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I See a Way to Make Some Bread Off of Toast Inc.

Here's an options play on this software company for the restaurant industry.

This Option Play Should Make Some 'Bread'

Let's look at this Ohio-based financial services name -- with credit partners that include Victoria's Secret -- and why the bad news should be priced in already.

This Trade Is Fit for a Marathon

Here's an options trade for Marathon Petroleum Corporation.

When Options Trading, Know This No. 1 Rule

In this final part of a three-part series on options trading, let's check out what's most important: managing the trade.

This Biotech Is a Sight for Sore Eyes

Let's see how to play Aldeyra Therapeutics, a promising small-cap company out of Massachusetts.

In a World Gone Crazy, GOOD and Boring Is a 'Perfect' Antidote

This is exactly the kind of buy-write candidate you want.

Here Are My 2 Latest Stock Plays in This Alfred E. Neuman Market

While the music is still playing, I continue to make small incremental bets on down days.

Uber Is for 'Real' Now: Here's the Smart Play After Earnings

Almost every time I hear CEO Dara Khosrowshahi on TV, he impresses me.

My 'Druckenmiller' Investing Game Plan: 3 Ways of Adjusting to the New Reality

Here is how I plan to play a sideways market should the hedge fund manager's views turn out to be prescient.

Lasso in an Opportunity With a Lone Star Bank

I'm making a bet on Texas with this well-run bargain.

Axos Financial Shares Got AX'd on Banking Fears, and Now It's a Buy

Let me show you how to you can use options to profit off this premier growth company at a mundane valuation.

Income From Options Can Really Add Up. Let Me Show You How

A difficult year has not stopped me from booking some nice gains from both expired and closed-out contracts year to date. Here's how it works.

If You Buy This Stock Now, You'll Be Stuck Shopping at Dollar Stores

... Because you'll lose money. Here's why I would avoid Dollar General right now.

This Stock Is a Shining Star, Even in a Bad Market

Let's see why poor market years prelude better ones, and why Polaris looks bright.

What's Really Going to Light a Fire Under This Market?

There's a lot to think about between T-bills, the debt ceiling, 0DTE VIX, geopolitical risks, the demise of the dollar and earnings, but are any worthy of a 'rant'?

I've Got a Slick Oil Trade Idea

Let's see how to play Occidental Petroleum.

Let's See What This Stock 'Can' Offer You

Ball Corp. offers a recycling play at a bargain price. Let me show you how.

How to Start Trading Options

Getting into options isn't as complicated as you might think -- here's how to get started, step by step.

Tesla Tarnished, Elon's 'Autonomy', Beige Book Plot Thickens, Cisco Plunges

It appears Musk is not coming to this market's 'emotional rescue.'

The Key to Wealth? A Good Investment Plan

Equities have been by far the greatest path to maximum returns -- let's look at how to invest and my updated Top 10 stock list.

I Don't See the Buck Getting BRIC'd, but I Do See a Bet on P&G

Is the U.S. dollar on the verge of a steep decline as more nations push an alternative currency alliance? Let's see, and let's see what all this could mean for stocks like PG.

Up Against Bank Earnings Friday, I See an 'Option' for JPMorgan

Here's a reduced-risk way to play JPM as the bank reporting begins.

Scared of Options? Consider Them a Type of Investing Insurance

In this first of a series on options, let's take a look at why options can act as a great investing tool, once you understand how to use them.

Not Sure Where the Market Is Headed? Keep It Defensive With This Play

Wrapping a covered call strategy around this defensive name adds downside protection while enhancing its yield.

This Shouldn't Be a 'Ruff' Trade at All

I'm following Doug Kass' 'pet' project into an options play for this name.

I'm Buying Doug Kass' Case for Schwab

But I'd play it a bit differently, here's how.

'Exchange' Risk for the Security of This Defensive Fund

Let's look at this health care exchange-traded fund and how to trade it.

The Frenzy of Options Expiration Day Reminds Us: Time Really Is Money

Let's see why this day sets the table for big volatility.

Let's Step Closer to the Money With This Stock

Caleres, despite a little trip down, is among my 'Dandy Dozen' stocks, let's see why.

My Trade Amid SVB's Fall? An 'Insurance Policy' on BofA I Hope Doesn't Pay Off

I bought a small number of July puts on Bank of America, after the fall of Silicon Valley Bank. Here's why and why I don't necessarily hope it works.