Office Plot Good News for Neighbors As It Shatters World Record in Hong Kong

Hong Kong developer Henderson Land outbid eight rivals, and for once outspent mainland competitors, in landing the first significant office plot in Central in two decades.

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Weakening British Housing Market Will Weigh on the Pound

The British currency's recent recovery will be short-lived should the housing market become less robust, as a new survey suggests is happening.

My Housing Logic Conundrum

Loan rates and yields should be headed lower.

India's Domestic-Demand Stocks Go Vertical

Since the demonetization shock late last year, the Indian stock market has recouped its losses, and then some. Housing-related shares haven't hit their roof yet.

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Finding bullish and bearish reversals in the market.

Cramer: There Are Powerful Themes in Several Bull Markets

It's a wonder to me how split this market really is.

In U.K., Sell Because of May, Go Away, Come Back Post-Election Day

U.K. assets are in for volatility due to Brexit rancor and an election campaign.

One Word of Advice for Investors on Chinese Property Stocks: Run!

Prospects look particularly bearish for China's real estate sector, which makes up half of all lending in the country. Stocks could sell off fast.

Can't Pay Your Debts, Deep in the Red? In China, Your Stock Doubles

The Lazarus-like rebirth of the property developer Kaisa shows how fickle Chinese financial statements, and financial markets, are.