maker on for Size

Chatham Lodging Trust and HanesBrands offer nice payouts while waiting out the current market storm.

Stash Some Portfolio Cash in Storage REITs

Extra Space Storage and Public Storage are two names with attractive dividend yields in a sector that stands to see an uptick in business ahead.