Satchel Paige's 'Don't Ever Look Back' Rule Isn't Easy to Follow in Investing

It can be hard to regret even profitable trades when your investment philosophy typically has you out of stocks early.

Novice Trade: PulteGroup

The tactic is the bullishly biased, near-the-money long call "shooter" expiring in August.

Jim Cramer: The Money Isn't Leaving the Casino

The bets are coming off one table and going to another amid the tariff news, much to the consternation of the sideliners.

Bullish Signals Abound for Federal Realty Investment Trust

FRT has been in 'rally mode' from its February low.

It's Time to Go Long Simon Property Group

Simon Property Group has made an interesting bullish reversal pattern in the past six months within a 14-month base pattern.

Examine the Facts When Considering REITs

Rather than shying away from mall REITs, smart investors should be loading up.

Jim Cramer: The Strength in Pharma, Health Care and Real Estate Is Transient

The seemingly terrific rationales for strength in these economically sensitive sectors seem glib until the bigger global economic issues get resolved.

Jim Cramer: Don't Buy Into These Contortions of Negativity

Business is quite strong, despite what the market is saying.

Get In on the Ground Floor With Realogy

Buy Realogy shares, sell some puts or consider doing both.

Paul's Dirty Dozen Update

Out of favor stocks provide outsized gains.