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Let's Take a Look at Electrameccanica Vehicles

I see two different trading options.

In Trading, Information Is Costly, but Essential

The more knowledge a trader holds, the higher the probability of success. Let's use Vaxart as an example.

This Feels Like a Top

I would be nervous if I held Apple and Tesla.

As Some Stocks' Rise Appears a Virtual Reality, This One Has a 'Special Purpose'

Let's review some names like TSLA, WIMI and NEXCF, and then eye a play for special purpose acquisition company Churchill Capital Corp III.

Thoughts on the VIX and How I'm Playing It Now

There's a good chance for volatility to rally next week.

If You Own Applied Optoelectronics, Here's How to Play It

The price action here appears to be signaling the market sees that better things are yet to come.

You Don't Have to Be Newton to See That Apple Will Fall

I think we are going to see a day or week when a lot of money comes out of AAPL in a short period of time; here's how I'd play it now.

Keeping PagerDuty on Close Radar Watch

PD has the setup for a breakout move, but we don't have the triggers just yet.

There's a Lot We Can Learn From Pajama Traders

Let's use what after-hours and pre-market traders see to our advantage, using BlueCity Holdings as an example.

Here's My Catch Up Trade Idea for Costco

The firm easily outperformed expected comparable sales for the month of June.

Upwork Should Be Able to Create Its Own Niche

All the current indicators from trend to momentum to price action sit in a bullish position as the stock breaks above resistance.

Being Long Both QQQ and SPY Is a Dangerous Combo Now

Here's a better way to play things.

Yext Is a Somewhat Forgotten Name With a Strong Niche

We have multiple bullish divergences to justify a buy.

How Will Gold's Mighty Rally Pan Out This Time? Here's a Trading Strategy

If you are confused about what to do with prices above $1,800, you aren't alone.

Novice Trade: XLF Financials ETF

It's alarming how cheap the bank stocks have become.

Village Farms Has More Going for It Than Most of the Other Cannabis Names

The daily picture has my attention. The big watch here is the 50-day simple moving average.

I've Got a Message for Nikola's CEO, and He May Not Like It

An investor's job -- long or short -- is to take the opposite side of a position, and here's why we should take a critical look at this electric vehicle company.

Here's a Way to Trade Twitter Into Earnings

The market has a love/hate relationship with TWTR.

Here Are the Odds I'll Take With Nikola

The potential for a short squeeze remains in play as well.

This Trade Is a Real Moon Shot

Here's a call-spread idea for Virgin Galactic.

Here's Your Ticket to a Quick American Airlines Play

AAL has been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic, but there's a shot at turning quickly.

Keep an Eye on the Sluggish U.S Dollar - And One Way to Play It

Imagine what the stock market might do if the currency headwinds became tailwinds.

An Industrial Strength Options Trade

These XLI calls are cheap right now.

Let's Mix It Up With Forum Merger II, as It Shows Off Its Tattoos

Here I'll explore ways to play this 'blank check' M&A-related company that joined with Ittella International this month to form plant-based food company Tattooed Chef.

Want Some Short Exposure? Consider Twilio

I'd position any bearish call spread to expire before the company reports near the end of July.

Keeping an Eye on FireEye, Chiasma and the Market

The Internet security firm and gene therapy company are on my shopping list as equities continue their recent roller coaster ride.

Intermediate Trade: Apple

This one feels almost too easy in terms of short-term trades.

There's Doubt Now in Alpha Pro Tech Stock

But I like the opportunity for a speculative long as well as a nice balance against other positions that could drop if Covid increases.

Upwork Shares Are Breaking Out Higher Today

The initial target here is $16 with a secondary target of $17.50 on this breakout, with a time frame of a month or less.

Nike Just Doesn't Do It

Would I buy the name on this dip? Not yet. But here's what a trader could do.