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A Trade to Ponder Over the Long Weekend

As Yeti, powers higher, take your profits from my previous idea and consider this new one.

Novice Trade: UnitedHealth on 'Medicare for All' Weakness

Insurance companies would have their claws in any potential new healthcare law so deep, the law will have slash marks on it.

Canopy Growth Now Has to be Considered the Leader in the Canadian Cannabis Space

CGC has the best chance to transition to broader success should the U.S. ever go the route of legalization beyond the state level.

Healthcare Misery, Pinterest IPO, Japan Marketplace, URI Earnings: Market Recon

Negative political pressure is being felt in an overbearing way on the entire healthcare sector.

Novice Trade: IBM

The stock moves slowly, but tends to do so in one direction.

Rolling the Dice With Skechers

If I had a bias for SKX it would be on the long side.

Better Together: Apple and Qualcomm

What you want to know is what to do with the stocks.

Good News From China, Plus Netflix Earnings and Playing CSX: Market Recon

China reported positive data, bolstering markets. Netflix had a beat on earnings, but faces fierce competition ahead. CSX is a thing of beauty.

Swing for the Fences With United Natural Foods

Hitting a double, triple or 4-bagger is an unattainable dream with most well-known, blue-chip stocks. But it's entirely possible with a small-cap, under-followed name.

The SEC Should Investigate Citron, Not Village Farms

For aggressive investors seeking to broaden their exposure in the cannabis and CBD space, I view VFF as an opportunity.

Novice Trade: JPMorgan Chase

JPM's IV is sitting at a 52-week low, while the stock looks pretty strong.

Why I Sold My UnitedHealth Stock

UNH is best in class, but the class has problems.

Novice Trade: Lyft

The risk-reward on a short-dated trade like this is quite favorable.

How to Trade Johnson & Johnson During Earnings Week

The biggest challenge is even if JNJ beats and raises guidance, the overhang of litigation could still prevent overzealous trading.

Citigroup Has Several Problems, but 2 Really Merit Attention

Should the global economic picture improve this stock will pop more than most.

Stalking an Entry in Regeneron Pharmaceuticals

A low-risk countertrend options trade may be worth a look in this name.

Coca-Cola Stock Primed For Potentially Rewarding But Risky Play

There's enough of a current setup, along with recent earnings history, to take a small shot on long volatility with Coca-Cola stock.

Lyft Is Way Oversold: Play It With Options for a Bounce

Lyft's big selloff has been silly.

Play the Dip on MSC Industrial

Now is the time to buy shares of MSC Industrial, with the stock poised for a rebound after taking a hit.

Novice Trade: SPY S&P 500 ETF

We now have a setup for the S&P 500 to creep higher over the next couple of days.

Time to Lock Down Profits on This NXPI Trade

I am spying more upside potential in a name that has become the red-headed stepchild of the semiconductor space.

Play GreenSky for Blue Skies Ahead With This Trade Strategy

The company has continually reported better-than-expected earnings often with strong revenue, yet the market has sold off the shares.

You Don't Have to Swing for the Fences With Every Investment in Small Caps

The way I do that is by using buy-write option strategies.

IMF Head Shaker, March CPI, Trading Bed Bath & Beyond: Market Recon

Probably more important to focus on than the FOMC Minutes on Wednesday, will be the impact of energy prices on headline March CPI.

Now That Apple Has Reached $200, Here's How to Play It

Now that it is here, what to do now?

Taking a Shot on the Long Side with Cybersecurity Firm Varonis Systems

Like many other cyber-related companies, VRNS stock has experienced hiccups.

Goldman Sachs Shares Are Cheap for a Number of Reasons

It is likely time to build a long position in GS, but only on my terms.

Earnings Season, EU Trade Troubles, Trading Intel: Market Recon

The EU is on the ropes. The economy there is in flames.

Some Cloud Names Like HubSpot Are Showing a Few Kinks in the Armor

The best approach with HUBS might be to focus on resistance.

General Electric Is About Survival

Change cannot and will not happen quickly.