Will 2018 Be the Year of Japan's Tech-Infrastructure Plays?

There's no question that Japan's economy is hot and next year companies' confidence to invest in infrastructure plays well for tech stocks.

3 More Stocks To Buy on Tax Reform

Rent-A-Center, Foot Locker and AV Homes will get a nice holiday gift with the tax deal.

Japan's Massive Government Pension Fund Shakes Real Estate World

The world's largest pension fund has made its first move into alternative investment with an allocation to real estate in Japan. It's a trend for managers and investors to watch.

3 Investment Ideas That Sadly Didn't Follow My Script

Ruby Tuesday wasn't much of a "best idea for 2017," a post-merger Farmland Partners has laid fallow and avoiding Equifax after its data breach haircut was a mistake.

Video: Here's How to Use Bitcoin to Buy Real Estate

The bitcoin frenzy is now making its way into the real estate sector. Bitcoin prices stared 2017 under $1,000 and hovered near $17,475 on Tuesday.

Institutional Investors in Asia Develop a Taste for Vietnamese - and Stability

In a marked contrast to their quest for risk last year, when India and Indonesia rated top in attractiveness, institutional investors are searching out safe real estate in Asia -- with another camp questing for stable emerging markets.

Blackstone Buys Back Into Logicor as It Plays Nice With Beijing

The decision by a Blackstone fund to buy 10% of Logicor shows how much the Chinese government values its relationship with the world's largest private equity investor.

Asia's Offices Top in the World in Terms of Price

Check out the stocks of these landlords and developers if you're looking to play the world's most-expensive office markets - 70% of which are in Asia.

A Back-Door Real Estate Play

Buy Realogy shares, sell some puts or consider doing both.

Biotech and Housing -- Tax Reform Winners

The market could see a year-end Santa Claus rally to top off this solid year for investors.