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Simon Says: Malls Will Make a Comeback

Here's why I'm betting the pessimism on SPG appears greatly exaggerated.

Jim Cramer: Thanks for Nothing, Washington

It's too late. By delaying the stimulus this long Congress has doomed lots of smaller businesses.

Real Opportunities in Real Estate Continue to Pop Up

Beazer Homes USA and JBG Smith Properties are two names that are worth looks in the real estate sector.

These Mall REITs Have Reinstated Dividends, but They Are Still Risky

Kimco Realty and some peers in the Mall REIT space may have their dividends back in place, but the long-term economic impact of the pandemic is yet to be fully felt.

Blackstone Mortgage Trust Has No Appeal

This is the least favorably-positioned company I have analyzed at any time in 2020.

This REIT's Dividend Looks Ironclad

Iron Mountain is a high yield real estate investment fund that's unlocking its future potential.

Seinfeld Is Wrong, the Big Apple's Biggest Threat Is Not Going Away

Real-life Jerry is just as out of touch with the working world as his character was 25 years ago.

Buying a Lodging REIT in Anticipation of the Great Rotation

As the impact of Covid-19 wanes battered sectors such as hospitality should start to revive, which makes Chatham Lodging Trust an attractive prospect.

Jim Cramer: Working at Home Is Not a Fad -- and the Implications Are Staggering

Seven consequences of what Salesforce and Marc Benioff, the exec most close to Covid, announced Wednesday.

Why I'm Building Positions in This One Group of REITs

Want to invest in a sector that's getting bailed out? You've found it here.

Don't Fret: Country Music Fans Are a Plucky Bunch

Ryman Hospitality will also rebound as people head back to Opryland USA, Grand Ole Opry and other of the REIT's properties.

Bearish Bets: 2 Large-Cap Stocks You Should Consider Shorting This Week

These S&P 500 names are displaying both technical and quantitative deterioration.

Beware: This REIT Is on a Shaky Foundation

Simon Property Group's resumed dividend masks uncertainties lurking underneath.

Kimco Realty Is the 'REIT' Choice, Right Now

Kimco Realty's shares look like a bargain based on price/funds from operations.

The Pennies Are Adding Up for This Mortgage-Related Dividend Payer

PennyMac Mortgage Investment Trust recently boosted its dividend in a big way as post-lockdown mortgage demand begins to pick up.

Ventas Dividend Cut Could Portend Pressure on Payouts of Senior Living REITs

Covid-19 is inflicting its greatest toll on the elderly, and that is impacting companies that care for older adults.

Escape From New York

As I move out of my apartment, proof that New Yorkers are fleeing to the suburbs is becoming more and more apparent.

6 Cannabis Stock Plays Investors Should Know About

This six-pack from investment specialists includes a REIT and a software provider specializing in the industry.

American Tower Is Still Signaling Upside

Analysis and trading strategy for the communications real estate REIT.

Innovative Industrial Properties: A 4%+ Dividend Yield and Growth From Cannabis

Not many marijuana stocks pay dividends, so income investors have a unique opportunity with this REIT.

7 Niche REITs for Growth and Income

One part of the e-commerce food chain that is grossly overlooked by investors is logistics real estate.

Let's Play Dividend Detective to Find Out Where to Uncover Good Yields

While many companies are cutting their dividends, others are holding strong and some are poised to see increases. Here's how to spot the good opportunities.

For Dividend Investors REITs Might Not Pay the Rent

VEREIT is an example of one name that had to cut its dividend amid the stay-at-home policies of the pandemic.

Jim Cramer: Don't Bet on Changed Behaviors Being a Short-Lived Thing

Adjustments people and companies have made due to the pandemic are likely to outlast the virus in some measure, and those firms that don't adapt face trouble.

Jim Cramer: Let the Froth Wash Out

Let's look at the stocks that will get crushed and that you can't touch right now.

Alexandria Real Estate Equities Offers Yield and a Modest Upside Target

The charts and indicators of ARE are heading in the right direction but not with convincing volume.

Jim Cramer: Reopening Is Necessary, but Based on Little More Than Hope

It's imperative that people get back to work, so we have this great compromise -- let's see how it might play out.

Simon Property Group Is Rallying: Here's What the Charts Say

The stock price has traveled a long distance the last 12 months.

Dividends Are Also Subject to the 'Domino' Effect

The pizza company delivers, but retailers that can't stay open, won't pay rent, hitting real estate investment trusts.

Digital Realty Trust: What the Charts Tell Us About the Stock

Let's take a close look at this data center REIT.