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Novice Trade: Apple

Let's shop for the long term with these AAPL calls.

FOMC - The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight: Market Recon

How to stop an economic calamity while the rest of the planet goes into hibernation? Not easy.

Profit From the Bearish Action in the Russell 2000

Nothing about what I'm seeing with the iShares Russell 2000 ETF is bullish.

Intermediate Trade: Disney

Consider these longer-dated call spreads in Disney.

General Electric's Larry Culp Is Good, Real Good

GE announced the firm's plan to establish a new, independent company that will focus on an Internet of Things software portfolio.

Dave & Buster's Weakness in Same-Store Sales Hits Shareholders

It might be time to beat the traffic on Dave & Buster's.

Intermediate Trade: Intel

Semiconductor names seem to have bottomed and I like this INTC calendar spread.

Investors Put Dave & Buster's Stock on the Bench

If you do like the name here, I would caution you to enter with just a sliver of your intended position size.

Trade the About-Face in Facebook Sentiment This Way

We have a company-led put under the stock price.

The New Perception of Normal: Market Recon

For many traders this new reality has clashed with their entrenched understanding of risk.

Starbucks Rewards? How to Play the Stock's Attractive Technical Setup Now

Combining the technical setup with the volatility skew lines up well for an options trade.

Is McDonald's Stock Worth It?

I want to buy this stock, but I think I can get it cheaper.

Intermediate Trade: Microsoft

This MSFT call spread pays out well on a rally.

Chill Out With This Yeti Options Trade

YETI's stock price offers an opportunity for aggressive traders to take a starter position.

No One Believes This Selloff, but Here's How I'm Going to Trade It Now

As of today, I am going to be trading gamma, not delta.

Secure a Winning Trade With These Zscaler Options

Shares of the cloud-based cybersecurity platform company are set for a breakout.

That S&P 500 Death Cross Is Still Hovering, Despite Market Support: Market Recon

The longer prices remain at these levels, the greater the impact upon the 50-day average. Here is what we need to see to reverse it.

Playing a Lululemon Call Spread Here Isn't a Stretch

A pre-earnings long or a post-earnings short spread may make sense here.

Intermediate Trade: SPY

We are probably tuning up for a run right back to 2800 in the S&P 500 over the rest of the week.

Studying Up on Arco Platform for a Potential Trade

ARCE has been trading between $20.50 and $24.50 since its IPO.

This Market Is Heading Into a Potentially Explosive Formation: Market Recon

Not only are European and Asian equity markets trading in the hole, but so are domestic equity index futures.

Novice Trade: Microsoft

Among tech names, I personally like Microsoft. Here's a MSFT options idea.

Keeping My Focus on High-End Retailer RH

Let's approach this trade from a calendar spread thesis.

Novice Trade: Facebook

I like buying longer-term options in Facebook in lieu of actually buying the stock.

Cloud Stock Nutanix Has a Business Model and Chart I Subscribe To

When analysts are becoming more bearish on price, yet price pushes higher, the market is telling analysts they are wrong.

Intermediate Trade: VIX

The piece that is most likely to move off the G-20 is not a stock at all but the VIX.

A Twitter Boycott? They'll Come Back and So Will the Stock

While Fox may stay away for a while, look for the shares to bounce from these levels.

Novice Trade: SPY

Let's close out Tuesday's SPY trade that doubled overnight and put on another.

The Shoes May Be Ugly but the Charts Are Pretty

Consider this CROX call spread as the stock is set to breakout from an ascending triangle pattern.

Novice Trade: SPY

Look out if Apple goes green today.