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Advanced Micro Devices (AMD): Love it or Hate It, Here's How to Play It

I envision $25 as the biggest hurdle.

I Would Pick Up PepsiCo Stock on a Down Day, Not on a Day Like This

There is honestly nothing in the fundamental data that would provoke me as a trader to take on an entry position at this time.

Novice Trade: SPY S&P 500 ETF

Upside calls have been slammed by call overwriters.

I Like These 2 Smaller Name Biotech Stocks

I still believe it will be a big year for buyouts across the biotech industry.

Nvidia Steps Up to the Plate: My Pre-Earnings and Post-Earnings Trade Ideas

If you want to take a swing, here are two nuggets that might work for you.

Novice Trade: PayPal

I think it almost certainly trades about $100 in the next few weeks.

Institutional Selling, Europe's Economy, Nvidia Earnings Preview: Market Recon

What trader has never both fallen in love with Nvidia, only to eventually feel the scorn of an angry lover's tortured vengeance?

How to Play DaVita Post-Earnings

The options market is currently pricing an expected move in DaVita stock just below 6% by Friday of this week.

I'm Attracted to Cisco Stock but Not So Much as to Make This a No-Brainer

Cisco reports Q2 earnings after tonight's market close.

I'm Attracted to BlackBerry's Consistency and Action on the Daily Chart

I still believe the company will find a concrete home in smart calls.

Novice Trade: VIX Short-Term Futures ETN

This could be a just the start in how fear drops over the next few weeks.

How to Play Aurora Cannabis Stock With Options

I see two factors coming into play as the company reports earnings.

Novice Trade: XOP Oil & Gas ETF

There has been some considerable options action today in XOP.

Possible New Shutdown, Ongoing China Talks, Eye on Salesforce: Market Recon

I have long been interested as well as invested in the business cloud, and Salesforce has long been one of my key names.

Has Hasbro Handled All the Bad News?

Hasbro stock could offer an attractive reward to investors not afraid of risk.

How to Play Overstock.com With Options After Its tZERO Launch

It's time for Overstock to get what it can from the legacy business and embrace what it wants to become.

An Aggressive Trade for a 'Dodgeball' Market

Following the same pattern as just about every other stock from December through January, we are finally starting to see individual stock divergence.

I Would Be a Buyer of SPY Calls Here

I think we might be threatening the 200 DMA again by the middle of next week.

Trade Deals, Climate Change Stock Picks, Chipotle Rebounds: Market Recon

Does it not make sense to create a separate portfolio made up of equities that will benefit -- as sick as that sounds -- when an area needs to rebuild?

Novice Trade: PayPal

Consider buying these LEAPS in PYPL.

IBM Poised to Grind Higher, New Risk Level Suggested

Let's see how this is playing out on the charts.

The Trade Desk Shows Some Divergences to Make Me Cautious

Let's check out the charts.

Novice Trade: General Electric

There are decent odds GE gets to the $12-$13 range before the next earnings cycle.

The Market Is Simpler to Navigate When You Admit You Can't Predict the Future

Just like everyone wanted to call the bottom in December, they want to call the top now.

BP Has Long Been One of My Favorite Oil Stocks

For the firm's fourth quarter, results were truly impressive.

'Do It Yourself' Stock Picking, GOOGL Opportunity, Disney Reports: Market Recon

The selloff in Alphabet presents opportunity, and I think this cash machine is ripe for a small long position.

Hedge, Hedge, Hedge

Very rarely is it this cheap to hedge, so close to what was a huge meltdown for the S&P 500.

What's Next for Yext and How to Trade It

YEXT is one of the few breakouts that is not also overbought technically.

Alphabet Needs to Answer These Questions When They Report Earnings Monday

There is no denying that GOOGL is a giant across several competitive yet growing business lines.

Microsoft's Key Decision and What's Next

I like to focus on symmetry in the markets and believe that by explaining the past it is helpful in looking at our next decisions.