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Jack in the Box May Surprise You to the Upside (Along With 2 Other Stocks)

Let's look at three tasty options for those willing to put their money where their mouth is.

Think Big, but Go With Small Caps

Contrary to popular opinion, since December 1999, shares of small-cap and mid-cap companies posted far superior total returns than mega-cap stocks. Here's what that means for how to invest now.

A 'Mag'nificent Way to Play an AdTech Rebound

Similar to biotech, the small adtech space has been hammered in recent quarters and has likely hit oversold territory.

Go for Broke-r, Power Ahead

Here's why you should go for the gusto with market-sensitive stocks.

Don't Worry About the Bear; Worry About Missing Your Shot

Let me tell you how well I did from 2000 through 2007, while the S&P was floundering -- and how you can position yourself now ... instead of sitting on your hands, fretting the worst.

Royal Caribbean: Don't Go Down With the Ship

All of the major cruise lines are suffering from their own form of long Covid, and they largely lacked a government lifesaver. Here's why even the best of the businesses looks like a sinking stock ... for now.

I Expect TILE to Go Up a Few More Floors

Let's revisit Interface after another earnings beat and see the best way to play it.

I'm Giving Dynavax Another Shot -- a Booster Shot

Despite an earnings miss, DVAX show promise in several vaccine fronts and I'm doubling down on the name.

Pump the Real Energy From the Market With This Trade

I would be a buyer of these calls looking for a strong move higher.

Some Stocks Really Are Like Stationary Bikes: They Don't Go Anywhere

Here's what happens when you buy companies that never made money, such as Peloton, Carvana and Teladoc.

This Stock Had an Obvious Earnings Setback. Now It's a Bargain

I see another great chance to own this asset management company.

Strange Options Moves on Staples ETF Sparks a Trade Idea

Here's how I would play the XLP right now.

Glitter Nor Gloss Can Make This Stock Sparkle

Estee Lauder is a lesson in how stocks move to their true values over time.

Instead of Complaining About Stocks, Move on This Rare Opportunity

Value stocks are now cheaper than near the Internet and tech top of 1999-2000. Why wait another 20 years this kind of chance?

How to Go Down With the ARKK

Here's a play on Cathie Wood's ARK Innovation fund.

We're Taking Investors to 'Task'

We see a trading opportunity around a fast-growing name whose shares have been hit hard.

How Do I Know We're Close to the Bottom? By Looking at the Signs

Here's a contrary indicator that gives us a clue about where the bottom could be ... and my challenge to you.

If I SPY Into the Future, the S&P Doesn't Look So Hot

With Apple and Amazon set to report, here's how I see trading the SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust fund.

If You're Ever Going to Own Netflix Here's How to Play It

With so much uncertainty with near-term problems, it's nice to be able to have a built-in margin of safety.

You May Want to Sell Coca-Cola, But I'd Want to Own Puts

I think we could see KO pull back over the next couple of days.

The Most Liquid and Least Talked About Futures Market in the World

These products offer traders the ability to speculate, or hedge interest-rate risk, in a relatively conservative and comfortable manner.

I'm Cautiously Adding Homebuilder Exposure: Here's My Favorite Play

The large decline in the sector is starting to bring many names back down to more than reasonable valuations.

Why Overpay When You Can Buy True Bargains?

Retailers like Costco and Walmart give their shoppers bargains -- but their stock buyers, not so much. Let's go through several names that offer great buys right now -- and I'm betting they'll pay off.

Shop at Costco, but Don't Buy It

This is a great retailer, but the stock is another story. Let me explain why I wouldn't touch it -- and how to approach it if you can't say no.

This Major Oil Name Has the Wind Under Its Sails: Here's My Play

I would be a buyer of these calls.

Ship This Name Into Your Portfolio

XPO logistics is a bargain-priced transportation name that should be in demand. Here's how to invest in it.

Cato Corp. Is Still a Good Catch

Let's revisit an old favorite I recommended in the early months of the pandemic -- and still looks good.

If You See a Great Product for a Great Price, You'd Buy It, Right?

Then why not apply the same logic to stocks. Trucking firm J.B. Hunt is a true 'left to right' growth, modestly undervalued name.

Read the Writing on the TILE: 'Great Bargain'

Reward to risk on Interface is skewed incredibly positive and it's at a great price right now.

These Limited Risk Commodity Plays Sound Good Right Now

It's a suitable time to focus on low and limited-risk speculative plays. Let's take a look at the yen and cattle futures.