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I Have My Designs on This Options Trade Monday

Options on this retail name are liquid and provide a more-than-adequate return even if the stock does nothing over the term of the trade.

Looking for a Trade? Then BOLO Olo

After its Wisely buy, OLO is a stock to watch. Here's why.

Get Hooked Up to Citigroup's IV

Bank implied volatility is at its lowest levels all year.

This 'Go To' Investment Strategy Is Almost Totally Ignored by Retail Investors

Using naked LEAP puts as proxies for stock ownership offers multiple positives.

For Burned Out Cannabis Investors, Here's Hit of Optimism and a Trade Idea

If you have a trader's mentality, there's a setup here worth watching.

Option Selling Can Pay a Lot of Bills

Here's how I made tens of thousands of dollars in income from option expirations for an otherwise subdued month.

This Inseego Breakout Is Enticing

Simply put, this one checks all my technical boxes, including price.

Peabody Energy Is Starting to Light Up

As coal is in demand, let's check a trade in BTU.

I'm Not Chasing Johnson & Johnson but Here's How I'd Trade It

If one is already long, do today's earnings provoke a sale? Not in my opinion, but do they provoke a purchase?

PriceSmart Is Like the Costco of Latin America -- and It's on Sale

Here's how to play PSMT -- a spin-off of Price Club's operations outside of the U.S. from its 1993 merger with Costco.

We're Finally Seeing Jumia Technologies Breaking Above Downtrend Resistance

Shares seem bound to finally see the breakout in terms of price.

Options Play of the Week: Exelixis

This stock has been providing me with a nice 'synthetic' dividend stream for years.

I've Finally Set My Sights on Square

Square and PayPal have always gone hand-in-hand for me.

Uber Looks Set to Exceed the $50 Speed Limit

The stock continues to hold and rally, and option premiums are relatively light.

Where Are the Bond Vigilantes When You Need Them?

We've got rising inflation, a Fed that can't turn back to 'normal' interest rates, and an energy problem. Here's what you can do to protect yourself.

K.I.S.S. and Make Up (for Bad Investment Ideas)

Let's look at the principle of keeping it simple -- and how to avoid being a sucker.

I'm Calling on Verizon

With earnings coming up and the stock of Verizon at lows, I think there is a lot more upside than downside at this point.

Want to Build a Portfolio From Scratch? Read This

Let me show you how I'd start investing -- it's a lot easier than you think.

I've Got an Iron in the Fire With U.S. Steel

Here's a way to play X as minerals and steel blow up.

Nothing's Preventing Draganfly From Taking Off

A new contract and a great product line should help this drone company fly.

Latch Up Your Investing Safety Belt

Let's see how you can get an extra margin of safety, above and beyond using any one technique.

The XLF ETF Offers a Better Play for a Pullback in the Financials

There's plenty of liquidity and tight spreads in the options market so that presents as the most logical trade choice to me.

The Price Action of HubSpot Has My Attention

The price pattern, historical action, and breakout today are the buy signals.

One Options Trade You Should Consider Making Monday

I have made approximately a dozen profitable trades in this name using this strategy within my portfolio.

Here's Where Alteryx Becomes a Buy

AYX needs a bump in trend and momentum. Until we see that, it holds a place on my Monday watchlist.

You Can Panic, but It Will Cost You

Here's why selling at the rock-bottom lows is usually a really bad idea. Let's take a look.

Two Trade Ideas to Bounce Off You: Nvidia, AMD

As we're two-days deep into a move higher, let's look at how to play these tech names.

Stop Worrying About the Market, Start Picking Stocks

Here's why it's time to jettison any personal holdings that are clearly pricey and swap into names that are undervalued.

LendingClub Could Potentially Move in a Large Direction Up or Down

You're probably wanting to play an upside breakout.

This Indicator Portends a Profitable Play in Palantir

Here's how I would trade the name as it gets smoked and implied volatility is cheap.