A Big Outside Day and Lower Close on Sage Therapeutics Looks Bearish to Me

Let's review the charts this morning.

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CVS or Walgreens: Which Is the Better Dividend Stock?

While the two companies seem very similar on the surface, CVS and Walgreens are different stocks for different types of investors.

Tilray Touts Global Ambition as Erosion of Canadian Market Expected

A key aspect of the international expansion is the company's recent acquisition of hemp-food producer Manitoba Harvest in February.

GE's Wake Up Call

Victory at General Electric will likely have to wait.

General Electric Charts Still in Long-Term Repair Mode

GE will take months and months to build out a proper base that can support a sustained move.

Boeing and CVS: Two Sagas Worth Tracking, But Just One Worth Playing Right Now

With all the unknowns surrounding Boeing it's way too early to take a position in the aircraft maker; the same is not true with CVS.

Healthy Gains Ahead for Beaten-Down CVS

The market's reaction to the pharmacy giant's acquisition of Aetna is providing a rare opportunity to buy a quality company at a value price.

Wall Street Outlines Keys to Recovery After Kroger's $2 Billion Crash

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Amicus Therapeutics Looks Impressive If it Can Rally Above $18

The combination of three charts gives me a bullish view on FOLD.