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These 3 Stocks May Be Near Bottom, and One May Get a 'Lyft'

It's tough to find when a stock has hit the floor, so let's look at three that fell on earnings and could be poised to rise.

Novice Trade: Best Buy

Best Buy has the potential to have a Home Depot-like rally when the company reports next week.

In This Retail Environment There Is a Place for Kohl's

I am long KSS, and have a number of options trades in play that I have used to reduce net basis.

A Hedging Trade for the S&P 500

The charts are warning investors to brace for yet another disappointment.

Doubling Down on My Slack Technologies Trade Call

While secondary indicators are slightly muddled, price is leading the way.

The Challenges Facing Home Depot

It's difficult to expect much movement from earnings, one way or another.

Volatility Is Coming Off: Here's How to Take Advantage

Look for the S&P 500 to make a run at 3000 by Labor Day.

How to Make the Right 'Call' on Bargain Stocks

Here we look at Bloomin' Brands to see how investing strategies such as call options can be used to play a stock trading at a cheap price.

Eventbrite Is Finally Seeing Strong Technical Action

It will need to find another gear for ticket sales.

Novice Trade: SPY

I think the yield curve scare is noise.

Deere Is Investable and Is Certainly Not Overvalued

Should the early low of the day hold on Friday, these shares will have bottomed at nearly the same price for three sessions in a row. Is that meaningful?

How to Use a Buy-Write Options Strategy With Out-Of-Favor ETFs

Financials and energy ETFs aren't faring well in the current environment, but there still is a way to make money on them.

Watch for ECB Easing, a Curve Cure and an Nvidia Options Tutorial: Market Recon

The strategy with Nvidia entails the sale of a bull call spread coupled with the sale of a bear put spread.

Here's How Beyond Meat Will Look After All the Fat's Burned Off

After falling from around $240 to around $140 at the end of July, BYND may have triggered a pattern that will carry it to around $100 and fill the gap of early June.

How to Extract Pretty Profits from Ugly Stocks

It's a process that involves harvesting gains by repeatedly writing call options against stocks steadily in decline.

Novice Trade: SPY

Aug. 23 SPY calls are trading below $4, but could be worth twice that by Friday.

Sorry to Rain on Your Parade, Macy's Fans

After this retailer got a swift kick in the pants in second-quarter earnings, its shelf life looks short.

How to Play Huya to Score in Esports

Huya posts better-than-expected numbers on top and bottom lines.

I Like the Setup Into Luckin Coffee Earnings on Wednesday

I wouldn't fault anyone for playing a long volatility position.

Novice Trade: McDonald's

MCD is right near a 52 week high and appears poised to make a run at $230 a share.

Let Smoke Clear on CannTrust to See Efficiency, Irrationality of Market

Illogical action likely driven by an exchange-traded fund on this cannabis company shows how both the Efficient Market Hypothesis and irrationality can co-exist.

Novice Trade: SPY

I would be less than surprised if we see a rally tomorrow on 'turnaround Tuesday'.

Here's a Strategy to Put Slack to WORK

Following its recent initial public offering, Slack has marched downward, but a close above $32 would place it above its resistance level for the first time since it opened for trading.

How to Play the Viacom/CBS Deal, Should There Even Be a Deal

Only at a discount, so if there is disappointment there is some wiggle room for maneuver.

Taking a Ride on the Cars.com Tailspin

With insiders buying shares and a sizable activist stake look for a temporary bottom to develop.

Aggressive Traders: Take Note of This Appian Way

Is APPN's earnings trend set to come to an end?

Novice Trade: Apple

As a serious trade I like the calls that expire next Friday.

Intermediate Trade: VIX

This little temper tantrum the market threw could be starting to wind down.

Here's Why New Relic Is Sinking Fast

Ultimately, NEWR should right the ship with its New Relic One product, but the stock may be dead money for several months, as it's now rapidly declining in both revenue growth and expansion rates before it actually hits large numbers.

Here's How I Would Trade Match Group

Match's strength is in the 'very hot' Tinder segment.