Screen Time Surges in China as Coronavirus Spreads - And Apps Are the Winners

Smartphone apps and their operators win as screen time among Chinese customers climbs 20% while the nation finds itself under lockdown.

Amazon vs. Microsoft, Assessing the Virus, Sticking Up for Judy Shelton

Fed repo policy changes confirm that external issues are having only a small impact on U.S. economic performance.

Is the Latest Coronavirus News Just Another Dip Buying Opportunity?

Updates on the virus are causing another pullback. The question is whether this will lead to a deeper pullback or just another chance to buy the dip.

The Market Is Still Complacent on Coronavirus News

The market's resilience in the face of such an ugly threat has many market players trying to find ways to reconcile the movement with the news flow.

Wuhan Virus Doctor's Death Demonstrates Leadership Downfall

Investors should continue to be suspicious of any rally in Asian shares, and beware false dawns from official Chinese figures that the WARS epidemic is under control.

Jim Cramer: Stop Speculating About Coronavirus and Be Prepared for Anything

Every aspect of this illness is dynamic and even the Centers for Disease Control may not be updating correctly.

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In some scenarios, the 10-year is actually cheap at 1.65%; here's why.

A Two-Day Rally in Chinese Markets That Can't Be Believed

Investors in Asia appear to be clinging to the hopes of stimulus flooding China's markets. But with one-third of WARS cases outside the epicenter, the new coronavirus threatens to get out of control.

Taking Stock of the Coronavirus Threat

How bad could this get and how should investors should respond? Let's take a step back to find out.

Chinese Stocks Plummet as Retail Investors Run Scared

Hong Kong stocks surprisingly advanced a bit on Monday, but many stocks in mainland markets sold off by the 10% maximum.