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Let's 'SEE' Why Sealed Air Is a Great Buy

Here are three reasons why this company is worth a play, and how to play it.

My Energy for Energy Stocks Is Waning

There are several reasons why I am not nearly as optimistic about this area of the market as the fourth quarter begins.

Scared in September? Now It's Time to Brave the Bargains

Knowing that we are due for a big bounce means buying now, before it happens, rather than waiting for confirmation and missing out on great prices.

Here's How to Lock in a Trade on a Promising Biopharma Name

This small-cap is developing a promising new gastrointestinal disease-fighting drug and has one already on the market, making it a great options play.

3 Small Biotech Stocks That Could Be Stars

Not all the news from the small biotech space is bad. One company in particular already has been gaining the attention of investors.

This Company Grows Like a Tech Stock, but Is Bargain-Priced

Let's see why Axos Financial is an excellent play.

Dr. Phil Can Teach Us a Thing or Two About Stocks Like Cracker Barrel

The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. That's advice we can all use.

Anxiety Creeps Back Into the Markets, but I Think Outright Panic Could Lie Ahead

Volatility is picking up, but I believe it could become much more intense in the first half of next year.

'Anchored' Inflation Expectations Are the Key to Our Market View

The price action this week does not change our thesis that inflation remains the key macro driver for markets.

Buying Low to Sell High: That's Still Good Investing Advice

Let me show you why, with two stocks that are excellent bargains right now.

I'm Trading Smucker's Jelly for Some 'Sprouts'

The organic food grocer Sprouts Farmers Markets is trouncing consumer stocks, and its 30.34% year-to-date gain beats the overall market.

Biotech Got Whopped. But I've Got a Plan

Here's how I'd play the SPDR S&P Biotech exchange-traded fund.

My Stock Pick for the Rest of 2023 Is a Real Beauty

This name is an excellent trading vehicle. Let me show you how to play it.

I Don't See Good Things Ahead for the Market, So Here's My Plan

I'm targeting a breakdown in the S&P 500, and here's how I'm going to play it.

You 'Can' Do a Lot With Ball Corp.

As Ball Corp. is ready to sell its aerospace business, let's see how to play the name.

5 Investing Lessons From a Stock Pick That's Lived Up to the Challenge

Let's follow up on my September 2022 top pick and challenge to readers.

This Promising Biotech Is Just Right for a Covered-Call Play

Let me show you how to trade Axsome Therapeutics, for potentially awesome returns.

A Cold Hand Heats Up With This Under-the-Radar Stock

Let's see why a shipping stock could prove there's a 'cold hand fallacy' as well.

I'm Marching Right to Dollar General

DG falls into the category of a hated stock that is almost certain to regain its former popularity with investors.

As Economic Risk Grows, This Options Play Could Offer Some 'Insurance'

Let's see how a bear put spread against the XLF fund could give your portfolio some protection if things turn sour.

Monthly Income, Growth Outlook Will Make You Say, 'O,' Wow!

Realty Income offers payouts at almost 5.5%, significant upside at a bargain price.

Who Would Bet Against Eli Lilly? I Would and Here's How

Let me show you an options play and tell why now could be the time to use it.

What Does the Future(s) Hold for CME Group?

The charts of the marketplace operator appear largely bullish.

Euphoria Gives Way to Thrashings for Traders of Nvidia and QQQ

What started as a celebration after Nvidia's earnings release Wednesday evening ended in burst party balloons by the close of trading Thursday.

A Worst-Case Scenario, and a Boy Scouts Motto, Leads Me to Costco

As Covid makes the headlines again, I can see potential for this big-box retailer.

A Consumer Increasingly Under Pressure Spells Trouble Ahead for Retailers

And this trader is betting against the retail sector -- including against Walmart specifically -- via options plays.

I've Got a New Investing Buddy: PayPal

Here's how I'd play this payments company using an options strategy.

Make a Pact With Genpact

G is a premier growth tech stock at a bargain valuation. Here's how to trade it.

Should We Start Shopping Amid This Summer Slump?

Liquidity is still abundant, and the pre-election year timing is favorable, so let's see whether we should buy the dip -- and make a trading strategy for the season.

Pay Yourself With PayPal

Here's why it's time to make friends with this iconic payments name.