I'd Play Li Auto by Watching It Into Friday's Close

If we have the setup, I would use a bullish call spread with a November expiration.

'Squeeze' a Profit Out of Nikola With This Trade

With the stock rallying, shorts were forced to cover, which pushes NKLA higher, causing more coverage.

Here's a Setup Thursday for a Best Buy Trade Friday

Here's how I'd play it if we close above breakout levels.

SuRo Capital May Be an Opportunity Here via a Call Spread

The downside should be limited to even less than the max risk associated with the trade.

With These Volumes, CBOE Could Be in for a Tough Stretch

Here's how I'd play it into earnings.

My Crystal Ball Sees Palantir's Opening as Shaking Up This Stock

We'll witness some action in Suro Capital, which has an ownership stake dating back to when Palantir was private.

Diamonds Could Be Your Best Friend This Week

I believe this is just a pause before go back in the green.

I've Got Some Names to Play on This Heavy Day

Times like this, I'll turn to old, underperforming favorites -- such as Rackspace Technology.

Let's 'Shift' Away From the Bumpy SPAC Action and Turn to INSU

I don't see volatility issues for Insurance Acquisition Corp., which is set to vote on its merger with Shift in mid-October.

Bailing on a Name Too Early Has Its Own Risks

We saw with Net Element the danger of leaving a position before it's ready to run; now let's scope out Perceptron.