Jim Cramer: These Are the Stocks to Buy on Canada Deal and the 4th Quarter

Straying from these names could land you in quicksand as the 4th quarter begins.

HP Pattern Suggests Long-Term Gains Ahead

Traders and investors could stay long HPQ with a stop below $23.

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A buy-write combination may be the best way to take advantage.

Man Oh Man, I Like ManpowerGroup Again

Latest selloff on hard Brexit fears pushes shares well below typical price multiples.

Limoneira Leaves Sour Taste on Soft Avocado Prices, While NL Industries Slips

The ag stock takes a hit after a nice run-up and NL declines after a pullback in Kronos Worldwide, in which it holds a big stake.

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Jim Cramer: The Market Thinks China Will Blink First in Trade War

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I Dig Caterpillar's Technical Setup

I like the long side of CAT as long as its price continues to hold above the August lows.

Unloved NL Industries Piques My Interest as Sum-of-the-Parts Investment

The value of its big holdings in Kronos Worldwide, CompX International and Valhi Inc. greatly exceed its own market cap.

Jim Cramer: Why a Strong Employment Number Is Now Bad for Business

The president's tweeted vitriol to trading partners will weigh on global industrials.