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BlackBerry's Calling

Here's a play in the stock and why I think it will dial back down.

Ark of a Diver? How to Trade Palantir in Cathie Wood's World

Can investors chasing Ark see the woods through the trees?

A Lesson in Investing About the 'Tutor'

With TPC, good news plus a bad sell-off equals opportunity.

I Got the 'SOS', So Here's My Take on the Stock's Saga

Let's try to sort out the details of the complicated story of SOS Ltd. -- and why the short reports might be ... selling you short.

Kass: Time to Introduce a Financial Transaction Tax and End Weekly Stock Options

I believe more sensible regulations should be considered and enforcement is needed to adapt to gains in technology.

I'm Intrigued by the Recent Pullback in Aurora Mobile

While the Chinese company is still not profitable, it is cash flow positive.

Hop on Carnival Before It Takes Off

Here's where I CCL going soon.

With XL Fleet, Options Are Your Friend in Order to Define Risk

If the market stabilizes, I believe XL could excel to the upside.

Ring the Cowbell: Here Are Three Ways to Play the Jittery Market

Let's look at the move in bonds, how it will lead stocks -- and load the deck with some 'b-sides.'

There's a Green Day Coming in Apple

These calls are going to end up in the money.

Here's the Boeing Trade I Made Today

I love this chart and I'm woefully underexposed in this area.

Panic Selling Can Be the Death of Your Portfolio

After a rocky day of trading Tuesday, use Wednesday to get back on track.

This Stock Might Just Be Your Chance to Strike it Lucky

British American Tobacco cooks up an 8% yield with low risk and decent upside.

I'm Bullish on Oil and Bullish on BP

I would be a buyer of these BP calls.

Here's Why I'm Focused on Nano Dimension and SOS Limited

Both have raised a ton of cash recently...sell puts against them.

Investors With Ingenuity Should Eye Ingevity

NGVT has outstanding growth and an outstanding valuation.

Here's What's Drawing Me to a Speculative Trade on Forum Merger Corp III

FIII is the buyer of urban delivery van firm Electric Last Mile Solutions.

When Markets Are High... Make Money on Stocks That Don't Need to Go Up

Let's look at opportunities in Coty and DXC.

Make Your Carnival Reservation for 2022

Traders are betting that there is a lot more potential upside in these names.

Markets Are Sadistic, Buying Call Options Could Soon Be the Pain Trade

These call buyers are aggressive. They are purchasing in large quantities without much regard for price.

Here's How to Play AMC Entertainment Now

The short-term puts look like an attractive sell opportunity.

SOS Limited Is Set Up for a Potential Ratio Put Spread

To undercut costs of Chinese competitors, SOS is using hydropower for its cloud crypto mining center.

It's an Opportune Time to Renew Your Vows With CVS Health

The pharmacy giant offered a great buy/write options play last summer and is setting up again for such action.

Advance Micro Devices Looks Like an Interesting Call Play

When it dips below $90 I buy calls on it, and it has seemed to work.

I Think Nano Dimension Makes a Terrific Acquisition Candidate

I want the $10 level as my long strike for the put spread.

Keep on Trucking With These 3 Plays on Heartland Express

3 options strategies offering very nice returns in HTLD.

Let's Take a Good Shot at an AMMO Trade

POWW's proposed acquisition of GunBroker.com makes sense.

Palantir Won't Trade Below $30 for Long: Here's How to Play It

After earnings, it seems money likes to bail on these stocks.

Analyst Opinions Are Unreliable Lagging Indicators

You'd think at least a few analysts would have recommended Simon Property Group shares at their enormously marked-down price. That's not how Wall Street works.

I Would Be a Buyer of Walmart Heading Into Earnings

WMT has been stuck in a channel for some time flailing around its 50 DMA.