Hong Kong Stocks Surge on Hopes of Audit, Covid Progress

Plus, the German chancellor was in Beijing, and an SEC audit team reportedly wrapped up on-site inspections of several Chinese companies.

U.S. Lawmakers Lash Out at Wall Street 'Whitewashing' in Hong Kong

There's mounting criticism of the participation by Wall Street's top brass in a Hong Kong conference designed to cover up human-rights abuses.

Korean Chipmaker Hynix Slashes Spending Plans Amid Sluggish Demand

Slumping sales of PCs and smartphones are hitting the world's second-largest maker of memory chips.

If You Want Emerging Market Exposure Sans China, You've Come to the Right Place

Here are three ETFs that give investors access to emerging markets excluding China, with one ETF avoiding investment in repressive countries elsewhere.

Chinese Shares Sell Off After Hu's Humbling and Ditching of Moderates

Xi Jinping's predecessor as president is ushered off stage before the Chinese Communist Party unveiled a roster of leaders stacked with Xi loyalists.

Hong Kong Stocks and Japanese Yen Hit Crisis-Era Levels

Meanwhile, a conference in Hong Kong featuring the city's leader, who is sanctioned by the U.S. but due to appear alongside U.S. investment bankers, offers a bad look.

14 Contrarian Stock and ETF Picks for Global Exposure

Risk-oriented investors should consider stepping into emerging and international positions.

Chinese President Xi Plays Down Economy, Plays Up Security in Opening Speech

In opening the 20th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party, the Chinese leader was briefer and spoke less about economic reform.

Yen at Lowest Levels Since New Kids on the Block Were New

The Japanese currency is not far off ¥150 to the U.S. dollar, with another surge based on the discrepancy between tame price changes at home and rampant U.S. inflation.

China Prepares for Presidential Election, and Much More, With National Congress

The meeting will recast China's top leadership, and no doubt throw up new Communist catchphrases indicating the party's intentions for the next five years.