Will Gilead Sciences Remdesivir Help Arrest the Coronavirus?

Right now, GILD holds a strictly defensive spot among my holdings.

No Bottom Yet for Pfizer's Charts but We Have Price Targets to Watch

The daily trading volume has increased over the past two months telling us that PFE is not falling of its own weight but rather investors are voting with their feet.

3M Needs to Form a Lengthy Base Before It Is Attractive Again

The technology giant has been in bearish mode for quite some time and likely will need to rebase before the coast is clear to buy it.

Sangamo Therapeutics Shows Promise

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Global Blood Therapeutics Shows More Downside Risk Right Now

There may be more weakness ahead.

The Charts of Amarin Tell Us That a Close Below $14 Is Key

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The Charts of Livongo Health Could Use More Development

LVGO went public in late July so we don't have a lot of price history.

Jim Cramer: Here Are 10 Stocks for a Stay-at-Home Pandemic

These companies should continue to work, while we wait for a cure or a vaccine or the darned virus to run its course.

Earnings, Coronavirus Fears Make Teladoc Health a Good Call

The charts of TDOC are very strong and capable of supporting further gains.

This Fall Is Unlike the Others

There are no prior examples when a sharp drop comes right after making new all-time highs while also extremely overbought.